Video: OBA Confirm Four More Candidates

June 16, 2017

The OBA announced four more election candidates today [June 16], with Craig Cannonier to run in Constituency #12 Devonshire South Central, Fabian Minors to run in Constituency #13 Devonshire North Central, Glen Smith to run in Constituency #14 Devonshire North West, and Scott Stewart set to contest Constituency #15 Pembroke East.

Mr Minors, Mr Smith, Premier Dunkley, Mr Cannonier, Mr Stewart:

OBA Press Conference Bermuda June 16 2017

The press conference has just concluded, and the 27-minute live video replay is below:

Mr Cannonier, the incumbent, will again represent the OBA in this area, a seat which he won with 87.81% of the vote in the last General Election. In the 2003 and 2007 election, John Barritt, running for the UBP, won this seat with over 80% of the vote, and the results from C#12 in the 2012 election are below.

C12 2012 Election Result

Fabain Minors will run in C#13, a seat which is currently held by the PLP’s Diallo Rabain who won the seat in a 2016 by-election. The results from C#13 in the 2012 election are below.

C13 2012 Election Result

The OBA’s Glen Smith — who won with 55.49% of the vote in the last General Election — will again run in C#14, where he will match up against Wayne Caines, who the PLP have already confirmed as their candidate for the area. The results from C#14 in the 2012 election are below.

C14 2012 Election Result

Scott Stewart will again represent the OBA in C#15 Pembroke East, a seat currently held by PLP Deputy Leader Walter Roban, and a seat the PLP has won with over 80% of the vote in the last three General Elections. The results from C#15 are below.

2012 C15 bermuda election results

The previously announced confirmed candidates for the July 18th election are:

  • Constituency #1 St Georges North: Kenneth Bascome [OBA] Renee Ming [PLP]
  • Constituency #2 George’s West: Nandi Outerbridge [OBA] Kim Swan [PLP]
  • Constituency #4 St George’s South: Suzann Roberts Holshouser [OBA] Tinee Furbert [PLP]
  • Constituency #5 Hamilton East: Peter Barrett [OBA]
  • Constituency #6 Hamilton West: Simone Barton [OBA]
  • Constituency #7 Hamilton South: Sylvan Richards [OBA] Anthony Richardson [PLP]
  • Constituency #8 Smith’s South: Rose Ann Tucker [PLP]
  • Constituency #10 Smith’s North: Rev Dr Ernest Peets [PLP]
  • Constituency #14 Devonshire North West: Wayne Caines [PLP]
  • Constituency #17 Pembroke Central: Andrew Simons [OBA]
  • Constituency #18 Pembroke West Central: Nicholas Kempe [OBA]
  • Constituency #19 Pembroke West: Jeanne Atherden [OBA]
  • Constituency #20 Pembroke South West: Susan Jackson [OBA]
  • Constituency #24 Warwick South East: Nalton Brangman [OBA]
  • Constituency #25 Warwick North East: Jeff Baron [OBA]
  • Constituency #26 Warwick South Central: Robyn Swan [OBA]
  • Constituency #27 Warwick North Central: Sheila Gomez [OBA]
  • Constituency #28 Warwick West: Jeff Sousa [OBA] Dennis Lister III [PLP]
  • Constituency #30 Southampton East Central: Quinton Butterfield [PLP]
  • Constituency #31 Southampton West Central: Crystal Caesar [PLP]

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  1. Drew says:

    Why no Bob Richards? Are they dumping the foul mouthed finance minister who doubled the debt and gave away our airport without a tender?

    • nerema says:

      I wouldn’t give you ten cents for a PLP leader with a foul mouth.

    • Hmmm says:

      no one “gave away” the airport… that is a PLP misrepresentation..

      • concern_bda says:

        So, we the people have to foot the electricity bill for this new airport. We also have to pay rent to Aecon for the mail clearance facility. So if that’s not giving away money I don’t know what is.

        • bdaboy says:

          “So if that’s not giving away money I don’t know what is.”

          It’s similar to losing $800M under the PLP government….a giveaway, if you wish :)

        • wahoo says:

          How much is it costing us to build the new airport? Sorry I have misplaced my notes.

        • Onion Juice says:

          And $30 Million a year for 30 years.

          • Who done it says:

            Remind me, who built the airport originally?

          • Who done it says:

            That’s not true… you have not adjusted for the impact of the cost to build… typical deception

        • Lualaba says:

          We foot the bill for electric now, and maintain the mail facility (which is falling apart). Basically we are getting an airport and paying for it over 30 years.. kinda like buying a house and paying a mortgage!!!

        • Zevon says:

          Who pays the electricity bill now?

          • sage says:

            Who forgot to put solar panels on the enormous flat airport roof so it would pay for itself in a short time and lessen our burden?

    • Frosty says:

      Probably moving him to a safer seat

    • Mother Theresa says:

      Umm, Drew, the debt had to be doubled in order to pay for the Civil Service that was bloated by the PLP, whom I might add more than quintupled; that’s right quintupled (I didn’t realize that was actually a word) our debt. Can you imagine? Wow. There was no reason for the PLP to have done that to Bermuda and her people. It was deliberate, or just a gross misunderstanding of economics. And we are not giving away the airport. We getting a state of the art facility to replace that dilapidated, filthy, and outdated structure we have now. Not to mention if it’s pouring rain, as it does frequently in Bermuda, you get soaked. Additionally, the new airport will not only create new jobs to build, but it will also create loads of new jobs once it’s up and running. There will be food service, retail, it will probably require a maintenance crew much larger than the crew that now services the facility, etc. The latter is of most importance; job creation.

      • Loving the PLP Logic says:

        Mother Theresa, I entirely agree with you post however would like to clarify, what i consider, to be a slight inaccuracy.

        The PLP did not quintuple our debt. There was a circa $40 million surplus when the PLP took control. On that basis there was no debt to be increased (by any factor).

        I’m sure the supporters will baselessly attribute it all to the ‘global recession’, regardless of the fact that Bermuda’s economy, if managed properly could have largely remained recession-free.

        Alas, such is life…

        • wahoo says:

          Yep, they got a full bank account and an economy that was purring along nicely and in the end we were broke – a charity case in every sense. In their last term the plp got wind of a notion that you could borrow and spend your way out of a recession so they hired all their friends and family into the civil service and effectively Booby – trapped the next government.

          If the plp did this much damage in 14 years why, oh why, would we want another plp government? The dire state of our economy is a glaring example of their inability but there is another issue which calls on their integrity and some will say that is not relevant and complain that some questions and cases are “political” and should be disregarded as such….But are we not talking about politicians? If you are a politician then you gotta live the life you live.

        • Mother Theresa says:

          Thanks for the input!!

    • Trump supporter says:

      To bad you didn’t have those thoughts about the previous admistration that put us in debt..
      FYI If we have know money to pay our DEBT. We need to burrow it to keep OUR island functioning.

    • A Chap called V says:

      Defeceit and interest on debt.

      The defeceit alone was $400m. Multiply by 4.5 years = $1.8bn, add on interest to all that and it points to a party that has stopped the bleeding.

      Everyone moaning about the state of public schools (I agree, it’s deplorable) needs to understand it takes more than 5 years of neglect to get into that state. So, despite the PLP overspend, the infrastructure of the island is still a mess.

    • Onion Juice says:

      I guess JetGate is a DeadGate.

      • Zevon says:

        Considering the people who were on the plane, that’s a comment in very poor taste.

      • Bumbling bear says:

        well you gonna have a new gate soon called casino gaming gate.
        Just be patient

    • Earth watch police says:

      He’s, way better at math than sly cunning Burt

  2. Brendall says:

    Glen Smith desperately tried to extol the OBA’s economic record, using the examples of his business. Adding 16 staff over the course of 4 1/2 years. He’s gotten business from the government.

  3. Vote says:

    Cannonier so shook he can’t even pronounce words correctly

    • Bumbling bear says:

      Shook ?
      Can’t pronounce words correctly ?
      Have u heard Walter Roban speak ?
      Ave u heard weeks speak ?
      Cmon there are a disgrace speaking as Bermudians

      • Onion Juice says:

        Its a digrace having de first Premier to resign in Bermuda’s History to be act like he”s preaching a sermon.
        What a F!@#ing JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tank says:

        …Have not Ave… Come one not Cmon… and ‘they are’ or ‘they’re’ not ‘there’.

    • frank says:

      he thought that he would be kicked out of his safe seat for fahy
      and where is moniz maybe they will run him in the dockyard area

  4. Jus' Askin' says:

    Bye Bye OBA ;-) ;-)

    • Bumbling bear says:

      David Burt must pay for what he did to Marc bean and now Paula cox

      • Frosty says:

        What did he do?

      • Mother Theresa says:

        I hope Paula runs on an independent ticket!!

      • Mother Theresa says:

        Paula would probably do quite well if she decides to run. Hopefully she will!!

    • puzzled says:

      If the OBA go bye bye Bermuda will be gone gone in 5 years.
      Save the children.

    • Who done it says:


    • Earth watch police says:

      By by oba by by Bermuda

  5. I can't believe it. says:

    You are forgetting PLP, that the only people who could deal with finances is the OBA. What a joke. Looking across the water, the most powerful country in the world is headed by an idiot. If Obama was that incompetent he wouldn’t last one day. So PLP don’t put much value to the naysayers, iou will do just fine.

  6. John says:

    I hope the PLP win I wanna see how they fix everything ?

  7. #gawd save the queen says:

    Glenn. I must say u appear genuine and I can say good work. I am impressed with you and keep up the good work.

    Now as for Craig. Omg. He’s a disgrace. An utter disgrace. Can someone answer why Craig is still in politics please.

  8. Coffee says:

    The question is this , even with good people , what are the chances of Micheal Dunkley leading any party to victory ? He failed with the UBP , and he’ll make history for a double after failing the OBA .

    Oh by the way , there is no alliance anymore !

  9. lifetime says:

    Why don’t they run Craig down St. George’s?

    Everything is highly unlikely from the Unlikely Bunch!