Earthquake 50 Miles West Of Bermuda

April 18, 2011

[Updated with info/quotes/charts/video] Numerous locals are reporting that they felt the ground shake for a few seconds this afternoon [Apr.18]. Reports are coming in from all over the island including Hamilton, Somerset, Paget and much more. It is not clear at this time what occurred however we are presently contacting the relevant officials to attempt to obtain clarification.

Did you feel the ground shake? If so please feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you experienced.

Update 12:53pm: We have our first answer back from officials, who are presently “looking into it”, and will get back to us with a statement as able

Update 12:59pm: In under 10 minutes we have had over 150 people post on our site and Facebook confirming that they felt the ground shake.

Update 1:00pm: Reports indicate that this may have been a 4.8 magnitude earthquake. See this link for details.


Update 1:14pm: Straight from Dr Mark Guishard of the Bermuda Weather Service: “There was a 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake at 12:38pm local time, estimated to be 50 miles west of Bermuda. There is NO tsunami danger – repeat there is no tsunami danger.

Update 1:21pm: For any of our readers overseas, it appears that everyone is fine, and there has not been any major damage. This is unconfirmed at this time, but to assure those “onions overseas”…we appear to be fine, and this is not a case of Bermuda sustaining massive damage and/or injuries.

Update 1:22pm: Graphic below courtesy of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre:


Update 1:33pm: Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who mailed in links to earthquake sites/info, it was much appreciated.

Update 1:46pm: The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre, who initially reported it as a 4.8 magnitude earthquake, has downgraded it to a 4.5. The said it was a depth of 10 km [6.2 miles].

Update 1:48pm: Graphs courtesy of United States Geological Society, who is reporting it as a 4.6-magnitude earthquake. See their information here.






Update 1:55pm: Thanks to a reader, here is a link about an earthquake in Bermuda in March 24, 1978. The site says, “The Bremuda earthquake (M~6) occured near the westerly extension of the Kane Fracture Zone roughly 370 km southwest of the island of Bermuda. It is one of the largest oceanic intraplate earthquakes to occur off the eastern coast of North America. Because of its size and location, it has provided an excellent set of WWSSN body waves. They can be used to infer its depth and faulting parameters by waveform modeling techniques. The results indicate a north-northwest striking thrust mechanism (strike = N20°W, dip = 42°NE, rake = 90°) with the hypocenter located at a depth of 11 km, which for an oceanic crust places it predominantly in the mantle”

Update 2:01pm: Still looking back in history, the clipping below is from a New York Times newspaper published on October 25, 1883.
earth ny times bda

Update 2:06pm: Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences director Dr. Tony Knap said with 25,000 earthquakes of varying magnitudes taking place globally every year — there have been 307 in the last week alone — it’s not uncommon for tremors to occur within a 200 mile range of the island.

“You have to remember the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to Bermuda’s east is a major fault zone,” he told Bernews, adding the island is far enough removed from the vast undersea mountain range not to be endangered by any seismic activity .

And he added while it’s certainly not common for Bermuda to be shaken by underwater quakes as happened today, “if you look at the historical data it’s certainly not unknown.” BIOS opened a seismic station to begin monitoring earthquake activity in this region of the Atlantic in 2002.

Update 2:07pm: The United States Geological Society reports that it was 88 km [54 miles] WNW of Hamilton.

Update 2:14pm: In the first 90 minutes following the earthquake we had around 400 comments on site and on our Facebook page from people saying they felt the tremors, and it appears it was felt islandwide, with numerous reports coming in from all areas of the island. People have reported the ground shaking and rumbling, while some have reported items falling off tables and walls. It appears that while many of us felt it, not all did, with some readers saying they did not feel anything.

Update 2:26pm: We are aware of the photo of the rock from Horseshoe Bay circulating, with some saying it split due to the earthquake, while others say it was like that before. We do not have any official confirmation of it either way at this time.

Update 2:37pm: Statement from Government:

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake 50 miles west of Bermuda

At 12:50 p.m. the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS) received a phone call from the West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre, indicating that there was a 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake at 1538 UTC (1238 local time), estimated to be 50 miles west of Bermuda.

It was reiterated at the time that there was no tsunami danger, and the BWS quickly went about the business of alerting the relevant authorities to that fact, in addition to updating the website, the Bermuda Weather Channels on the cable providers, and the automated phone tapes. In addition, the BWS was directly in touch with members of the public who called in to make reports directly.

It should be noted that there were no official tsunami information statements, alerts, watches or warnings issued as a result of this event; there would not routinely be any urgent messages forthcoming for such a small magnitude earthquake, regardless of how close to land it occurs.

Dr. Mark Guishard, Director of the Bermuda Weather Service says: “During this event we were in touch directly with RCC Bermuda Radio, the Bermuda Police Service, the Emergency Measures Organization, and the Department of Airport Operations. More information on the confirmed magnitude and location are available via the US Geological Survey’s website,”

Update 3:04pm: We are not getting many reports of damage, however if you believe anything was damaged in your home/office due to the earthquake please feel free to email us a photo at

Update 3:30pm: As many know there is a photo of a rock circulating which some people said was split today due to the quake, however many refute this and say it was like that before. We visited Horseshoe Beach, and according to those there [staff at concession area etc], the rock was like that before the earthquake.

Update 4:03pm: We stopped by and spoke with Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences [BIOS] director Dr. Tony Knap about today’s earthquake. BIOS opened a seismic station to begin monitoring earthquake activity in this region of the Atlantic in 2002.

Update 4:26pm: According to Dr Knap, equipment used to monitor earthquakes or seismic activity is now digital format. The two photos show the equipment located at BIOS that report activity to USGS on a constant basis. The equipment has a redundancy battery power supply if the electrical power should go off. A modem uses an internet connection to supply collected information to the USGS. Outside is a box cover to the sensor which is located down a hole underground. It is not uncommon for this equipment to register activity from other parts of the world, Mexico being an example.

BIOS Earthquake Monitoring Equipment Bermuda April 18 2011

BIOS Earthquake Monitoring Equipment Bermuda April 18 2011-1

Update 5:12pm: An update on the “rock at Horseshoe Beach” situation. Minister Wayne Perinchief responded to claims that the earthquake caused significant damage to a rock at Horseshoe Bay: “I have consulted with the Department of Parks and it has been confirmed that while most of the damage is from Hurricane Igor in September 2010, it is believed that a piece of rock may have shifted today.”

The Minister also said “While this sort of experience is a unique one to the people of Bermuda, it is vital that we do not cause mass panic amongst ourselves.”

Update 6:13pm: Local officials continue to report it was a 4.4 magnitude earthquake, while overseas agencies report it as either a 4.5 or 4.6.

Update 8:40pm: An interactive Google map of the earthquake location, with data from the U.S. Geological Survey:

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  1. SDFU says:

    OMG! I FELT IT! WTF!!!!!!!

    • Rolling says:

      It’s the PLP’s fault…no wait, the UBP’s fault…no, the BDA must be behind this to gain their traction back. Naww..I’m just brain screwed into thinking it’s always gotta be govt.

    • Bda - BC tremor says:

      South Shore Paget, 2nd Floor of building – Heard the rumble coming, felt the tremor and saw the monitors and items in my office shaking. Truly one of natures amazing happenings.

  2. Weldon Wade says:

    I work at 12 Wesley Street, Hamilton on the 5th floor. We all felt a rumble.

    • Totally Disgusted says:

      Wow I work @ 14 Wesley … Hello there neighbor

      • Jerry says:

        I work in town, I didn’t feel a thing, there was no earthquake, it was a US government expirement….

  3. Pitts Bay says:

    Yup – I felt it in Hamilton and my wife called and said she felt it at home in Pembroke (windows shaking etc).

  4. SMDH LOL says:

    oh man…. really????? i’m in town and i havent felt nothing, i hope people not tripping out about the world ending in may and listening to what those fools were saying last week. smdh!!!

  5. Totally Disgusted says:

    Yes we felt the ground shake and it was not a good feeling.

  6. we felt it says:

    We felt it – front street

  7. A.C says:

    Yes i felt it in Paget

  8. IT IS WHAT IT IS says:


  9. really? says:

    Yes we felt it in Hamilton by the bus terminal.

  10. Simon says:

    Nope, didnt feel anything ar Par la Ville Parking lot.

  11. mother of 16 year old son says:

    Yes i did feel it, whats going on, any information yet on what happened.

  12. annon says:

    Nothing felt on Parliament Street.

  13. SP says:

    We felt it over here at XL on the second floor.

  14. blind young person..... says:

    mills creek, thought my coworker was behind me in forklift, turned around no one was there, i fealt it.

  15. Ray says:

    Yeah I’m on Dundonald Street and I felt the building shaking for about 5 seconds. I didnt want to believe it at first then other people said it to me so I had to believe it. :’(

  16. Joann says:

    Yes, I heard it and felt it at Berkeley Institute. Some of the students who were in my room at the time felt it, others heard the rumbling. We discussed it at the time.

  17. ONE LOVE says:

    i work @ kemh (paget) and i didnt feel it

  18. Sara Jackson says:

    We felt it in Warwick.

  19. Not Suprised says:

    I did not But half of my office did! and I have gotten a few bb’s from friends…..Maybe an explosion of some kind?

  20. Bitsy Earl says:

    I live in St. Davids and didn’t feel anything.

  21. Alex says:

    Yes, I felt it in the town of St George

    • mix up says:

      :s did u really?? u r the only pearson from EAST to say that u felt it when clearly it happened west of BDA… u sure it wasn’t a truck goin by?

    • barbie says:

      well it must have surely skipped past mullet bay darling cause i surely didn’t feel a thing

  22. Miseryiti69 says:

    Our office building at Albouy’s Point just shook!!! What was it?

  23. Lisa says:

    I felt it in Warwick.

  24. Major Rumbling Here! says:

    Wow – I really felt it at my house. We are right on the ocean on the Paget / Devonshire line – south shore. My animals noticed it first then I heard it and the whole house started shaking. I thought another chuck of ocean rock had broken off and fallen into the water but that wasn’t the case.

    Strange – - end of the world coming a bit early?? :)

  25. CD says:

    Definitely felt it at mizzentop in Warwick…pls update as soon as info is available!

  26. LM says:

    I felt it at my desk on the 3rd floor in a building in Hamilton. Lasted a few seconds. Scary!

  27. KMHBermuda says:

    Felt something; thought it was the class next door making noise!!! Maybe not.

  28. freeupdeherb says:

    i was on de toilet and i knew that rumble couldn’t just my movement.

    • get over yourselves says:


    • Love-a-Laugh says:

      Comments like that help my day go by! :)

    • Not Suprised says:


    • ppl r human beings n deserve to b treated with respect no matter where they come from or wt race they r says:


    • Lissa says:

      hee hee!!!!
      thats funny!!!
      i am in a building in hamilton. half the office felt it and half didnt. Weird.

    • Curious says:

      LLLLLLLOOOOFFFFFFFLLLLLLL thanks for that laugh

    • NoBullTish says:


    • what next says:

      LOL Thanks for the good laugh.

  29. Blessed says:

    I am in Hamilton and my whole building just shook!! Scary!

  30. OMG... says:

    We are located 5th floor on church street, and we felt the building shaking, glasses were rattling and everything… also spoke to someone who lives at white hill and they felt it as well…

  31. Tired of nonsense says:

    My girl said all our pictures came off the stands and walls in Paget…

  32. alicia says:

    I felt it in Smiths – no windows shaking though, just felt it and it sounded like a large truck was passing by my house.My mother in law called and she felt it in Southampton as well.

    • TMR says:

      yes I agree, I work in town and it did feel and sound like a big truck passing the building.

  33. Let's Think About This... says:

    Some of my coworkers felt it on the second floor of our building. I’m out at Mills Creek. My roommate is home in Somerset, and she was nearly shook out her bed. Our dogs went crazy. All the dogs in the neighborhood are barking.

  34. Holly says:

    Everyone in our office felt it, 131 Front St.

  35. Kevin says:


  36. Mike says:

    RT @BlackPhoenix63: 4.4 Quake 50 miles west of Bermuda. Tremors felt Island Wide. #Earthquake Bermuda

  37. RR says:

    Felt it at the hospital. Sounded like someone crashing a cart down the corridors.

  38. nut says:

    remember those green shirt fool who walk aroung the city say the end is near ………………who laughing now

  39. Robyn says:

    I am at my house in Pembroke and I felt it. It lasted only a couple of seconds, but i definitely felt it.

  40. Kerry says:

    I felt it from my office in the Outerbridge Building on Pitt’s Bay Road. We thought something very large had been dropped outside of the building.

  41. Yes!!! says:

    Yes, i work in Hamilton, and felt it. Scaryyyyy

  42. Kam says:

    I’m in Spanish Point; I didn’t feel it but I heard the rumbling…thought it was a big a*s truck going by.

    • Who feels it knows it says:

      I live near Cavendish Apartments in Devonshire and I was listening to the radio. I heard a rumbling sound over the bass from the radio, so I turned off the radio and the rumbling continued. I looked outside and thought it may have been from a large vehicle somewhere next door. It certainly got my attention!!

  43. Logic76 says:

    I didn’t feel a thing in Smiths.

  44. Dani says:

    City Hall felt it!

  45. Knapton Hill says:

    Nothing felt on Knapton Hill.

  46. Official Report says:

    If you felt the ground shake a couple of minutes ago, it was indeed an earthquake centered about 50 miles west of the Weather Service and measured 4.4 on the Richter scale.

  47. SDFU says:


  48. Me says:

    I live on Cobbs Hill I felt it too

  49. Ride says:

    4.7 magnitude quake just off the coast.

    I love the internet. You get information before the officials do; in some cases.

  50. P says:

    Public works was rockin and rollin in 3rd floor post office AND government administration building!

  51. SCARED!! says:

    i just got a bbm mass message that said 4.4 earth quake 15 miles west of Bermuda… did anyone else get it and does this have any truth??

  52. Hazel says:

    Felt it on Par-La-Ville Road. Strange feeling.

  53. Destiny says:

    Victoria Street, Hamilton – we felt it

  54. get over yourselves says:

    ok my guess is most of us felt it!!

    now what the heck was it?!!!!

  55. Hummm says:

    Felt it on East Broadway (last building)

  56. G says:

    Felt it in my office. Thought someone was moving heavy furniture on the floor below!

  57. Louise says:

    We felt in on the 5th floor Reid street and Front Street.

  58. Pussy cat says:

    Yes we felt it and it also sounded like a very loud sound system with a lot of bass. I askd my spouse to check to see if a car with a loud sound system was in the area because the rumble was so loud. It lasted for a while but we saw nothing. Warwick OMG

  59. FIN says:

    Yes!! I was in Paget when i thought i heard/felt a large truck go by my house but then i realized that the ground was shaking too much for it to be a vehicle. EQ?

  60. Paranoid says:

    I am working in Hamilton and felt the tremor. Thought it was a door slamming. It’s quite alarming that we do sit on an “extinct” volcano and tremors such as this should not be taken lightly. That’s my view…god help us if the substrata cracks.

  61. IDK!!! says:

    Yeah, I definitely felt it in Warwick!! Thought we were bugging out…I won’t lie, first thing I was thinking was Japan!! Scary moment indeed if it was what it was!!!

  62. onionboy says:

    yes. felt it along roberts avenue, devonshire. House vibrated for close to 7 seconds. My neighbors felt it also.

  63. hobber says:

    Southampton, by the lighthouse. Made me a bit queasy, felt like very low bass like from a car system, but without the noise.

  64. WoW says:

    I heard it was 4.4 at 12:38pm 50 miles west of bermy! should we all be sent home?!

  65. Joanne says:

    It felt like a Mac Truck had hit our building!I’m on the 5th Floor at BNTB…didn’t last long but was scarey!

  66. BooM says:

    Felt shaking in the air, kind of like a bass line in my ears more so than in the ground or my feet. On coxs hill in point.

  67. d reader says:

    felt it and i work belco

    • Well ... says:

      I thought it was you guys at Belco doing something. (Old Berkeley)

  68. Dee says:

    Yes,I live Somerset and my family and I heard it and felt it, and it was very real.

    People we are in the last days and No the world is not ending on May 21st, 2011,

    but God is coming soon. The time is now!

    • king's kid says:

      Dee ….. and that’s the truth. Let us be ready Bermuda the end is very near.

    • sandgrownan says:


      • SOMERSET OG says:

        Dee is hilarious or delirious! The time for a cookout is now! God is bringing the swizzle and Jesus is his designated driver!

  69. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Get your asses out to church this Sunday and start respecting each other instead of killin’ each other…nothing stronger and more powerful than GOD and mother nature! DON’T FORGET THAT…PEACE

  70. Daddy Yella says:

    Yeah I felt it up here in Southampton, it felt like a truck comming by.

  71. Parfitt says:

    To all those saying stuff about the end of the world, please don’t start that. The guy that “prophesied” it had also done it before and was wrong. The earth’s crust is forever shifting so earthquakes are bound to happen sooner or later. If it’s the end, then it’s the end. Keep living an honest life and you’ll go where yah sposed to go.

    • sandgrownan says:


    • WTH says:


    • 090679 says:

      So well said. Because if the world is coming to an end, what you do in the last few hours really won’t matter. And in saying that, Bermuda has had earthquakes before and probably will again.

  72. Cindy says:

    We felt it in our building in Devonshire. It felt like a big tractor trailor truck going by but worse because the whole building trembled and it was a loud rumbling sound for a few seconds. My co-worker and I looked at each other and I said trucks shake this building all the time but not like this

  73. SMH says:

    2nd Floor Rosebank…. Didnt feel it bt my cousin in spanish point and my friend in warwick felt it.

  74. Ashby B says:

    I felt a rumbling in Warwick

  75. Terry says:

    Just God telling you to get your act together instead of sitting in front of your computer all day “AT WORK” chirping on everything except what needs to be done. Chill…..On the line with Him now.

    Such a nice guy and never a busy signal always answers and he has no human network and doesn’t even use this stupid tv screen……………………….

  76. Toni says:

    At 12:38 I felt a thump and then heard and felt like a “vvvvrrrrrrrrr” sensation that lasted for about 5 seconds and I was sure the building was vibrating. My office has a large window and is on the ground floor on Victoria Street. At first I thought it was a large vehicle vibrating but there was nothing outside. My daughter called from Spanish Point to say she felt and heard it and that my dog was even barking!

  77. Fred says:

    Felt as if an excavator was passing through on the pavement. Didn’t last long, was a weird feeling.

  78. J Wilson says:

    Did not feel anything, Forest Hill, Warwick.

  79. Away says:

    Bernews!! Thanks for keeping us “onions overseas” informed!!

  80. Missy says:

    That was a result of the Lord saying, Bermuda get it together!!!! Stop allowing these foolish boys that call themselves men to rule our country. Take Bermuda back, speak up, and take control! It takes more than, the government and police to do something. It takes each and everyone of US. Have faith in yourselves and each other. Bermuda is a beautiful paradise that we sometimes forget to look and realise, how Blessed we really are. So take this as a warning and Take Back Your Country Bermuda!!!!!!!

    • SOMERSET OG says:

      @Missy! That was nature! A natural event! No disrespect but for real? If the lord could make an earthquake because someone was being naughty wouldn’t it make sense that he or she would have the power to deal with these bad men on an individual basis instead of jeapordizing everybody? The Lord can make a earthquake but couldn’t stop the BP oil spill from ruining the ocean and killing thousands upon thousands of innocent sea creatures? People snap out of it and stop making up excuses and spouting non sense. Earthquakes have beeen here from the beginning! How do you think the continents shifted? It’s all natural folks!

      • Lissa says:

        I agree with Somerset OG. Everyone has been having so much fun on this post. Lets leave the other stuff -’Stop allowing these foolish boys that call themselves men to rule our country. Take Bermuda back, speak up, and take control! It takes more than, the government and police to do something.’-on the posts were they belong.

      • WTH says:

        HELLOOOOO how do you think nature began,ya uncle made the earth and put people on it, it was GOD,plz act like ya got some BIBLE knowldge.

        • SOMERSET OG says:

          @WTH! There are so many galaxies! Act like you have some common sense and school knowledge!
          I can fill in any gods name. Zeus created the earth. Buddah created the earth. Allah created the earth. Thor created the earth. If there is a creator who created him? Who created the creator of the creator? The creator would be a complex being so who thought up the design for the creator or did the creator just appear out nothing! You’re a wacko! Come on explain yourself!

          • LOL (original) says:

            That is what I call begging the question as I said on the other thread you have more faith than religous people thats for sure.

            LOL original

      • LOL (original) says:

        Dude you must really like putting down thing you can’t comprehend. Afraid that he sees you for what you are so you deny he’s there while trying to down any who do beleive. Gottcha ………………………….

        LOL have you figured out the science questions I posed in the other thread yet let your kids know so that one day their kids, kids can get their kids to try and figure it out.

  81. Bermudian says:

    Spilled my dang coffee…”shakes hand at the ground”

  82. Joann says:

    We felt it, parliament street, 4th floor. Floor fan was shaking and swaying as well as my desk. That was scary!!

  83. HELP! says:


  84. I WANT TO GO HOME says:

    I guess I was distracted … My coworkers all felt it, but I didn’t. In any case, I’d like to go home now.

    Say what you want about those folk in the t-shirts … kind of eerie that this happens now. I’ve never known Bermuda to experience a quake in my 40 years. Did hear that there was one, but not everyone felt it.

    • KMHBermuda says:

      Felt a tremor at home a few years back…in the mid 2000s or so…it happens.

  85. Court says:

    I was at lunch in the Washington Mall… didnt feel it?

  86. BermyGuy says:

    Let’s hope there will be no aftershock’s following this.

  87. sure says:

    why did it happen though??

    • sandgrownan says:

      God is angry. Apparently. At homosexuals probabyl. And the UBP.

      • Away says:

        Really, first thing that comes to your mind is homosexuals

      • Gracious says:

        Please don’t start with ignorant garbage and don’t use this forum as a means to air your filth.

      • sandgrownan says:

        And Manchester United fans. But that’s understandable.

        • Lissa says:

          LOL LOL!!! Sandgrown you are killing me.!!

        • Destiny says:

          I agree.. Sandgrownan.. take a break with your scarcastic, ignorant comments… really…

          • sandgrownan says:

            I’m not being sarcastic. I am pretty fed up of Plastic Mancs, I’m sure God is too.

        • JR says:

          Seriously, be quiet
          Cause it’s ignorance like yours, that doesn’t need to be heard, seen or read.

      • Lissa says:

        LOL LOL LOL!!! I no i shouldnt laugh, But these post are just making my day.!! We should all meet for a bernews happy hour somewhere. LOL

        • sandgrownan says:

          You’d think though, He has the power to create and destroy. An earthquake seems like a lot of bother to eradicate an island full of sinners (and Man U fans). I mean, why wouldn’t He just zap us with a lightning bolt?

          He’s toying with us I tell you, toying….

    • PEPPER says:

      The earth tremor happened because of the”WHITE MAN “

  88. Au Contraire says:

    Just wait till May 21st!!!

  89. DWstudent/teacher says:

    Felt it here in Hamilton . I thought it was loud music or a truck driving by!!!

  90. Bella says:

    I’m in Warwick. Didn’t feel it but heard a loud rumble that lasted a couple of minutes. Thought either a huge truck or construction next door! When’s the last time we had an earthquake near Bermuda? Anyone know?

  91. Scared says:

    I felt it on North Street Pembroke….

  92. William says:

    We were at Frog & Onion…crazy…..

  93. Dawn Shakareet says:

    Did not feel any shaking in St. George. R u certain it was NOT heavy trucks rolling on the Streets?

  94. Nope says:

    We didn’t feel a thing in Warwick on Billy goat hill.

  95. Nicole says:

    Party on May 20th!! BYOB!!

  96. Terry says:

    @ Court…….you didn’t feel anything because it was a LIQUID lunch………bwahaaaaaaaaaa

  97. sTARZ says:


  98. Done Deal says:

    The last earthquake I felt in Bermuda was 35 years ago. At that time it sounded like a subway train going by for about 5 seconds. On another note…God is not happy with Bermuda. I didn’t even realize there had been another gun murder last night until I read it online a few hours ago. Very very sad indeed. We must do better. All believers out there, regardless of denomination, we must continue to Pray for Bermuda.

  99. Nika says:


  100. Mike says:

    My co-worker didn’t feel it cause she’s a little shakey any way.

  101. 5boro says:

    I’m at BELCO and I felt a bit of shaking. I thought someone was wheeling by some heavy equipment.

    BTW, there are an estimated 6,200 4.0-4.9 magnitude earthquakes a year across the globe. About time Bermuda got to feel one.

  102. Interesting says:

    March 24, 1978….86.7027S

  103. David says:

    didnt feel anything at tuckers pooint beach club

  104. lowpay says:

    I felt It By d Dance RoOm At The BerKelY InsTiTute..I Thought It was JusT d Music PumPing Up LOUd ya Knw?..But I Guess NOt bruh bruhs !!

  105. erikmon says:

    i was at home with my girlfriend and she was in bed giving my neck a massage and she fell off the bed

    • Scott says:

      ? i am a bit confused how this quake when from some people not even feeling it, all the way to someone falling off a bed… 0.o

  106. Don't care what he says:

    I felt the earth move last night. I was in bed with my sweetie. :-)

    • say wha???? says:

      That is so sweet. Now we need to ask her if she felt the same?!!!

  107. Watching! says:

    My cat even barked!

  108. Kate says:

    I live in Pembroke and i felt my whole house shake

  109. mixitup says:

    Felt in Paget also

  110. blah. says:

    is it true that the rock at horseshoe split? I’ve recieved a pic on my blackberry saying that the damage was caused from the earthquake.

    • Rockfish says:

      not true – my co-worker too pics of that sometime last week.

  111. lady G says:

    I wonder how many pews are going to be filled up on sunday!! Also i wonder how many people are going to be scared come May20th….

    the time is Near, not saying its May 21st but these are the last days. No one knows when he will arrive… read reverlations… Its all happening now!! God bless all your souls!

    • SOMERSET OG says:

      @Lady G! Reverlations? WTF? Nature! It’s been happening! Nothing new!
      Bermuda needs a remedial spelling course before everybody dies not knowing how to spell properly. Reverlations? Wow. Heaven and hell will be filled with underachievers!

    • sandgrownan says:

      I can’t tell if you’re joking.

  112. bermyshotta says:

    Just think of what de ppl in Japan went thru. Craziness lol. Soon guys are gonna see pigs flyin when ya look out de window

  113. Unbelievable says:

    Yeah I felt it!!! Thought it was just a big truck passing thru!!
    I live in paget

  114. Q says:

    Can Bernwes upload the picture of the rock that fell at horseshoe bay.

    • C says:

      Note: the rock at horseshoe bay did not fall from the earthquake, it has been like that.

  115. lp says:

    I was in the Govt Building on Parliament St. I felt it and thought it was a heavy truck rolling by….weird. Didn’t know earthquakes happened in our neck of the woods. Now we know it does! Scary!

  116. SOMERSET OG says:

    It was a bunch of fat girls racing to KFC for the lunch special! Calm down!

  117. Bermuda says:

    half of my office felt it shake…i have felt nothing. Washington Mall, Hamilton

  118. A Job Well Done! says:

    Bernews is always on the scene! Kudos. You are the authority on what’s happening on the island RIGHT NOW, and as you can see, we all refer to this page to get the facts! A job well done as usual. There were some frantic calls in my office and I looked at Bernews to confirm. Thanks.

  119. 1DER says:

    Every body felt it in my office except me….it must be a monday i was being a real day dreamer.

  120. Wenda Aberdeen says:

    Wen says
    I felt it very strong and I also thought it sounded loud in my office in the Boyle Building, Church Street. I looked out the window because I thought it must be a bus or big truck passing by, but when I looked out the window there wasn’t either in sight. I question the other ladies in my office and they didn’t put much into it, so we all just let it go.

  121. GPS says:


    PREMIER Paula Cox, please send us all home for the day!!!

  122. LOL says:

    So apparently God is angry with Bermuda. Does that mean he was really really angry with Japan? It must be because they’re not Christian right?

    We should probably panic now and start going to Church (because God is angry with Bermuda and all)!

    Or could this all just be a coincidence and a natural process that happens from time to time that we don’t fully understand yet?

    Nah…can’t be…there’s no room for logic in this day and age!

    See you in Church on Sunday!

    • SOMERSET OG says:

      @LOL! Japan doesn’t have a fraction of the murders that Bermuda does. You seem to have a real outlook! God’s mad? WTF?
      I’ll be at the bar on Sunday. I get more for my money there.

      People ask yourselves why did god stop appearing and talking to people at the end of the book? It’s a fictional story. Jump off a bridge a see if god will catch you!

      • LOL (original) says:

        The LOL above is not me. Just for clarification.


    • GPS says:

      IT’S Plates in the earth that move all th time!!!…Google It!!

    • LOL says:

      Apparently you 2 are oblivious to sarcasm. It happens all the time. Google it.

      • DARRIN DIZZLE says:

        @LOL. I’m on your side! Obviously you’re oblivious to the second sentence in my statement!

    • Don't care what he says:

      If this is God angry with Bermuda – then he must’ve been REALLY PISSED with Japan. I mean he killed 27K people over there. We got nuthin!!!

      Incidentally, I heard from a religious person yesterday that the world might not actually end on May 21st. But May 21st will be the beginning of the end. Guess she’s hedging her bet.

  123. bermybeauty says:

    I am overseas and when my mom texted me about it I was very worried about my island. I date a Californian so he’s used to the idea of earthquakes, but it was very scary to find out my little island experienced a little earthquake. But one thing I have noticed especially being in the states once a quake hits a spot it is prone for many other quakes to come near or around that very area at times you will never expect. I could be wrong and i hope I am but guys, this is just the beginning… the world is breaking down. I am praying for you lot because if was there I’d be like this is crazy! BE SAFE!!!

  124. Don't care what he says:

    My Jenga game didn’t fall down so it can’t have been that bad.

  125. Michelle says:

    Hi Jackie!

  126. Regimental says:

    When’s the tsunami coming?

  127. W.T.F.??? says:

    waiting for the religous zealots to start bashing this page!

  128. BernewsbandiT says:

    here is a link i find pretty INTERESTING. it shows a listing of how many EARTHQUAKES have been happening world wide today…….pretty sick!!!


  129. BermudaGirl says:

    Ok so weve just had an earthquake occur but what NOW?. Ok so no one was reported injured and there was no main damage to the island , so where do we go from here. What precaustions are going to be set inplace if this should happen again. What should we as an island and a community do if an earthquake should occur? The government and the bermuda weather service need to collaborate and develop a plan for the island before its too late.

    • W.T.F.??? says:

      learn to swim!!!

      but bda girls will float anyway!!

    • Blessed says:

      Sorry to say love, that if we have a major earthquake, this island is doomed! As we are surrounded by a body of water, resting soley on a volcanic platform. My suggestion to you love, is to pray. BDA weather service can save us, Only God can!

      • SOMERSET OG says:

        @Blessed! Does god have a huge dinghy parked offshore or about 65,000 life vests? You can save yourself if you get a house boat and work from home or stop believing in comic books!

    • Scott says:

      to be honest i think this is a bit over dramatic. you’d be shocked at how many earthquakes there are in the world every day.. this was nothing, adn it wasnt our first either.

      just like the “tsunami” of a few years ago.. threats of tornado’s…etc.. sometimes there really is nothing you can do if they happen.

    • Bri says:

      I am right there with you BermudaGirl!

  130. The Rock says:

    The rock as Horseshoe was split before. I have friends that were at horseshoe on the weekend and the rock was split then. Is it connected to the quake? That I don’t know.

  131. East says:

    i was in St Davids and i didnt feel it. i’m got two goats though and they was actin up a pack noise around then. A couple chickens fom next door came through too.

  132. School Giirl. says:

    I felt it at school. The smart board started to shake and a chair moved. it wasnt scary because we thought it was a truck.

  133. Terry says:

    I was alseep, thought I was dreaming! Loud Noise and shaking…

  134. I was on top of that rock on Saturday @Horseshoe, and it was not like this before the quake. Before and after photo here:

    • Jah is my co-pilot says:

      This photo is a hoax. I was there on Sunday (day before earthquake) and the rock had already split.

  135. Earth Quake 2011 BDA says:

    I felt the shakes, I’m by Devonshire Wreck!

  136. Sam says:

    Alwys pay attention to the animals
    around you they will tell somethin is wrong!

  137. Margaret says:

    I’ve been here 30 years, and have experienced two other earthquakes while here – like today’s, no big deal …

  138. WOW says:

    GO to horseshoe bay – The cliff split in half!!!

  139. Sheriff says:

    Yes Bernews, a picture is going around about a Horseshoe cliff being split. Please confirm if that is correct and not a hoax. The people in the picture look like its business as usual, meanwhile something could come down on their heads!. No one pointing up… weird…

    • LMAO says:

      It was definitely there yesterday when I went for my run….

  140. Drea says:

    I heard it off in the distance I was down Ferry Reach sitting on the water side, North Shore. Definately heard the rumble and wondered what was making that noise as there isn’t any land out there.

  141. MyHeartHurts says:

    That rock was split BEFORE the earthquake – I was at Horseshoe Bay yesterday and took pictures of it….

  142. Jim Bean says:

    It is the government’s fault!!!

  143. Ann says:

    I felt it big time in Hermitage Rd My kitchen was shaking and moving, so much so I called my husband to come home as I was so spooked out

  144. Brandon says:

    I felt it! I was in Hamilton in a quiet storage room with racks of boxes, I started to see the boxes shake and heard a short rumbling noise. I thought it might have been the elevator next to the storage room, but thought again… Figured it was an earthquake, no one in the office seemed to notice but me, I thought i was going crazy.

  145. PAS says:

    Now if only Bermudians could do the same level of reporting and info sharing on crime as we do for natural events we’d have a lot of criminals behind bars by now

    • Mike says:


    • Lissa says:

      lol! and um pretty sure if we did that, half of the folks on here would be behind bars. Hush….

    • Nicole says:

      That would imply that a majority of the island experience/witnessed said crimes. This was an earthquake that almost the entire island felt. I don’t think they are quite the same.

  146. Curious says:

    So I wonder if our fabulous Bermuda government has qualified persons checking the safety of the causeway, all bridges, and even the runway at the airport for any possible damage???

  147. Wens says:

    I’m at KEMH ..didnt feel a thing

  148. ShakeyPants says:

    I was playing Ultimate Frisbee at Horseshoe on Sunday and the large rock was already “split”… not earthquake related.

  149. Don't care what he says:

    The earthquake was obviously planned by PLP. Electioneering is all it is.

  150. Ray says:

    If the rock had fallen before then why is it that people are just noticing it?

  151. mae says:

    i live in warwick and i felt the room shaking and i heard the rumbling sound…..definitely a frightening experience since i’m alone by myself in our apartment….never thought i’d experience an earthquake here.

  152. Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

    With an earthquake minor or major, the worst thing for Bermuda is not buildings falling as they are some of the strongest in the world, but it is the cracking of our water tanks. Ask any water trucker and they will tell you that even a minor crack can cause you to lose all of your water in a few days.
    Scary to Imagine a major crack in hundreds of tanks island-wide. That will be worse than a food shortage riot. Imagine prices skyrocketing to $200 a load. Keep it real…I would suggest that you check your water tank over the next few days so that you will not be surprised if you are out of water due to a vibration induced earthquake crack.

  153. Terry says:

    It’s all the Yoo Bee Pee’s fault.

    Ever since Doc Holywood and Les Colenel Birchee took over the Follies of East Broadway… has been a rode two hell…….

    The Chinese are comming. That was part of the Uighurs plan………..the movement some just felt is nothing more than the Gombeys getting restless and the Chinese dropping underwater bombs offshore.

    Everyone talks about a “Bannana Republic”……………………’Soggy rice….not nice’…..

    Bein Chow Fow ann Cum Sum Lou Col.Burch En Lou with Ding Shou Doc el Brown…….

    Mark my verds a…..lets see how this comes out (edited)

  154. say wha???? says:

    All de gunmen running scared now eh? God himself is telling them to stop de madness!

    • Pitbull says:

      Something Needs to frighten them acting foolish!!!

  155. The Rock says:

    a lot of peeps are checking CNN and disappointed that this is not world news.

    • sandgrownan says:

      That’s isn’t. It’s inconsequential.

      Bermudians thinking they have some relevance…typical.

  156. 1undread says:

    Sorry People,
    I was just playing some really heavy BASS
    lol :D

  157. Tim says:

    Up in Somerset…Didn’t feel a thing!!!

  158. nik says:

    Not at the ferry terminal /:

  159. Real Talk says:

    I felt the earthquake in my house.[in St.George's]
    My kitchen cabinets were shaking!

  160. dat guy says:

    i was HIGH…did feel it!!!

  161. CR says:

    I’m at KEMH and I felt it at first I thought it was something to do with the construction thats going on down here but then I spoke to other people in Hamilton and Warwick and they said they felt I was like wow we just had an earthquake.

  162. kelly says:

    I was on lunch break at the botanical gardens and I heard it more than I felt it.. I thought it was just one of the machines from the nearby construction.. But it had that eerie feeling that I have experienced before in Costa Rica.. When I didn’t hear or feel it again I figured it wasn’t one of the machines and was in fact an earthquake, but half didn’t want to believe it for earthquakes being so rare here..

  163. Ragoo says:

    It was short and sweet -NO Damage.ty

  164. Terry says:

    I was at Gombey House waiting a call. Just a little cedar dust falling off the closet jambs…thats all. Otherwise…..Surfs Up…………………. and the pharmacy is open to.

  165. Away says:

    It was HAARP…ask the seven days! First they struck Haiti, now they are after Bermuda..

    • Terry says:

      HAARP is only compliant with TARP. When will you leftist/rightist get it wrongish. Taxes, death, a firing squad and a partridge in an avocodo tre….

  166. Conspiracy Theory anyone? says:

    HAARP is: 1. An ionospheric heater 2. A research tool 3. A military test bed 4. A tax-subsidized boondoggle 5. A directed-energy weapon 6. A communication system for submarines 7. A source of field-aligned ionospheric VHF reflectors 8. A way to improve satellite links 9. A planetary x-ray machine 10. A plot to depopulate the Third World 11. A means of creating power blackouts at will 12. Electronic warfare 13. Tesla’s wireless power transmission 14. Tesla’s secret death ray 15. Searching for space aliens 16. Killing space aliens 17. Killing off the militias 18. Keeping them awake at night (through RF head rectification) 19. Enforcing the New World Order 20. Creating nuclear-scale explosions 21. Weather modification 22. CIA mind control 23. Brain wave modification 24. The end of HF radio 25. The end of wildlife in Alaska 26. The end of atmospheric ozone 27. The end of the human race 28. The end of Earth itself. Now, this is pretty good for one transmitter!!!

    • DARRIN DIZZLE says:

      @Conspiracy! They aren’t ready for all that. I hear you though. Google atomic monster illuminati card. These cards were created in 1995.

      • Conspiracy Theory anyone? says:

        Plant the seeds, Bro. Plant the seeds. ;-)

    • CanadianLuv says:

      It’s Definitely HAARP! Bermuda & the rest of the world need to hear about it! Regardless if they are ready or not… all we can do it educate and hope that encourages change!
      It pisses me off that we haven’t heard about HAARP on mainstream media!
      For all who are interested in learning more about HAARP, which is a US defence/military project, located in Alaska-> here is a Video:
      If you take a look at this Website which shows all earthquakes: notice all the activity in Alaska.

    • I WANT TO GO HOME says:

      I’ve read extensively about that VERY interesting stuff. It’s so CRAZY to even consider … but truth is TRUTH. It’s all there in black and white for folk to see. Even watched old footage of new interviews regarding it’s capability, and US gov documents concerning it. Hmmmm …

      • CanadianLuv says:

        Like they say the truth is always stranger than friction! Please feel free to pass on the info:)

  167. Terry says:

    Yoo lutt hin seen nuffin yatt. Glaid eye leeve hin dee hayzores………good people..good fertilizer………………………………………

  168. Terry says:

    Breaking News……..ah forget it.

  169. ms g lightbourn says:

    I was on my bb when I started to feel the ground shake while in my sons room with my nb baby and I jumped up saying what is that?! And looked up at my ceiling realizing that was rattling a bit. I than walked towards my door looking out to see if there was a big truck outside causing my house on parsons rd to shake and there was nothing and shortly after it stopped. It only last several seconds.

  170. ok says:

    LMAO!!!! Here it is we are averaging a murder a month and you people are on here talking about whether or not you felt a rumble. Meanwhile the rumble in which we ALL should be worrying about gets bigger and bigger! Another murder another death and well over 200 people care more about a earthquakes. This is amazing to me seriously! WOW!!!! I don’t give a S@#t how many people felt it. You all will feel whats coming to this island with this unstoppable gun violence.

    • Terry says:

      Right on “OK”…….

    • Nicole says:

      Well let’s see an earthquake and it’s after effects could be catastrophic and it’s rare for BERMUDA. A few moronic thugs killing each other won’t annihilate our entire population, even so those posts get well over 150 comments as well. It’s always one person who has to complain about what people are commenting about. In what world is an earthquake not a big deal?

      • ok says:

        A F-ing Earthquake is what happened off the coast of Japan. Did we experience damage?? NO!! did we experience Death or injury??? NO!!!! These “Moronic Thugs” as you call them are F-ing dying!!! Further more not Everyone of these guys that have been killed are even involved in gang violence!!! You talk about the after effects of a catastrophy what you think the effects of all this violence is going to be?? Hey no problem Nicole keep thinking like that, Keep thinking that only “moronic thugs” will keep getting shot.. The real QUAKE is coming!!!

        • Nicole says:

          Japan is all the way on the other side of the world, this earthquake was 50 miles away from us! Can you not READ? Why are you comparing earthquakes to gangs violence?

          Where did I state that we experienced death or injury? But it is a very real possibility is all I said. An earthquake could wipe us all out-that’s cause for concern and people to comment! DUH! Yes they are dying. We all know that and you can clearly see in the other thread that many people are concerned about that as well, which again brings me to ask what’s your point? When everyone is equally as concerned you fool. What do the effects of this violence will be? Only the Lord knows, but I do know that most of population will still be here. Do you know what the effects of an earthquake will be? ALL OF US DEAD! No, you keep thinking that way. You have no point and complaining about something so stupid.

          Thugs won’t be able to kill any “innocent” people if we are ALL dead!

          • I WANT TO GO HOME says:

            Thanks Nicole … cause I wasn’t getting the whole comparison thing. Murders … Earthquake (at a time when other countries are being wrecked by them and Tsunami’s as a result). I would say that we should be concerned. If we can experience a 4.4 tremor, then honestly what’s to prevent a larger scale quake … and then what???

  171. UGH! says:

    @ Ok…You cannot compare gun violence with an earthquake! The people who are being shot, and who are doing the shooting are in one way or another connected to a “gang,” if that’s what you want to call these stupid wannabe’s who wouldn’t last a day in America where gangs are REAL! Why should anyone comment and give another shooting the time of day. Let them kill each other, because if you think about it, what can we do? Really? What is going to stop gun violence….NOTHING! They will shoot, get off, and get out with an inflated head, and do it again. I feel really bad for the victims and their families, but it’s time the people involved in criminal life styles made better life decisions. Only then will the murders stop. BTW, an earthquake that can destroy the whole island is definitely worth more of my time and energy. Not only that, it is rare that it happens in BDA so obviously it will gain a lot of attention…DUH!

    • ok says:

      @UGH if you think that these gun crimes are going to continue to be as you call it between wannabe ganstas you are crazy! I sure hope you dont lose someone you love to this violence. We’ll see how you feel then (thumbs up)

      • 813grad says:

        @ok it sure sounds like you may have some inside information…. the difference between earthquakes and gang violence- the gangs KNOW and PLAN to kill people. we cant control mother nature, thus making this something that a lot of people are interested in, worried about, and want to know as much as they can. why can you blame us? its our country, we can post and comment on it as much as we want. i completely agree with UGH on this one. the gangs are gonna do their thing and kill their brothers, soldiers, sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, etc. we cant stop it. but we try to shed some light on these people to get them to stop killing….

        • UGH! says:

          Thank you. It is clear that ‘OK’ knows something, and hopefully he/she will speak up.

  172. CanadianLuv says:

    It’s Definitely HAARP! Bermuda & the rest of the world need to hear about it! Regardless if they are ready or not… all we can do it educate and hope that encourages change!
    It pisses me off that we haven’t heard about HAARP on mainstream media!
    For all who are interested in learning more about HAARP, which is a US defence/military project, located in Alaska-> here is a Video:
    If you take a look at this Website which shows all earthquakes: notice all the activity in Alaska.
    Hope this information helps educate and spreads the world.

  173. just fishin' says:

    Looking yesterday at the rate comments were being posted it looks like people DO turn first to Bernews when something happens! Congratulations!

  174. Icefielder says:

    St. David’s near Southside Market. May have felt a slight “bump” at 12:38pm.