7ft “In Loving Memory” Kite Soars In St. David’s

April 21, 2014

A seven foot Bermuda kite soared above the Gilbert Lamb Fun Day in St. David’s on Good Friday [Apr 18], sending a message of love and remembrance in honour of a deceased family family.

Michiko Campbell started building the kite two weeks in advance in order to have it ready for Good Friday. At seven feet high, many people doubted its ability to actually fly, however Mr. Campbell and his father-in-law Arthur Simons persisted in their efforts.

Bermuda In Loving Memory Kite 2014 (2)

It took three attempts, but the kite was soon flying beautifully in the sky over St. David’s Cricket Club, bearing the message “In loving memory Papa” in order to commemorate the recent passing of Howard Richardson, Mr. Campbell’s grandfather.

Many people watched in amazement, with locals and visitors alike taking in the impressive sight even while taking videos and pictures.

The seven-foot kite soars high above St. David’s Cricket Club:

Bermuda In Loving Memory Kite 2014 (1)

Michiko Campbell has been previously recognized for his kite building and flying abilities, with a six foot kite flown over the Johnson & Wales University [JWU] in Miami catching attention from his fellow students and even the school’s dean in 2011.

Later that year, Mr. Campbell made a seven-foot kite decorated with pictures of fellow international students at JWU and images of Bermuda — one in 3D. His entry won first place in the competition it was entered in, which involved overseas students representing their respective countries; he received a cash prize for his effort.

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  1. Aunt Carol says:

    That’s our Michiko, always making us proud. “Can’t” is not in his vocabulary!!

  2. Sherelle says:

    So creative. He is definitely one of a kind. Amazing love you papi xo

  3. Da plumber says:

    Rest in peace Mr Richarson life well done

  4. Sharita Campbell says:

    Good job once again Chiko!!
    R.I.P Howard xox