Two Teenage Girls Charged After Fight

May 9, 2011

Following a fight in Hamilton last week, two teenage girls were this morning [May 9] charged with “affray” in Magistrates Court.

Both pleaded guilty, and after hearing evidence and explanations, both were given Conditional Discharges with supervision. The charges stem from an altercation between the two girls outside Digicel on Court Street at 5:00pm on Wednesday 4th May.

When Magistrate Archie Warner asked why they had fought, the 18-year-old said that she had fought the other girl, a 17-year-old student of another school, because she had “disrespected her” over a period of time.

The Magistrate asked what she meant by “disrespected”, she replied that the other girl had called her a w$#@e and had done so repeatedly and in public.

The fight apparently began when one girl got off her bike and hit the other girl. The Police were called and both girls were taken into temporary custody, then released after being charged and summonsed to appear in Court this morning.

Asked, by the Magistrate, about their studies, one of them replied that she was on the Principal’s ‘honour roll’, was a leader at school, and had been “in the news on Friday”. The other one said that was an A and B student who was voluntarily taking extra lessons in the form of tutorials and that she anticipated going off to college in September.

Magistrate Warner asked them: “How do you feel being humiliated like this, having to stand in Court?”

When asked how they should be dealt with, one girl suggested a Conditional Discharge be given to her given her promise to never repeat the behavior. The other girl suggested that a Warning should be given to her as she would not do that kind of thing again.

After hearing a submission from Duty Counsel Graveney Bannister, and after warning and reminding them that a conviction would mean that they would have a criminal record, Magistrate Warner gave both girls a Conditional Discharge for twelve months but with supervision by Court services.

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