New Vocational Learning Initiative Launches

February 22, 2019 | 0 Comments

Bermuda’s youth have a new training and personal development opportunity with the launch of Fresh Start on 21 February.

“This innovative learning experience combines media production with transformational life skills for the island’s middle and high school students. For twelve weeks the students are involved in an extra-curricular program to teach them the art and science of storytelling, self-expression and preparedness for the future of work,” a spokesperson said.

“The program is partially funded with the generous support of the Bank of Bermuda Foundation. The first 12-week term commences this Thursday 21st February with a full cohort of twelve students from Impact Mentoring Academy.

“Fresh Start is designed for Gen Z, where creativity, teamwork, problem solving and personal growth are priorities for fulfilment in their lives. The program, conceived by Elmore Warren of FreshTV, addresses a need in the community to help young people discover their hidden talents and equip them for the next stages of life.”

Mr Warren states, “As a father of two, it’s important to me that they and their friends and all our young people can find exciting opportunities, not just overseas, but here at home. Everyone gets enthusiastic about TV and movies and it’s easier than ever to pick up a camera.

“With the right skills and training, and the knowledge of how it all comes together, Fresh Start students will discover which parts of the production cycle can be a real career option for them.

“The Bank of Bermuda Foundation grant allows us to address an important and fundamental shift emerging worldwide. The nature of work and employment across the globe is changing due to IT, automation and globalisation. Our people need non-traditional education to help prepare them. Fresh Start provides a holistic approach for Bermudian youth to expand their horizons and develop the essential skills for success.“

“Our economy, our society, needs people with vision and collaborative skills, things robots can’t deliver. Even if you choose not to be the next great director or actress, what you learn in our program equips you for the future.

“We welcome any opportunity to work together with the business sector and community groups to give our young people the experiences that would normally only be possible off-island, at great personal and financial cost.”

The second term begins on 13 May and is already half-subscribed. A third cycle will begin in the new school year on 9 September. Interested students from across Bermuda are eligible to apply For more details on Fresh Start visit their dedicated Facebook page here.

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