Man Charged With Smuggling Goods Into Prison

February 5, 2013

In Magistrates Court yesterday [Feb 4], Alfred Thompson, 44, pleaded not guilty to a charge of trespassing and trying to unlawfully pass banned goods into Westgate Correctional Facility.

Crown Counsel Carrington Mahoney alleged that Thompson had been apprehended in the environs of the prison facility with items including Samson tobacco, Rizla rolling papers, cellphones and a bottle of red wine. These goods were all wrapped in a cloth bundle.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner ordered that Thompson should be held on remand until his trial next week Monday. The alleged offence was said to have occurred last month.

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  1. ah,,, ha says:

    with all these cases going to trial,,where are they putting all of the prisoners,,west gate must be busting at the seems

  2. Kim Smith says:

    There must be a new sheriff in town! Finally, eyes are open and seeing what is going on. Next there may be some creativity applied in terms of sentencing for non-violent crime. What about the work being done around restorative justice?

  3. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    hahaha,now he can have his drink n smoke at The Westgate Hilton!

  4. Ride says:

    Red wine? This immediately had me singing this tune.

    “Red Red wine it make me feel so fine”


  5. Ty says:

    If found guilty – His sentence should be that he is made to smoke all 9 packs of TOBACCO while drinking the entire bottle of RED WINE and using the CELL PHONES to call all of his family and friends to say what a jackass he was. What he was doing with DOOR HINGES in Westgate is beyond me. Sounds like an offensive weapon.

    If he does want to do the above then….. Lock his ass up.

    • ROFL says:

      A Ty – Your comment is hilarious. “Smoke all the 9 packs of Tobacco” Thanks for the giggle.

      Stupid idio. He must have been paid or was suppose to get paid for doing that.

  6. Ty says:

    ooops. If he does NOT want to do the above then…..

  7. tank says:

    U ppl aint notthing better to do then talk s%$# bout ppl that u don’t even know get a life and stop posting stupid s$%# on here like fa#k man

  8. MJ says:

    West Gate to easy THEY BREAK IN !!!!

  9. MJ says:


  10. only in Bermuda says:

    Well name me stupid!!! Idiot!

  11. It is all about the Benjamins n he was not even a Benjamin. He is phoqued! And the benjamins don’t even know his @$$ your benjamins flopped. Red wine n Samson! What happened to Delilah? Or was he trying to reach “Bubba”…..slung tung?

  12. Cry Me A River says:

    How relaxed is the security there that someone would even think about bringing in a BOTTLE of wine!! Even if you get it in, what do you do with the bottle afterwards, except use it as a weapon.

  13. Judge & Jury says:

    Thanks to the Corrections officers for remaining vigilant, stopping all sorts of contraband coming into Westgate. I pray for you as you must be facing threats daily. More cases need to be heard in the Courts so that the public can be aware of your concerns. Last year we were shown in the newspaper many pictures of drugs, weapons , tobacco, cellphones and other contraband that individuals had attempted to smuggle into Westgate. The Prison Officers Association had spoken about the prison boarder being breached by people walking into the property via Malabar field, Snorkel Park and throwing drugs from the Museum property for the last 10 YEARS. Someone must be making big money while they sit in their cell or office at westgate while conducting the sale of these items to the prisoners .
    Minister Dunkley, can we have the statistics on the yearly illegal finds at Westgate. A bottle of wine! How comfortable it must be, air conditioning, smokes, heater,three meals a day,fan, itunes,iphone, healthcare. There appears to be no deterrent to going to jail.

  14. smh real joker