Devonshire South Central Election Tomorrow

October 31, 2011

The Devonshire South Central by-election will be held tomorrow [Nov.1], with veteran Parliamentarian John Barritt to be replaced by one of the three contenders.

The by-election was called due to the resignation of Mr. Barritt, who had promised to step down if the a new Opposition Leader selected at a September party conference was not an elected Member of Parliament.

On September 10, Senator Craig Cannonier prevailed in his One Bermuda Alliance leadership bid against MP Bob Richards. Days later Mr. Barritt submitted his resignations as Devonshire South Central MP and Leader of the Opposition and Sen. Cannonier was selected to contest the seat for the OBA.

Anthony Richardson will contest the seat for the ruling Progressive Labour Party and one-time United Bermuda Party official David Sullivan will run as an Independent. The UBP, now reduced to a rump of just two MPs in the House of Assembly, will not be fielding a candidate.

John Barritt has held the seat for 18 years under the UBP’s banner, winning a large percentage of the vote in the four general elections he contested.

In the 2007 election, Mr Barritt received 85 percent of the vote [723 to 122] against the PLP’s Linda Merritt. In 2003, Mr Barritt garnered 90 percent of the vote [747 to 83] against the PLP’s Dorothy Burch.

The previous voting patterns of the area have lead to Sen. Cannonier being considered the odds-on favourite to win the seat.

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  1. Terry says:

    Dis is sow cunfoozin…..So if Sully wins, detz hit? If Cannonier vinz det it? If Richarsdons viz..detz hit? No wonder knowone knows vats going horn…..

  2. Kevin says:

    Seems you can get live results from

  3. Stormy says:

    Good luck to Mr. Sullivan. Voting for the Independent candidate will send a message that our vote counts and cannot be taken for granted. Don’t trust a candidate that attended the last PLp banquet for Ewart and stated on several occasions that his ideologies are more PLp than ubp. He is there as an opportunist to a safe seat. C12 deserves an honest representative. Mr. Sullivan is the best man for C12. He won the tv debate hands down. This is the change Bermuda needs. Not a party politician and independent thinker who will always place the needs of C12 first.

  4. @Stormy….Sure…when cows fly……….

  5. Stormy says:

    If we vote on our vote surely won’t punt until cows fly.

  6. Stormy says:

    If we vote oba our vote won’t count, until cows fly.

  7. What ! says:

    Mr Sullivan is in it for Mr Sullivan, Mr Richardson is taking a fall to be rewarded by an appointment, Mr Cannonier is in it for the future of Bermuda.

    • Doubters says:

      Right…so you think cannonier isn’t in it for himself? Haha…with his meteoric rise up the political ladder…

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    As a voter in the area, & in a situation where we have a choice of independents, my vote would go to David Sullivan. However we a stuck with political partys. I don’t like it. Devonshire South has had the best of representation for many years through John Barritt, Michael Dunkley, David Saul, even Colin Benbow. Cannonier has some very big shoes to fill.

  9. Terry says:

    So you voted for Sullivan. Keep drifting triangle…….