Premier: Bermuda Joins In Expressing Sympathy

March 22, 2016

[Updated] In the wake of today’s terrorist attacks at the Brussels international airport and a city metro station – which current reports indicate have claimed more than 30 lives and injured man more – Premier Michael Dunkley said, “Bermuda joins with the rest of the world in expressing profound sympathy for the loss of life in Brussels earlier today.

“The impact of these kinds of attacks is felt beyond the shores of the affected countries and on behalf of the government and people of Bermuda our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed and injured as they confront the sad reality of these life changing events.”

Update 6.36pm: Government House today announced that following the attacks in Brussels this morning, all Posts are instructed to half-mast their flags at the earliest opportunity out of respect.

“All Posts are instructed to half-mast their Union flags at the earliest opportunity and keep them half-masted until 2000 hours on Wednesday 23 March,” Government House said.

The Cabinet Office today added to the Governor’s public statement, that at the Premier’s request Bermuda will follow the arrangements of the UK.

“Bermuda Flags at all Government Posts are to be flown at Half-Mast at their earliest opportunity out of respect for those killed today in Brussels until 2000 hours on Wednesday 23 March, 2016,” the Cabinet Office said.

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  1. Terry says:

    Thank you Premier.
    I hope people are on the alert.
    It’s worldwide.

  2. Its me again says:

    No sympathy for me.

    When is dunkley going to show sympathy for africa and palestine?