Photos/Video: Motorcade Celebrates Cup Win

August 4, 2012

[Updated with video] Red and blue flags are waving and horns are beeping this afternoon [Aug 4] as a motorcade full of Somerset fans is making their way from west to east celebrating their victory over St George’s yesterday in Cup Match.

They started in Somerset, with the motorcade making its’way to the St George’s Cricket Club, where they drove around the grounds beeping their horns and also stopped for a while and went into the Club. You can view all our Cup Match coverage here and all our Cup Match photo galleries here.

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  1. just a thought says:

    Sommerst all the way!!

  2. swing voter says:


  3. Seatbelts? says:

    I guess as long as your part of the motorcade, seatbelts not being used and people hanging out windows are ok. Remind me to take this video to court if the man ever pulls me over.. Red -n- blue

    • No seatbelts says:

      I think I’ll have to have a copy of the video too.

    • Nonsense says:

      Always something negative! Yes it was allowed for this occassion as was it for the St. George’s motorcade when they won and all other police escorted motorcades! Get over it !

  4. Tee says:

    Who the hell let these idiots ONTO THE FIELD, thats kinda disrespectful. On the field, come on Somerset if St Geoge ever did that you ll would wanna kill us!!!!!!!! just damn. Do what u want

    • Somebody's momma says:

      We were told to drive on the field that is why we were on the outskirts. Stop hating St. George’s
      The club members who welcomed us were great host.

  5. charles spanswick says:


  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    When the G%es do the same thing when Portugal wins the World Cup I don’t wanna hear forks from none of you haters!!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!!!!!!

    • Errin Butterfield says:

      I could be wrong or maybe it’s just when I look at Bernews but it seems as if most times your comments are on the negative side. In all this celebrating and people coming together that’s the best you can do? I am sure you must be able to say something positive.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Errin, go fix a leak or something mate!

        • Errin Butterfield says:

          To childish to say something mature huh?

        • Errin Butterfield says:

          Go fix a leak or something mate! What’s your senseless point? Yes I am a plumber and proud of it. Now I really understand your pen name you can’t handle the truth.

    • Whats really goin on says:


    • Dixie Normous says:

      When Portugal win the world cup. More chance knitting soup.Bwwwwaaah

  7. Errin Butterfield says:

    Congratulations again Somerset! Some people doubted some of you and still can’t accept it I will say it again love your haters after all you created them.

  8. squeezeme! says:

    GO SOMERSET!!!!!!!!!GOOOO SOMEEEERRRSET!!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS on a great TEAm effort!!!It was an exciting GAME!!!Thanks for the comeback Janeiro!PAARRRTTAAA TIME!!!!From a Rangers Girl..

  9. Loud&Proud says:

    So it is okay when St.Georges fans go on cocky but when Somerset drives on the field there’s a problem. Ha somebody is clearly still dealing with the loss. God Bless You

  10. BluenBlue says:

    Its okay for them to come down and show off – a 10 year drought is a long long a$$ time.

    St. George’s please bring back a Foggo or a Bascome even a Steede into 2013 game.

  11. BluenBlue says:

    Did you hear the President of Somerset say that the clubs now speak to each other and if you see it in St. George one year you will see the same in Somerset the next year and vice a versa.

    Get the gates open Somerset, We will be on our way to celebrate on the field and drink up in the bar. I may even have to ride half a$$ out the window. lol

  12. uaintserz says:

    how the fkc the gon jus drive on d our field though yuh mad props for winning deserved it but drivin on d field disrespect.

    • somerset fan says:

      Obviously you don’t read other peoples comments!! We were told to drive on the field by your St. Georges president…. People always know how to knock the joy outta gd fun :-S

  13. CHEE KUMS BI says:

    Chee Kums bi…As a St Georges fan I didnt appreciate Somerset fans rubbing it in my face that they had won, They could have quietly celebrated at the club…this type of celebration, going out honking the car horns and all dat der, and being loud and happy.. is restricted only to St Georges fans when we win. Im still getting over the shock but next year we will have our rightful celebration…….well done Somerset

  14. CHEE KUMS BI says:

    Oh and to add Johnny Barnes is a St. Georges thats why he wasnt at the round a bout in the pics

  15. 100% Somerset all day says:

    First of all let me clear this up, i was in the motorcade, we were ALLOWED TO BE ON THE FIELD, as far as sitting out on the windows we as adults took full responsibility by being safe, hence not one mishap. Please note we had police escort so they had no problem with it. Its not the first or last time you will see this, GET OVER IT HATERS. ITS OUR TURN AND WILL CELEBRATE AS WE WANT TO. We will be doing for a while so save your negative comments to the end….like Christmas time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CHEE KUMS BI says:

      thats why Johnny Barnes didnt show up an wave at you :-p

  16. Whodat says:

    I’m a St George’s fan, however I offer my heartfelt CONGRATULAIONS to you the Somerset Cup Match Team! St George’s get it together and start choosing cricketers for their potential to play the game and not for who they are or who they know!! Been going on for too long!

    • CHEE KUMS BI says:

      a true St. Georges Fan would not say that infront of Somerset fans ^^^

  17. Whodat says:

    It is what it is!