Public Service Leaders Meet For Workshop

June 20, 2019

The Head of the Public Service, Dr. Derrick Binns, today [June 20] announced that the Public Service leaders, comprising the Civil Service Executive and Heads of Departments, gathered at St. Paul Centennial Hall for an executive workshop.

Each Ministry commenced the process of aligning their mission with the Government’s new vision, ‘A Future-Forward Government for the people of Bermuda’.

Premier David Burt stated, “Last month, when I tabled the Government Reform Strategic Plan, I indicated a workshop of the Public Service senior leaders would take place. Today’s meeting continues the progress on reform which started earlier this year.

“These workshops will equip our senior leadership with the mindset to implement the needed changes which are required to ensure the success of the Government reform initiative. I have encouraged the senior level of the Public Service to not be bound by what exists but to imagine if they were designing service delivery from a blank slate.

“We are operating with systems from the last century and we need to reimagine what our institutions need to look like in order to deliver public services that meet our vision of being a future forward Government to the people of Bermuda.”

Senior Leadership Workshop Bermuda June 2019

Dr. Binns added, “The Public Service has embarked on an aggressive process to change the way that it manages its operations. In these circumstances, the Service must make the necessary adjustments to its operating model and develop plans that will allow the Government to fulfil its purpose which is to ‘enhance the lives of the people of Bermuda.’

“Since the announcement of the strategic intent for Government Reform by the Premier, the Public Service has moved quickly to establish a programme management office within the existing Management and Consulting Services unit and identified Project Managers who already have several active task forces that are engaged in making changes within the organization. These task forces are working on two clear priorities – people and technology.

“Leadership, succession planning, and talent management that includes recognition and rewards as major components are critical factors as the Government takes the necessary steps to achieve, amongst other things, paperless processing by 2023. This will completely change the way we do business and we want to ensure that the Service is ready for monumental change.”

Dr. Binns concluded, “Today’s executive session will be followed by individual ministry workshops throughout the summer. As we enter our budget planning season, budgets will be restructured, programmes and services will be assessed and new key performance indicators will likely be identified. Some of the output of these sessions is expected to be reflected in the 2020/2021 Budget.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    There’s an old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Most of the Civil Service are set in their ways and have no experience in the real world. Nothing will change. Change will be to reduce head count and that won’t happen. It’s all about realigning the deck chairs on the Titanic and make it look like there is change. Expect the Civil Service to reduce Budgets? They’ll be increased to reflect the additional staff needed to make it more efficient. Please prove I’m wrong.

    • bluenose says:

      Accountability would be a first step, but with the PLP and Unions so comfortably in bed together that is highly unlikely to happen.