Age Concern Bermuda Respond To 2014 Budget

February 21, 2014

Age ConcernAge Concern Bermuda is expressing both a “congratulatory and cautious” response to the 2014/15 Budget presented by Minister Bob Richards earlier today [Feb 21].

Advocacy Chairperson, Mr. Charles Jeffers and Executive Director, Mrs. Claudette Fleming offered sentiments of appreciation for the Government’s announcement of a 9 million dollar boast to the Financial Assistance program to help financially strapped Bermudians, especially senior citizens.

In addition, the Age Concern representatives were grateful for the Finance Minister’s acknowledgement that times remain tough.

“There is definitely a sense of relief from us that the Finance Minister did not introduce new taxes, which would have been an even greater burden to many Bermudians who are already struggling, especially to our seniors.” said Mr. Jeffers.

Mrs. Fleming stated that while the budget appeared sensitive to current financial times, it also evoked an immediate response of … “tell me more”.

In particular, she stressed that clarification was needed on the following points:

“With respect to the 5% increase adjustment of all Government fees, how far do these fees expand and, what is the potential impact on senior citizens? For example, are car licensing fees included in the fee adjustment increase?”

The Age Concern representatives also felt that further explanation is necessary regarding the planned introduction of pension funding policies.

Of particular concern to Age Concern and its members would be whether such planning would include the preservation of current pension benefits and the degree to which current and future pensions will adequately support the rising cost of living in Bermuda?”

Finally, Mrs. Fleming noted the Finance Minister’s intent to “put the brakes on” healthcare expenditures. The seniors’ advocate questioned whether the time was now ripe to revisit the important discussion of a National Health Plan and related financing model for Bermuda.

‘We are earnestly looking forward to learning more about the fine details of the budget in the days and weeks to come.” expressed Mr. Jeffers.

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    I purchased the last car i will ever own and i will not live long enough to take it to the dump, over the years i have paid over $50,000. in T.C.D. fees and you want more.

    You don’t know who I am, I am a Bermudian and you don’t know of my many contribution to the country.

    The P.L.P was in power at the time and amended the law for seniors citizens to get relief effective 1 st January 2008 a public holiday.

    As a senior citizen with a broken ankle waiting to the eleventh hour to pay my car T.C.D. license due on Jan 2 nd 2008 it did not seem to me ever to be a practical solution so I decided as a good citizen to pay up two weeks or so earlier .

    THE P.L.P HAD MY $900.00 MONEY, ( Four weeks food ) but was not technically entitled to the money until midnight of January 1st 2008

    The amendment to the law was kept Hush Hush to the eleventh hour, however I have just recently learned that certain people were privy to the change in policy prior to and effective January 1 st 2008.

    “The leaky ship”

    There are other Seniors who were relieved of their money under the same circumstances being told that Government does not give refunds.

    However I have since learned that refunds have been awarded.

    Do I have to lower my self and go marching the streets to state my case ? I just did !

    Do the people of Bermuda always have to march to state their cases ?


    THE O.B.A. Your halo is not that shiny either.

    Recently I imported an item from the USA which was not available in Bermuda as it turns out the item was too small, I went to customs with the hope that i could get a duty waiver on a replacement at the same value, Customs said not possible, THEY ALSO HAVE MY MONEY.

    Many Merchants in this country have many items on their shelves which they are unable to sell at any price those Merchant
    ( forgive the slang )

    have to “EAT THE MERCHANDISE”. Eg Cement that goes hard on the ship.

    As You sit in your “lofty towers” you may all contemplate why there is so much discontent here in Paradise.

    “Never put you hands in another mans pocket.”

    • Coffee says:

      We’ll my friend , I’ll put it like this , ok, Sometimes your the pigeon , other times your the statue .

  2. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    How do you spell taxes ? Fees