Video: Overturned Truck Removed After Collision

November 30, 2017 | 13 Comments

[Updated] As of 11.30am this morning [Nov 30], Police are advising the public that traffic is being diverted in the North Shore Road area, near the Railway Trail and Bethel AME Church, as result of a collision.

A police spokesperson said, “Please be advised that a truck collided with a wall on North Shore Road near the Railway Trail and Bethel AME Church. As a result the road has been cordoned off and traffic presently is being diverted.

“No one appears to be serious injuries resulting from that collision.”

Update 12.07pm: Photos added below, as you can see the collision involves a truck overturning, marking the third collision involving a truck in the past two weeks, following after the cement truck crash in Paget and the truck collision on Wilkinson Avenue.

Update: Live video replay of the truck being removed below

Update 12.31pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 11:10am today [Thursday, November 30th] police and first responders were dispatched to a report of a single vehicle crash on North Shore Road in Hamilton parish.

“It appears that a truck was traveling west on North Shore Road in the vicinity of Bethel AME Church and the Railway Trail, when the driver of the truck apparently lost control and struck a wall, causing the vehicle to overturn.

“The driver does not appear to be seriously injured and he was conveyed to the hospital via ambulance.

“The area has been cordoned off and traffic has been diverted whilst the scene is being processed. Inquiries are underway and any witnesses are asked to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

truck Bermuda Nov 30 2017 (4)

truck Bermuda Nov 30 2017 (3)

truck Bermuda Nov 30 2017 (2)

truck Bermuda Nov 30 2017 (1)

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  1. wahoo juice says:

    This is a tricky one.

  2. B.J.S. says:

    Thanks Bernews for your timely reporting. I don’t get out much and look forward to you keeping me up to date on whats happening around Bermuda. Thanks again.

  3. PBanks says:

    That corner has seen its fair share of collisions (single vehicle or otherwise) over the years. I suppose more signage advising to slow down in the area can be erected, but it’s really not going to have much effect.

  4. Infidelguy says:

    I know this was an “accident”, and it’s a good thing nobody was seriously injured, but I can’t help thinking of how many times I have seen pickup trucks that look to be overloaded and the driver is just whizzing around corners without a care in the world!

    • And I’ve seen worst on Youtube.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Based on my observations the only large vehicles you can trust to not be speeding are the fuel supply tankers .
      With very , very few exceptions the rest are piloted by people who think they’re driving 3000lb sports cars AND yakking on the cell phone whilst driving.
      The possibilities for disaster are unlimited and I can’t believe that it doesn’t happen on a daily basis.
      Has anyone experienced a wheel dropping off of an H registration truck coming around a corner at them ? Or maybe the tyre treads de-laminating on an tractor trailer and having them fly over your shoulder as you’re passing in the opposite direction on your bike ?
      I have !

    • Paul Revere says:

      Well if you believe that an HC truck overturned on our roads because of bags of trash, I have a bridge to sell you.
      It’s time to check phone records, tyre pressure, brakes, hydrolics of the vehicles involved.
      Too many people cutting corners between yearly appointments at TCD.

  5. Tide watcher says:

    That’s headed towards Flatts, so, why is he on the opposite side of the road?

    • wahoo juice says:

      That is what I was trying to get at above it is hard to explain how he ended up here if he was heading West he would not have even started turning yet! Mr. Revere is right check tyre treads perhaps… something went wrong here.

  6. somuchless says:

    Looks like a smelly situation

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