Review: Aqua Terra Restaurant At The Reefs

February 1, 2017

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

An early evening dinner overlooking the South Shore sounded like a great way to start the weekend. For my second to last stop for Restaurant Weeks, I decided to try Aqua Terra at The Reefs.

The menu had quite a few choices and I hadn’t eaten there yet. Also, it was in the $42 category so I was interested to see how it would compare to the other meals I’d had.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our sever Ryan and whisked to a table next to the windows. I loved that there was so much light in the restaurant especially after eating at places where it’s difficult to snap pics without a flash.

I started with a delicious virgin mango mojito – easily the best I’ve had in Bermuda. I would go back solely for the mojito!

For the meal, I chose Bermuda Fish Chowder as my starter. It’s been on most menus but I’ve avoided it because I can have it at anytime. However, I’m glad I ordered it at Aqua Terra.

The chowder was thick, dark and meaty. It had a bit of spice, which I love in a fish chowder and was full of warming flavours with a homemade quality to it. A delicious start to the night.

My fiancé ordered the Roasted Beets with goat cheese mousse and greens. He said it the salad was crisp and refreshing.

For my main, I decided on Winter Squash Lasagna with eggplant, marinara and pine nuts. As I’ve said before, I really appreciate a creative vegetarian meal so I was looking forward to this dish.

The pinenuts added a nice crunch while the meatiness from the eggplant made me forget there was no meat in the lasagna. My only problem was that it was served warm instead of hot. A hot piece of lasagna would’ve been much better.

My fiancé ordered Pan Seared Rockfish with pumpkin risotto and salmon roe. Again, his meal was also warm and would’ve benefited from being served hot.

For dessert, I opted for the Chai Tea Creme Brulee served with berries and whipped cream. It was creamy and very light. A bonus was that it wasn’t very sweet so I could eat the whole dessert without feeling like I’d had dessert. My fiancé opted for the Fruit Tart, which was also very light.

Overall, I enjoyed Aqua Terra for my first visit. The food was presented well and the service was great.


This year’s Restaurant Weeks runs from January 12 to February 3, with the largest number of participating restaurants ever – 50 – and the introduction of lunch, which is being offered as two-courses for $22. The three levels of pricing for this year’s event are $32, $42 and $52.

We will have additional coverage as Restaurant Weeks continues, and you can view all our coverage of Restaurant Weeks here, the list of participating restaurants/prices here [PDF], and all coverage of cuisine here.


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