Minister Calls For End To Vandalism

October 3, 2012

The Acting Minister of Public Works, Michael Scott, on Tuesday [Oct 2] advised that the Ministry is in the process of organizing repairs to Parsons Road playground but while these repairs take place, members of the public, in particular children, are advised to exercise caution while in the playground.

Parsons Road playground had a major renovation last year when repairs were undertaken and replacement parts were installed.

“Unfortunately, we experience numerous acts of vandalism in this park, with an individual or individuals damaging the trees, the gazebo, fencing and now the playground equipment,” Minister Scott said.

In the past the Bermuda Police Service has been involved in addressing some of the random acts of vandalism at the playground.

“The Parks Department are working along with Police Community Action Team of the Bermuda Police Service as they have been concentrating on the central parishes and Park Rangers patrol the area on a regular basis as well as the Police Service,” Minister Scott said.

He added: “Unfortunately, the culprits can’t be identified or prosecuted unless they have been seen committing the offences and witnesses are willing to give a statement.”

Yesterday the Parks Department staff started the process of getting materials to repair the playground equipment. The crew was on site early in the morning, and everything except the tunnel has been repaired.

“As no other replacement parts are available at the moment, plywood was used for repairs and the tunnel has been cordoned off as there is no replacement tunnel in stock.

“The Ministry of Public Works has submitted a capital request to replace all of the playground equipment next year, so any of the damage caused by wear and tear should no longer be a problem going forward,” Minister Scott said. “This equipment is very old – approximately 15 years old, and has been on the Parks Department schedule for replacement.”

In the past few years, the Parks Department has replaced the playgrounds at Warwick Long Bay, installed a new playground at Somerset Long Bay, and are in the process of installing new equipment at Mullet Bay Park , and Parsons Road Park is next, with phase one being the Spray Park, and phase two the replacement of the old play equipment.

“The playground is extremely popular in the Parsons Road/Pembroke community and the children deserve safe facilities for their enjoyment so we appeal to the public to use the playground as it is intended – for the betterment of families, children and the community and finally we ask the public to report any damage to the playground facilities to the Department of Parks by calling 236-5902 or contacting the Police if acts of vandalism are suspected.”

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  1. zz says:

    Densely populated area – the playground should be a top priority.