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Budget Debate To Get Underway Today In House

Parliamentarians are set to begin 56 hours of debate on the 2014/15 Budget today [Mar 3] in the House of Assembly, with today’s schedule calling for six hours on Cabinet Office Departments, and two hours on Health/Environment. The full schedule of the 56 hours of debate is below. Monday March 3rd 6 hours on Cabinet Office Depts. 2 hours on Health/Environment Wednesday... Read more of this article

PLP: Premier’s Statement “Misleading, Divisive”

Shadow Finance Minister David Burt responded to the Premier’s comments this evening [Mar 2], saying that the Premier’s “divisive response” does nothing to help Bermudians, and that they “continue to rely on an outdated international business model which has been profoundly impacted by globalisation.” Premier Craig... Read more of this article

Premier: PLP Reply “Dangerous, Irresponsible”

“The PLP leadership, in its Budget Reply on Friday, has taken an approach to the economy that is dangerous, irresponsible and a recipe for paralysis in the face of immense pressures to grow the economy and get our financial house in order,” Premier Craig Cannonier said this evening [Mar 2]. “I say it’s dangerous for two reasons. “The... Read more of this article

Charts Only: Opposition’s Reply To The Budget

Shadow Finance Minister David Burt delivered the Opposition’s Reply to the Budget in the House of Assembly today [Feb 28], covering alternative budget ideas, including a number of revenue generation ideas for the government to consider. You can read the full Reply to the Budget here, and charts extracted from it below.  Read More →

Opposition Delivers Reply To The 2014 Budget

[Updated with video] Shadow Finance Minister David Burt delivered the Opposition’s Reply to the Budget in the House of Assembly today [Feb 28], outlining Bermuda’s current economic situation and what can be done to improve it. Mr. Burt, an IT professional, managed to live tweet his Reply to the Budget while simultaneously speaking in the... Read more of this article

Video: BIU President Responds To 2014 Budget

BIU President Chris Furbert held a press conference today [Feb 27] to respond to the 2014/15 Budget, which was delivered last Friday, and said that in light of the pay cuts agreed to by the Union, Finance Minister Bob Richards should explain why the over spending occurred. Mr Furbert said, “The Bermuda Industrial Union is very concerned about... Read more of this article

ABIC Responds To 2014 Budget Statement

After a review of Friday’s Budget Statement, ABIC supports the Government’s commitment to a two track policy of growing the economy while taking actions to control and reduce government spending. ABIC Chairman George Hutchings stated, “ABIC supports the actions already taken and those promised to further develop a business friendly environment,... Read more of this article

Finance Minister: “Status Quo Is Not An Option”

Bermuda is seeing a “fragile” economic recovery that could be “easily derailed”, Finance Minister Bob Richards said at the Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Budget Breakfast today [Feb 24]. The event was sponsored by PwC Bermuda, and in a panel moderated by PwC Bermuda CEO Darren Johnston, Minister Richards was joined by Peter Everson, the President... Read more of this article

Premier: “This Is The People’s Business”

The most important accomplishment with the Budget presented on Friday by Finance Minister E.T. [Bob] Richards is that it sets the Island on the road to recovery”, said Premier Craig Cannonier. “It gives Bermuda the chance to make amends for the years when indiscipline ruled the public purse, endangering our future. “Our goal was to... Read more of this article

Terry Lister: Budget Puts Us In Holding Pattern

“Rather than bringing a post-SAGE implementation Budget, the Minister is still yet to tell the country which SAGE recommendations he will take on though he did explicitly tell us which departments are now on a hit list for some form of privatisation,” Independent MP Terry Lister said. Yesterday [Feb 21] Finance Minister Bob Richards delivered... Read more of this article

BELCO Monopoly “Requires Close Attention”

Government is in discussions with BELCO and the Regulatory Authority will be “brought to bear to ascertain fair and equitable interconnect rates” for alternative energy producers, Finance Minister Bob Richards said in yesterday’s 2014/15 Budget statement. The Minister said that while there is now the possibility of alternate sources... Read more of this article

PwC Bermuda Release 2014 Budget Highlights

PwC Bermuda released a Budget Highlight sheet, that breaks down the major points in an easy to read format, with the 2014/15 Budget seeing no changes in tax rates apart from a 5% biennial adjustment of most Government fees, while subsidies currently in place for the hospitality, restaurant and retail sectors will remain in place for the next fiscal year... Read more of this article

Age Concern Bermuda Respond To 2014 Budget

Age Concern Bermuda is expressing both a “congratulatory and cautious” response to the 2014/15 Budget presented by Minister Bob Richards earlier today [Feb 21]. Advocacy Chairperson, Mr. Charles Jeffers and Executive Director, Mrs. Claudette Fleming offered sentiments of appreciation for the Government’s announcement of a 9 million dollar... Read more of this article