Woman Charged In Drug Importation Case

March 1, 2011

Isreal Wolf BermudaThis morning [Mar.1] a 22-year-old Devonshire woman appeared in Magistrates Court and was charged with both importing cannabis, and possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Isarell Wolffe is alleged to have imported cannabis which the Prosecution said was worth over $200,000. The offence was said to occur on February 26, 2011.

Ms Wolffe received bail in the amount of $10,000, and had to surrender travel documents.

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  1. itwasn't me says:

    dammit! another free loader @ 80K/year…….com’mon Burch, use our CARICOM connections to ship her over to Jamaica to serve hard time @ 10K/year.

    • Critical Thinker says:

      Jamaica has enough of their own, what makes you think Jamaica want’s your delinquents. keep them, they are all home grown so you deal with them.

      • crazytalk says:

        Fine, “Critical Thinker”. I sort of agree with your comment “Jamaica has enough of their own”.

        HBut what about the “delinqents” here who are from the islands…who pays the prison costs for them? We do.

        • The mon says:

          And we should a lot those people where brought to Bermuda by Bermudians Jamaica has it own problems and bermudians have been adding to it some where and are funding gang down there yes jamaican are bring their own up but let not forget our people that are doing it as well.

  2. lifeblood says:

    Another one?!!

  3. FOR REAL says:

    It seems evident, by the many persons willing to take the chance of blatantly breaking the law, that doing time in Bermy is a piece of cake – a walk in the park – time to catch up with my old brethrens and sistrens I haven’t seen since they got locked up.

    WTF??? Is it that simple to just f**k up and move on. Come on…and one wonders why people (law-abiding citzens)are losing (or already lost)respect for the judicial system – it’s cause its WEAK!!!!

  4. Nicole says:

    She looks happy.

    • The mon says:

      yeah Nicole they all try to look hard while walking to court lol but Please Freedom is Freedom no matter how much fun they have in prison with the boys and home girls I love getting up in the middle of the night and get a nice drink of water or taking a shower when I am ready lol let them smile I bet they miss that too lol

  5. DARRIN DIZZLE says:

    I guess this big dummy wasn’t reading Bernews stories a few weeks ago. Another one on the no fly list! Enjoy your time stuck on the rock. Another buttered roll model for the belly of the beast. Westgate? I mean belly of the cute little puppy.

  6. SMH 2011 says:

    Another dumb one!! clearly someone hasnt been reading non of the headlines SMH SMH….the same crowd of people qucik to talk on maturity but do such immature things smh dang head and lofl because all i could say is dumb dumb and dumber…Come on now ladies lets act like we have common sense even if you have to pretend!!! Tune in to the reality of life and see whats really going on…a quick trip, lil cash, get harrased, next cleaning brass- lol at the COED Facilty Center (Women)

  7. please think says:

    to those who thought the stop-list was a problem for people: she actually will still be able to fly – which is sad and indicative of the fact that the punishment is even less of a deterrent than we think. she’ll do a bit of time in our little confined housing unit (b/c it’s more of a locked housing unit than a jail and even less of a struggle than our walk-in-the-park westgate) and that’s if she even gets the time. she’ll be on a usa stop-list sure, but will that really bother her when the rest of the world will still be her oyster? uk to asia to caribbean and back again (and no not necessarily in that order, but point is…usa not needed, probably not missed, and lesson – probably not learned.) afterall, if the person was into learning lessons surely the numerous cases before our judicial system with blatant and blaring similarity would have made some influence. tell me – at her age would she really have had to experience it herself to get the jist of it all? surely she has the capacity to learn from others’ mistakes…yet hasn’t!

  8. Just Curious says:

    Another 22 years Old fallen under the Bermuda Drug Kingpin! Wakeup Bermuda Women !

  9. A-2-the-R says:

    “Dem only can wish Can only Can talk”

    in life we all take chances I’m sure one of you all been there or had a family member who is there so stop being so typical & run your mouth like how you are cauz you have something against her or she did you wrong. Were all one nation stop bein so ready to criticize another as if your perfect. No she wasnt happy Nicole she was actually talking to the officier so stop it, if you was watchin the news you would have known. SMH.Not everyone one who imports goes on the stop list to US so look back into your study log simple &do a bit more research,besides uk & those other countries are big enough for her. Lessons on top of leasson who’s willing to learn.

    I wish her all the best. Everything happens for a reason!
    Stay up Miss Wolfe

    • Winnie says:

      A-2-the-R Hmmmm scratching my head at your comments, hmmmm still scratching head. Maybe you should suggest she swap places with you, or are you there waiting for her, it’s possible at that craft school,lol. Anyway everyone is entitled to express their opinion, even you. The big question is are YOU willing to learn ?

    • wrong is wrong says:

      at the end of the day taking a chance is one thing but it still doesnt make her any less stupid…and if she was my friend i would tell her she was stupid…all the oportunities and knowledge out here for the taking and the choice she made was to be dumb, so at the end of the day people r gonna comment! As a nation she should have done her part by doing whats right or thinking about the consequences before acting. I wish her the best as well but wrong is wrong so cut the pity party…everything does happen for a reason but this could have been avoided plain and simple!!!

    • r u serious? says:

      i dont think anyone cares who she is!
      Plain and simple what she is alleged to have done was dumb. Im not perfect, but im also not dumb. You said everything happens for a reason, so between the both of you i hope you can figure out that reason! smh. No matter how wrong a person is there is always a crowd behind them trying to defend there wrong doings, which is exactly why bermuda is in such a state.

    • The mon says:

      you should have used all those word to stop her from doing what she did

  10. jason says:

    if you people think westgate is a walk in the park, you obviously havnt been inside the place or KNOW anyone who has.

    Its typical for humans to think they know everything, especially humans in Bermuda

    • The mon says:

      Jason the reason why we think that is because some and I say some of the People that come out act like they didn’t learn anything and could careless if they got sent back and that all we can go off. Time have changed now there are not many jobs, but during the times where there where jobs to get the we are talking bout where on the corners acting the fool and then started killing each other so they had a choice.