22-Yr-Old Admits Stealing Liquor From Arnolds

December 13, 2012

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [Dec 13] 22-year-old Mikhail Butterfield was remanded into custody after he pleaded guilty to stealing $7.80 worth of liquor from Arnold’s Express on Front Street earlier this month.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner was told that Mr Butterfield had gone to the back of the shop where he was seen to pocket a bottle. On being challenged by shop staff, Mr Butterfield ran off.

However shop staff were able to give a good description to police, and later that day the police caught up with him on Reid Street. On searching him they found a bottle matching the description of the kind stolen. Mr Butterfield admitted the theft saying that he had no money.

Asked about his circumstances, Duty Counsel Oonagh Vaucrosson told the Senior Magistrate that Mr Butterfield was currently unemployed but was due to start a job that might become available on Tuesday. She also told the Magistrate that Mr Butterfield said that he had had challenges with alcohol since he was sixteen.

The Senior Magistrate remanded Mr Butterfield into custody until the next sitting of the Drug Court on Wednesday 19th December. He also ordered BARC and SIR reports.

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  1. Lee says:

    Getting a little early Christmas spirit….

  2. Ali Domner says:

    Seriously $7.80 wow I know times are hard but come on Arnolds $7.80

    • Hold on!! says:

      Ali Domner,

      Stealing is stealing,even if it was a couple of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You find the ones who steal little things progress to steal larger & more pricer items. I have worked in retail all of my life & have see & heard everything.

      • Um Um Like says:

        For real. Before we know it, Mikhail will be a politician.

        • Like It Is says:

          and you will still be petty and silly.

        • JustMe says:

          @Um Um you sound so silly and to @hold on I agree stealing is stealing but I also find it a bit much to even report $7.80 that is funny!

          • True_Bda_Gentleman says:

            @ Just me, I know that $7.80 is a small amount but somebody is going have to pay for it. I know Arnold’s isn’t going to pay for it because they provided the product on the shelf and they hire people to look after it. So then is it to be deducted from the secuity guards paycheck or the manager’s or the clerk’s. At the end of the day the culprit has done wrong so he should be the one repremanded for it not anyone else. $7.80 may not seem like a lot of money to you but it is for others (especially the gentleman that couldn’t afford to pay for it in the first place).

            • JustMe says:

              True what you are saying but in the end if this man gets sent to jail or being put in a program we still have to pay for him feel me.

  3. Bermuda Girl says:

    This guy does have a problem with alcohol which is just as serious as his problem with theft.

  4. ReBermuda says:

    it costs $1538.49 to keep someone locked up for a week and we the people pay most dont make dat a week feeling me