Police Name Murder Victim As David Clarke

April 18, 2011

david1[Updated with video] The Bermuda Police have named last night’s [Apr.17] murder victim as David Clarke.

At approximately 10:20pm last night, Mr Clarke, 26, was shot multiple times while he was in the area of the junction of North Shore Road and Band Room Lane in Pembroke. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A Police spokesman said that Mr. Clarke was travelling west on North Shore Road at about 10:30pm last night after leaving a function at the Mid Atlantic Boat Club.

He was riding towards his house which was less than 100 metres away from where this incident occurred. Police said that Mr. Clarke was targeted by two persons on a motorcycle who were also riding west on North Shore Road.

The full Police statement is below:

The members of the Bermuda Police Service would like to extend their heartfelt condolences to the friends & family of Mr. David Clarke who is now tragically the fourth young Bermudian man to lose his life to gunfire this year.

Mr. Clarke was a 26 year old single man in the prime of his life.

The Police investigation so far has determined that Mr. Clarke had been travelling west on North Shore Road at about 10:30pm last night (Sunday 17th April 2011). Mr. Clarke had left a function at the Mid Atlantic Boat Club and was riding his motorcycle towards his residence which was less than 100 metres away from where this incident occurred.

Mr. Clarke was targeted by two persons on a motorcycle who were also riding west on North Shore Road. They shot Mr. Clarke at close range. CPR was provided at the scene by an off duty EMT but sadly Mr. Clarke succumbed to his injuries.

The Serious Crime Unit has commenced investigations and these are progressing. However, it is believed there are persons who have not yet made contact with the Police in relation to this matter.

There are people in the community that know about the suspects in this case and the Police want to talk to them. Members of this community cannot continue to protect murderers who seek death and destruction in our Island.

Members of the Serious Crime Unit want information and evidence that can bring these killers to Justice.

The Serious Crime Unit can be contacted on 299-8115 or anyone with information is encouraged to contact the CONFIDENTIAL & independent Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477 (TIPS).

This is the fourth murder of 2011, following the murder of Randy Robinson on March 31st on Border Lane, the murder of Jahmiko Leshore on March 1st in Devonshire, and the murder of Colford Ferguson on February 4th in Sandys.

Bernews extends our condolences to Mr Clarke’s family and friends.

Update 3:47pm: Video statement from Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro of the Serious Crime Unit, courtesy of the Police Media Relations Department:

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  1. aald says:

    To repeat:

    “Members of this community cannot continue to protect murderers who seek death and destruction in our Island.”

    • Sad reality says:

      But the sad reality is that they will continue to protect them because they don’t think it will ever happen to them. Plus they know the lifestyle is wrong, but the benefits they get (rents paid by the gangster, TVs, cars…) must out weigh knowing that what they are doing is wrong and dangerous.

      Please see the light people – this DEFINITELY COULD happen to you next time.

  2. DC Five says:

    I’m in pieces. Bits and pieces.

  3. Lineage says:

    I did’t know him personally but seeing him in passing…very mannerly and had a humble dimeanor…sad…just sad…

  4. BDA says:

    lost for words……..Rest In Peace David. My condolences to his family and friends.

  5. Wise Up says:

    Well as a mother I am so so sad right now my heart weeps at this senseless sh$t that is going on in our 21 mile island and it seems as nothing is being done to stop this from continuing on at the rate that it is going. I dont have a son but if I did and knew that he was involved in the gang world I would open my mouth and tell the police to take him off the streets because the same blood that they shed it is on my hands as well. I am NOT one of those parents that say “it is not my child.” I remember when the squards done a clean sweep before, well they need to do it again and again to clear these wanna be thugs away. Put them in prison and let their families supply them with the needs of food, clothing etc. so that we as tax payers dont have that burden from our hard earned money. They dont have the respect of life so they shouldnt reap the rewards us work so hard to have in order to live better lives. Please dont wait till it is on your door step to talk, talk now so it dosent get there. SMH!!

    • OMG says:

      I was thinking the same thing, the parents of these murderers must have some inclination of what their son/daughter is doing, I alway seemed to know when my children were up to something…. So parents speak up! And I know that some will say that they are just as afraid as the rest of us, but it has to start somewhere,

  6. Terry says:

    Well, if Mr Mirfield or what ever his name is and the serious crime squad no all this……..KICK SOME A$S………Ever heard of “OBSTRUCTION”………………

    Where the hell is Paula Cox. Not a freeking word from her and her Cabinet.

    Something is rotten in Pemark…..

  7. Kam says:

    RIP David

  8. Spikes says:

    How long can this continue? We have to put our heads together to wipe out this evil that is hanging over our heads. We have to work fast to do this before these heartless monsters destroy our island home.

  9. N/A says:

    I really hate to bring race into this, but somehow I get the feeling that if these young thugs on their bikes were committing these murders down say….Tucker’s Town to Tucker’s Town residents, it would be much more of a pressing and important issue from Government, Police, etc. But since its not, a mere RIP and traditional worrying speech about crime from the Government and Police service seems to be enough to get people over until the next murder occurs…

    • Don't care what he says:

      “I really hate to bring race into this,” really means, “I’m going to do my level best to bring race into this”.

      That’s because some people in Bermuda bring race into absolutely everything. PLP has made a frckin career out of bringing race into it.

      It is blacks who choose to shoot blacks.

      When white gang members start to shoot each other then you can bring race into it.

      Till then, see it for what it is: Young a%$holes shooting each other – colour irrelevant – but young BLACK a%$holes actually since you brought it up.

      • JSL says:

        I completely agree with you that some people in Bermuda do use every excuse to bring race into everything, but I honestly feel the government would be a bit more urgent if it were in a community like Tucker’s Town.

        Whether the PLP does that I don’ know as I don’t follow politics that closely.

        • LOL (original) says:

          @JSL Apparently you do not follow Bermuda politics or listen to PLP speeches at all then.


      • Truth says:

        You should realize that if whites faced the same injustices that plagued the history of blacks in Bermuda, UNDOUBTEDLY it would be they shooting each other presently.

        Stop ignoring the racist history of this land. It IS the root cause of the gang issues.

        • mike says:

          U don’t need to be white,black or any race at that matter to be civil. People like u make the shituation worse!!! You need a crash course in what is right and what is wrong.. I hope u don’t have any children..and if u do i’m sure they r out of control!! It all starts at home…

        • Don't care what he says:

          Truth: you speak total BS. Blame the situation on racism? Typical excuse cos you have no real excuse. Still, PLP has been doing it for years so carry on I guess. Blame Whitey – cos it works. “When Whitey ain’t he no mo – who yo gonna blame”?

        • Let's Think About This... says:

          So what you’re saying is that it’s the white man’s fault black people are shooting black people. Quite frankly if it’s their fault, blacks should be shooting whites.

          Like Don’t care what he says, it’s blacks choosing to shoot blacks. Now that blacks have the same rights as everyone else, some are exercising their right to do what they want by shooting each other. When it comes to assigning responsibility, it doesn’t matter who allowed the guns in or what caused them to join gangs. These shooters are adults, they made a decision, it’s their fault/responsibility.

          And @Truth, that first sentence is grammatically incorrect. A better way to say that would be, “…they would undoubtedly be shooting each other as well.”

        • Lissa says:

          Amen Truth Amen amen!!

          • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

            Obviosly you guys are white. That being said you have no concept of what black people as a whole have been going through all their lives nor what our people have been through for the last 4 to 5 centuries. So to try and make an understanding of it in your little comments makes me laugh. The garbage that we go through on a daily basis from those whites that are racists makes it very hard for us to see whites being treated on the same level as blacks. And with the history that this island is hiding about the race makes it even worse becuase we as the majority on this island still feel today that we are being treated like the minority. You and all other whites can argue my points and any other points made by my fellow blacks, but truth is that you have no idea what it feels like to walk a mile in a BLACK MANS or WOMANS shoes! Think before you comment because I was on the same page as a few of you till you started pointing down on my people!

            • Tired of nonsense says:

              “The garbage that we go through on a daily basis from those whites that are racists”

              Like what “garbage” do you go through on a daily basis in BDA?

              • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

                There is a white male whom I work with who joined the company after me with only 1 years experience where as I have several years. He is being pushed by the higher whites whilst I am being kept in the admin role. I work 3 times harder then he does, I come in earlier than everyone else, I do not take lunches, I make sure I leave after 5, not before or at 5, my vocational skills and vocabulary is more extensive and better itterated than his, shall I go on????? Why is he being pushed harder and farther than I am? I have school qualifications where does not, his salary is 15k more than mines. Why is this? Can one of you please explain why this is because I have been wrestling with it for quit some time now. I did not want to take the road of race, but it leans more and more that way everyday. Tell me why does he get all the client meetings while I am being told that I do not have the experience to handle these, but yet he does??? My office is all whites where I am the only black on the entire floor. Also, as a new spin, our boss told me to do all of his clerical work because he is going to be taking a more cleint orintated role now!! WTF!!! Yet I am on a first name basis with all the cleints and they all call for me, but now I am being told to refer them all to him! Not only that, but to add injury to insult I am greeted by these white guys on a daily basis with a pat on the head like I am some kind of dog!!
                Now, if that is not a good enough description of GARBAGE that I go through on a daily basis I do not know what is!!

                • Tired of nonsense says:

                  If that’s the reality then there is something wrong and you should take it up with your manager. What type of company do you work in to know your co-workers salary? It is prohibited from telling each other what we are making.

                  I posted this the other day about my personal experience. So apparently it works both ways:

                  Two years ago I applied for an internal position (training program for managers) within the company I currently work for. I was denied and was told flatly that they have been mandated, by the higher powers that be, that young black Bermudians be given first preference for the position. And despite the fact that I had worked at the firm for going on 2 years I was denied. I understood their position, was upset, but never ranted and raved about how I was discrimnated against based on my skin color despite the fact that is exactly what I was told by management! In the end i still work for the same firm and work with one of the successful applicants. In the last three years of the program offered not one white Bermudian has been a successful applicant. But you never see any of the applicants claiming discrimination and racism over that fact.

                  Last year a work permit of one of my colleagues came to an end. My boss encouraged myself and black spouse of a Bermudian to apply for the upcoming vacancy. Again I was denied the promotion, despite me working for over 3 years at the firm now, in favor of the black foreign individual who happens to be married to a Bermudian. I accepted their decision without a whimper and continue to work for the firm and now report to the black individual who is married to a foreigner.

                • mike says:

                  Do u think that it only happens to blacks,give me a break.. Ur doing the right thing by working hard and keep it up, hopefully u’ll get ur just rewards!!

                • LOL (original) says:

                  Apparently you are not smart enough sounds to me like you need to put out your application for you are in a dead end job. Also you are not looking hard enough cause there are blacks that are young in IB companies that are AU’s with blackberries paid for by the company and fall a sleep in company meetings with clients present and still do not get reprimanded. Question do you work for a local company? Do you let people know about the enormous chip on your shoulder? It shows negativity. You comment about Black females is not accurate either they are the second highest earners in Bermy. What sets them aside from you, a positive attitude point blank with out it you can do all the working in the office and you still won’t get anyway. Face it, it’s as much about you and your persona as it could be about race in your office. I know too many older and young black males that are making it so I ask you why is it that YOU seem to have issues with Bermuda’s past holding you back and they don’t. My advice is if you are as good as you say you are at your job you need a change of work place after all your work ethic should stand out and positivity about what you can provide for the new company is what your focus should be on. Some of your other points I do agree with however some people do get pushed and usually they know someone seen it to. I think your anger is misplaced and before you say again that I have not experienced it I to worked 7 days a week in a trade from 14 years old to 26 and was paid $18 an hour for doing my work, my boss’ work and some college’s work they always called me to fix f$#@ ups and deal with mad customers. When I asked for a raise they told me I was crazy for asking for 25 an hour. I put my self back in school and left that job. I’m in a better place now having to start all over again from the bottom.

                  Some old guy said once “Continued positivity will attract positive things”

                  • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

                    I feel you. I was sort of enraged by the sterotyping of a few of the above individuals. I just can’t take it when people label my race the way they have done above.

            • Let's Think About This... says:

              Just to let you know, I’m a young, (dark-skinned) black female that comes from a family where both parents have not completed college. I went from a temp job as a messenger to a sales and logistics position with 2.5 years of college under my belt and none of it has anything to do with the position I was offered. I got it because I worked hard, went the extra mile, and was nice to my customers while delivering documents no matter how cold or wet or tired I was. I did not get this spot because I’m light-skinned, nor did I do anything underhanded. When I don’t have to worry about comments from fellow blacks such as, “oh, I see you’ve moved to the white side of the building” when I get a job promotion, I’ll listen to what you have to say. What do you hope to achieve by stating that Bermuda has a race issue? We all know that. Now what are you going to do about it? Complain some more? Demand the whites give you what they have? In case you didn’t know, they had to work for it. As a young person, I am sick and tired of people saying “it’s cuz I’m black.” If you want the life some whites have, go work for it. Nothing is free in this world. They will be forced to respect you if you behave as if you deserve it. Until then, continue to let racism determine how far you go in life. I have some bettering of myself to do.

              • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

                And sister, just so you know, this is not the case with all of us. As I said above, I work hard and have the schooling. I work just as hard, if not harder than you or anyone else in the working world. Please do not make the assumption that I am some complainer who knows nothing and automatically cosign me with the group whom you are referring to. I just can’t stand when my people are so quick to side and stand with others instead of their own, no matter if they are wrong or right.
                ‘They’ stand united 24/7 wrong or right. While we stand seperated. If u need proof, just look at the last election.

                • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

                  And in now way was my comment meant to challenge you or disrespect you. I did not mean that, but am simply trying to point out that it is no that simple for everyone. There are some racist people out there that are holding all the keys. This includes black as well. Point is, we all must recognize it and not simply push it aside as if we are fabricating this matter out of thin air. It is there whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. We all (blacks and whites) need to step up to the plate and stomp this mess out if we want to co-exist and really put an end to racism.

                  • LOL (original) says:

                    I do not get that from what you are saying above. It looked like a challange to me. Also this part “It is there whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. We all (blacks and whites) need to step up to the plate and stomp this mess out if we want to co-exist and really put an end to racism.”

                    This just looks like an after thought to try to save some face or try a softer approach to win support………………


                • LOL (original) says:

                  Oh you are full of it aren’t you “I work just as hard, if not harder than you or anyone else in the working world.” I just can’t stand when my people are so quick to side and stand with others instead of their own, no matter if they are wrong or right.
                  ‘They’ stand united 24/7 wrong or right. While we stand seperated. If u need proof, just look at the last election.”

                  This says it all right here………………………….. You are excatly what she said you are dude.


            • mike says:

              What, and blacks r not racist. I experince it everyday ur whole attitude sucks. U live the life of false pretence every day i.e fancy S.U.V,$2000 rims,the lastest blackberry etc. and then cry poverty. Do u think all white people were born with a silver spoon in their mouths? I work hard for what i have and do’nt spend it on things i don’t need,be real. The younger black generation walk around with their pants around their asses. What kind of message do u think that sends out. No wonder they can’t get a job. The jews had it alot worse than the blacks. Ur own people sold slaves to the whites so blame them too. Its ashame that people have to throw race about in these terrible times. A young life has been lost,weather be black,white,jew or other. We need to pull together and come up with a solution.

            • mike says:

              @ ya’ll”"”" Most of the people @ westgate are black,i wonder if its because we live in a country that the majority are black,Duhh. Or is it that the whites are getting away with murder!!!

            • mike says:

              @Ya’ll…I’ll never be able to walk in black mans shoes cause i can’t afford $200 for a pair of kicks!!!

            • mike says:

              @ya’ll… Its ur people doing this dumb shyte.Who else r we suppose to point down @….Beside i classify my people(black,white and lets not forget the others)as BERMUDIANS…

              • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

                Your comments are racist Mike! So quick to categorize all us blacks and then claim that you are not racist when clearly you are. I was not nor never saying that all whites are racist, but simply that there are some that are and to think that there is none is just plain ignorant. Yes there are blacks out there that are racist as well, but that goes to my previous statement, the 4 to 5 centuries of slavery will do that to a people. Your race is just getting a taste of what we have endured for centuries and look at you, you can’t even handle it!! 200 dollar pair of shoes, i dont even own a pair. Dont yo udare point dow nat my entire race for the crap that is going on, that offends every person on this island by saying that we are still a racist community. Pointing ya crooked finger at us all for what a few have done!! Your a freak and its obvious that you envy us.
                And just so you know the jews never had it as hard as the blacks and whites wear theire pants down around their arses to. Its that whole genration that is doing it mate.

                • mike says:

                  @Ya’ll… I do’nt mean to offend any one @ all…All this BS that is going on is very upsetting..I DO NOT entertain racist remarks/comments from any race.We need to put race aside,come together as one and find a solution to this mess…I will choose my words wisely next time i post a comment…

                • LOL (original) says:

                  “Your comments are racist Mike” — Agree

                  “Yes there are blacks out there that are racist as well, but that goes to my previous statement, the 4 to 5 centuries of slavery will do that to a people”
                  - Agree

                  “Your race is just getting a taste of what we have endured for centuries and look at you” — And so you are willing to repeat history. Two wrongs can’t make a right do you agree and will ultimately create more animosity don’t you think?

                  “Don’t yo udare point dow nat my entire race for the crap that is going on,”
                  The PLP do all the time and some of their support base as well. Guess you can’t handle what’s been dish either.

                  “Pointing ya crooked finger at us all for what a few have done!!” – I feel you countrymen.

                  “Your a freak and its obvious that you envy us.” So blacks envy whites and white envy blacks interesting indeed. You get the social status (perceived as social norm) and we get the money (also perceived as social norm). Perceived things are usually not the case for everyone must just be one of those wealth with contacts vs non wealthy with not as many contacts thing I talked about in the White privilege thread.

                  “And just so you know the Jews never had it as hard as the blacks” This is a perspective thing as I’m sure Jews who had gone through what they went through or had family go though would not agree with you at the very lest it might be considered equal. Being stuffed into and oven with your family to bake to death is pretty serious don’t you think? After all Hitler’s intention was Jewish genocide. Look it up it means to completely wipe out a people. Had to be some what hard on them. You seem quite mad about the whole thing I wonder if it comes out in your work dealings with your white boss or on your floor? That chip on your shoulder must be a negative influence on you and those around you seek help soon.

                  Oh one more thing “And in now way was my comment meant to challenge you or disrespect you.” I did not mean that, but am simply trying to point out that it is no that simple for anyone right now. How can we come together as a country with this thought pattern on both sides of the fence? Are you really pushing for a fair and just country for all? I have a hard time see that from what you write.



        • sandgrownan says:

          Wow. That’s pretty dumb.

        • Tired of nonsense says:


          I always find it interesting that people today blame yesterday’s atrocities for today’s behaviour.

          Why did your forefathers, (the ones that fought for freedom and equality that you now enjoy today), those being the black people that actually experienced subjugation and oppression back in the day, never resort to such violence towards one another despite the fact that they were oppressed?

          In other words if subjugation/oppression is the main driving force behind this present day violence, then why didn’t your ancestors, the truly oppressed black people, start a street war (like we have today)?

          How are black adolescents (the ones committing the majority of the violent crimes in BDA these days) who have never been subjugated and/or oppressed, acting in such a manner due to something they never experienced first hand?

          It is a serious inquiry and not intended to be condescending.

          • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

            Actually they resorted to much worse behavior than that of the youths today. Rememeber when the commissioner of police was murdered?! And to go even further, in the early to mid 70′s the police couldn’t even drive down court street without being shot at. How about when the foreign army was brought in to enforce the curfew that was in place?! They shot and killed any and every individual who was out after hours! The youth of yesterday were more relentless then the youths of today. The difference today is that the youths direct their anger at each other rather than direct it at the authorities like back in the day.

        • mike says:

          People like u r the root cause!!!

        • mike says:

          @ Truth. U r a total blank…

    • ._./ says:

      Last I checked there weren’t many people down in Tucker’s Town that had gang connections or chose to entertain that lifestyle.

      Think of this more as ‘the consequences of your actions’. If you’re in a gang, THIS is what you’re exposing you, your family and your friends to. If people didn’t associate with them, they’d never get caught in the cross fire – and if people weren’t in gangs, they’d probably see a drastic decline in the amount of friends and family that were being gunned down because of your own selfish actions. There /may/ even be substantially fewer attempts on your life.

      AND AND AND!

      You actually be in town OR country and not have to worry about a damn thing.

    • Lineage says:

      GOOD POINT N/A. Your personal observation is not racist either…it is what it is…

  10. Z.J.D. says:

    @ Terry .. Where is Paula ??? We all know she is superwoman and can jump in front of bullets and bend the gun barrells with ease!! Hmm I wonder where she is… Maybe 50 miles west closing up the hole that caused the earthquake.

  11. itwasn'tme says:

    is this the same clarke family that had a similar experience a few years ago? man this shyte is pushing us to the brink….

  12. Jahkeel Quallo says:

    It is about time that His Excellency the Governor, the Government and the Police Raise up arms and fight this. How? H.E., needs to sign a one-day warrant granting the Police license to bust down every door they have have leads on and start to search hard for firearms. We need to stop worrying about international business and relations and take care of home. Not taking care of home is going to be the destruction that leads to us not having any international business and other outer-enjoyments that we have now.

    • confused says:

      They don’t need a 1 day special warrant, thats what the PACE laws were all about, hence they can stop u in your car or on the street and search you!!! They have the abillity, obviously they don’t have the nuts!

      • LOL (original) says:

        mis use of drugs act is for the stop and search thing PACE says that with cause they can search you house without a warrent at the time of the search.


  13. Terry says:

    Read on the Bermuda Sun today about how the Father of this young man said he wore a lot of gold chains ( seen on a photo here on Bernews).

    I can asure you the young man was not murdered for his “Gold”. But I can assure you that regardless it sends a message that most refuse to comprehend. Kick his ass, steal his gold.
    These murders are planned well.

    And where does this info about two guys/one guy on a motor bike come from. If thats correct then someone knows more than they are telling.

    Could have been a car, a truck coupled with mopeds/Motor cycles…….

    Drugs, Money………As it wasnt me said…this looks like the same place where some guys went in and killed someones a few years ago. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Money and greed. Years ago, you could buy a house with it. Now all you get is knocks on your door to say your mortgage payer is dead.

    • Onion says:

      That murder happened up the street from Bandroom Lane, less than 100 yards away.

  14. RR says:

    this is the result of uncheck unneccessarey breeding by irresponible humans who let these thugs to take over like rats invading the safety for all.

  15. Shelley Walker says:

    My heart goes out to the family of David .. I knew David while working at the airport .I don’t know how many of our sons have to be gunned down.in a RAIN OF METAL. as I have heard it being called.. Before .MOTHERS and FATHERS ,BROTHERS and SISTERS.. AUNTS and UNCLES . COUSINS and FRIENDS. and Neighbors, SPEAK UP. !!!.. I Lost my son and I know the PAIN you are going through… So SORRY……

  16. Bubba says:

    This is so sad. a lot of people want a kick as??//programme but when the police do they may be the first to cry they kicked in my door. THey woke me up.

    This nonsense has to stop and it will when the people who know step forward and give the information they know.

  17. Terry says:

    Shelley, See “RR’s” comments. Address then to ‘them’.

    • Shelley Walker says:

      I know you are sons of MOTHERS TOO…Thats all I have to say..

  18. ok says:

    22 comments about MURDER!!!!!! 265 comments about an stupid F-ING 4.4 earthquake!!! Seriously there is something wrong with this picture!!! We have ALREADY become desensitized to this violence. We are doomed!!! If we adults show that we dont care tomorrows generation are already lost. You watch the earthquake which tomorrows “gangsters” will bring!!!! hmmmmmm

  19. JimmyJ says:

    Sounds like the result of “fornicating in the trees” to me

    • LOL (original) says:

      Now that is a racist comment and I ‘m white.

  20. UGH! says:

     I will repeat it again….“Members of this community cannot continue to protect murderers who seek death and destruction in our Island.” When is the police service going to ban bike riders at night with tinted helmets? If a bike is your form of transportation, and you get off of work late, call a Taxi, they are in need of work right now!  @ok, you have serious issues! People were commenting so much about the earthquake because it is very rare, and it is weird how it happened right after we were told the world was coming to an end on May 21st. Post your complains about the number comments somewhere else!  My sincerest condolences to the family of the victim.   

  21. DISGUSTED says:

    So IRATE. nothing but WHARF RATS… They are roaming this Island like ZOMBIES.. ONCE they smell BLOOD .THEY will keep on KILLING…..

  22. Uncle Ruckus says:

    @Terry what are you trying to say? I believe most of the guys committing these murders are on bikes, it’s easier to getaway, are you trying to say that someone may have saw it happen? I don’t believe it was over gold chains either.

    • Terry says:

      Ruckus read what I wrote. As for gold chains, well maybe thats what you look too.

  23. TOSE!!! says:

    It starts at home!!! thug life is glorified in almost everything young bermudians do now days. the rude football player was always said to be the best and got away with anything the young good cricketer was above the laws. the best dancehall music dancer is praised. young females only go with the young bad boy!!! this is taught and learned at home. People say they want it to stop but still praise the lifestytle. kids have no curfew kids do not ride bikes anymore, how many boys know how to fix a puncture? how many little girls still make mud pies? how many fathers take their children fishing off of the rocks? who has a garden in their yard?

  24. real talk says:

    The thing that gets me is, the police will spend all day pulling over every person on a vehicle that does not fit the descriptions and say they are doing something. We all know that these guys doing this are on bikes, have dark visors, wearing dark clothing, and most of them are young boys.

  25. Let's Think About This... says:

    My condolences to the family and friends of David.

  26. Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

    YO!!!!!! WHERE IN THE H&LL IS THE GOVENOR!!! He is in charge of the police so where has he been for the last several murders?? That no commenting silent over egotistical poor excuse for a govenor is prob sitting in his big house laughing his but off at this island saying wha ta bunch of idiots!! We here losing friends brothers cousins uncles fathers and sons and still he can not muster up the courage to say something to the public to assure us he is on our side and he will do everything to find these culprits!! That BASTAR@!!!! All I know is, if I find out any piece of evidence on any of these murders, I WILL be giving it to the police!! And i hope they catch ya punk arses and they throw the damn book at you!!

  27. come on says:

    Think about you every day!!