Minister: Rev Tweed’s Permit Has Been Refused

December 29, 2016

[Updated] “In this particular instance, the applicant failed to comply with rules that were put in place for everyone,” Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin said, adding that “as a result, I had no choice but to uphold the previous decision to refuse the new application.”

The Minister was speaking after she received an appeal from the AME Church asking her to overturn a decision to not renew the work permit for Reverend Nicholas Genevieve Tweed.

Rev N Tweed 3

Speaking at a press conference called this afternoon, the Minister said, “Today’s press conference is to address the outstanding matter of an immigration appeal that has generated significant interest in the community

“In late October, I received an appeal from the AME Church asking me in my capacity as Minister of Immigration to overturn a decision to not renew the work permit for Reverend Nicholas Genevieve Tweed, or Rev. Tweed as he is known locally.

“I have responded to that appeal and this morning I will make clear the reasons for upholding the previous decision.

“I do this mindful of the Immigration Department’s sensible practice of maintaining confidentiality with its clients.

“But this case was thrust into the public spotlight some time ago, generating intense discussion and significant misinformation, and it therefore warrants explanation so that people can have the facts before them.

“Two considerations framed the decision to not renew:

“The first relates to the integrity of Bermuda’s Immigration policy, which has been developed and refined by successive governments since passage of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act in 1956. It is an Act that exists first and foremost to protect Bermudians in the work place.

“Rules, regulations and oversights within the provisions of the Act must apply consistently across the board for everyone. There is, in other words, one set of rules for everyone, otherwise the system breaks down.

“The second consideration relates to the two basic requirements for a work permit application:

  • “1. Employers must advertise the position locally so that Bermudians can have a chance to apply, and
  • “2. The work permit applicant must submit accurate and complete information.

“The applicant failed to comply with these two basic requirements. The position was not advertised despite repeated requests by the Department to do so, and the actual application was incomplete and contained inaccuracies.

“On the basis of these failures to fulfil the requirements of Immigration policy, the work permit application was rejected. And on the basis of the continuing failure to fulfil the requirements of the policy within the timelines set out by instruction of the Department, 1 confirmed that decision.

“The details of my decision have been communicated to the parties involved. I do not intend to make that information public unless the parties themselves make a public call for clarity of the relevant facts.

“However, because significant misinformation has circulated in the public domain about this matter, I will take this opportunity to clarify how Bermuda’s Immigration policy applies in these circumstances.

“Ministerial involvement. It ought to be made clear at the outset that, in accordance with Section 13 of the BIPA, the Minister is ultimately responsible for decisions of the Ministry and of the Board.

“4.1 of the work permit policy states that a new permit application may be made no less than one month and no more than three months prior to the expiry of an existing permit. Should such application be made within one month prior to expiry, the applicant must stop work unless the Minister specifically authorizes continuance. The authorization is initiated by a request, and payment of the requisite fee, and may grant the applicant the right to continue working while the new permit is being considered.

“Information already in the public domain would confirm that I received such request dated July 13, 2016 and considered it at my Appeal meeting the next day, on July 14. The permit in question was set to expire in just five days, on July 19, and at the time of appeal, a new application had not been submitted. Because this was within the

“30-day limit, it triggered my involvement. If the application for permit renewal had been submitted in a timely manner the file would have gone directly to the Immigration Board without the necessity of the Minister being brought into the process. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the timelines are adhered to.

“Advertising. In 2014, new policies respecting advertising were put into effect requiring all positions to be advertised if they are to be offered to a non-Bermudian [51.15 and 1.16]

“This policy, in short, applies to everyone – every individual, every company, every charity, every church. It is worth noting that every denomination has complied with this requirement since the new policy was put into effect.

“Completeness of the File: The Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act [3 61-1A] requires work permit applications to be complete and accurate. If this is not done, the application may be rejected. Occasionally, if all the required information is not provided, the Department will send follow-up requests for missing information and it is expected that such information will be provided within the time frame specified in the request. Decisions are made based on the accuracy of the information provided, and an application may be rejected if the information provided is inaccurate or untrue.

“Need for a permit: A permit to work in Bermuda is required if an individual is subject to Immigration control. A person is not subject to Immigration control if he is registered as a Bermudian or if he establishes that he is entitled, upon application through the General Status Enquiry [GSI], to be registered as a Bermudian. A GSI application must have the necessary application form, a birth certificate indicating the ties to a Bermudian parent and any other relevant information for a determination to be made.

“This is in accordance with Section 19 of the Act. I would add that it is not for the Department to use anecdotal or hearsay information to determine whether an individual is or should be free of Immigration control, and one who is free of immigration control does not need a work permit.

“To conclude, I want to be clear and personal for a moment. I am a person of faith. I know the importance of church and religious institutions to our community. Church has been a place of refuge, safety and renewal. In particular, the AME church, both here and across the world, has been a bastion of black history, struggle, sacrifice and pride. I know, as nearly 60 years of membership can attest.

“This Government respects the church and we have had many conversations and correspondence on this matter, aware of its history and the importance of what churches and their leaders mean in our community. That said, Bermuda’s Immigration rules and regulations exist to protect Bermudians in the work place and to ensure fair treatment in the consideration of applications by non-Bermudians who wish to work here.

“It is critically important that the intent and the spirit of these rules and regulations are upheld. Anything less would invite an ’anything goes’ policy, calling into question the Island’s integrity and its commitment to protect the interests of Bermudian workers.

“In this particular instance, the applicant failed to comply with rules that were put in place for everyone. As a result, I had no choice but to uphold the previous decision to refuse the new application.”

Update 3.04pm: BIU President Chris Furbert called a Special General Council meeting at 12 noon tomorrow [Dec 30] to discuss this matter.

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  1. Um Um Like says:


    • Revelations says:

      It was the fair decision. Unfortunate he (and Mr. Furbert) were so adamant not to comply with the rules applied to everyone else…

      • Truth says:

        Wrong MOVE and Decision by PamplinGordon and Dunkley Cabinet….this was purely a “Political Interference Matter” by the Minister who should have recused herself from this case…

        The words of PamplinGordon on the Floor of the House of Assembly, indicated that such a decision would be made, as she made her agenda clear on that evening.

        The OBAubp has just become a ONE TIME GOVERNMENT…the People will speak loudly in the next election….

        The OBAubp seem so out of touch with the people, it will make them fall out…..

        • Just wondering says:

          but why didn’t the applicant simply fill out his application in accordance with the rules – why should he be treated differently to any other person applying for a work permit??

          • joly says:

            Exactly. They are breaking the very rules that they campaigned for. Mindboggling. It’s all a political stunt.

            • Ringmaster says:

              Why is the AME Church silent? They are the employer of Rev Tweed yet they have said nothing. Was it deliberate to apply for the work permit renewal late and incomplete as they don’t want him?

        • John says:

          I did not see the peoples campaign out ptotesting against the Barbosa appeal result. It is about time they looked after the little people like Mr Barbosa and fight for his rights . It is shameful that people like him were thrown under the bus by the Peoples Campaign. The AG chambers also showed a confused approach by appealing this. Hopefully, having Tweed back in South London will make the atmoshere of immigration reform easier to sustain dialogue rather than having discussion stamped out.

        • Cargo Pants says:

          If it was political , show as all a copy of the advertisement! Otherwise – case dismissed!

        • Cargo Pants says:

          Anyone else out there thinking that maybe certain people within the AME church might not want REV Tweeds permit renewed but don’t want the congregation to know that?

          Seems like a amateur move to not know that all applicants must advertise positions.

          • Come Correct says:

            Off the top of my head I know someone who is Bermudian and is qualified to fill this position… but he’d rather hit a bar and praise his lord on facebook.

        • aceboy says:

          Absolutely it is political. It is an issue the PLP/BIU want to use to cause more political turmoil on this island.

          Tweed is NOT a Bermudian and therefore he and his employer must follow the rules.

          This shows exactly why the PLP should not be handed the reins of power. It is dishonest trickery. It appears to be the only thing they are good at.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Was expected, de church dropped de ball and de law prevailed. However, how many European police officers, CEO’s, gardeners, etc have gotten a pass.
      Well de next one they send might be more radical.

      • Onion Juice says:

        Have’nt seen this much celebration from a certain segment since they got rid off King.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          I recall you once trying to draw a comparison between PLP policies and the unhappiness with ‘a certain segment’ as it related to the discontinuation of M*A*S*H
          Well big boy , the shoe’s on the other foot now .

        • Sickofantz says:

          This is a racist comment and refers to America. This country is still a protectorate of the UK where segregation never existed.

      • Anbu says:

        Again with the jealousy OJ. Lmfao. More to come mate. And there isnt F@&$ all u can do abt it. As u put it abt a week ago, boo hoo. Cry me a friggin river. Aint bermudian? Get crackin.

      • Rhonnda O says:

        Good question.
        If you, or anyone, has information about someone staying in Bermuda without following work permit rules, please contact immigration or your MP and ask the matter looked into.

      • Cargo Pants says:

        If the church dropped the ball- blame the applicant, or the individuals that advised the AME church not to comply.

    • Yahoo says:

      Just wait until the koolaid drinkers over at Alaska Hall wake up – this will go from 72 likes / 12 dislikes to 75 likes / 1,029 dislikes in about 15 mins.

      • Truth says:

        The People will speak loudly as they in the past 3 bye-election and watch out for the General Election…..The OBAubp will be a One Time Government….the path has been laid down…

        The People are calling for the PLP…………NOW

        THE PEOPLE want change……………

        Change is coming …………NOW……

        Never felt it so much as today………..

        The People will Speak… their VOTE

        • You do You says:



        • Rumsoak says:

          Change to what exactly ? Another billion in debt and people still suffering. Be honest , what did the PLP do for you?

        • mark says:

          Amen. Keep the plp/biu/peoples campaign out. They dont speak for the people. We will speak with our vote. Well said Truth.

        • Just wondering says:

          what change would you like – special treatment for certain expats applying for work permits?

        • Cargo Pants says:

          Even if the OBA are a one time government – at least we had five good years – with $0 unaccounted for

          • Come Correct says:

            Give them the plp back. The rich will pinch their pennies, the poor will still suffer and what’s left of a middle class will be left in the balance.

          • Bob says:

            Dude, seriously – the OBA is the UBP and their collective record is far from pristine.

            You might also consider ( during your pious / blind to all things wrong being done by the OBA ) that voting folk, especially those that crossed over, will not make the same decisions during the next election.

            Brexit was the result of Brits wanting their countries back and Trump tapped into much the same. The OBA and their supporters belief that the economy should be the only item on the political table is naive as is the idea that race should / will not be a factor. Race has ALWAYS been a major player and given the fact that there are those inside the OBA hierarchy that have voiced real concerns about the inner workings of their own party, one can easily conclude that despite the PLP’ s many flaws they have a very real chance of regaining power.

            • Politricks says:

              Hope they do just to watch all their hateful voters suffer the same consequences of before.

              Enjoy the breadlines.

              But at least one PLP supporter can see the parallels between them and trump supporters. Two sides of the same coin.

          • Johnny says:

            Cargo Pants – What was our Debt when the OBA gained control? What is it now 5 years after the OBA promised they get rid of it.

            We can safely say that the OBA has amassed more debt in 5 years than the PLP did in 14 years.

    • Shameful says:

      There will be consequences and repercussions because we can clearly see the cards that have been dealt and we can clearly see what is in the hearts of those who like the Minister’s decision.

      • Come Correct says:

        Stay home and let your imaginary friend handle it please.

    • Hair says:

      Woo Hoo, he outta here!!!

    • BermyTAXICrabs says:

      Will personally drive his American A$$ to the airport at the end of January for his repatriation ‘Home!!!’…….

    • stunned... says:

      if the good reverend had any decency, he would just go and reapply properly instead of watching this island endure all of this disruption,turmoil and adverse activities on his behalf. surely he must know that he is not Jesus or anyone to be worshipped.

  2. bdaboy says:

    Good, now a Bermudian can apply for the job, which is what the PLP/BIU has been fighting for.

    • Say Whaat? says:

      What qualified Bermudian wants this job? I wouldn’t take it.

      I guess the church can learn from Delicious or Buzz. Surely if they can get permits renewed to make sandwiches, the church can get a permit to for it’s leader.

      • Revelations says:

        Yes. Just advertise first. Simple.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Now de Trump supporters can celebrate like de Dec.2nd celebration.

          • Its me again says:

            You need help.

            • Cargo Pants says:

              I disagree, you cant fix stupid.

              • Bob says:

                Apparently naive is difficult to fix / address as well. This game of remove and conquer will not reverse the tide that is clearly turning.

                The PLP, with all their warts, are quickly becoming atttractive to many that voted against Ewart during the last election. The economy is important, however living in a country that wants to return to the great olde boy days is not playing well in many neighborhoods.

          • Sickofantz says:

            I am increasingly convinced that this commentator lives in America.

          • mark says:

            But the equivalent to trump supporters are the plp/biu/peoples campaign loonies…i dont get why they would cheer this…pls explain Onion Juice?

          • Mike Hind says:

            You have more in common with a Trump supporter than anyone else here! Spewing misinformation, no idea how Government is run, absolute belief in lies, promoting hate and bigotry every chance you get, hatred of the LGBT community, petulant whining when you don’t get your way… yeah. You must have been the one cheering on “Dec 2″.

      • Bermy Bie says:

        and fill in the application correctly

      • Come Correct says:

        I personally know a qualified Bermudian that can take the job but he like a bar on a Sunday.

  3. Unbelievable says:

    Oh man……here comes another dumb deluge.

  4. Warlord says:

    Bye bye Tweedy bird,don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. Um.... says:

    Union action in 3….2….

    • Yahoo says:

      Special meeting called by BIU. Would never happen for any other expat. BIU are a bunch of hypocrites.

      • frank says:

        this is not a problem for the biu
        the church needs to just follow the rules and re apply

  6. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    Farewell, Rev. Tweed. Your comment during the Human Rights Act debate a few years ago was loosely, “The criteria for being protected by the Human Rights Act should be whether or not the subject is human”, was brilliant, and made me aware you existed. Everything you have spewed since has been bunk. “Every employer is only out to make money” really ticked me off, as I was investing thousands of dollars training Bermudians to accommodate a growing business. Fare thee well!

  7. bdaboy says:

    “”The criteria for being protected by the Human Rights Act should be whether or not the subject is human”"

    Except he actually meant, as long as they’re not gay.

  8. Cedar Stump says:

    No loss.

  9. Archy says:

    The unions marched to protect jobs for bermudians. The minister says this job was not advertised for bermudians. Puts the unions in a difficult place to defend
    It will be interesting to hear any rationale for industrial action which , in itself, will put bermudian jobs at risk

    • Unbelievable says:

      Goo point. History has a habit of recording these things.

  10. Terry says:

    He ain’t going anywhere.
    Lets see how this plays out.

    How long can he stay. How long will he inflame the minds of the ‘rent a crowd’

    Happy new year Bermuda on the 31st/1st.

    After that hope and pray peace will last after AC.

    I’m putting this in a thyme capcil and leaving it ……………….

    • Hope says:

      Technically he has 90 days to put his affairs in order and leave, and cannot work. Unless he applies for “permission to seek” in which case he can stay for a while as he searches for work. Maybe they’ll advertise and he’ll apply…wouldn’t that be a fine thing.

      • bluwater says:

        Is that 90 days from now, or 90 days from when his permit expired in July?

      • Rhonnda O says:

        I believe he was already given a departure date in January, but I don’t know if that changes where an appeal was placed.

        • bluwater says:

          But he hasn’t appealed. The ministry voluntarily extended him so that they could get the paperwork together.

  11. bdaboy says:

    “It will be interesting to hear any rationale for industrial action which , in itself, will put bermudian jobs at risk”

    Since when has the BIU/PLP ever been rational?

  12. San George says:

    Unprecedented! You amend the law to suit one person; nothing changes with some people. And the OBA sends Judas to finish the job for thirty pieces of Silver – as Tweed would say. Tweed is as much Bermudian as any of us – outrageous! Quo Fata Ferunt.

    • BdaReally says:

      How can you say he is Bermudian like the rest of us. Oh now that he is someone you admire he should stay. That’s not how immigration works. He is NOT Bermudian. He didn’t qualify so now he must leave just like any other work permit holder who is rejected. What makes him more worthy than any other foreigner?

    • Kangoocar says:

      Did you wake up stupid today or did that happen many years ago? You can’t bend the rules for one person and he certainly is NOT Bermudian, if he was Bermudian he wouldn’t have needed a work permit in the first place! You and anyone that thinks like you have now gotten what you deserved by demonstrating against the path way to status legislation and I say to boo hoo to you!!

    • joly says:

      How is Tweed as Bermudian as the rest of us?

    • Onion Juice says:

      Welcome to Bermuda, Governor.

    • Hope says:

      Tell that to all of the children born here, or who have been here for the majority of their lives, who are still waiting on status updates.

    • mark says:

      At first i thought this comment was in support of the minister as changing the law for one person is exactly what the plp/biu/peoples campaign want. Then i read the nonsensical comment about judas and realised you are just sadly misinformed or brainwashed. Some people will never change sadly. I would however like to know how he is as bermudia as the rest of us bc clearly he isnt otherwise he would have status. If you are suggesting changes to the immigration laws to allow people like him to stay, lets hear them. And then lets hear how they are different from the proposed amendments you marched against or at least opposed as im sure you did. Over to you.

    • Rhonnda O says:

      If Tweed was as much a Bermudian as the rest of us, wouldn’t he have applied, legally, to get his status?

      If he can’t, legally, get Bermudian status then wouldn’t that clearly show that he’s not as much a Bermudian as the rest of us.

      It takes more than love for Bermuda and Bermudians for a person to be Bermudian.

    • little girl says:

      How is he Bermudian, does he or does he not have status? How is he more Bermudian than the children that have grown up here and are culturaly ingrained in Bermudian society . Many know no other home but some are denied the right to stay after 22 and told to leave to places they cannot identify with . How is he more Bermudian than people that have invested their whole lives here (some 30/40+years ),only to be shown what some Bermudians really felt about them this year.I do believe Rev Tweed was part of that protest . Well Rev Tweed,please think about all the people you protested against ,because now karma has played its part and you are now the one who is not welcomed. .

      • John says:

        I did not see the peoples campaign out ptotesting against the Barbosa appeal result. It is about time they looked after the little people like Mr Barbosa and fight for his rights . It is shameful that people like him were thrown under the bus by the Peoples Campaign. The AG chambers also showed a confused approach by appealing this. Hopefully, having Tweed back in South London will make the atmoshere of immigration reform easier to sustain dialogue rather than having discussion stamped out.

    • Sojourner says:

      Tweed’s father and grandfather were immigrants to Bermuda and PRC holders. His father left Bermuda and Tweed was born in London. Are you suggesting that the children of a past PRC holder who are born and living abroad can show up on Bermuda’s shores and demand to be free of immigration controls? And you thought Pathways was too liberal? You have just supported opening up a floodgate of claimants.

    • aceboy says:

      You want him to be Bermudian so badly, but he isn’t. If he was there would be no need for a work permit.

      There are people who were actually born here who are not Bermudian…your guy isn’t even in that category.

      Why so much support for an ex pat?

  13. Fairness says:

    Tweed is not above the law/policies applied to all others. The union is out of order to challenge this when it is totally contrary to the priority of employing “Bermudians 1st”. Glad I no longer pay dues!

  14. Kangoocar says:

    Congratulations Min Gordon-Pamplin, you actually do have a backbone and you have done the correct thing, now get that trouble making preacher on the next plane out of hear!
    I can’t wait for the sure to come next BIU press conference on this, it should be interesting to say the least?

    • James Rego says:

      @ Kangoocar: Your congratulations may be premature. Twice this year the OBA allowed themselves to be bullied by the radicals! I will save my congratulations for when he is on the plane.

  15. Pure Madness!!!!!!!!! says:

    It’s sad to see this happening, when you have similar situations happening on a daily basis. The immigration department needs to definitely be revamped. You have a whole lot of people from all different countries on work permits having jobs that Bermudians can do. Someone mentioned Buzz (which Bermudian can’t make a sandwich) but its ok to bring a foreign national here to do that. There are so many here that are kitchen assistants, seriously. I have family members (law abiding) that have been out of work for years and they do apply for similar positions and are rejected for whatever reasons. It truly isn’t fair. Whats good for one should be good for all across the board. Fair is fair, at least it should be
    Than you have those from both genres that are here on permits who have their PARTNERS come here as dependents, like WTF!!!!!! And they can come and seek employment (mind blown).
    And I dare not even start in on “The Best Thing That Has Happened To Bermuda (sarcasm)(The America Cup). The biggest sporting event to not make money for the hosting country…..
    Government is a joke (ALL Government, pay attention I didn’t say party)…..

    Damn shame!!!!

  16. bluwater says:

    I am very surprised that Rev Tweed would allow himself to continue to be represented by the incompetents who mishandled his paperwork and then doubled down when they had the chance to set it right.

    • somuchless says:

      He doesn’t have any shame. The same way he mixes politricks and religion together.

  17. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    BUH BYE!

  18. Rhonnda O says:

    I’m concerned about what’s going to happen next.

    History suggests logic and following the rules have little to do with people’s responses to things they don’t want to hear.

  19. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    Pat for PREMIER – she is the only one in the OBA that has any b***s
    Pat, Pat, Pat.

  20. Chaos Theory says:

    My reading of this comes to the following:

    1. Didn’t submit application in time, so technically not allowed to keep working pending determination. Minister gave him permission.

    2. Application was not complete or was inaccurate and not advertised.

    3. With no obligation to do so, the DOI &/or the Minister gave the applicant (which is the church) time to correct the application and errors.

    4. The applicant did not correct the application &/or errors.

    5. The minister had no choice but to decline the appeal.

    This is the fault of the applicant, the church. If they don’t like the decision, apply for judicial review of her decision.

  21. Aishah M says:

    It seems that most strong people who are not afraid to speak up and out for what is right and fair are more often then not, penalized. Govts and people will find a way to make you pay if they do not agree. It’s not even a matter of agreeing. It’s about being fair. He Stood up for the people of Bermuda. What courage. And now he shall pay an unjustified penalty, just because they can. That’s scary for the average person. However, it will never deter strong, courageous people from standing firm.

    • bluwater says:

      So, exactly deters “strong, courageous people” from filing the proper paperwork and placing an ad?

    • Sickofantz says:

      I am Bermudian he didn’t stand up for me.

  22. Angela says:

    It’s so sad he is a Minister can any off you get up in church and do what Rev Tweed’s does God does not sleep

    • bluwater says:

      I don’t know. Can we? No one else is allowed to apply or try?

    • Rhonnda O says:

      I know a minister is very important to a church, but it’s the church that has created this problem, and it’s something they could easily have solved any number of times and for whatever reason, didn’t.

      Even if the government did give him special consideration, it would be incredibly hypocritical of the man to accept it given his upfront position in protests against changes to immigration laws.

    • bdaboy says:

      “It’s so sad he is a Minister can any off you get up in church and do what Rev Tweed’s does God does not sleep”

      I can use punctuation, can you?

      I’m sure there are plenty of Bermudians capable of spewing hatred and perpetuating bigotry.

  23. George Courtney says:

    To be expected but if the bda ame membership want rev. nick’s permit to be renewed pretty quickly, they as a group can do so

  24. bdaboy says:

    “It’s so sad he is a Minister can any off you get up in church and do what Rev Tweed’s does God does not sleep”

    Like judge others, lie, incite violence and perpetuate bigotry?
    I think there are many Bermudians capable of doing that….just look at the opposition.

  25. Jahstice says:

    The law must be followed. Thankyou Minister Gordon for upholding the law. Bermudians are well served by this decision.

    • Rockfish#and#2 says:

      She certainly has a backbone, but in this instance,the AME church did not comply with the law.
      The decision was a no brainer.

  26. Shutthemdown says:

    And that’s how stupid the one/UBP really is as a Gov.

  27. Confused says:

    The crazy thing is that AME pastors do not apply for the job, they are appointed. So if this process does not exist within the denomination how can they comply with what is being asked. The same can be compared to board members of organizations who are foreigners and serve and I don’t recall those positions being advertised, yet many can be paid a hefty dollar. How do they get around the immigration process?? #politicsatitsbest

    • Longtailtoo says:

      In my experience a board member could not be paid fees personally if they were on a work permit. The fees would be paid to the company that employs them. A foreigner would have to be a PRC holder to be paid the fees personally.

    • PBanks says:

      How was it done in the past for church pastors? Were they appointed by the church and then the work permit was applied for? Is appointment just an AME procedure or do other denominations/religions use this framework, curious?

      • Confused says:

        They’re was an exemption in place for AME pastors. I’m not sure about other denominations. The rules changed which seemed to support exempt companies but I’m not sure why their wasn’t anything put in place to support the previous exemption the AME church had.

    • joly says:

      Confused, a board member is not an employee and does not need a work permit. Apples to oranges.

      • Confused says:

        Under the immigration act even to volunteer in BDA as a non Bermudian you need to apply for a work permit. Even to come to Bda to work for 3hrs as a non Bermudian you need a work permit. So if board members do not there is obviously an exemption in place. And so my question is why couldn’t the same be extended to the AME church. And the ironic thing that the board member can make twice as much for a few meetings a year than the pastor who is a full time employee. So why you may think it’s Apple to oranges it’s still the same fruit basket.

  28. Terry says:

    Tartan in.
    Tweed out.


  29. Sabrina says:

    Has anyone ever considered that the AME Church themselves did not want Tweed as Rev there anymore and blatantly disregarded immigration rules so that they did not have to get rid of him themselves.

    • aceboy says:

      That would not exactly be very “church-like” would it? I mean, isn’t the church supposed to be the moral guidance for its congregation?

      Surely the church isn’t involved in ugly backroom dealings like that?

      • mj says:

        aceboy,- you are speaking rhetorically aren’t you? surely you can discern! Church and State are one and the same, no difference, churches seek sanctions from the state! the state is in a state of affairs with all of the hypocracy, illusions, delusions, confusions, selections, elections, annointments and appointments, total confusion both ways, which is why we wait on The Most High!

  30. No name says:

    Good Riddance !

  31. Father, have mercy says:

    “In this particular instance, the applicant failed to comply with rules that were put in place for everyone. As a result, I had no choice but to uphold the previous decision to refuse the new application.”

    “The position was not advertised despite repeated requests by the Department to do so, and the actual application was incomplete and contained inaccuracies. On the basis of these failures to fulfill the requirements of Immigration policy, the work permit application was rejected,” the Minister said.

    Ok so if the above information is correct then what is the BIU and PLP going to do? I HATE this bullying tactic that is used when things don’t go their way. For crying out loud, the 2 BASIC requirements to get the visa renewed was not obeyed and even after given time to correct it, it was still ignored so why should he be exempt.

    As a man of the cloth he should even admit the wrong doing/oversight and bow out gracefully, I mean what signal is now being sent to the body of Christ and to non-believers, that you are above the law because you are a man of the cloth. Even if it was not Rev. Tweeds responsibility to ensure that the visa request was in on time, maybe it was left to a secretary to do and then it was forgotten about, whatever the circumstances, what has been done has been done, again bow out respectfully and gracefully ensuring that there is no scattering of members or anyone else and go and reapply from outside for another term.

  32. DJO says:

    BYE BYE you wont be missed, take the union mouth with you.

  33. clearasmud says:

    The Minister’s response is a crock since it is the churches responsibility to send in a correct application since they are responsible for Mr. Tweed. This is a weak response from a government who have repeatedly said we need more people here working and contributing. There have always been exceptions to the rules and for the Minister to suggest otherwise is just ridiculous. The law was changed so that certain executives can now bring their nanny with them which means that they no longer have to advertise for one here. Lesser people still have to advertise any nanny post!

  34. Fur says:

    More important issues to discuss objective airport…this is over and done.
    Get over it you bunch of hypocrites,

  35. Triangle Drifter says:

    The permit rules don’t seem that difficult to comply with. Given the bungling of the procedure by the AME board one has to wonder if they really wanted him to stay?

    Maybe they do not have the b@lls to fire him so failing to comply with immigration rules forced that department to do the dirty work for them. Added bonus, the whole thing makes the OBA look like the bad boy.

    What could be better?

    • Chaos Theory says:

      You might be onto something there. Much more cost effective to arrange or procure that a work permit is not renewed. Hmmmmmmm.

  36. John says:

    Good didn’t know you could demonstrate against the government on a work permit ??!

  37. Truth says:

    Good ridence tweety,

    All he’s done is teach Bermuda how to Hate. And he calls himself a rev.

    • Bob says:

      Now if that ain’t the most hilarious thing I’ve heard this decade – hate / racial divide has been alive in the Devils Isles since slaves were dragged onto our shores.

      The idea that Tweed is the only catalyst for change and that his forced removal will reverse what is clearly a full frontal against the Moniz – Dunkley led government, is both naive and well, really naive.

  38. clearasmud says:

    for every one who thinks this was not political can you name me one church that advertises for a pastor and then interviews random applicants and then chooses one and put them to lead their church.

  39. bdaboy says:

    “hate / racial divide has been alive in the Devils Isles since slaves were dragged onto our shores.”

    Yes, and then when those slaves were freed and dragged more slaves onto the island :)
    Remember, that part of history everyone loves to forget?

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