Sullivan: OBA’s “Boogey-Man Politics”

October 11, 2011

David J Sullivan, JP Esq.The Independent candidate in the forthcoming Devonshire South Central Parliamentary by-election says he is contesting the seat because he refuses to “shut up and fall into line” with the new One Bermuda Alliance.

David Sullivan [pictured], a long-time United Bermuda Party member and official, told Bernews he decided not to run under his former party’s banner because it is effectively defunct — although he added he “respected” its two remaining Members of Parliament, Kim and Charles Swan, for refusing to shift allegiances to the OBA.

Mr. Sullivan accused the OBA of engaging in “boogey-man politics,” and said if he takes any votes from the PLP, its not for the PLP to win, but as the constituents may not want the PLP or OBA candidates, preferring someone who lives in the area.

“Let’s talk a moment if we can about Independent candidates,” he told Bernews. “I know parties particularly don’t care for them because they are not able to be controlled, they won’t toe the party line, they won’t do as they’re told …”

But he pointed out Independent Senators in the Upper House had repeatedly demonstrated the worth of non-partisan politicians by joining with the Opposition to defeat ill-considered Government legislation under both UBP and PLP administrations.

Longtime Devonshire resident Mr. Sullivan added that neither OBA candidate Craig Cannonier nor Progressive Labour Party hopeful Anthony Richardson were familiar with the constituency, suggesting voters might be more comfortable with a familiar local figure rather than newcomers.

Education, the economy and crime and associated socio-economic issues are the key items on Mr. Sullivan’s plaform, with the candidate arguing that the failure of schools to prepare students for jobs in leading industries had marginalised generations of young Bermudians who subsequently drifted into anti-social activities.

To be held on November 1, the by-election was called due to the resignation of John Barritt, who had promised to step down if the newly elected OBA leader was not an elected MP.

On September 10 Senator Craig Cannonier was elected the new OBA Leader, and on September 15 Mr Barritt submitted his resignations as Devonshire South Central MP and Leader of the Opposition.

Mr. Barritt has held the seat for 18 years, winning a large percentage of the vote in the four general elections he contested. In 2007 election, Mr Barritt received 85% of the vote [723 to 122] against the PLP’s Linda Merritt. In 2003, Mr Barritt garnered 90% of the vote [747 to 83] against the PLP’s Dorothy Burch.

No Independent candidate has been elected to the House of Assembly since environmental activist Stuart Hayward represented the old Pembroke West Central constituency for a single term between 1989 and 1994.

Bernews interview with David Sullivan:

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    Very good interview. If I lived in C12, I would vote for David. Would be nice to see the same type of interview with the other two ;-)

  2. Voting Indpendents says:

    right on!

  3. Voting Indpendents says:

    Hip Hip Horray, The Independents are finally showing their hand. So many times we hear “I can never vote UBP/OBA” or we are tired to party politics. Now comes a person who will stand for the needs of Bermuda 1st. not his own. Not promise to be more like the PLP (cannonier) or represent the PLP but represent the poeple who votes for him. Looking forward to the other 9 coming forth in the next few months. They will form the next government

  4. Eastern says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Sullivan; the key items in your platform: Education, the economy, crime and associated socio-economic issues sounds great, but please tell me how you are going to accomplish anything in the House of Assembly all by yourself?

    The other issue that could arise is that if you are elected (and that’s a big if) what do you think the general public would think of the voters of Devonshire South Central? People will wonder if they are all a bunch of racists, because they have voted for a white man with no party affiliation just because the other two candidates are black. No?

    I hate the electioneering that goes on during the lead up to an election as it is almost impossible to be sure as to what is rhetoric, what are just blind promises and what is real. My experience with elections is that most of what one hears is noise. Politicians have learnt that you must address the public; even if you really have nothing new to say and most don’t have a clue, which is why they are politicians as many (not all) are unemployable in any other field.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      And the race card has been played already ;-)
      The push would be for more independents and they would be able to accomplish the tasks needed to better the island. C12 will be voting the candidate that bests represents, them not on colour, so stop the BS m8. The voting on party lines needs to come to an end.

      • LOL (original) says:

        So would you like him to expand on what he would try to get accomplished in the areas he’s mentioned (great buzz words really) Why are people not demading to hear his new ideas yet scream and shout at the OBA for their new ideas and solutions. Lets hear his solutions after all that what people have demaned of the OBA.

        LOL fair is fair correct. By the way what will the PLP do differently haven’t heard their platform yet either. Give me something to support people.

        • LOL (original) says:

          So far no responce for platforms hope everyone has also noted that.


          • FYI-- umjussaying says:

            I don’t think that during the infancy stage it would be wise to show all of your cards i.e, solutions to the above mentioned. Simply because it leaves more room for scrutiny and objection or perhaps adaptation by other parties/political affiliates.

            I think Mr. Sullivan has been keen to show identify that these major areas need addressing.

  5. Mad Dawg says:

    So he thinks the economy, crime, and education are important issues. Not exactly ground-breaking thinking is it.

    I’m genuinely not understanding what he means by ‘boogey-man politics’. It sems like he doesn’t like the idea of being in a political party, although he would have continued to be in the UBP if it were still viable.
    It’s all a pretty confusing message.

    • Terry says:

      “confusing message”……?

      Read the spin here and on other blogs et al.

      I don’t see any others willing to take a stand.

      SPCA is giving away free shots Mad Dawg…………Get em while you can.

      And don’t forget…Beyonce is cummin……

  6. Thinkers says:

    @Mad Dawg – try to think like a sane person. He did not like the way the UBP handled things, many of us don’t and won’t accept a party now saying its new when its the same old people, trying to fool us and push a candidate whose ideology has changed since he’s been upgraded to leader of the UBP>OBA. If OBA did not take our 47% of votes from the last election and had 68 of them decided for us they no longer cared to represent us, but came to us via a posted gazetted general meeting and held the meeting and we, the voters decided to disband our party, David, the Swan and all would of accepted that general democratic decision. But that did not take place. You had the lawyers leading the blind to disband even though the courts in Bermuda said they did not follow their own constitution and we should trust those oba mps with the constitution of Bermuda. No Way Mister. they were up in arms when Ewart disobeyed the consitution and brought the Uigers here, but they can neglect their own signed constitution. UNACCEPTABLE. VOTING FOR ALL INDEPENDENTS

    • Mad Dawg says:

      It’s a waste of a vote. He has no message other than to call others ‘boogey-men’, whatever that means. Vote for him if you want, but I have no idea what you think you’re getting.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Just using a catch phrase coined by the PLP might get some of them to vote for him or possibly get him in the ruling party.


  7. George says:

    Afraid your delusional if you believe that voting independents in is the way to go Voting Independents! The system is flawed from the get go as was proven by Stuart Hayward as an independent MP in the 90′s. They have no power and can do very little under the Westminster system which is not based on proportional representation. The Senate is a different matter because the Governor appoints several independents who can shift the balance as the Government found out during the whole Tuckers Point debate.

    If you truly want an alternative then you should be lobbying MPs to change the system – as John Barritt tried during his time as an MP. How can a party who won 51% of the total vote get 61%(22) of the seats in the House of Assembly when the opposition gets 48% of the vote and only gets 38% of the seats(14) ! The system is broken time to change it! The party who commits to changing it gets my vote.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Second that.

      • FYI-- umjussaying says:

        Well, let’s just say that the majority of votes for the elected party has to be 19 seats.

        What if the PLP recevied 17
        The OBA 16
        Independents 2 or 3

        That means that the Governor can authorize a re-election (which I will doubt will happen) or forming a COALITION. This gives Independents the upperhand allowing them to partner with the ruling partner in exchange for their PROPOSED POLICIES….. Just a thought……

  8. drunken Ursula says:

    David,wishing you all the best,if not successful come around to the hood,whe
    re I can vote for you instead of that idiot…you know the race fool! Plenty of rum my house,stop over for a cocktail!

    • PEPPER says:

      Drunken Ursula ,if David Sullivan can attract people like you for his vote God help us ..

  9. Hudson says:

    Mr. Sullivan had my interest until I read this. I’m not interested in a candidate that will blow other people’s candles out in order to make theirs shine brighter. Tell us your platform, tell us how you will get things done. Don’t tell us about what we should think of other parties or candidates – we are more than capable of thinking on our own and forming our own opinions about history and where we see the future. Labelling the OBA’s strategy as “boogey man politics” makes Sullivan seem juvenille and I’m not interested. Fact is, most of what the OBA says about where this economy is and where crime and education is at is the truth – like it or not. What will differentiate Sullivan from the others is if he is truely able to offer himself, his thoughts and his solutions and stop worrying about what the others are doing if he thinks he has all the answers.

    • PEPPER says:

      Hudson ,I agree with you….when will the likes of David Sullivan,David Burch call it a day ? enough of you two wannabees…. I think you both have an agenda …and it is not for a better Bermuda .

  10. Thinkers says:

    @George – the Independents can do just that, change. The parties you want to vote for will not because they benefit from the now system. The boundaries did changed under Dame Jennifer and Barritt but now it favors the UBP/OBA so guess what they won’t make any changes. the 10 Independents will make those changes we are all waiting for – not the Party line tow and followers. From our poll taken Bermudians don’t want the party systems anymore. Look you all voted it out in 1998 because it wasn’t working and the same said are trying to get back in? We need mps with no personal agendas.

    • Not OK says:

      Independents have the most personal agenda of anyone. So much so that they don’t want to work within a party framework. Spin it all you want Thinkers, but reality is reality.

    • Eastern says:


      • FYI-- umjussaying says:

        As stated previously!!

        Well, let’s just say that the majority of votes for the elected party has to be 19 seats.

        What if the PLP recevied 17
        The OBA 16
        Independents 2 or 3

        That means that the Governor can authorize a re-election (which I will doubt will happen) or forming a COALITION. This gives Independents the upperhand allowing them to partner with the ruling partner in exchange for their PROPOSED POLICIES….. Just a thought……

  11. Rich says:

    I find it curious that this consummate party insider for decades is now banging the drum of independent voting.

    • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      Exactly… A die hard UBP man upset that his party is history. Sour grapes anyone?

      • Clinton Paynter i hope your running for the OBA in Const.#1
        are you if so when are they going to let you do an excellent job
        Please run for the OBA.
        you have my vote.

        • Wondering says:

          I agree

        • wallstreet says:

          Lets face it OBA will not run him there. They believe in polls. Perhaps the OBA can pay mindmaps to make up a that would benefit him. Dame Jennifer has that seat for life, like it or not. Craig will be running in C1 and giving C12 to another safe OBA face.

      • babygirl says:

        Clinton, think back, recall someone like this? Yourself, when you were not selected as a UBP candidate you also ate come sour grapes”. You became bitter!! “UBP name changed to OBA”. Same people and same agenda. Wonder how you will feel and react if they do not select you a 2nd time….Mr Suillivan is just taking a different direction.

        • Clinton J.A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

          Actually you are incorrect babygirl… it was always my opinion that the UBP were toast… they allowed the PLP to paint them in a bad light and it stuck. If I am not selected? LOL… I will still voice my views within the party (as they are open to all) and be the Family man that I have always been. No sour grapes here.

          • babygirl says:

            If the UBP were toast, why did you want to become a UBP MP? The PLP did not paint them in a bad light, they did it to themselves, as they are currently doing. The bloggers are great at doing it also, after reading the comments I am not encouraged to join or be apart of the OBA/UBP. The behaviours reflect those of the UBP. It goes to show there is no difference between the UBP//OBA. Same people and way of thinking.

            • LOL (original) says:

              If the UBP were toast, why did you want to become a UBP MP?

              Cause he did not want to be an independant in a two party system and I’m just guessing here that the current plp does not stand what he believes in.

              Oh and if the PLP did not use character assasination methods on the UBP then can you please explain these dirrect quote from PLP candidates

              “they will lock us all up”

              “They will place you in shakles and put you back on the plantation”

              “White people (which PLP people use as a synonim for the UBP) have a predisposed genetic disposition”

              I could keep going as the PLP provide this type of stuff daily but lets just start with these three shall we?


  12. Mad Dawg says:

    “Thinkers”, try to think like a sane person.

    The 10 independents have no platform, and have not articulated any coherent strategy for the country. A vote for them is a waste. Nobody knows what they believe in, or what what they would do if elected.

    Your posts are completely incoherent, by the way.

    • Thinkers says:

      Read carefully. The OBA is the UBP. Clinton wanted so badly to be a chosen UBP and when he wasn’t, he turn sour grapes. The indpendents will have a platform, their platform is to improved security, education etc. for all Bermudians regardless of where you live or who your family is/are. Their platform is to represent with integrity. Their platform is to not complile contracts for friends and family. Their platform is make sure our teachers are adequately paid and they adequately teach our children. Their platform is support the police, not have have expolice officers talk about crime but to support the police.

      • Wondering says:

        Thnkers – you need to stop… When a young man who is as positive as Clinton speaks from his heart and not his hip – I just can not understand people like yourself – why do you all constantly knock young positive males – who by the way, are training their children up in the way they should go and get cut arse when they attempt to or do. When a young man makes posters, sticks them up all over Hamilton and St. Georeg’s, talks hype, wears a kerchief around the neck, pants down around his arsk, stands on a corner smoking pot and cussin – that is who you want running or putting input into this country? We need more young men like CJ who are not afraid to step out of limits imposed by others… In other words “Breaking the Chains”.

        Speak on CJ, Speak on….

        • Terry says:

          And of whom do you speak.

          Just wondering.

          Or will you hide behind your accusations.

      • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

        Thinkers… I do not need you to speak for me as I am perfectly capable of doing so myself. My children are the reason I joined the OBA… I feel there will be nothing left if the PLP are allowed to win another election. Hate me if you like… I have broad shoulders, I can take it.

        • PEPPER says:

          Clinton ,it is people like you !!! that we need as parliamentarians ,and by the way I like you.

        • wallstreet says:

          I read the blog, no one hates you Clinton, but whenever you attach and some reacts you re attack, thinking its the right thing to do? or the OBA makes you feel powerful by patting you on the back for those blogs?. Frankly, you need a lot of grooming and education to be elected from the your behavioral prospective on simple topics. You are not ready Son – you have a lot of political growing to complete, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

          • LOL (original) says:

            The irony in your words is that you perfectly describe most politicians on other sides of the fence. So what’s your point? Clearly maturity and education do not play that big a part in being elected.


  13. navin johnson says:

    Boogy man politics whatever that is and no reference to the Colonel running again…..hhhhmmmmmmm

    • LOL (original) says:

      or whites at all……….slave masters sons and daughters ahhhhhhhh I’m in the clear……….

      LOL lolololololol

  14. Terry says:

    De Kernal? Nah detz a boogy man………

    Couldn’t run a bunch of kids nah he vaunts to help run a country?

    Too bad the Uighurs can’t vote…………..four votes right there………

  15. Goose says:

    My interpretation of all of this is that Sullivan doesn’t like Cannonier. Splitting the UBP/OBA vote and handing the PLP the constituency is the best way to ensure that Cannonier will not lead the OBA into the next election.

    Sullivan is a master of party politics. I can’t see him having any confidence whatsoever in the ability of an independent to have any meaningful effect in the House.

    • Comprehending the facts says:

      “In 2007 election, Mr Barritt received 85% of the vote [723 to 122] against the PLP’s Linda Merritt. In 2003, Mr Barritt garnered 90% of the vote [747 to 83] against the PLP’s Dorothy Burch.”

      Lets just say that constituents vote along the same lines for the up coming by election as they did for the 2007 election. If Sullivan and Cannonier split the UBP vote that would mean they each get 42.5% and the PLP candidate will get 15%.
      Your statement “Splitting the UBP/OBA vote and handing the PLP the constituency..” would be a form of Boogey-Man Politics. Not a truthful statement and meant to scare the voting public! Boo!

  16. Terry says:

    Just another rich white bouy. Is that what your saying Goose?

    • FYI-- umjussaying says:

      Don’t you get tired of playing the RACE card?? Or is that your only tactic to engage in a healthy dialogue about relevant topics. Be that as it may, Mr. Sullivan has already made a name for himself in proposing to run on his own. That in itself is his own AGENDA…..

  17. babygirl says:

    Mr. Sullivan, you are correct…..UBP/OBA are still engaged in “Boogy Man Politics” after all they are the kings of it !

    However, the UBP/OBA will win #12, after all is it a UBP strong hold area for the UBP/OBA. Whites tend to vote for ‘party’ in block, while blacks tend to vote based upon who they believe will best represent their interest. Whites have voted in one direction for years. It is the ‘Black Middle Class Swing voter’ that makes a difference and determines the outcome of an election. Whites will continue to vote UBP/OBA. This is why Mr Cannonier was put in this area to run, with out no doubt he will win. While many whites may not agree or prefer Mr Cannonier, they will vote for him, after all he represents the UBP/OBA !!! This tells us little has changed in Bermuda’s history. Whites vote in one direction, and many strongly, believe that power belongs to them.

    Nevertheless, ‘Independents’ can and do play a significant role in all elections, mostly due to the small size of Bermuda’s voting population.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Special is that you?


    • FYI-- umjussaying says:

      @babygirl….”This is why Mr Cannonier was put in this area to run, with out no doubt he will win. While many whites may not agree or prefer Mr Cannonier, they will vote for him, after all he represents the UBP/OBA !!! This tells us little has changed in Bermuda’s history. Whites vote in one direction, and many strongly, believe that power belongs to them.”

      I find that the same train of voting has worked for the PLP in subsequent years. As a matter of fact it has been very advantageous especially in constituencies that are predominately Black or where the voters only vote in one direction! Constituency 17, 35…

  18. specialgirl4 says:

    Babygirl, I love it, you make the same points I did !! OBA/UBP voters are one of the same, and they will vote “Party first” !! Win for new kid on the block without any real effort.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Multible personality is a problem usually those inflicted with this syndrom hard rampit parental abuse as a child. Tell me about your relation ship with you father…