Limited Service On Monday: Dept. Of Planning

June 8, 2012

This coming Monday [June 11] the Department of Planning will be providing a limited service, as most members of staff will be attending a strategic planning workshop away from the office.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Reception Desk will be manned but service will be limited to: providing basic information only, receiving applications, and handing over documents that are awaiting collection. The majority of technical staff will not be available for consultation.

“The upcoming strategic session is one of several initiatives that the Department expects to undertake over the coming months with a view to improving the service to its clients.

“The Department apologies for any inconvenience that this limited service may cause and advises that normal service will resume on Tuesday, 12th June 2012.”

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  1. STANDING IN LINE..... says:

    Sounds pretty normal to me.

  2. Chart says:

    LOL, limited service in Government on most days.

  3. smh says:

    I agree. Most planners and the director don’t attend to the public anyway. What’s new. I say FIRE the director cause he is just collecting a PAY CHECK and get on top of the planners Mr. Bean..

    • Think a little deeper says:

      wow! They even have a director? Who knew! (sarcasm)