Throne Speech “Cliffs Notes”

November 5, 2010

Below are some excerpts highlighting plans to be implemented from this morning’s [Nov 5] Throne Speech, for the full version click here.

Government Spending:

Accordingly, the Government proposes to restrain growth in spending and to effect savings of at least $150 million in the first year. In addition to reduced spending, Ministries will be required to obtain the best value for money. This objective will be achieved with the help of the new Procurement, Contracts and Project Management Office. Instead of an entitlement culture, a needs-driven culture of accountability is being proposed that will bring enhanced oversight and greater compliance in the area of public service delivery.

Auditor General:

Additionally, this Government will strengthen the independent oversight agencies integral to Bermuda’s system of governance. To ensure impartial legal advice, the Office of the Auditor General will be provided with funding for an independent counsel and amendments to the Audit Act 1990 will be made to this effect. Similarly, the Ombudsman will be afforded a like opportunity.

Economic Empowerment Zone:

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry also will focus on creating opportunities for Bermuda businesses and Bermudian entrepreneurs to start or enhance their business by expanding the Economic Empowerment Zone. To further develop economic momentum, transition zones will be established along the perimeters of the existing boundaries of the EEZ in Northeast Hamilton. In addition, EEZs will be established in St. George’s and Sandys during this Session,

Post Office:

This Ministry [Economy, Trade and Industry] also has responsibility for the Post Office, which currently costs significantly more than it earns. New revenue streams are to be sought to reverse this trend.

Police & Crime:

The formation of a second Police Support Unit (PSU) is being considered. This Unit will provide visible, effective patrols to suppress anti-social and violent activity in the areas most in need.

Furthermore, a Gang Task Force has been formed, comprised of representatives of all relevant stakeholder groups. The Task Force will work with the US Consulate to strengthen the intelligence sharing between our two countries. This coordinated effort will direct its resources to apprehending those responsible for gun crime and discouraging those at risk from joining that destructive lifestyle.

A High Risk Adolescent Intervention Team will be implemented through a realignment of duties within the Department of Child and Family Services.

War Memorial:

A new war memorial, designed and built by the Ministry of Public Works, is being erected here on the grounds of the Cabinet Office. The new memorial will be comprised of seven marble plaques engraved with the names of every Bermuda resident who served. The names will be displayed on seven individual walls that will form a semicircle around a rolling ball water fountain resting on a granite base


the adoption of the Cambridge Curriculum, is an important step towards the measurement of student performance and achievement by internationally recognized standards. To date, the curriculum has been introduced in Mathematics, Science and English. To compliment the quality of the new curriculum, the Ministry of Education will introduce Master Principals to model effective instructional leadership which leads to improved teacher quality. This step will be part of a deliberate strengthening of site leadership to support further autonomy at the schools. In addition, Amendments will be made to the Education Act to strengthen the Board of Education

Health Insurance:

2011 will see changes in regulatory requirements for health insurers and by 2012 more affordable insurance options will be available to the public.

Healthcare Training:

In conjunction with the Bermuda College and the Ministry of Education, a Health Module will be developed for the senior schools leading to the direct employment of graduates in those healthcare fields for which they have been trained.

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