BIU Call Meeting To Discuss Rev Tweed’s Permit

December 29, 2016

Following the decision not to renew Rev. Tweed’s work permit, BIU President Chris Furbert called a Special General Council meeting at 12 noon tomorrow [Dec 30], and all BIU Special General Council Members and Shop Stewards are urged to attend.

Earlier today Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin said, “In this particular instance, the applicant failed to comply with rules that were put in place for everyone. As a result, I had no choice but to uphold the previous decision to refuse the new application.”

The BIU said, “Please be advised that BIU President, Chris Furbert has called for a Special General Council meeting tomorrow at 12 noon here at BIU Headquarters to discuss the decision of Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin not to renew Rev. Tweed’s work permit.

“All BIU Special General council members are urged to attend this very important meeting and all Shop Stewards are also requested to attend the meeting.”

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  1. Know it All says:

    Simple question, is Tweed a BIU member?

    • Answer says:

      Simple Answer NO

      • Truth says:

        A new YEAR a NEW GOVERNMENT…………..The people spoke loudly in the last 3 bye-election…..the General Election they will speak even louder………..



        • Sojourner says:

          Betty, new nom de plume?

        • Hannah G says:

          what on earth does a new Government have to do with Immigration Laws that are already in place. Don’t understand your logic.

          • little girl says:

            There isnt any !

          • Cranberry says:

            The new Govt will be able to deceive us and bend the rules…

            • Come Correct says:

              No the new government will make the poor rich. They didn’t have long enough last timem

              • Kangoocar says:

                Hey dum dum!! Your plp did not run out of time, they ran out of money! Good grief you are dense if you seriously believe what you wrote?
                Sir Winston Churchill said it correctly when he stated, ” the best argument against democracy is after a 5 minute conversation with the average voter! “

              • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                If I remember correctly, they left the poor, poorer; every Bermudian more indebted to foriegn creditors; more Bermudians out of work, and left it on a spiral to continue ever higher;… the PLP talk about Bermudians first, but in truth they have left Bermudians further behind in our own country, just like every other nationalistic, hollow sound bite policies used by every other nationalistic leaning politics that have failed the people they say their standing up for.

                • Just saying says:

                  not to mention that under the plp administration we had record numbers of foreign nationals working in Bermuda.

              • bdaboy says:

                “No the new government will make the poor rich. They didn’t have long enough last time”

                oh wow, this has to be sarcasm….you really can’t be that stupid or naive.

          • Clueless says:

            The island is full of idiots exactly like that one . Doesn’t have the slightest clue.

        • joly says:

          LOL – the last 3 by elections were in PLP strongholds. Bears the question why PLP people are jumping ship.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          So who are the PLP/BIU/PC for, Bermudians or foriegn workers in jobs that a Bermudian can do. Does this mean that the PLP/BIU/PC supports the violation of our immigration laws that are designed to give Bermudians access to jobs first. Or do the PLP/BIU/PC stand for a double standard where it is acceptable to ignore those immigration protections when it is for one of their own… simply put the PLP/BIU/PC want it both ways and are hypocrites for it… Bermudians first?… unless it is one of their imported political operatives.

        • aceboy says:

          Funny how honesty comes so hard to a person with the name “Truth”. The PLP won 3 safe seats in the bye-elections. All that was was an indication that certain segments of the population would vote for a green paper bag if it ran as a PLP candidate in those constituencies.

          Now you once again support an illegal action that is pure political nonsense.

          Why is the BIU involved?

          Do rules not apply to the BIU or the PLP?

      • Hair says:

        Nothing to discus, go back from where you came from Tweed!!! From a forth generation Bermudian.. Ouch!!!

        • Come Correct says:

          “Go back to where you came from”… isn’t that the overused lyric of…whatever happy new year

    • Kangoocar says:

      So ” furby” is calling a meeting which to be sure only has the intention of planning work stoppages, to protect a Foreigner? You really can’t make this stuff up can we?
      If any work stoppages are carried out, it will be completely ILLEGAL and all workers participating, should have their jobs terminated!!

      • hmmm says:

        This has absolutely nothing to do with the Union. This is Furbert ABUSING his position for his own personal agenda. He should not be using union resources, or union time for his own personal purposes.

        God doesn’t want him to be in Bermuda, Furbert is not bigger than God.

    • John J says:

      Let us hope they invite the Bermuda Police Association so that they can remind the comrades at hhe BIU what is leagal .

  2. Serious Though says:

    HAppy New Year Everybody!….2017
    Airport Bill
    Immigration Bill
    American Cup
    and Finally

    Busy 2017 for ALL

    • Truth says:

      YES, in the NEW YEAR is will be GREAT… Bermuda will have a NEW GOVERNMENT…..the PLP


      • Northrock says:

        God help us all…..I’m sure that Mr. Truth can enlighten us on the specific plans the PLP have to help us out of the doldrums of this sick economy where Tourism is up, retail sales are up, employment is up (and available to anyone who wants to work), a new airport (admittedly, not without controversy from those who just can’t seem to allow progress….even though it was the PLP who first wanted a new airport !!!!), the Americas Cup is about to send thousands of people, hundreds of mega yachts and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, our way…

        In fact the only things that seem to continue to be impossible to get on track are labor unions, public sector education (which, lets face it, is controlled by labor unions), crime and Rev Tweeds work permit…

        Mr Truth and your namesake Burt – show us this biblical plan to empower and educate and employ all Bermudians. Just tell me who’s gonna pay them to work when you chase all the capital and the tourists away ????Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me…ain’t gonna happen again.

        • aceboy says:

          They have a plan for a plan…in 2025. That gives them lots of time to make a mess of things again without producing any results.

          • hmmm says:

            no…they plan to plan a plan that will plan a plan for a plan for 10 years i.e. in 2025 (yes, it utilized Burt Maths)

        • Hopeless says:

          I am looking at small cottage in the south of England in case the PLP do get back in. This island is barely fit to live in after they …. the treasury the last time.
          I can’t imagine being stuck her with only a Bermudian passport and the country being rules again by the “Friends and Family” party.

      • PBanks says:

        Yeah but that won’t happen until December. The next 11+ months will still be under the OBA’s watch, so much still to happen.

      • Come Correct says:

        You smoke crack don’t you?

  3. bluwater says:

    Since this matter is not a Union issue, this meeting should be held during personal time, not working hours.

    • Hey @$$#0£€ its at lunchtime.

      • Unbelievable says:

        Typical response from Onion Juice.

      • bluwater says:

        It’s lunchtime for you………….not people who actually work shifts.

        • VJ says:

          So if people work shifts then exactly what do you call “personal time”? My so called personal time might not be yours if we all work different shifts.

      • HarryT says:

        It’s a lunchtime meeting – which means pretty much no work will get done tomorrow.

      • Lualaba says:

        So no offices will close and no service disrupted?

      • Just wondering says:

        oh so bus and ferry drivers and trash collectors all stop work at the same time every day to eat lunch!!?? really???

  4. Bandit says:

    What does the Union have to do with it?

    • Thank God for de Union because most of you scared Bermudians would’ve let these political merchants run you dry.

      • hmmm says:

        The PLP did run us dry, and the Union stood by and watched.

      • Hopeless says:

        Should be calling yourself Onion Joke. The merchants have been running us dry since 1609.

    • BdaReally says:

      Totally agree. Amazing how the BIU are backing a non Bermudian. Aren’t they supposed to be for the Bermudian worker? Hmm makes you wonder why are they so hell bent on Tweed staying in Bermuda. What has he done for Bermuda that is so great you have the BIU investing so much time and effort For him to stay.

      • Ringmaster says:

        Only in Bermuda. Rev Kingsley Tweed was hounded out of Bermuda by the BIU. Rev Nicolas Genevieve-Tweed, no blood connections to Kingsley or Bermuda but born in the UK and a stepson of Kingsley, is now the BIU’s poster boy. Now the PLP support him as well. Non Bermudians are now welcomed with open arms by the combined opposition. The PLP have lost much support with this move.

    • bessie c says:

      Chris Furbert and the BIU and the PLP have NOTHING to do with Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin “RIGHT” decision regarding Rev Genevieve. PLEASE PEOPLE…educate yourselves. you CANNOT have one set of rules for ONE INDIVIDUAL and another set of rules for others.Where the hell are the church members on this ?? WHY haven’t THEY called a meeting ?? THEY pay his wage. WHY did the officers of the church NOT complete the application “On Time and Correctly” MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, the Church members want their pastor out because they are sick and tired of attending a “Political Rally” on a Sunday Morning. hmmmmm OH, and yes, unfortunately the island will be “Shut Down” Well, every single pastor on this island needs to gather up their church members and PRAY for this island instead of encouraging them to “March”..AGAIN !!!
      Signed : Sick & Tired of the ##%%%*# BS

  5. Revelations says:

    Awwww. The union is rallying for a work permit application of a non-Bermudian because they don’t want to advertise for a Bermudian.

  6. Family Man says:

    What does Tweed’s permit have to do with the BIU?

    Time for the OBA to grow a pair. Don’t show up to work tomorrow, you’re fired.

    • Truth says:


      • Awake says:

        So only YOU are the “people”? You’re truly showing just how asinine you are!

      • Sickofantz says:

        You seem a bit outnumbered on this blog. Maybe you are not the people.

      • aceboy says:

        The same government that lists the Grand Atlantic as a great accomplishment on their website? Or that they renamed stuff and call it a cultural accomplishment?


    • kyron b says:


  7. Enough says:

    More illegal strikes coming?

    The BIU and Tweed got exactly what they were striking/protesting over in March so they should have no complaints.

    Rules don’t differ for certain people no matter how many threats they make.

    • Portia says:

      Nonsense. It’s quite obvious that this Ministry does NOT operate with one set of rules. They bend them quite often when they want to. I work in an IB company. Recently, an employee submitted his work permit renewal application late. He knew very well renewal was coming up. Why is he still here? This person is a not a key employee, there are qualified Bermudians who can do his job. He should have been refused and his butt should have been escorted off the Island. But immigration let it slide. It only reaffirms the conviction that Rev Tweed is being denied for political reasons and that Gov is seeking to keep the playing field uneven. Only trouble will come from this.

      • Kangoocar says:

        Portia, you are telling outright lies! There is no way a forieghner who has a job that any Bermudian can do, who also put in his paper work late was allowed to stay? You either put up proof or shut up!!

        • Portia says:

          I see the truth has you rattled. I’m sure you’d love for me to shut up about this sort of thing, but NOT gonna happen!

          • Kangoocar says:

            As per usual, you are totally wrong! I don’t want you to shut up, I want you to provide the proof! Until you do, you will be considered a liar and someone that should be terminated from their place of employment for spreading out right falsehoods concerning a co worker!!

          • Sickofantz says:

            I sincerely hope you have reported this anonymously to immigration. This company is in flagrant breach of immigration law. To know these details you must work in HR so you know it is your DUTY to report it.

          • Family Man says:

            Just another lying Trumper

          • JCS says:

            Portia, I suggest you put in a complaint to the Immigration Department. This has happened before and the person was consequently denied their application. There are times people are thought to have a job that anyone can do, but it turns out that this is not true. This is a problem that is becoming worse with the misinformation that is out in cyber space. It seems that anyone can put whatever information they want without having to back it up with facts.

          • Sabrina says:

            If this is true, name the company and the foreigner who is still here doing a job that any Bermudian could do. If this is true, you have an obligation to come out and stop this sort of thing happening. Either put up or shut up.

          • Cranberry says:

            Don’t be such a cry baby…

          • Bermudianmother says:

            Sorry but an employee does not and cannot submit the work permit application…the employer does – the company must make the application to have that person employed in their company as a permit holder. Speaking as someone who deals with HR and work permits. So there is your first lie. Also the “renewal” permit (they don’t call it that anymore) can take up to 4 weeks to process however often times it doesn’t depending on case load. It also helps if you have complied with ALL of the requirements, the most stringent one is advertising not only in print but on the Bermuda Jobs Board for the required time frame. This is all outlined in the policy manual which is available online and which any HR person would and should be well versed on. It’s been in place for almost 2 years now…so plenty of time to get acquainted…Also there are lovely customer service reps at the Dept of Immigration who will answer any email query should you need clarification on what needs to be submitted with any particular application and they will give you a chance to submit any missing information before they return the application. So nice try but you have no idea what you are speaking of and I doubt very highly you work in any IB company. And am surprised you would be silly enough to think that intelligent people who work in the industry wouldn’t notice. Really only speak of what your really know otherwise you sound ridiculous.

        • VJ says:

          It’s not a lie. The rules are always bent for IB.

          • Just wondering says:

            oh – well that clears that up – thanks for providing the proof!!

        • Spit Bouy says:

          @ Kangoocar,

          Yup, the B$ flows freely with this one.

          For the unknowing, work permits are applied for by the companies who hire them and not by the employee. I had two renewals for my company go in late last year, I ran my ads, paid my fees, did what was requested by the immigration dept etc and they got renewed. End of story.

      • Just the Tip says:

        So this person at a company that you seem to know the details so well about, was his form filled out incorrectly and/or falsely and was his position not advertised?

        • Portia says:

          It was submitted late. Are you saying that shouldn’t matter?

          • Candy crush says:

            Stand strong I also know of this happening at my work of employment. Alll in good time things will be revealed.

            • HarryT says:

              Then report it and have it dealt with. Or is this just another bit of trumpism misinformation?

            • Sabrina says:

              Submitting an application late does not mean the application has to be denied. An application submitted late just means that upon expiry of the initial work permit, that employee is not allowed to work until a decision has been made by the Department of Immigration. Also, the employer can appeal to the minister to allow the employee to continue work pending a decision upon payment of a fee.

              All of this was done for Rev Tweed and still the AME Church did not submit everything correctly. Maybe someone should be asking the church why.

              • Spit Bouy says:

                @ Sabrina,

                Exactly. However the facts that you laid out will still be ignored by those like Portia.

            • Spit Bouy says:

              @ Candy crush,

              Then report it to Immigration, how hard is that? Of course you wont because ‘that’s not your responsibility’ besides you’d rather just post inaccurate nonsense. Pity that you seem to have have no idea what is required to employ people or submit work permits.

              Just so you know work permits can be submitted late. I suggest you go to the immigration website and read up on it, that way you wont post comments that make you sound silly and uninformed.

          • Just the Tip says:

            So the answer is no it wasn’t incorrect/false and the position was advertised? cause as was in the statement by the minister that was the reason why they turned him down and why she upheld it, the lateness was not a factor that is the point i’m making.

            Also as some one pointed out, employers not the employee put the paper work in

          • Spit Bouy says:

            @ Portia,

            News Flash, work permits are allowed late. there are processes for handling that as well. The company or employer would still have to have done what was requested of them by the immigration dept. I should know as I had two renewals go in late last year and I’m a small business owner and not in IB.

            Unlike the church I submitted my paperwork, though late. Followed up on the requested information under the set time frame and they were renewed. Rev Tweeds employers should have done what was requested instead of digging in their heels.

      • bluwater says:

        Nonsense yourself. Employers submit renewals, not employees. Did you break into his HR file?

        • Portia says:

          Break into his file? LOL. Why would you imagine that I need to? Place the blame where you want… employer or employee…both knew what had to be done, and by when. They still got a pass. I rest my point.

          • bdaboy says:

            Anything can happen when you’re telling a lie, portia

          • 32n64w says:

            But you said the employee was the one one who submitted his or her renewal. Are you now changing your remarks?

          • Sabrina says:

            Please read my comment above.

      • Enough says:

        Was it submitted days before it expired? Was his job advertised regardless? There have been many IB workers who have had their ‘butts’ escorted off the island without being given the graces to stay here for an extended period that Tweed has been given. I am sure there is more to your colleagues story than you know, we have been afforded the luxury of knowing what exactly went on with Tweed’s permit and like it or not he had to go.

        This wasn’t an error on Tweeds/BIU/AME part, it was a political move to force it through and worst case scenario it would be used to create more disruption.

      • Archy says:

        Why didn’t you report it?

      • Awake says:

        PROVE IT!

      • Hannah G says:

        A foreign worker does not submit his own Immigration Application, so not sue where you got your info from but fro the tone sounds like you don’t like this person for whatever reason. Certainly would like to see the written proof where immigration has twisted the rules, please supply.

      • Really says:

        Portia- I think you may be not quite telling the truth, the employee can’t submit his own immigration documents, it would be handled through HR. Get the facts not the rumor!

      • Northrock says:

        So, if you know the truth…you will have no difficulty actually proving it ???Like the great man said…the truth for people like you is what you want the truth to be !

        So, big shot, prove what you say is true. Name the company, the employee and the facts…or are you just like the rest of them…full of it ?

      • Sorry Sir says:

        You are lying Portia.

        Want to know how you’re lying?

        Because individuals in IB don’t handle their work permits.

        The HR department does.

      • 32n64w says:

        If you do in fact work in an IB company, why would an employee submit his or her own work application as this task usually and legally requires the participation of the employer as sponsor? Methinks you’re either woefully uninformed or distorting the situation in a poor attempt to make an own goal. Which is it?

      • aceboy says:

        Really, your little story is proof positive of political interference?

    • Izzypop says:

      Yeah watch out I hear there r things in the works for the Americans Cup.

    • ian says:

      All you racist fools shut the hell up! We arent fooled by your bulls%£&

  8. bluwater says:

    Easier to call a strike for non-union member than to fill out the paperwork and place an ad? Ridonculous. Time for the Union to stand up to President Furbert.

    • Marge says:

      I wonder why the ministers of Bermuda are not standing by Tweed ?
      In my opinion Reverend Tweed, has no where else to go…..and he knows it.

      • Onion Soup says:

        Marge, why would the Ministers stand by Tweed? His application was not properly completed by his employer. Tweed is a citizen of the United States of America, so he definitely DOES have a place to go. You need to get your facts correct before you start banging on about an issue.

  9. John J says:

    I guess it is time to play an Edwin Starr song.

  10. Jahstice says:

    The Union sticking up for a foreigner before a Bermudian? I do not understand.

  11. trump was right says:

    So the meeting tomorrow will be to defend the Bermudian Mr Tweed??
    Fire all the illegal strikers..

  12. trump was right says:

    Then there will be a strike for firing the illegal strikers. Goin make a round de world swizzle

  13. Infidelguy says:

    Was Rev. Tweed a BIU union member? I bet he is getting more representation than some paying members got during their grievances with employers!

    This is raw stupidity!!

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Well, Tweed certainly gets more/better representation than our hotel workers!

  14. Sage says:

    Looking for their usual 4 day weekend.

    • Just the Tip says:

      actuall it be 5 day weekend, remember monday is a holiday cause the New Year is on Sunday.

      • VJ says:

        That makes four days, not five. Trying to be cute and can’t even get your math right!

        • Just the Tip says:

          cause i’m trying to be cute, no like i need to be right about this.

    • aceboy says:

      Yup. I am sure they will have the Gombeys in attendance again. People Love Parties. Let the holiday season continue!

  15. You do You says:

    Dear Rev Tweed,




  16. Terry says:

    Tweed being a BIU member is neither here not there.
    Some expats living in Bermuda are paying members of the Union but that means nothing because they are employed and have work permits.

    Just going to be another rent a group job, some pepper spray and a certain employee from the power company stirring the pot.

    Work permits; nothing to do with union.

    Just the PLP diverting attention and calling for revolt.

    They have their money.
    Whats in your wallet.


  17. Triangle Drifter says:

    Warning to motorists in the streets of Hamilton. Beware of toys thrown out of prams scattered about the streets by people who really don’t know why they are throwing their stuff away.

  18. Albie says:

    Is it true that the BIU has failed to comply with the financial filing requirements of the Trade Union Act for 10 years in a row?

    If thats the case then maybe its not surprising that they would take up any cause that was likely to ferment discontent in order to deflect attention for their non compliance.

    On the other hand if it is true that the BIU has failed to file its financial statements as required by law for 10 years now then the question is why has the relevant government failed to enforce the law?

    Does the BIU have friends in some government departments but not others? Surely that is an oversite that a new government will quickly address.

    • Lualaba says:

      Yes… but the trade union act means nothing to the union, enforcing is another story.. it’s not the “Governments” job but that of the DDP who need to grow a pair!!

  19. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Probability of a March in support of Tweed; 85%
    Probability of a Prayer Vigil in support of Tweed; 90%
    Probability of a Prayer Vigil and a March in support of Tweed; 95%
    Probability of a Press Release from curb in support of Tweed; 100%

    Probability of a statement in support from the PLP; 1000%

    Probability of an island wide strike next week; ??????

  20. van martin says:

    Here comes the moaning and whining from the BIU, People’s Campaign and the PLP – who take the self entitled view that the laws of this Country apply to every one EXCEPT THEM.

  21. Q says:

    Union members should be very concerned about where this is heading. Will they be striking for a non-Bermudian work permit holder to stay on the island… not because he isn’t qualified… but because his employers did not follow procedure?

    • Rada Gast says:

      They’ll be striking (if they strike) for the reason that they are told to strike by Mr Furbert.

  22. Bermudian girl says:

    Another bus vacation huh

  23. Cedar Stump says:

    This is an opportunity for the Government to break the union. If an island wide two month strike was to take place the union would not be able to support their members. They are broke and that is the reason they won’t open their books. That is why I send my union dues to charity.
    If there is an illegal island wide strike, then there is an opportunity to fire all the dead wood, reducing the size of our civil service and many other pockets of government “workers”.

    • Marge says:

      Cedar stump, I wish you were the leader of this Island, we Bermudians are tired of the B.I.U. who as we all know run this Island….let us see what what our current so called leader does….. ( HE AS USUAL WILL BACK DOWN ) I hope our new Gov, is paying attention.

    • VJ says:

      The union cannot be broken. Wishful thinking on your part, but never gonna happen mate.

    • Kangoocar says:

      I totally agree on all that you said except, it really would only take about 2 weeks to achieve that goal, we have a spineless government that will not wait the 2 weeks, but to be fair, no government would because it is all about the prestige of sitting in office and not what is good for the country!

  24. Brier says:

    Time to go your not Bermudian all the others had to go a Tweed no different

  25. Sabrina says:

    Has anyone ever considered that the AME Church themselves did not want Tweed as Rev there anymore and blatantly disregarded immigration rules so that they did not have to get rid of him themselves.

  26. Father, have mercy says:

    “In this particular instance, the applicant failed to comply with rules that were put in place for everyone. As a result, I had no choice but to uphold the previous decision to refuse the new application.”

    “The position was not advertised despite repeated requests by the Department to do so, and the actual application was incomplete and contained inaccuracies. On the basis of these failures to fulfill the requirements of Immigration policy, the work permit application was rejected,” the Minister said.

    Ok so if the above information is correct then what is the BIU and PLP going to do? I HATE this bullying tactic that is used when things don’t go their way. For crying out loud, the 2 BASIC requirements to get the visa renewed was not obeyed and even after given time to correct it, it was still ignored so why should he be exempt.

    As a man of the cloth he should even admit the wrong doing/oversight and bow out gracefully, I mean what signal is now being sent to the body of Christ and to non-believers, that you are above the law because you are a man of the cloth. Even if it was not Rev. Tweeds responsibility to ensure that the visa request was in on time, maybe it was left to a secretary to do and then it was forgotten about, whatever the circumstances, what has been done has been done, again bow out respectfully and gracefully ensuring that there is no scattering of members or anyone else and go and reapply from outside for another term.


  27. rodney smith says:

    Mr. Tweed is a good man . Bermuda needs more positive men like pastor Tweed . With all things said and done , I think there is still time to come to a better conclusion on this matter .

    • Anon Ymous says:

      Mr. Smith,

      Please clarify your position, generally, on foreigners being hired without that position being advertised, in accordance with the immigration laws of Bermuda. Thanks in advance.

  28. Triangle Drifter says:

    Does the good reverend pay union dues for all of this assistance? Just wondering.

  29. DJO says:

    not a union issue no matter how you cut it just a way for furburt to open his big mouth, bye bye tweed good riddence try to take some trash with you

  30. Cedar Stump says:

    Time to bring out the fighting gombeys…….

  31. Albie says:

    Rev Tweed, a non Bermudian, cannot be the applicant.

    The AME church is the employer and as such is responsible for the timely reapplication for the Rev Tweed’s work permit.

    There have been reports that the AME church had approved the extension of Rev Tweed’s employment several months before the work permit expiration.

    Some months later apparently the employer was unable/unwilling/ or not interested enough to file a timely work permit renewal application and latterly failed to comply with the Immigration Departments requirements for advertisements etc.

    Was it sheer arrogance? Of course government will comply…..why should the AME church be subject to the law of the land?

    Was it incompetence on the part of the AME administrators?

    Maybe the church didn’t like the possible Bermudian applicants and thought that it could slip the renewal in on the QT expecting to be accommodated as before 2014?

    Maybe the church has been embarrassed by the Rev and just want him gone?

    Whatever the reason the church could have saved Rev Tweed if it wanted to but didn’t.

  32. Union Issue ??? says:

    I am a BPSU member and I certainly hope that the BPSU doesn’t get involved because this is NOT a union issue. Follow the rules like every other organization. Advertise the job to ensure that there are no qualified Bermudians (to protect Bermudian jobs), then if the are no qualified Bermudian candidates submit the application on time with the appropriate documentation. Then and only then, can a work permit be issued. I certainly hope that my dues do not go towards this issue, and if they do, well my dues will have to start going to charity.

  33. John says:

    Yes organize the leaving party and get him outta here

  34. Truth (the real one) says:

    This is a game: 1) the Church doesn’t want him – so wouldn’t put in his application;

    2) The BIU is supposed to represent it’s members (first and foremost, protect the interest of BERMUDIANS)… this guy isn’t a Bermudian, isn’t a member AND isn’t wanted by his own Employer.

    3) PURE DISTRACTION and a waste of time.

  35. Truth (the real one) says:

    Portia, you’ve missed the point. Lateness is irrelevant. They have gone back to the AME church many many times to request that they advertise. They’ve given more and more extra time to do this. The application wasn’t complete as well. They gave more time to complete it. They then rejected the application once the extended period was up and no attempt to give the info or advertise. In appeal, the Church had even more time to complete the two basic requirements and still didn’t. Soooooooo, they had no choice but to reject. Clearly the employer didn’t want him. There is nothing more the Ministry could have done to help. Simple as that..

  36. Comfortably numb says:

    Should there be any demonstrations or strikes next week the government must stand strong and the police should take appropriate action should the rent a mob break any laws. January is a relatively quiet month and if a stand is to be made now is the time to do it and remind Furbert, Dingbat, Famous et al that the government runs the country, not a couple of hundred misinformed marchers. Better now than May/June when the tourist season is peaking and AC is upon us. I, personally, am tired of the tail wagging the dog! Trust me, the majority of Bermudians will not be happy if the OBA blinks again- time for fortitude!

  37. Are you serious right here right now?????

    You demand a permit for Mr.Tweed?

    You demand a guest stay after he has acted up?
    Now I am sorry but if you are a guest and act up… you have to go… you don’t say no… you go!
    Now Git!

  38. Triangle Drifter says:

    The AME church could earn some money out of this. Run a raffle. The prize is who gets to drive him to the airport.

  39. sid says:

    BIU = “Bermuda Immigrants Union”

  40. jose c says:

    What does a church minister have to do with BIU? He doesn’t pay dues does he? Does the union just pick up certain cases to represent? Will the fight for someone else who isn’t a union and is really treated unfairly? For all we know God can be intervening and needs the good pastor to pastor at some other church in a different locale!

  41. Jahstice says:

    Bermudians First? Now the Union is sticking up for foreigners over Bermudians. You cannot make this shi….. up!

  42. Ty says:

    I would love to see the Union members tell Furbsy-poo that they will NOT be attending HIS meeting because it is not a Union issue. How many of you out there have the balls to tell your Union leader that??

    • bdaboy says:

      none of them have any b@lls, they’re mondless, bigoted drones

  43. BRIER says:





  44. Really says:

    So it’s ok for Furbert to threaten political leaders. Nice. Why don’t you run three country. You have all the answers. You can be the leader of a third world country when it’s all done and dusted.


    Wake up bermuda. The end is near.

  45. Really says:

    So it’s ok for Furbert to threaten political leaders. Nice. Why don’t you run the country. You have all the answers. You can be the leader of a third world country when it’s all done and dusted.


    Wake up bermuda. The end is near.

  46. OLIVIA says:


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