Man Charged: Conspiracy To Import Cocaine

May 13, 2011

bean may 13In Magistrates’ Court this morning [May 13], after a lengthy legal argument put by their lawyer Marc Pettingill, 29 year-old Everett Jahni Bean was charged, by Magistrate Archie Warner, with the indictable offence that between a date unknown and 6th January 2011, he conspired with Randolph Simons to import a Controlled Drug, cocaine.

Since the offence is indictable and must be heard in the Supreme Court, he was not required to enter a plea.

Prior to the charge being put to them by Magistrate Archie Warner, Mr Pettingill, in open court, had argued that the matter should not proceed on this day but should, at the least, be delayed. Magistrate Warner ultimately rejected Mr Pettingill’s arguments and went ahead with the process.

However, as the Magistrate read out the charge, he stopped reading and indicated that the ‘information’ that was before him needed to be modified in order that a proper charge might be laid. Over the strenuous objections of Mr Pettingill this was done and Prosecutor Ms Burgess amended the charge, to become the charge that was finally put.

Mr Pettingill had argued that Ms Burgess had no authority to make the amendment, but the Magistrate countered that Ms Burgess had the authority that was delegated by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Bail was set at $10,000 each with a like Surety and he must re-appear for mention on 27th May 2011.

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  1. Terry says:

    First time I have heard of this. People in Bermuda do Cocaine? Jingus….What would Granny say….

  2. Face the Nation says:

    If found guilty I would hope that the judge breaks his foot off in their collective backsides . Tired of all these get rich quick ,and to hell with everything else minded people …!

  3. Wake up Women! says:

    its now becoming a huge statistcs that women are the mules or even involved in these altercations. When we look at the people today, we wonder how they can set a better example for their children. Women need not to fall in the trap of these men who think the easy way is the best way. There are more low down, male gendered disrepecting men in Bermuda than there should be. Im not saying you all, becuase there are some great men on the island that go beyond the call of duty, but I feel that before you jump to “love”…you must love yourself first, before you can love somoene else that is not blood.

  4. The mon says:

    So true @Wake the funny thing is Bermudians are acting like this a new thing to Bermudian the only difference is now is MORE bermudians are Mules. At one time we use to pray on poor people from countries and then blame them for the drug problem… people have become very rich off that process, and many of us know about these people but didn’t see it as a problem because hey nobody was getting killed. So we all are at fault cause we didn’t want to be PRICKS. Here a question why is it the police never worked out deal with the people that get caught at the airport to catch the person in Bermuda they where bring the drugs for they could have save the tax payers a lot of money housing all these over seas mules it still 80g for them as well.

  5. 80's Role Model says:

    Its the same bunch of people under every story talking leaving their thoughts and opinions . Cocaine has been in the World for years. where have you been living? Most of the older generation have experimented,are current or ex drug users.Our Parents :) Its three of you on here commenting. I would put my last dollar down n bet that 1 of you smoke marijuana. bet dat! you would probably look me in the eyes and lie and say you don’t..Im gonna show you why Bermuda needs help because its people like this in control that stay in their million dollar mansions and surf the net in the comfort of their home making subliminal remarks about people lifestyles they kno nothing about . Why would you even say this ,”If found guilty I would hope that the judge breaks his foot off in their collective backsides . Tired of all these get rich quick ,and to hell with everything else minded people …!” does this even make sense. Plus I can hear the tone and anger behind the keys pressed. You are tired of these get rich quick who ..young black men? Im tryna get rich right now and what ever you got I want three times that so you must hate me too. Guess what Im Black also Born and Raised in Bermuda and my roots run just as maybe deeper that yours . You and alot of others are scared I kno but remember your in your house we are livin on these streets you made. Its order down here up there we see you birds flyin in no direction #160785 1LoveBermuda

    • Face the Nation says:

      @80,s Please take time to read post on Austin Thomas: ‘The Lion Of Parliament’
      You see I,ve lived through it already , watched them ( dealers ) rise and fall .I,ve witnessed beautiful families destroyed by the greed and avarice . Seen the fortunes mismanaged , from rags to riches and back again . Watched talented man and woman succumb to aids ,and their bodies being dismanteled by drug use .
      There are people living on this Island who came from down south with nothing but dreams and under the cover of Rasta spread the weed and got filthy rich but were clever enough to never smoke it themselves . If you indeed lived through the 80′s I’m sure that you could relate to what I’m saying .
      I’m now seriously considering going to law school so that one day I’ll be the one to break my foot off in anyones backside who would dare import poison to this Island to destroy my children and people like you need to be protected from themselves , and yes I have experimented ,so thanks but no thanks .

  6. 80's Role Model says:

    men & women both need money . women need more . beauty and luxury ain’t free .nor is it a reason to make un wise moves n risk your freedom. temptation has been here since adam n eve so who’s to blame u live n learn . So life go take everything with a smile

  7. Just an idea says:

    All these problems because they dont sell liquor in stores on sundays …..right!

  8. strong says: