Government Misspelled On Government Trucks

June 13, 2011

A few trucks have been seen on the road with the word Government spelled incorrectly.

Officials have not responded to our request for comment, however they have given quotes to other media outlets acknowledging the misspellings and saying the matter will be fixed. The photo below depicts one of the vans in question, with the “N” missing from the word ‘government’.


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  1. Motts Apple Sauce says:

    There are_’t a_y fu_ds i_ the budget for that letter.

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    “N” is a bad letter and it is being eradicated from the English Language…starting in Bermuda, even though half our school kids and youngsters use it in every other sentence. Must be the teacher’s fault…get rid of them as well as the bus drivers!

  3. B, a Lady says:

    There is a much larger picture here. We have to admit that our level of grammar usage and spelling is low. Our education system cannot shoulder all the blame. Parents have to coax children to read quality books in order to see language correctly used. If you read the posts to Bernews, you will know what I mean. It saddens me that an adult is likely the writer.

    As for the sign, the work is done, then generally checked by a Supervisor. This means that there were probably two pairs of eyes reviewing the work.

    Sad, but a reality on our island where we have become accepting of mediocrity and excuse everyone for mediocre performance. Mediocrity has seeped into many sectors of our life. Retail; Government; Education; Health care and Transportation, to name a few. I have been to third world countries who outperform us on these fronts. They do not accept mediocrity. Instead, they strive to be better in every aspect of life.

  4. Me says:

    And the education budget is being cut?

    • Southampton says:

      Looks like we have a bunch of idiots in the government system and the sign painting business.

      More money needs to be spent on education.


  5. sandgrownan says:


  6. Overly Concerned says:

    Maybe they’re not trying to GOVERN anymore. Probably the car was too small. Next we’ll see BDA Guvmint on the back.

    Sloppy – saying that, not much better than the RG or Bermuda Sun some days.

  7. Too Funny says:

    Somebody spelled it the way they say it!! LOL Too Funny! So noone checked before they went out on the road! No happens..but its funny!!!!

    • Old Broad says:

      If it had been spelled the way it’s generally pronounced, it probably would have read “De Bummuda Gubmin”. :-p

  8. SMDH LOL says:

    To many criminals with very little or no education working for Government lol lol as we can see SMDH!!!LOL

    • PAS says:


    • OMG says:

      Not to be mean, but that should be ‘too’ and not ‘to’ at the beginning of your sentence. So many people don’t know the difference between two, to and too/their and they’re/were and where/then and than, etc.

      That kind of stuff was drilled into our heads as kids…now I see these kinds of mistakes all the time-including coming from teachers themselves.

      We need to bring those old-school teachers back!

  9. Concerned says:

    A few trucks…LMAO!!!!! And we expect them to know how to run a country! Unbeleevable LOL

    Great post Motts Apple Sauce!

  10. Spelling Bee says:

    That’s what happens when you elect people to run certain parts of goverNment based solely on the fact that you know them rather than their educational background. It’s so sad at what this island is becoming.

    • summer lover says:

      LOL! so true, Bee!

    • truth be told says:

      @ spelling Bee Do you really believe that an MP or Government Minister had anything to do with the spelling on those vans? I did not elect any one to put the names on Government vans. Sorry but this is not something you can point the finger at the PLP for, the Minister doesn’t even inspect the vans before they are put on the roads that work is designated to others in the Ministry or even put in the hands of the dealer whom the vans were perched from. Wake up and stop drinking the PLP hater-aid.

  11. Jus' Askin' says:


  12. its me says:

    I wonder if the Government uses the same private company that does the majority of the sign business. Could it be the UBP bogeyman.
    Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………

  13. Onion says:

    I’ve also seen private cars with misspelled words across their windshield.

  14. check it out says:

    this is friggin hilarious! and they wanna cut money from education lmao smh

  15. Raise DE ROOF says:

    its a shame!!!! smh

  16. susan says:

    Hey, at least it wasnt BERMUDA GOVMIT

    • Icarus says:

      Perhaps some comedian was trying to spell:


  17. Think about it says:

    I think it’s funny to see that most, if not all of you are making fun of the government and the people who mispelled the word, when you cannot spell yourselves.

    @ SMDH

    You should have wrote, “Too many criminals…” not “to many.”

    @ Too Funny

    You should have said, “No one,” not “Noone.”

    @ Concerned

    “Unbelievable,” not “Unbeleevable.”

    • Motts Apple Sauce says:

      I was thinkin de same ting.

    • chris says:

      Typos on the internet are a little different to typos on government trucks… So what is your point?

    • Old Broad says:

      Now that you’ve called out contributors for their spelling errors, perhaps you’d like to consider your own poor grammar. It should be “…should have written”, not “…should have wrote”. Back to school, sweetie!

    • Grammar too says:

      @ Think: Don’t you mean “You should have written”???

    • Concerned says:

      Actually I’m a very good speller!! It was a joke to go along with the ignorance!! Didn’t think I had to spell it out for you!! Next time I’ll break it down for you!!

  18. Madeleine says:

    Just terrible, shows how much work Dame Jennifer has ahead of her fixing education – that in this day in age, some people still think it’s with a “V” and not a “W”.

  19. The Rock says:

    Epic Fail. LOL….

  20. huh says:

    DRUG TESTING??? You’d be surprised…

  21. UGH! says:

    LMAWO!!!!! The spelled it the way most Bermudians pronounce it…gover-ment. SMH!!!!

    • Gecko supporter says:

      actually, its word deletion, as some words in the english language is not be pronounced, example often -the deletion of the t can be made and be grammaticaly

  22. Winnie says:

    Lol,lol what’s new………

  23. MinorMatters says:

    You know when I saw the word, “Goverment” I knew something was wrong. Shouldn’t it have been “Guv’menn”?

  24. Not surprised at all says:

    Welcome to Bermuda – island of idiots.

  25. US Observer says:

    This is a prime example of not knowing the difference between speaking proper English and not knowing how to write it. How can you expect someone who has been taught that what they are speaking is correct? Then, you expect this same person to put it in writing, especially as an adult. Good luck!! It starts in the home and if not the home, pre-school.

    As a Bermudian, I was once subjected to and even found myself spitting out “so called” words that should be insulting to the english language…(call it the Bermudian accent all you want). Some Bermudians still think and believe that it’s “cute.” Please…it is truly amazing that there are millionaires on the island who still can’t read and write let alone speak properly.

    “I’m just saying”…where was the oversight on this one?

  26. W.T.F.??? says:

    TYPICAL of the (unedumacated) nonsense that is in Bda.

  27. Onion Soup says:

    While we may laugh at this error in spelling on a government van, it is truly quite shocking that in a situation where oversight should be a given, the error was not caught by anyone before the van hit the streets. Every time I get on line to read any of the Bermuda newspapers, I know I’ll find at least a half dozen misspellings and an equal amount of atrocious grammar. Teachers need to be more vigilant about correcting their students. Students need to pay more attention to what they’re being taught and, perhaps most of all, they need to get over the idea that speaking and/or writing proper English does not make them appear nerdy or weak. Your future success may depend to a large degree upon your language skills, both spoken and written!

  28. Joe Delmonte says:

    Just demonstrates how DUMB a large portion of the natives are. This is laughable. Drinking too much tap water. The guy who done this should be fired. But he wont be as old furbert will have his back.

  29. Notorious says:

    LOL at the grammar Nazi on bernews arguing too. Bermuda is another world.

    *prays I made no errors in my post*

  30. Terry says:

    Yoo tel um Hunyeon Soop….detz rite……Hiff yoo kant spal yoo goe two hal…..

    Maynaize dat his…..

    • Terry says:

      Sorry Onion..I dropped my needle…..Should have said….it ain’t got to do with education, schooling et al. Nada….nothing…….

      Who trimmed, primed or put those decals on that/those veehikls………

      Oh that rite someone on day release from the bus station on their way home….damn….I’ll nevre lirn……………………………..

      • Onion Soup says:

        Chee…hope ya needo dint broke terry…ya may needum laydah!

        • Terry says:

          No prumlam Soups……I use dee #32 Staylass Steal vuns frum Hoyme Deeputt. Goud four kawkin ann seelin………

          Ver yoo gatt det naim. Yah nutt det fool frum det odda site har yoo…..

          • Onion Soup says:

            Wot…sum buggah yoosin ma naim? No, Um not dat fewl frum de oddah site. I use one oddah naim on dat wun. Mebbe I needs to change ma naim here to “Not Da Oddah Onion Soup”, hah? Keep da fafe, bruddah.

  31. summer lover says:

    It is difficult to reach students as they are being bombarded by incorrectly used grammatical structure of the English language every minute of the day through emedia. I remember teaching Spanish in the middle school using the vocabulary word ‘playa’ meaning beach….it took two seconds for a student to pronounce it like the hip-hop artists do. :|

  32. Kiskadee says:

    Bermudians have such a great sense of humour. These comments have given me my laugh for the day. But it is amazing that a sign can be painted on a vehicle with no one noticing the mistake

  33. JD83 says:

    Epic epic fail. Wow.

  34. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Yes we have had lots of Goverment…NOW it is time for Government again^^

  35. joe says:

    This is nothing. During the Ag Show (Ex…whatever) they were handing out notices to all permit parking vehicles that read “…dose not include enterance…”.
    No lie.

  36. Spittal Pond Skink says:

    I applaud Gumment’s efforts in cutting cost. Were you aware that B.A. saved thousands of $$$ by removing just one olive from every salad they served on their flights. The saving could be endless… Undo all the green bulbs in the traffic lights… Lighten the buses by removing all the seats for the vistors …
    Come on Bermuda, with your help we can help these Gumment Ministers enjoy that lifestyle to which Ewart got them accustomed.

  37. Ganja mon says:

    I dont get it..So people want to blame the PLP for this?? get a friggin life you losers.

    • Get Real says:

      Ganja Mon, of course the PLP didn’t actually do this, but they are the Government and this is part of their responsibility. Just interested, who would you blame?

  38. Truckzones says:

    The open example of the blindness of the government system.