PwC Bermuda Release 2014 Budget Highlights

February 21, 2014

PwC Bermuda released a Budget Highlight sheet, that breaks down the major points in an easy to read format, with the 2014/15 Budget seeing no changes in tax rates apart from a 5% biennial adjustment of most Government fees, while subsidies currently in place for the hospitality, restaurant and retail sectors will remain in place for the next fiscal year as will tax initiatives started last fiscal year.

PwC Bermuda’s Budget Highlights are below, click to enlarge or click here for PDF version

PwC Bermuda Budget Highlights

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    We had dinner last night at” Country squire” with two visitors who were staying at Cambridge beaches.

    During the conversation we asked them.

    1) Why did they choose to come on vacation to Bermuda ?

    *******The answer was ,where we came from it was 4 ft of snow and to get away from the cold.

    2) What did they think of gambling ?

    *******The answer was many places where they came from had gambling because he said that it was a cheep fix as the economy was worse than their government states.
    ( Apparently Government distorts the truth. )

    3) why did you choose Cambridge beaches ?

    ******We are working class people and Cambridge beaches came upon line as the best price during our research.

    3) Did you have any other destination in mind ?

    ******Hawaii ! because she had lived there before, he did not want a long flight.

    4) Did you encounter any problems?

    ******He originally did not have a passport.

    5) how did you come to Bermuda ?

    ****** TWO air flights.

    6) What is wrong with Bermuda?
    ******* Food and Drinks too expensive.

    7) Are you going to rent a bike?
    ****** No ! some people are crazy drivers here.
    ****** We are going to ride the bus.
    ****** She thought that Bermuda is very beautiful and the people are very nice and the island is very clean.

    8)Did you research Bermuda?
    ******* Yes ! she said, I did, looking for the best price on line.

    (((((Looks like Women plan social events))))))

    I told them to enjoy the moment, that trying to save a buck on a vacation would spoil the experience and they should not go home with regrets.

    MY TAKE.
    Government over tax us so we pass the tax over and tax them.

    What is wrong with Bermuda?

    ***** Too expensive
    ***** We are Bermudians and we can not afford a vacation here .
    ***** Bermuda…..Wake up ! there are more little fish in the sea than big ones.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Funny, Bernews puts up a link filled with numbers & graphs about the budget.

    Hardly a peep in response.