Photos: Van Crashed Over Bank In Southampton

August 24, 2010

At 2am this morning [Aug 24] a 42-year-old man driving an Air Care van lost control and drove over an embankment on Middle Road Southampton in the area of Five Star Island, and despite crashing down a drop exceeding 20-feet the Police confirm that he escaped serious injury.

Update 2:30pm: Island Construction will be in the area between 2:30pm and 4pm today to remove the van, and Police confirm that traffic will be diverted on the South Road, traffic traveling west will be diverted over to South Road in the area of Fairmont Southampton and all traffic coming from the West headed east, will be diverted from Middle Road to South Shore Road.

Update 3:15pm: Van is removed, and road is back open. The photo here shows it on the truck.

aircare van accident 2010 (14)

The van appears to be 20-30 feet off the road down a substantial drop, and the edge of the van appears within inches of the water, with part of the van actually hovering over the water. Small parts of the van can be seen scattered about the nearby rocks, along with paperwork and items from inside the van.

An area resident tells us that “W&E have been promising to fix this dangerous stretch of road for over 4 years”, and called upon Government to fix the road “before someone does die.”

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  1. Nicole says:

    Was the driver ok? That’s one smashed up van!

    • bernews says:

      Yes, hard to believe but he is okay. The Police say he was taken to the hospital but did not get any serious injuries.

  2. Bruce Segel says:

    How does someone walk away from something like this after crashing at 2:00am without alcohol being involved? Seriously…

  3. Janay says:

    Where this accident occured is a very common and dangerous spot for accidents, esp when its raining. I can speak from experience b/c I almost went over the embankment almost 2 months ago, which was a very frighting experience. I feel that Works & Engineering need to fix this problem ASAP before someone loses their life. Thank God the driver of this van was not seriously injured, but who’s to say that the next person will be just as blessed!

  4. Not again says:

    Yet again these bends claim another victim …even though I’ve travelled through them a minimum of twice every day for many decades and never had a problem.

    People ARE asking though , why are there so many ‘company vehicles’ on the roads at these ‘unsociable hours’ ?