Two Remanded: Conspiring With Prince Edness

February 10, 2011

This morning [Feb 10] in Magistrates Court two men were charged with obstructing the course of justice and conspiring with Prince Edness and others not before the court to prevent the course the justice. Jari Fischbacher and K’Wonde Lathan were both denied bail and remanded in custody.

In asking that both men be remanded, the DPP Prosecutor offered that the evidence in hand was that following Prince Edness’s alleged assault on a female at the Captain’s Lounge on 4th February, both men had either made telephone calls, sent text (SMS) messages, or had personally spoken to the woman. The Prosecutor alleged that the purpose of all these contacts was to persuade the woman to drop the charges of assault.

Two days ago Magistrate Archie Warner remanded 25-year-old Prince Edness in custody to await trial after he was charged with unlawful assault on a female, use of offensive words, and conspiring with others to obstruct the course of justice.

The three charges stemmed from incidents occurring between 4th and 7th February this year. They commenced with the alleged assault outside the Captain’s Lounge, where Mr Edness allegedly assaulted a female. In court on Tuesday, the DPP’s office said that Mr Edness should be remanded because he was likely to interfere with the complainant and with other witnesses.

It was alleged in Court this morning that Mr Lathan set up a conference call between himself, Prince Edness [who was at that time in Police custody] and the complainant.

It was alleged that during the conference call Mr Lathan said to the complainant: “Hold on, Prince wants to speak to you,” and Mr Edness then came on the phone and said “Drop the charges and you will be safe if you do so.”=

Mr Lathan is alleged to have sent a text (SMS) message that said: “Look, I just want the guy out. I’ll come and get you wherever you are.” Other text messages were sent.

The Prosecutor also alleged that Mr Fischbacher, then on the pavement outside the Magistrates Court, had seen the complainant and had yelled out to her: “Drop the charges against Prince…” The Prosecutor said that both men had admitted that they were affiliated with a local gang. Mr Fischbacher is also alleged to have made other statements to the complainant.

Arguing that one man, Mr Lathan, was a special flight risk, the Prosecutor said that he resided in the UK and had ties there. He had only come back to Bermuda in November 2010 and was due to return to the UK in February 2011.

Marc Daniels appearing for Fischbacher, argued that Mr Fischbacher was a young man with a clear record and should be allowed out on bail, but perhaps with restrictions. He also offered that having an association with a gang or group was, of itself, not a crime, nor was it, of itself, any indicator of behavior; saying that because of the nature of his work, he had many ‘associations’.

Magistrates Court Duty Counsel Kenrick James appeared for Mr Lathan. Saying that the act of intimidating witnesses struck at the heart of the justice system and was a “repulsive” action, Mr James argued that since the complainant and Mr Lathan both shared the same grandfather, the adage that ‘blood ran thicker than water’ meant that Mr Lathan was unlikely to harm his female cousin.

Magistrate Warner countered with: “What about Cain and Abel?” To a bubble of audible titters and laughter from the packed Courtroom, Mr Lathan’s lawyer conceded the point.

Mr Lathan rose to speak in his own defence, saying: “I am a young black man. I am not a bad person. I am not a menace to society.” He went on to explain that he teaches reading at his “Nana’s” school and that he didn’t want to know that when he next turned up there he would be seen as bad person.

Having heard from all parties. Chief Magistrate ordered the two men into custody. They will re-appear on 2nd May 2011 when they, along with Prince Edness, will all stand trial.

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  1. Call as it is says:

    GOOD Magistrate!!

  2. Real Talk says:

    To the police and courts, keep up the good work… a message needs to be sent that bullying and intimidation have no place in our small community…

  3. blackbeard de pirate says:

    idiots, all mr parkside darkside had to do i plead guilty for assualt and get a small fine. instead 3 fools are in jail until may for intimadation.

    I tell you all for the luv of their ace boyz.

  4. wow! says:

    This is just beautiful. Keep them locked up. Now the rest of Bermuda can go outside and have a good time!!!

  5. LMARO @ Lathan says:

    These guys sound more like they are each other’s LOVERS and not soldiers! “Mr Lathan is alleged to have sent a text (SMS) message that said: “Look, I just want the guy out. I’ll come and get you wherever you are.”  Wow K’Wonde Lathan wants him out that badly… Hmmmm 
    I’m glad the Warner isn’t playing games either… It’s eyebrow raising how Prince still has access to a phone to have a conference call  :>  Strip these punks of their luxuries!

  6. Strong says:

    I am so happy they are at Westgate, thats where they belong.These Parkside wannabees think they can do as they wish.To the magistrate Mr. Warner you have put a smile on my face and oh your have proberly now saved a life!!!!!!! Simply luv this.

  7. ..unreal says:

    my thing is, none of you know what your talking about so instead of going by what the news is saying find out, and then come correct. your going by he say, & as far people going where they like they can they just choose not too, so stop being sooo judgmental , if your not apart of the solution your apart of the problem, none of you are perfect so i suggest you stop acting as though you are!.

    • God Sees All says:

      This is to unreal…… OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Then why don’t you enlighten us you fool?

      i am so tired of people who want to defend the indefensible actions of others and claim that we don’t know the whole story, but yet will not reveal the crucial “facts” that they retain.

      I hope someone smacks around a female in your family and then has his friends threaten her further and see how you would react.

      You are part of the problem not posters on here that abhor the abuse of women by a man. You are a coward and I hope you end up west with the rest of them.

  8. ..unreal says:

    at the end of the day, none of you know what your talking about, so as far as i know if your not apart of the solution your apart of the problem . stop acting as though you are perfect because none of you are.get the full story before you start to chat, all of you are at fault because the media is full of lies and is full of tricks i find it sad that you all are so judgemental

    • bernews says:

      There are no lies in the article.

      As the article states, these two men have been arrested, charged with these offences in court this morning and remanded. Whether you feel they are guilty or not is not is one thing, but the facts are they have been charged. You can check with other media outlets, Department of Public Prosecutions, the Prison system, or even the gentleman involved in the case themselves who will all be able to confirm this.

    • God Sees All says:

      Judgemental!!!!! Ummm Hello, Where have you been living? Noone one is pointing fingers, we see wrong for what it is!!!!! He was wrong and he must face the consequences. We are not pointing fingers at him for something we THINK he did, its evedience on HIM….

  9. White Jesus says:

    Aww he teaches reading at Nana’s school, cute! Well now you can teach Bubba in a prison cell and be somebody’s valentine.

  10. It Is What It Is? says:

    …..unreal if you don’t believe what is written here maybe you should watch the news..arrested, charged and remanded…pretty lame on their behalf to be alledgedly sending theatening messages right outside of the same court where their “Homey” was just charged….plain dumb!!! I don’t think that anyone (including myself) is perfect and without flaws..but I can say this..although I may not be perfect I am not stupid! Let Prince do his on dirty work..why get involved in something that does not concern you..all for the sake of brotherly love?? Give me a break…….And than one of them that was sending the messages is actually a relative of the victim…go figure…Let’s be real and call “a spade a spade” he was wrong in alledgedly telling the girl that she can’t hang at Captain’s (previous article). The last time I checked his name was not on the lease….and alledgedly accusing her of trying to set him up..if you live right you have nothing to worry about…Prince is a name that has circulated throughout the community..even if you didn’t know him you knew the name, yes he might have been a nice boy (so was Hitler)but his name has never been linked to anything positive….and if you are a supporter and fan of his so be are entitled to your feelings and thoughts just as everyone else who has posted here..

  11. SMDH says:

    Wow K’Wonde you really let yourself get caught up.. i Hope his Nana (MP Neletha Butterfield) [edited] Thats a few now for you PLP MP’s clean up youre own backyard before trying to run my country.

    • Nicki says:

      I don’t know what you said that was edited out but Ms. Butterfield is a wonderful person and I have the utmost respect for her. What one of her relatives did is not indicative of her and what type of person she is. I’d hope you’d feel the same should one of your relatives get “caught up”. You can only control yourself. Every person walking this earth can find a person in their family who has done wrong. K’wonde is still young and did a very stupid thing, his brain hasn’t fully developed yet. I’m not even one to stick up for these idiots who do these things as you can tell from my other posts but Neletha Butterfield is a good person and has done a lot of good things for a lot of people. What’s in your backyard?!

  12. Stop the Blame says:

    @SMDH…can we please stop with the blaming the relatives…yes that is his grandmother…but did she hold his hand and instruct him to do what he done? No she didn’t! You can raise children and steer them on the right path the best you can but once they are old enough to make their own decisions then the decisions they make are THEIR OWN! I’m quite sure she…along with his mother and other close relatives are very disappointed in this stupid choice he made to involve himself in this situation. And I’m in no way condoning his actions…but I can’t stand when these situations happen and everybody starts bad mouthing a relative because they happen to be a politician or some other public figure…please remember they are HUMAN too…they don’t have super powers because they hold a position in parliament!

    • BermyGurl says:

      One child astray is bad luck for a parent, however when one has several children/grandchildren wrapped up in “no good acts”, that then becomes something related to parenting and role models.

  13. dat guy says:

    lay down with dog….. wake up with flee’s

  14. Godma says:

    All of you bandwagon jumpers need something to run ya mouths about every damn day! What you need to do is get a job and stop thinking that you need to comment on every and anything that gets posted up on Bernews. What a sorry life you all really must be living if your whole source of being to stake out a website and gossip.
    Keep ya head up De and Jari! The truth will eventually come to light.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Maybe if someone smacks you about as well and then have someone threaten your well being afterwards.

      People like you that defend such cowardly actions are the one’s that are sorry low lives.

      • Godma says:

        You know what, before they have even had a trial you have found them guilty based on what you THINK you know. Were you there? Do you know if this actually happened, and if so, that it was actually them that did it? I hardly doubt it, and yes, they have people that love them irregardless of the outcome of this. You think you know what is going on and therefore cast judgement based on something you have heard. Well why don’t you throw a light on who you are so we can see just how many skeletons are poking up in you backyard.
        Once again I will say it: Keep ya heads up guys – YOU ARE LOVED!!!!

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          So why don’t you tell us what we don’t know so that we can pass proper judgement on the matter?

          You can’t, because there is no other story to this story except for what has been reported.

          Like I said earlier I guess you wouldn’t mind having some man slap you around for a bit and then have his friends threaten you..

          I might have skeletons…but not equalled to threatening or abusing a woman…and none ever landed me in jail…

          You lot who defend wrong is what is wrong with this island…

          • Godma says:

            Like my original post said – Typical gossip bottom feeding Bermudian trying to “know”. Well do what you all do best and read whatever media suits you to get your daily dose of gossip. The police can and do say anything when it comes to making a case against somebody. And just because they do DOES NOT MAKE IT THE TRUTH!!! And just because you haven’t been caught is the only reason you haven’t been to jail. Anywho, some of us have REAL LIVES withREAL JOBS and do not have time to be consumed with or by this triffling means of attacking a person or their family. Grow up all you all and find out the real facts of a situation before you cast judgement. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT MAYBE YOUR OR SOMEONE CLOSE TO YOU’S TURN TO WEAR THESE SHOES!!!

            • Tired of nonsense says:

              So in other words there really is no “other side” or “real facts” of the story as you have claimed in your original posts?

              Like I said in my orignal post that people liek yourself who defends these type of immoral, violent and hateful actions are simply part of the problem.

              • Godma says:

                This case is before the courts which means that evrything will be revealed in due course. And no I will not sit here and put out anybody’s business just because you feel you need to know something. HOWEVER I will sit here once it has all be dealt with and wait to see what BS you have to talk then. In the meantime, go air out your dirty laundry and while your at it, get somebody to dig up your graveyard!

  15. Maybe It's Just me says:

    Why is everyone sending shout outs to their “boyz/acegirls” getting locked up, i highly doubt that they are online reading their news story! Really, maybe they should have spent more time reading about the others who have been incarcerated recently and made a conscious decision to not become one of them and have people comment on their bad decision they have made!!!!!

    • White Jesus says:

      Don’t worry, when the flood waters of righteousness and intolerance for criminals rises all losers will drown in the voices that shun their filthy existence.