Live Blogging/Webcast: May 24th Races & Parade

May 24, 2012

[Updated] The 2012 Bermuda Day holiday is now underway, and we will be bringing you live text, photo and video updates as the day progresses, with the main updates due to start rolling in at about 9am.

The radio stations will be carrying live race commentary starting from around 8.45am, and barring any technical disasters we plan to carry a live video feed of the half marathon finish starting at around 10am and the parade starting at 1.30pm.

The Parade has ended, the first part of the webcast replay [2.5 hours] is available below:

The second part of the webcast replay is below [54 minutes]. You can drag the bottom bar to fast forward

The morning will kick off with the Sinclair Packwood Memorial Cycling Race at 8.45am, with 68 riders expected to take to the start line for the 11.9 mile sprint from Somerset to Hamilton, ending outside of the Leopard’s Club on Cedar Avenue.

Almost 800 runners are scheduled to take part in the 2012 Bermuda Day Half Marathon, which gets underway at 9am in Somerset. The men’s defending champion Chris Estwanik in the field looking for his fifth consecutive victory, while the defending women’s champion Deon Breary is unable to compete this year due to injury.

The Bermuda Day Parade will begin at 1.30pm featuring approximately 70 groups. It begins at Bernard’s Park, and will move along Dutton Avenue, on to Marsh Folly Road and continue through Cedar Avenue, Church St., Front St., Queen St. and concludes at City Hall Car Park.

Today’s weather forecast says, “A broad area of tropical moisture streaming up from the southwest will continue to provide mainly cloudy skies and high humidity with occasional light rain. Winds will remain mainly light and variable throughout the forecast period.” High near 23°C/74°F.

The latest updates will be posted on top, press your F5 key to refresh your screen:

Update 10.09pm: The full results of the junior race are here, and the results of the May 24th Fitted Dinghy races are here.

Update 9.29pm: A slideshow with 700+ photos of the Parade is here.

Update 8.34pm: The full half marathon race results can be found here.

Update 6.19pm: We have posted short video highlights [better quality than the webcast replay] of the Parade, the first two videos are below, and the full set of videos from today is here.

Parade Highlight Video #1:

Parade Highlight Video #2:

Update 5.15pm: The Parade has concluded, and the webcast replay is available above

Update 4.38pm: The first set of photos from the Bermuda Day parade is here.

Update 2.21pm: The judging has been completed for the floats.The Premier’s Award for Best Float went to St. Mark’s Anglican Church, the Reggie Ming Award for Most Beautiful went to St. Mark’s Anglican Church, the Minister’s Award for Most Original went to the Post Office, while the Ruth Thomas Award went to Sandy’s Secondary Middle School.

The D. J. Williams Award went to Sandy’s Secondary Middle School, the Dr. Marjorie Bean Award went to Warwick Academy, the L.C.C.A. Award was won Shriners, while the Chamber of Commerce Award went to the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. The Post Office won for Best Government Department, with the Best Community/Volunteer/ Political Award going to St. Mark’s Anglican Church.

Update 2.19pm: Over 800 photos of this morning’s marathon have been posted in a slideshow here.

Update 1.45pm: The parade is underway, a live stream is above, and you can also view the Government CITV station stream here. The full results of this morning’s cycling race have been posted here.

Update 12.15pm: The floats are lining up on Palmetto Road, with some partially covered with tarpaulins to protect from the rain.

Update 12.05pm: Premier Cox and her son continued to cheer on the runners through the rain:

Update 11.52am: The rain is putting a crimp in the day, with a steady drizzle coming down.

Update 11.30am: Our live video from the race finish is over and a 90 minute replay of the webcast is below, you can drag the bottom bar to fast forward.

Update 11.23am: The Estwaniks are pictured below being congratulated by Premier Paula Cox

Update 10.50am: Speaking after the race Mr Estwanik praised all the fans who were out on the route, and said the conditions were quite tough during the race. Mrs Estwanik said it was great to be back in the race, and said all the locals lining the route “brings a smile to my face no matter how I feel.”

Update 10.31am: Ashley Estwanik is the first female finisher, with Rose-Anna Hoey in second, and Jennifer Alen finishing third.

Update 10.22am: Sean Trott crosses the line in second, Jay Donawa in third, with Stephen Allen in fourth.

Update 10.13am: Chris Estwanik has won his fifth consecutive Bermuda Day half marathon, the Estwaniks look to repeat their husband/wife win as Ashley continues to hold her lead.

Update 10.03am: Four time May 24th champion Chris Estwanik is still leading the race, and is making his way through Hamilton being cheered on by the crowds. His wife Ashley continues to lead the women.

Update 10.01am: The junior runners are finished, with Aaron Jacobs and Messiah Greaves winning the titles.

Update 9.50am: The junior runners should be finishing soon, and be visible on the live stream above.

Update 9.49am: Dominique Mayho [pictured below] wins the Sinclair Packwood Memorial Cycling Race, Mark Hatherely was second, and Richard O’Connell was third. Joanna Shillington [pictured below] was the top female cyclist, with Nicole Mitchell in second, and Wenda Roberts in third.

Update 9.21am: Ashley Estwanik is leading the women at this time, with her husband Chris Estwanik also maintaining his lead.

Update 9.18am: The runner dressed as a bear is the “Warwick Academy Bear,” who is running to celebrate the school’s 350th Anniversary.

Update 9.09am: Almost 800 runners set off from the start line in Somerset at 9am. Chris Estwanik is still leading the pack, and is coming over Scaur Hill now. A quick video of the start is below:

Update 9.02am: The runners are underway, with defending champion Chris Estwanik leading the pack right out the gate.

Update 8.56am: Video of the start of the 2012 Sinclair Packwood Memorial Race in Somerset is below. The runners are warming up and due to start shortly.

Update 7.45am: Traffic is slow moving along Palmetto Road, as trucks and floats are making their way to Bernards Park for this afternoon’s parade.

Update 6.20am: In a longstanding tradition, Bermudians started to line the parade route last night [May 23], with people settling into ‘their spots’ for the Bermuda Day Parade. Signs of ‘camps’ can been seen along various parts of the parade route, with Cedar Avenue in particular a beehive of activity as of 6am this morning.

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  1. Father God, nothing is hidden from you! says:

    where is the link for the webcast

    • Bernews says:

      The webcast is embedded in the post above, the first runners aren’t expected in for about an hour however…

  2. Father God, nothing is hidden from you! says:

    whos head is that and where is the sound?

    • Bernews says:

      LOL, we have no clue whose head it is…however can say the audio will be turned on when the runners start coming in, which won’t be for a while…

    • WinterSun says:

      Do you mean that Bear!? If so, according to the RG sports listing, #53 is the Warwick Bear M 40-49 age group – celebrating 350 years at Warwick Academy I assume….

  3. ninkybm says:

    Will you be commenting on the Juniors race that’s about to start?

  4. Father God, nothing is hidden from you! says:

    it would be nice to have some sound, it maybe irrelevant to you, but to hear and get an feel for what is happening, the atmosphere being set instead of just waiting until something happens, that is just my thought

    • Bernews says:

      There are only two staff members at Bernews and two people can only do so much!

      Having sound that early would mean we would have to totally ignore all the cyclists, as the cameraman covered them and left the stream unmanned. Also there was nothing happening to have sound for, they were just setting up, as you can see once the runners started coming in the sound was on.

      Happy Bermuda Day to everyone!

      • Father God, nothing is hidden from you! says:

        Thank you, thank you, thank you, the two of you are doing an amazing job! I am so grateful to be so far away and still be connected to what is happening. So you are my eyes and ears today. Have told all of my students about the Bermuda day so as they are passing they are listening and having a look to see what is going on. Next lecture is not for another 2 hours so I will be able to share all the runners come in and then get back in time for the parade.

        Again thank you

        • Bernews says:

          No problem, and thanks. Sorry to sound snappy, just we wish we could do more also. Our streaming isn’t the best, but for those overseas like yourself it offers something at least. Hopefully in a few years we can get some ESPN style coverage going on lol.

          • Father God, nothing is hidden from you! says:

            Not snappy at all, I can understand the frustration of wanting to do more but it feels like your hands are tied. You never know keep doing your best and send out your work to some of the stations in the UK. they may just pick it up, seeing as you are british, have international runners and a great tool for tourism marketing.
            I am thoroughly enjoying watching people come in, some familiar some not, but lovely to see all the same.
            The dropping out of the sound is a bit annoying but again I understand you are doing your best.
            Saw you just got a new governor, go and see him after today and let him know how much you want to share this with those that are overseas and find out if he can point you in the right direction.
            ps. he is not untouchable and has an english speaking tongue in his head just like you and I.
            I always find it amazing that they are there but they are silent in many things, give them some work to do by enquiring about what is going on in the UK and how you can be effect to get the best out of your service.

          • Brenda says:

            Great to be connected to home. If we can assist u with a camera next year, we would be happy to do so, will be there in August, let’s connect to discuss. Happy Bermuda Day and thanks again for connecting those of us who are away from home!!!

            • Bernews says:

              Thanks! We are a small business, and always up for help, we have no shame lol.

      • terry says:

        Thanks Bernews.
        Always someone…….
        Great work.

      • WinterSun says:

        BERNEWS thank you for your coverage! At least it’s something considering what’s available on our expensive excuse of a local cable network – oh, that’s right NOTHING!…. Are we in 2012 or 1912?

        Again, thanks Bernews for you efforts, and Happy Bermuda Day to everyone, and congrats to all participants – oh, clean up after y’all’s mess along the parade route at the end…KBB


  5. Pelican says:

    Congratulations Chris Estwanik……or perhaps……it seems no one can catch you. Always an impressive performance.

  6. Father God, nothing is hidden from you! says:

    Chris is a beast, there is no body in sight still 10mins on, wow!

  7. Jane Vickers says:

    The Bear in your wonderful picture is The Warwick Academy Bear. The Bear is running 350 Km this year to celebrate our 350th Anniversary. Not a bad feat when you are dressed all in fur!! Come out and cheer on the Warwick Float as we continue to celebrate our FANTASTIC school and its proud heritage.

    • Bernews says:

      Thanks, we just pilfered that information and updated with it!

      • Jane Vickers says:

        You are AMAZING BERNEWS – always first rate coverage – congrats for all that you do.

  8. Father God, nothing is hidden from you! says:

    The way that Bermudians speak is hilarious! SMH. The older ones sound the best, realy Bvurdian! lololoool

  9. Rock says:

    Thank you Bernews for this live streaming now the people who have to work can see the days events. Big up!

  10. ReeRee says:

    I want to thank you guys for what you’re doing. I’m oversees and haven’t been able to watch coverage of this day for awhile. Thanks to you, many of us are able to partake in it even if it’s just a little bit.

  11. Bibiana Clauda says:

    when will the sound turn on?

  12. Peace says:

    Congrats all! Sheryce and Jules awesome! And you were on bernews live!

  13. thinkfirst says:

    thx bernews I am still away in school and this is great to watch while I work on finals

  14. WinterSun says:

    Thanks again BERNEWS! Hope you’re OK high on that bank? Becareful! Zoom in sometimes – you guys are the best! Keep the footage coming!

  15. Cease and desist says:

    Brilliant coverage online. thanks Bernews team!

  16. robert l says:

    thanks bernews!!! im watching your stream live in Jamaica!! it looks great!

  17. Bernews says:

    Thanks to everyone who commented, glad we could help bring Bermuda Day to all those overseas…

  18. Father God, nothing is hidden from you! says:

    Just had a look at CITV feed and it is horrible for a government run operation.
    Bernews, hands down you have proven yourself today (just confirms all the other times as well), I hope you take Brenda up on her offer for another camera, so you can have a view from on the ground as well. You are doing a swell job and I am most grateful!

  19. Thanks Bernews for your coverage of the Bermuda Day Parade today. I am in Lomdon UK, really homesick and can’t travel home. This has made my day! I have told all my friends and family to tune in too.

    I will be perfoming at Bermuda Day in London on June 4t at;75-89 Upper Walkway, West Yard, Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AF London, United Kingdom ·2PM -3AM / Entry is Free

    If any one’s in the UK try to come on down. Here’s the info DAY IN LONDON

    It is Spredluv’s great pleasure to present the 4 Annual Bermuda Day In London…One of the BIGGEST all day parties on the Lockside calender, this year we’re taking over the West Yard for a day of street food, DJs, live music 2PM -3AM / Entry is Free.

    CLINARK DILL with Mafia & Fluxy Band
    TREAD READY (Formally Zion & The White Boys),
    And More

    • Yes Bernews it was great to see Bermuda Day Live. Looking forward to next year.

      Clinark – see you on Bermuda Day in London June 4th … cant wait!

  20. VJG says:

    Thank you Bernews for job well done! I was able to watch and enjoy the parade from Atlanta Georgia!!
    Happy May 24th BERMUDA!!!!!

  21. jovon says:

    Thanks for the footage. BIG UP TO ALL THE BERMUDIANS

  22. Kennette Burgess says:

    Thank you soooooooooo much Bernews for your broadcast. This Onion was able to watch the parade from foreign. God Bless

  23. mendoza says:

    What a waste of money, all you here about is the poor local the poor locals, who get jobs and then they decide on a day like bermuda day, their national holiday, which 99% of the ppl getting drunk on the street haven’t contributed a lick of social, economical or any effort to don;t show up to work. but you can still see these “poor people” setting up shop on front street 24hrs before the sh$ttiest parade of all time texting on their iphones and blackberries without a care in the world because it’s their day. b.s. meanwhile the much hated expats are working their asses off in bars and restaurants for these lazy people to be obnoxious to and carry their drinks from bar to street to wherever they go. save the money on this shit parade and put it back into your social programs and learn how to work

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Sounds like you have a personal problem and maybe you should have asked your boss for the day off. Bear in mind that it is a PUBLIC HOLIDASY and has been before you were born or came here (IF you are foreign). Places that remain open do so because they WANT to NOT because they HAVE to!!!!!!!! Sorry it’s not the Macy’s parade if thats what you are used too..BUT we as BERMUDIANS appreciate the parade…..So go back to sowing your ‘sour grapes’…….

      Congrats to ALL float participants!!! I actually enjoyed the parade this year and because I was situated near the start I got to enjoy all the high energy and the parade flowed smoothly!!

      Bernews as always you did a great job!!! excellent coverage……..

      • mendoza says:

        Yeah, now that i read it the day after it is pretty sour, sorry about that, had a rough day and went on a drunk rant. apologies everyone, the parade was actually pretty good this year. cheers