Four Staff Leave Revelation Capital

December 14, 2011

Bermuda-based Revelation Capital Management Ltd., formerly Osmium Capital, has lost three members of its investment team and its head of marketing and investor relations.

Hedge fund industry journal “Finalternatives” reports today [Dec. 14] that Richard Cox, Kingsley Minty, Daniel Perrin — all formerly on the investment team of the firm’s market-neutral, event-drive Revelation Special Situations Fund — have left the company. Head of marketing Jim Konte has also apparently left the firm.

When asked about the departure by “FINalternatives”, Mr. Minty said, “I can confirm myself, James Konte, Richard Cox and Daniel Perrin have left to pursue other opportunities,” but declined to offer any further details.

The fund has assets under management of about $400 million and received a Lipper award for its performance for the three-year period ended June 2010.

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  1. Mass Exodus says:

    And the mas exodus continues… This is our future Bermuda. Good job, keep up the good work, more parking spaces in town for the few of us that can still afford to drive cars. More vacancies at the private schools that we can’t afford to attend.

    Fine mess we are in now!!

    • Ryan says:

      … did the article say that these four staff members are leaving the island? No, I don’t think it did. Did it even mention whether or not their jobs were based in Bermuda? No, it didn’t declare that, either.

      All of your musings are merely speculatory, based on what little information is presented here. I ask that you hold your breath—all is certainly not lost for Bermuda, and, indeed, we may not be in the ‘mess’ you say we are in. And I have intricate knowledge of the contrary. Keep your eyes on the news in the next few weeks; you may be surprised. ;)

  2. MinorMatters says:

    I can say I saw a Revelation advertisement the other day looking for I believe 3 investment personnel. Hopefully that means that capable Bermudians would be eligible and hired for those jobs. That would be a win-win situation…job creation at work.