44 Yr Old Man Shot In Sandy’s Parish

July 23, 2010

Police have confirmed that a man was shot in the Sandy’s Parish area earlier today [July 23]. Unofficial reports we have coming in say that he was shot multiple times at approximately 5pm. We will update with further information when available.

Police are appealing for anyone that may have any information to call the main Police number 295-0011 or the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

Update 8pm: Police confirm victim is alive, and say that his injuries are not believed to be life threatening at this time. His identity is already widely circulating in the community.

Update 9:15pm: We unofficially understand the victim may be having surgery now

Update 9:37pm: Official information from the Police:

Around 5:10pm today (Friday), Police responded to a confirmed firearm incident near the junction of Somerset Road and Cambridge Road in Sandys parish. Details are unclear at this time; however the victim, a 44 year old Sandys parish man, was shot and injured. He was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries. Police are appealing for any witnesses to this incident or anyone who was in the area at the time to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 299-8121 or the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

Update July 24 2:30pm: Victim is in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit

The West End continues to experience increased gun incidents, previous incidents in 2010 include:

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  1. terry says:

    Here’s one for Mr. O’Connor…………………….

    Bunch of white people walking down the street………..

    They don’t stay out late…….( already addressed)

    Tourism in a slump…………………….


    • terry says:

      Sorry…forgot to thank Bernews for the info.All of this over the price of cabbage and a six pack of becks…….

  2. Brasco says:

    Bermuda is having a major crisis but no one from the Govenor, Premier, Police Commisioner is asking Britain for any physical help…..I’m sick of my Island and it’s day dreaming Leaders!!!!

    • What is this island coming to? says:

      That would mean the Premier admitting he needed help…like that is going to happen.

  3. Victoria says:

    Why does everyone blame the Premier for everything that goes wrong on this island? The Premier andor Government do not run the Police department!!! The Governor is in charge of that so why don’t people direct their ignorant comments to him?

    • Brasco says:

      Sounds like you ok with how Bermuda is….there are no laws in place to have an affect on crime….the Govenor doesn’t sit in the senate to pass laws!…Who is our leader?….Do you know….Guess not…. take the shades off it
      s night time anyway!

      • Ha says:

        Everyone blames Dr. Brown and the Government because the country has fallen apart under them. Simple. They are worried about taking over the Co. of Hamilton, our issues are much more pressing. Fix the education system. Restore hope in the people of Bermuda. Spend more time fixing the horors and concerns of the people who elected you. Instead Dr. Brown is trying to take over as much as possible before his term is up.

    • Only on THIS ISLAND of Bermuda says:

      @ Victoria,

      No the Premier,does not run the Police Department nor do the Police go out there and tell these people to go and commit a CRIME. Maybe you should go and join the police force to see what situations they have to face on this island. The next course should be starting up shortly. DON’T BLAME THE POLICE FOR THE CRIME THAT IS GETTING DONE ON THIS ISLAND. Like Roslynn said, Life is about choices and certain individual choose to do what they want to do.

  4. Roslynn says:

    @ Brasco we were due to get armed officers from England but they declined because they would have had to give up their pensions and other benefits if they decided to come here…so assistance is being sought….I strongly disagree, even though I will respect others opinions, is when the Premier and the police are blamed for the choices that others are making…explain to me how the Police had something to do with todays incident? Life is about choices and certain individuals are choosing to do what they do….I had a crappy day today everything that could possibly have gone wrong went wrong….I could have “flipped the bird” and cursed off everyone in sight because that is a choice..but instead I chose to come home, take a nice warm bubble bath, have a glass of wine and relax…and I am good to go and ready to face the world tomorrow….so if we are blaming the Premier and the Police are you telling me that if I cursed off people and gave a couple of them a shove because I was having a crappy day than it is their fault that I chose to do that? when it is put like that it sounds kind of silly doesn’t it? Again I stress life is about choices and certain people are choosing to do what they do…they have no one to blame but themselves…..it’s no one else’s fault but their own you can’t blame any one else….

    • Thank you says:

      Thank you!!!

      all you EB haters need a life… something’s are beyond his control.. he can try and get as many “anti-crime laws” passed that he wants.. but he will never be able control the personal choices people make…. and Neither will the Next Premier..

      • julio says:

        You all are dreamers and rightly so, you live in Bermuda; a closed minded, currently brainwashed society being run by a racist and obviously blind group of individuals that only care about getting back at white people for the horrors a few of them done(an excuse if you ask me). Ignorance is bliss and this country is full of bliss…….EB should have put that in his tourism agenda……COME TO BERMUDA WHERE IGNORANCE IS BLISS AND BLACKS ARE ONLY NICE TO WHITE FOLKS IF THEY HAVE MONEY TO SPEND AT THERE ESTABLISHMENT.
        I am Bermudian, l am also ignorant to certain things, admittedly, why do are politicians believe they are so full of wisdom? Heck half of them are ex-or current-Black Panthers. The BIU steals the peoples money, the government steals our money, the so called Ralph C. orginisation is clearly there to reiderate to the black folks. as offen as possibe, how horrible white folks are. Get a life everybody, and remember that emancipation day has turned into Hero’s day for a woman that was black, that acheived greatness many years ahead of her time. Therefore, that proves that every black man and woman had and has chances to excell. People choose to point blame at folks ONLY when they have failed to address the REAL issues. White…white, THEM, THEY……please stop government of bermuda with the spred of hatred!

        • J.R. says:

          Ok so Doctor Brown not my favourite person for a multitude of reasons however I do agree that it is not entirely his fault that our Island has fallen to bits. There are a great number of socio- economic factors which has fuelled our current gun crime rise, only the ignorant can call race factors. Doctor Brown is our (not guilt free by any means) scapegoat. We need the Governor to get our Police Force (Force possibly the wrong word) into shape i.e. get the English government to hold out a carrot for those British armed officers to come and aid Bermuda in our time of trouble. We need Bermudians who know anything about these shootings to talk, anonymously, to the Police to aid them. We need unity under the heading of BERMUDIAN not colour or financial background.

          Julio- as a Bermudian myself I take offense to the idea that I, all of my family, friends and peers are closed minded and ignorant. I can tell you I most certainly am not. Ignorance is not bliss here, fear, family ties, and lack of faith in our police and justice system (just to name a few factors), I believe takes on a much greater role.

          In a longer term solution, we, as an Island and our Government, need to look to education. We need to educate our apparent “close minded, brainwashed, blind group of individuals” youth. We need to put the emphasis on unity as Bermudians (not specific to race).

          Whether or not Doctor Brown and his cronies have stirred the current racist climate it has only been fuelled by us, Bermudians. We need to teach, be taught, and understand we need unity within communities, school, and workplaces to fight gun crime. The government of Bermuda may have sparked the hatred but we BERMUDIANS need to stop the spread of hatred.