New Logo & Exterior For American Airlines

January 17, 2013

American Airlines today [Jan 17] unveiled a new logo and exterior for its planes, including the already delivered Flagship Boeing 777-300ER aircraft set to fly on Jan. 31.

AA — which flys to Bermuda from both Miami and New York — said the “unveiling of the new logo and livery is the latest step forward in American’s ongoing journey toward building a more modern travel experience for its customers.”


“Since placing our landmark aircraft order in July of 2011, we’ve been building anticipation toward a moment in time when the outside of our aircraft reflects the progress we’ve made to modernize our airline on the inside,” said Tom Horton, American’s Chairman and CEO.

“While we complete the evaluation of whether a merger can build on American’s strengths, we remain steadfast in each step we take to renew our airline, a step we take with great respect for our name American.

“Today marks important progress in that journey as we unveil a new and updated look for the first time in more than 40 years.”

The move comes as the Company is considering a merger with US Airways while it restructures under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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  1. Observant says:

    Watched the announcement live on American’s website at 11am. I like the new livery…it kind of reminds me of American folk art.

  2. The Cormorant says:

    Very nice, now sort that ridiculous check in procedure out at Bermuda Airport.

  3. SpinCycle says:

    You can paint stripes on a mule, but at the end of the day its still a jackass!

    • Just Us says:

      Who cares about a new logo? Um for better rates and safety….

  4. Cecil says:

    Shouldn’t they fix their customer service reps FIRST?

  5. Patricia says:

    lol ditto to all above except Observant

  6. Y-Gurl says:

    Looks like a Greyhound bus

  7. jay says:

    They need to get new agents at bermuda airport some of them don’t even know how to change a damn ticket.

  8. 4Dppl says:

    mmmmm SAFE Y-Gurl, took that line straight off the news channel inna