Photo Set #1: Second Day Of Cup Match

August 4, 2012

Somerset ended a ten year drought yesterday [Aug 4] defeating their long time rivals St George’s for the Cup Match title. They last won the Cup back in 2002 in Somerset, before losing it in 2005 at the Wellington Oval.

During the Presentation Ceremony Somerset Cricket Club President Alfred Maybury wanted everyone to know that “my baby is back home”. You can view all our Cup Match coverage here and all our Cup Match photo galleries here.

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  1. Colonelj says:

    I hear a lot about a ten year drought, but lest you remember that Somerset were on their way to another easy win when your umpire from the east cheated us and completely changed the game,caused fights on the field and subsequently Somerset ended up losing when it would have been an easy win. We would not have had to make so many sacrifices for draws or loses if we had the cup at that time. Somerset will beat you again next year because I see them in a rise while I see St Georges declining every yaer.

  2. Concerned says:

    St. George’s needs more WARRIORS in their team – there will be more out for the Cup Match trials – which I understand there was confusion and again on both days of Cup Match in the camp. One year St. David’s had 8/9 players and this year saw 5 (including Captain)- still a great representation.

    Perhaps Lionel should consider coaching Cup Match team and he can also stop blaming the ‘wicket” – failure is a bugga.

    Now, let’s focus on Eastern County Cup – August 18th – Bolly’s Bae vs St Daviz “Warriors”