Smith Parts Ways With Community Group

May 31, 2011

As Bernews first reported Sunday morning, while at the “Mothers Against Senseless Killings” event in Smith’s parish this weekend, community activist Scott Smith launched into an anti-gay speech, saying to those in attendance that the protesters who gathered at City Hall earlier this week “had no right to do that”.

He called organiser Krystl Assan’s name, saying “Look at her last name Assan, Ass-an, Ass-an, Ass, what does that tell you?”

Following that incident, Mr Smith is no longer in the Together for Bermuda community group, according to a post made on the group’s Facebook page. Bernews understands the decision was made by “mutual agreement.”

“Please be advised that the members of the TFB team do not condone the actions of Mr. Smith although we, like you, do accept his apology. We remain a committed group of every day individuals in the community simply trying to do our part to make Bermuda a better place with everyone’s help in peace and harmony,” posted Shawnette Somner.

“There is no leader on our team, but rather a group of individuals with various strengths working together to make positive things happen. Notwithstanding the fact that we cannot, as individuals, be responsible for the actions of any other adult, we ask for your continued support. Mr. Smith is no longer a member of TFB, effective today, but we will welcome his input on all events and activities as we move forward just as we would appreciate the feedback of every member of our community.”

Pastor Stefan Burton-Schnüll, whose church Mr Smith attends, posted on our original article saying that Mr Smith “does not speak on behalf of me or our church. While we promote marriage between a man and a woman as God’s model for human sexuality, we also promote the right of every human being to express themselves, to demonstrate and congregate, including those we may disagree with at City Hall last week.”

“I certainly do not welcome or condone name-calling and disrespect. So on behalf of my church, I offer my sincere apologies to Ms Krystl Assan, and anyone else who has been offended by those remarks.”

Pastor Burton-Schnüll said, “My prayers for comfort and support are with the families and friends of those victims.”

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  1. It is very nice to see that FINALLY one racist and bigot is actually suffering the consequences of their words and deeds. This may actually be the beginning of the healing process so desperately needed by Bermudians and Bermuda. Well done Pastor Stefan Burton-Schnüll.

    • White Christ says:

      I support you Mr. Smith!

      • Grubster says:

        Why don’t you spread a bit more hatred White Christ, It’s just what this island needs!

    • Bryan says:

      Judge not, lest you be judged….. yet call Mr. Smith a racist and bigot. He is neither a racist or bigot he is simply passionate about his beliefs yet many in Bermuda have judged him, why because he spoke what he thought. Yes the forum was inappropriate for the remarks made…..forgive him and move forward.

  2. J says:

    churches are primitive and destructive to a progressive and modern society

    • Geza says:

      AMEN hahah

    • Will says:

      so true..the opiate of the masses
      Religion in any form is detrimental to the progress of humanity and civilisation

      • Iconoclast says:

        oh yes. let’s have a secular society like Stalinist Russia or that great free society like North Korea. Secularism is just as bad as religion (if not worse). Not to mention hypocritical: “Let’s all gather for tolerance, expect those church people or other people. We can tolerate to be intolerant of them!”

        Jesus was right. Religion and man made philosophies poison people and enslave minds. He came to bring light and freedom from sin and bring us back to the one true God.

        • sandgrownan says:

 much fail, where to start.

          Stalin used the Orthodox Russian Church to control, as Hitler and Mussolini used the Catholic Chuch. North Korea is effectively a one religion state, the cult or religion of the Great Leader, the Dear Leader’s father. Sounds familiar?

          Secularism means something different from what you think it means.

          • White Christ says:

            @ Iconoclast and friends. Why don’t we get rid of governments? Governments control and enslave the people, the opiate of the masses. Governments go to war. Technology creates missiles and bombs also, so science is the opiate of the masses. We should all be anarchists. Governments and politicians are evil right?

            Are you suggesting that man-made = unreliable/untrue? Now I don’t believe that all scripture is “man-made” and i don’t think you care But the problem here is yours and I’ll tell you why. Everything you use and rely on other than religion is……..MAN MADE!! The plane you travel on = MAN MADE. The Government = MAN MADE. The law?=MAN MADE Your Job? Money? Medicine? Technology? Psychological theories and treatments etc etc. We can go on and on. You put your life and faith in all these man made THINGS……….Now tell me again, WHY exactly is man-made all of a sudden such a problem for YOU? I’ll tell you what I think. Because you and people like you have no FAITH in humanity! (but you use everything else man makes which makes you a hypocrite). The conundrum is yours! Now, some of us believe that there are things that man did NOT make.
            If you want people to respect your choice to be a non-believer in religion or whatever you define yourself as, you’re gonna have to present your arguments in a more thought out and respectful manner. Trying to label religion as ONLY “opiate of the masses” is unfair and bigoted. Show me ONE…..1 UNO (ONE) civilization that began without religion and I’ll show you NEANDERTHALLS my friend. You wont win this debate!

    • itwasn'tme says:

      That’s why I don’t go no more. Scotty is a good guy (like most Adventists) but they seem to like safe sermons that don’t address their short commings. So they sit there in their comfort zone knowing the preacher won’t make them feel discomfort……just keep dat tithe flowing!!!!!

      • N. Wilson says:

        It wasn’t me, please don’t judge all Adventists on the dealings you’ve had locally on the tiny isolated island of Bermuda. I grew up here attended BI, but never had a positive experience until I returned home as an adult. I didnt feel genuine connected to the church I grew up in, didn’t feel the “love” so I went about and found another church that met my needs. I’m not sure which church(es) you frequented, but it sounds like you had a not so good experience. There are eleven churches each one different and with different target audiences and the pastors range from monotone, dynamic, 30 min deliverer to 1 hour deliverer. At the end of the day, find the one that works for you. But even if you don’t come visit, its all about your personal relationship with God at the end of the day. Peace and Love

  3. Dwain Smith says:

    J, so are the lifestyles that we choose.

    • 32n64w says:

      Can you be more specific?

      • Away says:

        Religion is a lifestyle that people choose, so I guess he means that…

      • sandgrownan says:

        You won’t get a specific answer. That’s the problem with the ignorant.

        • Dwain Smith says:

          Sandgrownan, you can refer to me as ignorant which is find by me. However, I refuse to be drawn into something as insignificant as what Scott said, in the heat of an emotional moment. This gentleman has given countless hrs consoling those families that have lost loved ones to gun violence, and to throw him under the bus for this one off remark. That is being ignorant!

          • sandgrownan says:

            And to refer to homosexuality as a lifestyle choice is ignorance of the highest order.

            • LOL (original) says:

              So do we have proof of a gay gene being passed down from generation to generation?

              LOL sandgrownan politically I see where you come from but on Religion we differ greatly. No I’m not the type of Christian that forces my beliefs on others as I have said Christians have a duty to inform do decide for others. So when you and others decide to bash a type of Christian do so specifically and not include those who ARE Christian. not caps on are to emphasize the word no shooting implied.

              • sandgrownan says:


                The problem with that point of view is that you correctly label your beliefs as..beliefs. They are just that,. They are not rooted in any sort of fact. They are just unsubstantiated beliefs.

                They claim to “know” because it’s written in a book of dubious origin.

                • LOL (original) says:

                  Yes it is my belief. Just like it’s your belief that mine is incorrect but you really also have no proof of either. Tell me what you believe as I’m sure that if thought about long enough I could poke holes in your belief as well as science does not quite answer our origins at all so that only leaves a belief in nothing which is hard for me except as nothing comes from nothing (plus to many coincidental things must occur for this to be right in my mind) or some belief in a God like being or beings must exist some how. what was it that use to be said “that when logic fails to answer definitely what ever is left no matter however improbable or impossible must be” something like that anyway. That is my point really I do not whish to disrespect your belief either.


                  • sandgrownan says:

                    Well, I think, if I understand your comment correctly, that you don’t understand science and by extension evolution. Neither are theories of chance.

                    My “belief” is rooted in scientific fact. Yours, appears to be rooted in a mythical friend in the sky for which no proof exists and a book of dubious origin cobbled together by a bunch of ignorant goat herders 2000 years ago and roughly translated inot English aroudn 600 years ago. Note the translation into English was managed to continue to subvert the masses. No credible individual would assign any authenticity to the KJB.

                    • LOL (original) says:

                      Actually Science was my best subject (90% and above even in university). In Chemistry things must be done in a controlled environment as to avoid other variables which may impact on the variable you are trying to study. That said in the world outside the lab there are tons of variables and I just don’t see how a very complex beings such as our selves or any life for that matter not to mention all the elements that we use to make everything right down to the make up of the atoms and the energy it takes to make it could have been chance cause weather you like it or not science is just that chance as it has no plan in front of it. No prime cause so to speak so yea it is chance although I can see where you are coming from as I too went though a period of disbielf and looked at many alternatives but in the end God is the only thing that I personally came back to that made possible sense. Evolution or devolution as I think of it may have been a start to how things where done but the Human species is defiantly devolving as RNA which copies the genetic code in the body suffers from momentary issue causing it to miscopy things from time to time resulting in abnormalities we are seeing more and more combined with our tech has allowed these this to continue in the gene pool as we care less about the environment so Darwin’s theory is no longer applicable to humans, but I digress. As for the bible discussion I will defer to you for now as I don’t really have that much time to discuss it but in brief King James took all the best scholars at the time and tried to authenticate the many works that were supposed to be what the bible was (scrolls I think) and translated them as best as one can with the language barrier as a hindrance but it is generally excepted to be as authentic as possible.

                      LOL I see science as our way of explaining how God did it on our terms and understanding.

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      The KJB was translated in a manner that suited the monarchy of the time. It’s not correct to assume it was accurately translated from whatever texts existed, it was translated in a specifci way, with specific language to bind the nation, the monarchy and church together. Even if you do subscribe the Bible’s “teachings”, the version you are probably reading isn’t the original.

                      I think you miss my point re: theory of chance. Another time perhaps….

            • Bernie says:

              Contrary to current popular opinion and propaganda, homosexuality is not a strictly biological phenomenon. People take so much of what they hear and read in the media and fail to examine the actual studies resulting in these claims.

              While each and every brain is wired differently, we all essentially respond to stimuli that give us physiological gratification on some primal level. So essentially, what tickles your fancy may not tickle mine. However, the “decision” to pursue a homosexual lifestyle is no more a biological compulsion than the “decisions” of two teenagers to have to have sex, or the “decision” to be attracted to animals rather than people, or the “decisions” of some adults to pursue relations with children. By that standard, you can justify almost any action that places one within their comfort zone, as a biological compulsion.

              Unfortunately, the theories concerning the origins of homosexuality can never be effectively tested using the scientific method as it is impossible to have a truly controlled population experiment in essentially a “clean” environment without the existing environmental influences.

              I personally have no problem with the homosexual lifestyle, but can’t support the theories of “it’s not my fault/decision” or “I was made this way.” In a need to justify the lifestyle we are looking for reasons to excuse it when none are needed.

              • White Christ says:

                Interesting that we don’t need to prove that incest and bestiality are just as acceptable as two teenagers having sex. Sounds like we are in the primitive “orientation ages” again. Good-bye homosaphien hello neanderthal.

              • sandgrownan says:

                That is fundamentally incorrect (and offensive)

                • Bernie says:

                  How is this fundamentally incorrect? These findings are not based on experimentation. Rather, they are based on statistical analysis after the fact. It’s like going into a jail and analyzing the neurological and physiological signatures of a serial killer, and then concluding that the differences between d him or her and a “normal” person are the reason they turned out that way. There is no way to know that because the baseline signals weren’t analyzed. Further, correlation doesn’t determine causation.

                  And finally, I don’t see the need to justify homosexual behavior by trying to find a biological reason for it. Just be gay because you want to be.

                  • sandgrownan says:

                    I actually agree with your last comment, however, being gay has biological roots.

                    It’s not a “lifestyle choice” or a decision. Sure, it can be supressed, often at great personal pyscological stress and self loathing, but it’s a natural state of affairs.

            • Dwain Smith says:

              What do you call it then? Do the participates not agree to engage with each other. I know of many people whom I grew up with who have choosed to particpate in homosexuality. Remember the lust of our flesh will do or particapate in anything that brings it gratification. You will never win this argument. I consider you just another small minded Bermudian. When you are ready to discuss a point with substances, please let me no.

              • sandgrownan says:

                Well, it’s hard to “win” an argument against such ingrained stupidity.

  4. BermudaFreePress says:

    “Please be advised that the members of the TFB team do not condone the actions of Mr. Smith.

    Some of you were clapping in agreement.

    • bernews says:

      Actually, we were there and despite what may have been reported elsewhere we actually did not hear any clapping when he said it.

  5. Jus' Askin' says:

    It is amazing that one rant, has dismissed all that he has done in his affords to help families in Bermuda. Bermuda is a very unforgiving country. Brother Scott proved he is human and that he is guilty of, but don’t forget he was one of few on the front line.

    • relevant says:

      You are right, that’s why it’s hard for change to happen here. Change takes people, regardles whether its Human Rights, Decreasing Violence, Improving the Education system. Being a small community that loves to throw stones, we create individuals that are complacent and dwell in apathy because no one wants to speak out and be called out and hung out to dry if they make a mistake. SAD!!

  6. Genghis Khan says:

    Come drink from the cup of destruction.

  7. justice says:

    We should not lambase MR. smith. He was wrong and said sorry for his unkind words.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Does he mean it?

    • Away says:

      He said his spill, then apologized with the same rhetoric…thats not an apology…he is disingenuous…

    • Grubster says:

      Of course we should lambast Mr Smith. Despite his helping of families, he is condoning hatred and negativity – the same reasons why people have been getting shot

  8. OMG says:

    I don’t doubt that we realise that Mr. Smith is human, but I think a lot of people are/were questioning his motives for all that he is/was doing. Its apparent that he lacks respect to a degree for others who chose a different lifestyle.

  9. Citizen Banned says:

    It takes a lifetime to gain a reputation and but a second to lose it. Think Bill Clinton, Arnold Sch, Sen Edwards. This guy is responsible for his mouth – he ran it off. Good riddance!!!

    Religious zealots should be very careful – in case there really is a place called Hell – cos they are surely going.

  10. RELIGION says:

    @ Will

    God/Jesus never once said Religion!! It’s the human carnal mind with all these rules and regulations of what the church is. Church is not the four walls. Its a group of people whom agree on the Word of GOD.

  11. Ganja mon says:

    Screw you gays and church PEOPLE !!! Believe in yourself & before you thank GOD, Thank YOURSELF !!! 2000 yrs later and with technology at your fingertips you still believe the crap written in an OLD Book..The best selling book i Might add..

    • Anyone says:


  12. Krys Assan says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to negate all of the critical work that Scott has done for the community based on a few moments of poor judgement. I can’t support his comments/feelings/projections on what he feels homosexuality is or represents, but I respect integrity and humility in his character that his apology for the name-calling represents…really. I haven’t been offended.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Forgiveness Is Power. I hope others take notice of your remarks and Brother Scott approaches you himself.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      Thank you Krys.

      Mr. Smith is passionate about his beliefs. I applaud that. I don’t agree with some of them, and I am inspired by other actions(and words) of his. I always admire courage, and it took courage and humility to apologize. I was saddened that he used his apology to reiterate some of his beliefs about same sex oriented individuals.

      It is important to remember, whatever one’s belief system, that ALL human beings should have the right to pursue basic necessities – food, water, shelter, employment – without fear of discrimination.

      Whatever the merits of Ms. Assan’s experience might be, the ‘Human’ Rights Act in its present form does not provide any legal recourse for either party.

      • Down 'n' Dirty says:

        Your way or the Highway …Mr Smith gets my vote as he cruises along the Highway..Comfortable in his own skin !!!

    • itwasn'tme says:

      I think that you’ve just become immune to the verbal abuse. I’m not gay, but I know its becomes easier as you get older to just ignore F*cked up people

    • Dwain Smith says:

      Ms. Assan I applaud you for making such a strong statement. You are the only one at the end of the day who has to be happy with the choices and or lifestyle that you choose to live. I personally don’t condone your lifestyle, however I love you never the less. Be encouraged, and keep your head held high.

    • relevant says:

      Hey Ms. Assan,

      Maslow’s theory , check it out. There are other groups that are being discriminated against here locally and need their basic needs met. Consider partnering with them, because changing the Human Rights Act in Bermuda will be an enourmouse undertaking. Some groups underrepresented are the mentally ill, physically handicapped, age.

    • really says:

      maybe you hsould be offended. if we had people who would just give a damn and say you were wrong and you should suffer the consequences, then maybe things can start to change. but we are always saying or well he made one mistake thats a big mistake which isnt an actualy mistake. because during his “apology” he said he was glad his words got out there because it brought awareness. there would be no need for awareness if such negativity wasnt around. you might just being taking the high road and being humble but to constantly stand for what has happened defeats your protest.

  13. J says:

    Civilization would be so much more advanced if it weren’t for religion. It suffocates the mind making us less than human. Our potential to ‘be’ has been diminished because of the belief that the value of our lives is not found here on this earth, but in some mystical place where we will live forever… So we do not seek to perfect our earthly circumstances. The hate that this man has uttered is more powerful than you think… this man thinks he is speaking on behalf of a higher power, and thus, feels justified in his stance. He does not care what you or I think as his purpose is not with us and the human condition, but only with the ‘afterlife’ his God.

    • .am says:

      “Civilization would be so much more advanced if it weren’t for religion. It suffocates the mind making us less than human. Our potential to ‘be’ has been diminished because of the belief that the value of our lives is not found here on this earth, but in some mystical place where we will live forever…”

      Saint Augustine
      Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
      Emanuel Swedenborg
      Leonardo Da Vinci
      John Stuart Mill
      Blaise Pascal
      Galileo Galilei
      Nicholas Copernicus
      Sir Francis Bacon
      Johannes Kepler
      Rene Descartes
      Isaac Newton
      Robert Boyle
      Michael Faraday
      Gregor Mendel
      William Thomson Kelvin
      Max Planck
      Albert Einstein
      Charles Babbage

      How is it that all of these people who are inferior to you in each and every way have done so much more for civilization than you or any of your relatives and offspring could ever hope to?

      Go out and do something with your life, and try to remember that WE are the only things hindering our advancement as a civilization instead of continually expressing contempt founded on a childhood of unanswered prayers to an imaginary man in the sky.

      • Bryan says:

        Yeah, and all those individuals you named and YOU are gonna bow down to Jesus at the end of days….whether you believe it or not.

  14. YAH KNOW!!! says:

    What do you call a gay dinosaur? Megasoreass !!!! :) hahaaaaaa

    • confused? says:


  15. gay and gays only !!! says:

    my sister is gay or wateva you wanna call it she aink tryna marry nobody and she dont watch this situation like you all doo.. you know why becasue she has confidence you people seem like yah crying for nothing live your lives and go on with your gays selves….. gay means to be happy so dont worry gay folk

  16. asdfasdg !!! says:

    Go uncle Scotty at leaste your not ashamed to stand up to these (edited)!!!!

    • smilling says:

      Mr Smith was out of orderpeople like him should not be let to call any one a ass as I c it his the ass any man preaching the word of God n trying to save souls should did deep n save his on

  17. It is what it is says:

    Scott has done a hell of a lot for the community..but typically as MOST not ALL Bermudians they have a short memory when you do good but have a long memory when you do something wrong..he voiced his opinion and because it was not deemed appropriate by most he is getting blasted for it…I can’t say that I agree with what he said but at the end of the day it is how HE feels…all those that called him names and used “put downs” to describe him do you think that makes you any better then him? Just let people be..If they want to say things that are ignorant or that we we feel are ignorant so be it..if they want to be gay so be it..the Bible speaks against it yes, but the Bible also speaks against ADULTERY and FORNICATION as well but we have a lot of participants in that arena as well…because I am sure the majority of us have taken the “car” for a “test drive” before we drove it off the lot…We have all sinned in one way or another and have fallen short of the glory of God…so who are we to Judge….Scott admitted to saying the wrong thing, he apologised publically for it and Ms. Assan has forgiven let’s move on people….

  18. d reader says:

    wow so if yu not gay friendly yu a bigot…

  19. killa moe says:

    To have peace doesnt mean you have to be gay!!!!! Why apologize to the WORLD??? The world SHOULD apologize to JAH!!!! Freedom of speech !!!