Video: Gombeys Out Over The 2011 Holidays

December 28, 2011

Always part of the traditional holiday season, the Gombeys were out  making their way through various streets and neighbourhoods. Yesterday ‘Gombey sightings’ were reported in Warwick, Parson’s Road, Glebe Road, Hamilton and more. The video below shows them in the Angle Street/Laffan Street area at approximately 4pm yesterday afternoon [Dec.27].

Now a popular fixture throughout the island, the Gombeys were not always so highly thought of. An editorial written in the newspaper of the day in 1837 was strongly disproving of the island’s Gombey dancers: “We fully agree with our correspondent that the savage and nonsensical exhibition of the Gumba, practiced here by the idle, should be done away with, as a thing not suited to a civilised Community, and highly dangerous to Passengers on horses or in carriages.”

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  1. Lee says:

    I’m sure this was great and am sorry to have missed it. I always thought the Gombeys came out on New Year’s Day. Does anyone know for sure if this is so? and does anyone know where they might be?


    • Bernews says:

      Yes, they normally come out on New Years Day…when/where we can’t say they normally get around much of the island starting in the afternoon…

    • Mia in Bda says:

      Warners are staring from Mullet Bay heading towards Shelly Bay Beach