Window Damaged After Hogfish Gets Toothache

January 17, 2013

152A Hogfish at the Aquarium developed a tooth problem and proceeded to grind the offending tooth up and down the tank window scratching the acrylic surface, the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo [BAMZ] newsletter said.

BAMZ said photos of the scratches were sent to an expert overseas for removal estimate, which was a “staggering” $15,000.

The newsletter said: “In November, our male Hogfish, on display in the Northrock tank, developed a tooth problem with one of its large, incisor-like teeth. This was evident by how the fish indicated to us it had a problem.

“Over the course of one day he proceeded to grind the offending tooth up and down the main display window of the tank. Normally, this wouldn’t cause a problem with a glass window; however, the Northrock tank windows are made of acrylic.

“Acrylic is a lighter material, as durable as glass, and easy to work with but much softer and scratches easily. In that one day, the Hogfish ground his displeasure with his tooth from one side of the acrylic window to the other, prompting us to remove him immediately before any more significant damage could be done.”

The Hogfish was transferred to a smaller tank with a glass window and he was successful in removing the problem tooth on his own. The scratches will be removed by divers from US-based Exhibit Solutions in early February.

- Photo via BAMZ

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  1. J Starling says:

    That’s going to be a pain to keep clean in the mean time! Fortunately the colder water should retard algal growth for the time-being.

  2. slow potato says:

    whole or steak?

  3. Victor says:

    Eat the culprit – I wonder it tastes different than the Sound ones.

  4. At least it used his head n got rid of the problem n pain. Commend him for bringing it to your attention, it had a toothache!!!before a more serious problem occurred! And….NO!!!…..neither WHOLE or STEAKED…..let it swim !!!

  5. Tooth Fairy says:

    The incident occured at tooth hurty in the afternoon.

    • Kingdombouund says:

      You know I didn’t think the other comments about eating the poor suffering thing was funny but your comment is priceless. You made me laugh

    • 4Dppl says:

      hahahhahaha ya got jokes mate

  6. All_smiles says:

    Only in Bermuda would this make news! Reasons why I love this country so much! Poor fish I hope you get better!

  7. Rebecca says:

    What a clever Hogfish! I’m crazy with a toothache myself at the moment.. so feeling his pain.. Repair to tank almost as much as the dentist bills.. Ouch!

  8. filobedo21 says:

    Hope he lives a long time so he can help pay off the repair bill. Maybe they should do a little PR for this