OBA: Public Deserve Answers On Altercation

June 5, 2012

The people of Bermuda deserve to know why “two senior Government ministers scuffled in the House of Assembly,” Shadow Attorney General Trevor Moniz said.

“Cabinet Ministers Derrick Burgess and Michael Scott clashed in an angry physical altercation inside the House of Assembly building, according to eyewitnesses,” the Royal Gazette previously reported.

Mr Moniz said, “The people of Bermuda deserve to know why two senior Government ministers scuffled in the House of Assembly on May 25th.

“The “angry physical” altercation reportedly occurred after Estates Minister Michael Scott accused Deputy Premier Derrick Burgess of trying to oust Premier Paula Cox as PLP Leader. National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief stepped between the two ministers to break up the fight.

“No one has denied the report, and so we call on the Premier to explain what is going on.

“As things stand, the public is left to wonder if the Government is divided and whether a plot is in the making, similar to that which saw former Premier Dame Jennifer Smith dumped after the 2003 election. Bermuda needs to know who is in control?”

The Government did not respond to our request for comment last night, while the Progressive Labour Party said there will be no comment on this matter.

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  1. st. geo resident says:

    Mr. Moniz can we as OBA stay focused on our party and when is our party going
    to let us know who is running in Const. 1

    Lets get our team together and move forward.

    • citi zen says:

      I agree. The people really don’t care. People fight all the time. I really don’t care.

      • proudbermudian says:

        I don;t know how you can say people don’t care, you sound like the PLP. I sure do want to know what’s going on here! If you could care less, that’s your perogitave, but this is the start of something, so keep your eye wide open!

    • Christiano Ronaldo says:

      Yeah, I don’t know about that. We aren’t some Eastern Europe country where rucking in Parliament is normal, I want our politicians to set an example, and fighting in the house isn’t good. Neither is approving fellow MPs dodgy land applications, diverting public funds to your mates, supporting lunatic unions or unnecessary Jubilee foreign trips to London at tax payers expense by the way. @timeforchangebermuda

  2. Crystal Cave says:

    I’m sure they are all embarrassed and want to sweep this under the carpet along with many other items. Recess is over, see teacher after school and I’m sure there’ll be a note to your parents.

  3. RUFKM says:

    Moniz, are you serious right now.

    1) Were you there?
    2) Did you see it!
    3) If you can’t answer yes to either of the above STFU.
    4) If premier wasn’t there, why do you want answer from her.

    Oh that’s right, any distraction to keep people from realising the OBA is UBP 2.0 and has no ideas or plans for Bermuda.

    • Come Correct says:

      If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?…No plans seems a lot safer than plans to run our island into the ground…jussayin…for those of you that don’t care about this, think about it, if it was you, you would be arrested and preached to about the proper legal ways you should have gone about the situation instead of a physical altercation. All your doing is condoning the mentality that they are above us.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Ya mate it is important since one of those fighters has his eyes on the throne, the same one that has ruined our economy and put thousands out of work. Sooner you realise , sooner you’ll prepare for your own unemployment,…come soon, come soon.

  4. undecided voter says:

    Mr. Moniz what plans does the OBA have for all the crime sweeping this beautiful Island. Please stick to more important topics. You are starting to loss my attention as a undecided voter. People argue all the time it’s called being human.

    • Come Correct says:

      I agree this isn’t really a huge issue, but this is the example that MP’s are setting for our youth, if they can do it and its swept under the carpet then why can’t I? Also that’s called being an animal, look at animal behaviour, the only thing that sets us apart is our inteligence and ability to make informed decisions. To make the choice not to give in to your natural instinct is what sets us apart, that’s what makes us human.

    • Decided voter says:

      ”Undecided voter ? ?” … LOL .. now pull the other one . Stop with the psycho manipulation of ‘every time the OBA says something it turns me off as an undecided voter.’

      There are at this point , or should be , NO undecided voters if they’ve had their eyes open for the last 14 years.

      You’re scaring no-one with the idle threats that are simply efforts to shut up any and all opposition to the PLP .

      • Real Talk says:

        Ah, no. If you (and both parties) haven’t realized that there is a big chunk of the population who are sick and tired of the back and forth, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

        I too am and “undecided voter” who is getting turned off by the day with the trivial press releases on non-sensical and unimportant issues. Both the PLP and OBA should stick with providing viable solutions to our socio-economic issues and less time trying to play political football with shuttlecocks.

        It’s stupid, it’s petty and says a lot about where the priorities our our elected and unelected officials lie.

        • Decided voter says:

          The nature of party politics is when one says or does something the other responds.
          Always has been that way. Have you been around long enough to remember how the PLP acted when they were the opposition ? What we’re seeing today from the OBA pales in comparison , but all of a sudden ‘people’ are sick of the fighting or back and forth or whatever cheesy phrases used to describe it.

          The difference between the PLP and every other political entity in Bermuda is their tone , language and innuendo they use. If any other group acted and spoke as they did I bet ‘everyone’ would really be fed up with the whole situation.

          It’s been said before that many wish the opposition WOULD engage in the gutter tactics that the PLP employ , but where would that put all of those sweet , politically illiterate ‘undecideds’ ?

          • @ decided voter says:

            So what are you saying as a OBA/UBP voter? That all the undecided voters are sweet,politically illiterate ‘undecideds’ ?

            Then again decided voter every group has a class clown. Don’t worry about trying on the shoes, you appear to be a perfect fit.

            • Decided voter says:

              Sorry , but those shoes don’t fit me. There’s a difference between someone IMO who admits to being a swing voter and a person who would claim at this point to be ‘undecided’ .

  5. Greaze says:

    I heard that Derrick Burgess had a WELL looking Cheese ‘N Gravy sandwich and that Michael Scott wanted a bite cuz all he’d brought to greaze on was some chicken vienna sausages but Derrick Burgess was like “NAH” and so the fight started.

    • Theatre Of Politics says:

      are you serious!?!?! THIS is what our elected officials are bickering over?! A D@#% cheese sandwich? Good gracious, I would’ve made one for Minister Scott myself and brought it straight to the Parliament building if I knew it would help avoid a physical altercation.

      SMH…I knew that the “trying to oust Paula Cox” angle of this story sounded way too convenient…

    • Actually? says:

      i thought this was a joke at first, but i just overheard one of my co-workers saying the same thing cause his brother works up Parliament…is this true? can’t be…

    • Pitts Bay says:

      [sarcasm tag] I heard that Michael Scott had a bucket KFC that he had snuck into the House, and Derrick Burgess popped a ‘tude when he saw that Michael was breaking the BIU boycott [sarcasm tag]

    • proudbermudian says:

      I don;t blame Derrick, that sandwich was sooooo good.

    • Sean says:

      Oh lord this made me laugh…..too funny, thanks for that!

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Egos fighting other egos. If Paula is under threat as Premier, we will just see another Premier being named if she is ousted. Politics is a DIRTY BIRD BUSINESS!!!End of story!

  7. pebblebeach says:

    As a member of the public…with no disrespect to anyone, I don’t give a chit…

  8. Pettiness says:

    Really Mr. Moniz??? We don’t care as there are many (I said) many more IMPORTANT issues of the day to concentrate on. So can we get on with it please. This is utter nonsense, a waste of time both in print and airtime.

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer. Imagine had it been two OBA members! The PLP would have been all over it demanding an explaination. The OBA is NOT Government. The PLP is.

    What we have is a schoolyard bully putting a footsoldier back in line, or at least trying to.

    Don’t dwell on it too long right now OBA but it will be worth a reminder when the election is finally called.

  10. Bermyman says:

    Not really a way of behaving when you are responsible for aspects of ones country. That scuffle as minor as it may seem speaks volumes of what is going on socially and politically in Bermuda. If our Ministers behave like uncouth school boys, what sort of example does that present for the community. At the same time what does it show about the PLP when their own people are physically attacking each other in their place of public office. What do you think would happen if an employee attacked another employee at a local business? 9 times out of 10 someone would get fired!! But it is OK to do so if you work for Government?! Disgrace! It makes a mockery of our somewhat civilized self governing Nation.

    • Anon Ymous says:


      The apathy over this is astonishing! The people paying this lot’s salaries (i.e. the people of Bermuda)should expect, no, demand far more of their head’s of state. This speaks volumes both to the ministers and the public at large.

  11. LMAWTFO says:

    Who gives a flying FUC$!!! More important issues, like the economy!!!! Move on, next!

  12. Red Bird says:

    Look, the honorable members of the House of Lords butt heads all the time. For them it’s a part of the process. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. OBA, what will you do for this country if elected? Stop pandering and sensationalizing and prove to me you are worthy of my vote. Whatcha Gonna Do? (for those who watch ‘America’s Got Talent :-) )

    • Come Correct says:

      They aren’t going to give away their ideas but I’m sure I can give you a clue…exactly what the current govt isn’t doing. I support no party but I will vote for change, and in 4 years maybe even less, I’ll do so again if need be.

      • Bermudian@heart.. says:


  13. Hmmmmm says:

    Folks, this is typical OBA stuff. Their campaign is based on the PLP’s “own-goals”.Analyze them carefully; everything they say is reactive to something that happens within Government, dressed up in the “people need to kow” crap. What people need to know what you will do to imrpove their lives. We’re waiting to know what you think about gaming; what’s the tourism plan besides a Tourism Authority (aka The Board of Trade from the 1920s)…. They have nothing to offer, no ideas and no individuals on their team except the inexperienced and the scary right wingers like Moniz. Every time this guy opens his mouth we are reminded who THEY REALLY ARE.

    • SexyBlacque says:

      You got a seconder on this one.

    • proudbermudian says:

      That;s crap and you know it. I want my politicians to follow up on stuff like this. This Government has caused some major problems along the way, they should be held accountable for every step they effen well make

  14. Pettiness says:

    Didn’t know Minister Burgess had that kind of ‘fight’ in him. Perhaps EB is behind it as he was with former Premier Scott.

    Time to call “School Out” for summer and let’s move on to the election – let’s move the Principal and all the teachers and see how the Union feels about that.

    Let’s go OBA ‘let’s get it on in Const. 1″

  15. Noel Ashford says:

    What a class act the PLP are. LOL. Both parties clearly aren’t useful members of Paula’s team – remind me why we keep such useless politicians in power – how are they serving our best interests exactly and putting their best foot forward? Sad. I recognize many dont care but this also illustrates that they no longer expect their politicians to set the standard and lead by example… We are used to an incompetent government seemingly now.

  16. sugra says:

    The good stuff starts at about 1:00


    At least they kept it in the kitchen….

    • LMAWTFO says:

      That was a good video! Least we all now know that Bda is no different from the next country. If anything, we are more tame than the next. Exactly why what Moniz is saying should be a dead issue.

    • Let's get ready to RUMBLE! says:

      Thank you for the afternoon chuckle!

  17. Not Surprised says:

    Mr Moniz, please leave this alone and focus on more important issues. No one really cares about a fight or scuffle or what ever you want to call it. We want real issues and real solutions. Please don’t make yourself or your party look silly for making a mountain out of a mole hill. Pick your battle and pick it wisely, this is not a wise move.

  18. Got to go says:

    Many posters say they don’t care… but I do. As a person that has children and works with children… I expect elected officials to set a good example. Since their tempers got out of control in the house of assembly, and led to a physical altercation… I would like to know why and would like an apology for the absolute appalling behaviour that they displayed. How can I possibly tell the young people that I work with to look to our supposedly “respected” officials if they cannot behave? Absolutely disgusting!

    • LMAWTFO says:

      Tell the kiddies to put their faith in god, not our elected officials. I think thats where you are going wrong.

      • Come Correct says:

        And when they’re 18 you can tell them that santa, the tooth fairy, easter bunny n the rest of the fictional characters are real too

        • Somerset OG says:

          True CC! The invisible being in the sky that was only heard of or seen by ancient desert dwellers who knew not of science will not intervene in anything on this rock. When something good happens to you god is good. When something bad happens he’s mysterious. Wake up! You think Mr Moniz believes that god wanted his hairline to look like that? That is a bad plan.

  19. Chardonnay says:

    LOL. Re above attacks on the OBA, good smokescreen to cover up the shockingly poor behaviour of two senior Ministers in the same political party. This is in-fighting on steroids! This wasn’t ‘debate’, it was fisticuffs with tempers running so high they boiled over the top. Must have been about something serious so, yes, we the people of Bermuda have a right to know what it was about. We pay them, remember? and if two of my employees had a brawl I’d fire them for breach of company policy. The current administration is unravelling before our very eyes, Premier Cox is too weak, they have nothing more to give to Bermuda and all they can do now is take as much as they can before the next election and have their party hacks do their dirty work on the blogs. Sad, we need all the good people we can find to rebuild this economy and the faith of everyone in good governance. This behaviour just leaves us more jaded and disgusted in politics

  20. hmm says:

    I notice Mr Moniz has been very outspoken of late. I wonder if he is positioning himself to challenge for OBA Leadership or perhaps he is threatened by Vance Campbell in Smith’s west who I understand is gaining traction.

    Everyone is seemingly worried about PLP leadership struggle but let’s not take our eyes off the OBA as Mr Cannonier’s position is far from secure as Party Leader.

  21. More with less says:

    Solid as a rock! Sure they are!

  22. Don't want it says:

    Grown men fighting, what an excellent example for our ‘leaders’ to show our young people. That we show our difference of opinion by using violence.

  23. Real Talk says:

    OMG, can the Premier call the election already!?!?! The politicization of every single issue by both parties and their supporters is getting to be a bit much. I really don’t care who bust whose tail, just tired of our politicians busting ours!

  24. Real Talk says:


    And the second fluff statement by a candidate in as many days (first Dawn Simmons’ re: KFC, now Trevor Moniz’ on Burgess v Scott) on a non-issue shows just how out of touch our politicians and wannabe politicians are. Regular folk are losing their jobs, houses and facing unprecedented social issues and these numb-nuts want to play politics with trivial matters when there are more pressing issues at hean. To hell with all of them!!

  25. Family Man says:

    I remember a garbage truck worker being fired for doing much less than these two.

  26. Whistling Frog says:

    The OBA wants to know what makes peanut butter & jelly hold together… Is it the bread or the cracker that makes a difference?

  27. Alan says:

    Fisticuffs in politics – as old as politics. I don’t think the public needs an explanation at all. Folk will fight.

  28. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    Two government ministers have a physical fight, using violence, in the House of Assembly, and the fight is broken up by a third government minister. This is while they are there on government business, being paid to run the country.

    And you morons are quite happy with this. Not concerned at all. Not the slightest bit curious what could be causing two cabinet ministers to come to blows in the House of Assembly.

    What a bunch of lazy morons you are.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Curious, yes but I still don’t think it warrants an official comment. It was in the kitchen, not on the floor of the House.

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        You don’t think a fistfight in the House of Assembly between Government Ministers about who is the Premier is something we should know about?

        You’re quite content about the fact that disputes resolving who is Premier are resolved by Ministers having stand-up fights?

        You don’t think that if anyone else were to attack a Government Minister in the House of Assembly that Police and Security wouldn’t be involved?

        Amazing, quite frankly.

    • More with less says:

      Have to say although I try to refrain from name calling I agree. The aloffness and inability to read between the lines is scary. It seems if the PLP said Bermuda is actually 100 sq miles and not 22 people would believe them.

    • Alan says:

      And you are an idiot if you need to call people morons because they don’t think this is a big deal. I recall seeing rather animated exchanges involving politicians, with violence bubbling under. Violence is part of the human experience and this was a skirmish. I’m not lazy. I just don’t think it is a big deal worth answering for. And I think you are an idiot. I’ll say it again. GFYS.

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        Well thanks Alan. Violence is “part of the human condition” is it? In democratic government, you’re ok with it if disagreements are settled by having a fist fight? The biggest thug wins eh?

        There is a difference, Alan, between an “animated exchange” and two Government Ministers having a stand-up fight. If you can’t see it, you are a moron. Officially.

  29. Terry says:

    This just shows the disarray that there is within the PLP.
    Then again, interactions like this will continue as the infighting continues.
    It’s part of the plan.
    Certains will come along and save the day. The longer this goes on the better.
    The elctorate will be held hostage until such time as PLP power grabbers exhaust it and call an election.
    Part of the plan. And well conceived I admit.

    The people with the strings are in control. The puppet master returns to the backstage, behind the curtain and his cronies will reap for many years the rewards.

    Howard University all over again.
    BBC/ZBM/ZFB…………………Bermuda’s choice.

  30. caffee seymour says:

    I remember UBP’s in house squabble with Wayne Furbert stepping down as leader. Not a word until we saw him crying on TV. Most of you sound like a bunch of old Bermudian women gossiping over something trivial. We have so much more to discuss than this. Let it go people.

  31. THE PEOPLE'S VOICE says:

    this election is about choices…and choices are about trust, and trust is about faith, and faith is about hope, and hope is about humanity, and humanity is about the soul, and the soul is about heavy cream, and heavy cream is about self-reflection, and self-reflection is about objectivity, and objectivity is about honesty, and honesty is about particle board, and particle board is about dedication, and dedication is about resolve, and resolve is about oxidized rust, and oxidized rust is unquestionably behind the partisan divide currently afflicting our two major political parties.

    If we can’t make these connections, then we won’t move forward as ONE PEOPLE!

  32. Whistling Frog says:

    Let’s talk about how the UBP was pushed off the wall and how the OBA has their fingerprints all over it…

  33. Rockfish #2 says:

    If Prime Minister Cameron (UK) had his Deputy fighting a Minister, with another Minister pulling them apart, he would have no choice but to call an urgent press conference to explain. The public would demand it.

    Now that Burgess has made friends/contacts with Whitehall while posturing at the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations he can ask for advice should a similar situation arise again!

  34. Cleancut says:

    Enquiring minds would like to know why these two Government Ministers were fighting in the house kitchen which had to be broken up by another Minister. maybe one of the two Ministers would like to enlighten the public as to the nature of the people’s business that brought upon this brawl.

  35. cog says:

    watch the Premier do Trevors bidding and get rid of these 2 Ministers

    Cog in the wheel

    you finally made a decision

  36. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    I heard they were fighting over the new guy Baron .

  37. Friday Night at the Fights says:

    OK get ready for rumble in the Jungle

    Round 1 – a loyal Friend is beaten up by a diminutive Aggressor

    Round 2 – my consorts are scared to pass resolution against Aggressor

    Round 3 – I will remove Aggressor

    Round 4 – all hell breaks loose!

    Round 5 – OBA all the Way in July 2012!!!!!

  38. Venz Chepmen says:

    OBA? No-BA!

  39. Poetic Justice says:

    By the way I have been told via a reliable source that Cassius Scott took this bout with a good display of fisticuffs Them Somerset bies can handle themselves you know!!! (Not the punks with the guns)