Deuss Receives 6 Month Suspended Sentence

May 26, 2012

One-time Bermuda-based businessman John Deuss was given a suspended prison sentence of six months and a fine of 327,000 euros [$409,000], after being found guilty in a Dutch court of banking without a license and failing to report unusual transactions.

The 69-year-old banker and oil trader stood trial in Arnhem along with his sister, who was also convicted and given a six month suspended sentence.

An international warrant had been issued for Mr Deuss’s arrest after a bank he owned on Curaçao, in the Dutch Antilles, was closed in 2006 during an Anglo-Dutch investigation into carousel fraud.

In 2006, Mr. Deuss was arrested in Bermuda after his disappearance from his luxury home triggered the Bermuda Police Service to issue an appeal asking anyone knowing his whereabouts to contact them.

He later appeared in Bermuda court and eventually agreed to be voluntarily extradited to Holland. The Bermuda court was told Dutch authorities wanted him for questioning on suspicion of money laundering, handling stolen goods and “being in charge of a criminal organisation”.

Mr. Deuss, who had a home in Bermuda for 30 years and ran his TransWorld Oil company from the island, was once one of the world’s best-known oil dealers.

The multi-millionaire came to prominence in the 1980s when he supplied the South African apartheid regime with oil, defying United Nations embargoes. In 1984 his $6-million Dutch castle was partially destroyed after being firebombed by an anti-apartheid group in protest.

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  1. Cox must Go says:

    Cox must go

    Cox must go

    Ask Mr Deuss, even he will agree that Cox must go.

    • andre says:

      Yet you say nothing that we, Bermuda, allowed save haven for a man who put profit before the suffering of millions of people?

      • Dawn says:

        Little person, you have no clue how many people this man has helped. Keep your little comments to yourself. Mr. Deuss is a very giving man, and has repeatedly shown the large size of his heart by giving millions of that profit to less fortunate. LOL Silly little mud thrower….

        • TheFuture says:

          So after raping an entire people in South Africa he donates some chump change to a cause that now he is a good guy? Why are people so gullible.

          • Dawn says:

            Oh He has helped them over and over. What I find so funny here, is he helped your country. And you call the millions he poured in chump change? How much is in your pocket to help yourself? Do you criticize everyone that helps, only they didn’t do enough to please YOU? HUM Guessing you are of the 99% variety that wants to sit on your keister and whine about others having what you don’t. STHU and get to work, help yourself. Donate more than John Deuss, then you can talk crap like you are! But funny thing is you haven’t even helped South Africa, or yourself. You have no credibility with me, move on.

  2. Googlybda says:

    You forgot to mention that this is the first case. The big one is yet to come!

  3. Joeseekinai says:

    Why do we have a woman running this country anyway?

    : p

    • Whistling Frog says:

      Because men are not stepping up to the plate like their forefathers… Men are becoming their own worst enemy without even having to fight… And with the young men coming up today, oh my gosh! What makes it even worst, is that the women are having babies for these weaklings, how desperate can one be to want to be around weak men and have their child? I guess its becoming the norm these days. My God bless the weak and make them strong and my the already strong not bow to the weakness of them that don’t wish to stand firm on their own feet…

  4. Whistling Frog says:

    By the way. Who the cap fits, let them wear it….

  5. Carla Rose Louise Wilkinson says:

    @Joeseekinai: What kind of comment was that? Male Chauvinist P#*!

  6. vos says:

    Here a message from the Netherlands; I want to mention that there are a lot off people in the Netherlands who (still) have high respect for Mr. Deuss. And the points where Mr. Deuss has been convicted for are really the minor ones! the punnishment is nevertheless unusually high. Its a shame that some people are very negative about Mr. Deuss without Knowing the facts.

  7. Pat Jones says:

    I work for Mr.Deuss 3 winter seasons Palm Beach,Wellington.I staff many people to help take care of him and body guards.I m a chef. And cooked for all of them and guest.All the people that worked for him had respect and cared and loved very much about him!This man cares about people and helps many.I d work for him today,be glad to make chicken tortellini soup.His favorite!!!!!!
    Leave him alone,Go and find real criminals, instead of using tax paying working class peoples money.

    I wish him nothing but,joy, happiness, and peace in his life.Hope Bob and everybody is still taking care of him.

  8. Anthony T, says:

    John Deuss is an amazing man. i worked for him for 2 years. He is a hard worker. extremely intelligent. He is a motivator and get the best out of you. On the human side He has helped so many people> it is amazing how people can criticize by following the news title trends and the stories on the internet trends without knowing the man. or observing situation from a differetn angle. Maybe his succcess and his prosperity has pissed some circles that wanted to get at him at all cost but i can tell you from working for him at the bank He was careful in applying strict KYC procedure to ensure clients brought to the bank were legit and law obiden citizen so this whole thing of him being accused of being head of criminal investigation is tatal GARBBAGE. and also i must say Mr Deuss has helped so many people offering sholarship to so many He has an incredibly huge heart to help help people. I wish him the best cause He is the best. Some people really derserve to have money cause they can help others and He is one of them so all of you who are talking non sense about him . Get a lifecause John Deuss is a good guy.

  9. lucinda harrington says:

    Dear John,
    If by some stroke of faith this ever reaches you, I still think of you, and the times and love we had. My one wish is to know you have fond memories as well and I have to talk to you and how I disappeared since 1988.My time is short and I never again will be the same without saying the truth to you and the love I had for you. I promise not to compromise you, that’s why I left to begin with. I had to much respect for you. My life is in the gallows although for now I am free. Contact me. Find it in your heart.
    Lucinda Harrington
    I never married or had children and have no family now. In the USA but have passport

  10. Todd Borron says:

    I also worked for Mr Deuss. He hired me to travel around the world with him and his lovely wife to keep her fit and healthy. I”ve traveled many miles on his jet and apart from his wife and bodyguard there were not many people who have spent as much quality time with him as I have. He is the amazing generous man everybody speaks of. He has donated millions to not only help animal rescue but help the people and countries where he did business. Ive been to South Africa several times wth him and have seen how he has given back to the South African People so say what you want but i’ve seen it myself.