Premier: ‘PLP Resorting To School Yard Tactics’

March 26, 2013

The Progressive Labour Party is still “resorting to school yard fighting tactics to provoke nonsensical dialogue none of which will benefit Bermuda or Bermudians,” Premier Craig Cannonier said today [Mar 26].

The Premier was responding to statements by the Opposition earlier today, in which they expressed concern on “how so quickly things have seen to have gone astray,” and said a number of election promises have been broken.

Premier Cannonier said, “As the Premier, I find it amazing that the Progressive Labour Party is still resorting to school yard fighting tactics to provoke nonsensical dialogue, none of which will benefit Bermuda or Bermudians. While they continue to grasp at straws and propagate untruths, the world is passing Bermuda by.

“For the past 14 years the Progressive Labour Party has consistently mislead and misdirected the people of Bermuda. I can assure the Country that the One Bermuda Alliance Government is working hard on their behalf; we remain steadfast in our commitment to the well-being and prosperity of Bermuda and Bermudians.

“We have a global and strategic vision that includes repositioning our Island in the best possible light to attract international investments back to Bermuda, to provide social and economic equity for everyone.

“Our record will speak for itself,” Premier Cannonier concluded.

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  1. DreamCatcher says:

    And schoolyard responses? As a person hoping for a coalition government I find that the opposition highlighting your failures or fallacies keeps the public informed and doing their job as a working opposition.

    • Banish says:

      Why would you want a coalition.? Nothing gets done, have you seen the UK? Have you thought this through?

      • DreamCatcher says:

        Because I figured the two sides would vote on issues and not on agendas. The OBA and PLP were nobody’s solution to the current political issues at the time the votes were cast. It was party over key issues and as feared I was correct. The OBA haven’t kept to their promises and the PLP had marginal hope against a very well campaign run about change in an economic downturn recession. So here we are. I want my country focused on real issues rather than the mud slinging and a figure head Premier. If Michael Dunkley or Grant Gibbons is the true Premier let us deal with that so I can have faith that there is a true leader in place and listen to him articulate the vision with respect. Transparency. I have no illusions that Marc Bean is indeed the true leader of the PLP.

        • Truth (Original) says:

          It has been 100 days ! You have to wait until the end of their term to assess if they have kept their promises.


          • DreamCatcher says:

            My point was the opposition is doing their job. 100 days in they are pointing out where the OBA haven’t lived up to pre-election promises. That is what a strong opposition does.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          “If Michael Dunkley or Grant Gibbons is the true Premier let us deal with that so I can have faith that there is a true leader in place and listen to him articulate the vision with respect.”

          The premier is just a figurehead who has an foreign advisor telling craig what to say. Grant Gibbons is around to ease shareholders minds & influence their votes & Dunkley to hold prayer vigils & through millions desperately needed for the education & guidance of Bermuda’s youth to BPS.

    • weedy says:

      I am not sure of the reason for this reply by the OBA. The Opposition has a right as all governments to comment after 100 days on a new political party, This happens worldwide and the reality is nothing the PLP said in their press-release was wrong. It was a bold move by the Opposition. However, OBA now are the ones “Playing the School Yard Tactic”, as if they think no one is to critique their level of performance and hold them Accountable. I voted for the OBA thinking that Accountability was high on their list, if it was, they would not be critical of anyone or any Opposition party holding them to the fire. This has made me changed my mind somewhat now. What in the world has made the OBA response as such, unless everything the Opposition has highlighted is indeed correct.

      • Jim Jones says:

        Wrong. The first 100 days is an American thing, starting with FDR. This term didn’t pop up in Bermuda politics until Ewart Brown came along and started comparing himself with (or equating himself with) the leader of the free world. Which was and is ridiculous.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ BT (alias Weedy): You keep betraying the fact that you are not Bermudian with your American political mindset, and you keep telling lies. You, for absolutely positively sure, never voted OBA. Who do you think you are fooling??

  2. ... says:

    Well said…

    OBA has clearly matured past the school yard age.

    • sure. says:

      pahhh. a school yard response would be pointing back to “14 years” which is something the OBA constantly does to avoid answering questions. Change? it isn’t change if you keep pointing back, and that my friends is school yard tatics…certainly not mature.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        You don’t believe in holding people accountable when it comes to the PLP then?

        Who got us in this mess?

        • sure. says:

          …is that all you’ve got? lol

          • Mad Dawg says:

            Is that all you’ve got? Whining after 100 days thst the debt hasn’t gone and unemployment hasn’t been instantly turned around? Is Bean five years old?

            • sure. says:

              :) a strong opposition leads to a strong government, i don’t consider this a whin…but of course you would say otherwise… maybe you are five years old with your way of thinking…perhaps you are…

  3. ME says:

    The OBA will provide social and economic equity for everyone (…. and what I forgot to mention …. “who is not Bermudian”)

  4. Ok says:

    Craig Cannonier STFU no one cares what you think.

    • Impressive says:

      Although I agree this guy is as lost as needle in a haystack, there is no need for the STFU remark. He is after all the leader of the country and should be respected.. Don’t resort to the childish actions of the OBA supporters on this site.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      You aren’t the rude fat shouting guy in a green shirt are you?

      • Who knows it feels it... says:

        So rude to make reference to someone you saw in the media from the protest. Yet in all, freedom of speech! Still rude!!!

    • nuffin but da truth says:

      and NO ONE gives a s$%t what you think or type !
      eff off!

  5. Tellitlikeitis says:

    Mr Premier

    Just answer the doggone questions,or should the real Premier the milkman answer for you.

    It is time to move Bermuda forward stop driving locking back in your rear mirror pointing fingers about the past 14 years , that why your in power to create,correct,communicate to the Bermuda people.

    Your the one Mr Premier resorting to school Yard tactics.

    What you did you think the opposition where going to do just sit back and whisper all concerns and issues, No -they are going to shut it out to all of Bermuda just like you have done to them, there you have it now just answer the doggone question and questions to come.

    • Who knows it feels it... says:

      Who made the most noise as the opposition…UBP/OBA…milkman and Ms Jackson!!! How soon we forget! Opposition is doing their job…keeping you honest. Give a damn press release about something else…like what Changs you’re putting forth!!!

  6. Measure Twice says:

    Why won’t craig just said we broke 8 promises and we apologise.

    Just put out a statement, written by a consultant, which says nothing and doesn’t speak to the facts.

    Why’d you break your promises OBA??

    • Furby Logic says:

      If you were keeping up, you would have read that the PLP had a report in 2006 that term limits should be abolished because they were harming the country, but they didn’t follow it for political reasons.
      Term limits needed to go, well done OBA

      • Measure Twice says:

        Where exactly did you read that. Please give me the link and quote so I can look it up myself.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          That was the secret report. They knew they were killing Bermuda. The PLP is anti-Bermudian.

        • blankman says:

          it was in yesterday’s daily – the PLP had a number of opinions confirming that

  7. Wondering says:

    BerNews you are doing an excellent job but why do you allow posts that are clearly profane? just asking.

  8. Ringmaster says:

    What promises did the OBA make and allegedly break? None of the changes were written as promises, but all seem to be sensible and prudent. The PLP are really showing their desperation and fury from being voted out, because, according to David Burch, they lost their voting base by being out of touch, made worse by being the first Party to have an incumbent Premier lose their seat.

    • Read the news says:


      The OBA’s promise to suspend term limits for two years has been broken

      The OBA’s promise to reduce spending and reduce the debt has been broken with spending skyrocketing, the deficit escalating and the debt ceiling pushed to 2.5 Billion Dollars

      The OBA’s promise to cut the travel budget has been broken

      The OBA’s promise to decrease the size of cabinet has been broken

      The OBA’s promise not to hire consultants has been broken

      The OBA’s Promise to lower the cost of health care has been broken, with them raising health care rates by 20%. This will cost families at a minimum $1,300 more a year and seniors $2,600 more a year.

      The OBA’s promise to immediately cut Minister’s salaries was delayed for 3 months while they pocketed the full salary with part time Ministers pocketing FULL salaries while still holding down their jobs in the private sector.

      The OBA’s promise that “privatization is not part of our plan,” has been broken with their SAGE Commission now tasked with identifying which parts of government will be privatized.

      • Ringmaster says:

        Do pay attention. All you have done is copy what the PLP said today. Please provide the link to the alleged promises made by the OBA.

        • sure. says:

          oh now someone has lost their memory? if you paid attention campaign season you would recall alot of these “promises” by the OBA. go look it up yourself…

          • Mad Dawg says:

            Ok, let’s take one. The “promise” to reduce the cost of healthcare. Just find a link to that.

            Link, or it didn’t happen.

            • Jim Jones says:

              Hey mate, if you repeat something often enough people will begin to believe it. This is the PLP’s most effective weapon and they’ve been using it for years.

              Like, when did they promise not to hire consultants? I think they said something more along the lines of that they wouldn’t be wasteful with hiring unnecessary consultants.

              PLP is not interested in the truth. They are guilty of exactly what they recently accused the UBP of – only being interested in regaining power.

  9. Seriously.... says:

    This should have been titled

    Premier, “PLP is doing its Job”

    As usual from cannonier all we get is cliches and soundbites. No substance at all. We have a plan to do XYZ but we can’t tell you what it is.

    Yawn………… Clock is ticking OBA.

    • media says:

      I prefer his cliches and soundbites to former Premier Cox with her unending vocabulary of cliches and soundbites.

      Funny that it seems to be the PLP supporters that are the most impatient for the change that none of them voted for in the first place. As someone who actually voted for the OBA I am happy with what they have achieved in the short time they have been Government. To the PLP, I see it as just part of the hard adjustment to lowly Opposition, where they keep reminding themselves and us often, that they are the Government in waiting. Keep on waiting, based on the press conference you have a lot to learn about your lack of credibility in matters of how to lead Bermuda out of its current depressed state that you helped to create.

      • weedy says:

        No I am OBA, and I have a problem with this response by the Premier. After all they won my vote by saying that Accountability and Transparency was high on their list, but now when the Opposition and folks hold them up to a certain level of Accountability the OBA seem to have a challenge with it. There was not need for the Premier to write such a response, except to say great we want to be held accountable and the reasons we fall short on some are….. This has made me reflect on this government in terms of who the say they are and what they are actually doing. To me it was the OBA that played the child-like game and tactic.

        • DreamCatcher says:

          Exactly on point!

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Er, weeedy, you are Betty Trump. You are a liar and a racist. So it’s not surprising you say such crap.

          • Impressive says:

            OMG,, that is alot of assumptions in only one sentence,, mercy.

            • Come Correct says:

              Uh it’s pretty obvious actually. Same crappy spelling and wrong use of phrases on more than one media website. So it clearly shows she’s trying to incite an emotional response.

              • sure. says:

                and you are the same person with a different screen name responding to your own blogs…go figure!

            • Zombie Apocalypse says:

              He’s right, on all points actually.

      • Right!! says:

        You must be one of his lackeys getting the $120,000.

    • ticktock says:


    • watching carefully..commenting cautiously says:

      @seriously…..I hope that everyone understands what you just said…as brief as it was….because that is the truth. Cliches. Soundbites. Wordy press statements and philosophical meanderings. No real information. No real solutions.

      The OBA has a metaphorical gun aimed at its own foot.

      • media says:

        You talk about wordy. Marc Bean spoke for an age. In a very wordy monologue. Oddly, with no authority to criticize having just lost the Government because they were out of touch with what ordinary people were going through. The OBA is cleaning up their mess. A tough job but somebody has to do it.

  10. Read the news says:

    How is pointing out that the OBA are doing the opposite of what they promised during their election campaign “School Yard Tactics?”

    The premier needs to come a little better than this!

  11. thief says:

    the PLP annihilated the black (and white) middle class.

  12. nuffin but da truth says:

    what a bunch of losers typing crap today.
    clearly all bitter plp supporters that cannot smell the stench of 14 years by their own party.

  13. Justsayin says:

    I think both of these parties consist of very childish people and none of them should have ever been allowed to run our country. If you sat up and watched them debate and go back n forth like children in the house instead of responsible adults you’ll know what i mean

    • Impressive says:

      Finally, an objective post. Although I don’t agree with all your post, I do commend you for being objective.. A breath of fresh air.. awwww..

  14. Alvin Williams says:

    Well the anti-Bermudian OBA government is certainly living up to an old
    saying;’ Promises are like pie crust made to be broken’ who said that?
    Mao Zedong People’s Republic of China. Although I must say our new premier is no Chairman Mao

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Anti-Bermudian? Idiot.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      The PLP was anti-Bermudian when they carried on with term limits, knowing the damage they were doing to Bermuda. The PLP doesn’t care about Bermuda.

  15. god1st says:

    Economic equity for all……. more lies coming from the oba\ubp and their surrogate.

    • Jason Smith says:

      maybe we should have stayed with the PLP…that way everyone could have been equally unemployed and broke…

  16. weedy says:

    Moreso, why is the Premier lying about untruths. The PLP has stated and outlined facts. I am growing more disappointed by the actions of the OBA daily, in such a short time span. I wish they would grow up and govern Bermuda, and stop referring to the PLP as a stick to lean on. Stand up on what the do, and take the full responsibility. I thought I voted in a strong government, but it is not looking that way so far. There also seems to be effort towards ensuring the well being on of non-Bermudians over Bermudians. I know this as I work in IB, and I see the unfairness of jobs for Bermudians.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Oh Hi Betty.

    • Concerned says:

      how can they, the PLP left them with 28 cents on the dollar to work on all other government business once the civil service has been paid. How much could you do with that. This is why they see the need to bring in business to grow more revenue to be able to then grow more programs and pay the debt. The PLP were never business minded once Premier Smith was pushed out of office. Since then the country has gone to pieces and you expect miricles in 100 days. Sorry you are unrealistic and a fraud. Sorry to call you this, but that is how I see you and the many PLP supporters that can’t admit that this country is in serious trouble because of 9 years of bad management.

    • media says:

      Are you saying your are having voter remorse? Wishing you had voted PLP? Do you really think the PLP would have had the fortitude to make tough decisions? Their record would indicate otherwise. Dancing around issues and keeping their head in the sand as Bermuda sunk under their watch, not wanting to upset the electorate. The OBA are making a big effort to get Bermuda working again. If you actually did vote OBA you need to give them more time. It has only been a few months.

  17. just a thought says:

    The Premiere is so QUICK to Respond to what he believes is Negativity…i hope he responds even quicker to the other issues that Concern our Country

    • Who feels it knows it... says:

      Agree…where’s the substance Premier Cannonier?

  18. jt says:

    Please just ignore them and keep working to get us out of the mess they created.

  19. dun says:

    tis more than youve got my good friend.. you didnt even answer the question..

  20. Felix says:

    Good lord the Premier must have hit a nerve because the green machine trolls are sure puckering up with them sour grapes!

  21. Smh says:

    OBA will be the NEW Opposition in 3yrs time Trust me on that! To the New & young PLP in these next 3yrs take your time learn as much as you can mature & grow so that when WE become the NEW Govt. AGAIN we will be able to lead this Island in the right direction for MANY yes to come!!!

  22. Smh says:


  23. street wise says:

    Too bad plp fans didn’t hold their own party to task like they apparently are doing with the OBA! Nothing was said while the plp essentially destroyed our Country for their own benefit! Dissent was not tolerated, and now the plp are the big losers they deserve to be… and sore losers at that! Honestly, I could care less what plp fans think of the OBA. The OBA have accomplished more good for our Country in 100 days than the plp did in 14 years. So if anyone should STFU, plp fans should take their own advice.

  24. sonoso says:

    majority of these comments above seem to be coming from a similar author..

    god1st, weedy, justathought, smh, who feels it knows it…

    i think some of these civil servants need to do some more work!

  25. swing voter says:

    I don’t care how much they spend to get my country thriving again. I need a 2nd job just like the good ole days. What happened to all the part time jobs that we could pick and choose from?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      “What happened to all the part time jobs that we could pick and choose from?”

      They are taken by foreign workers & their relatives. We are going the same way as Cyprus & the same group of people that got Cyprus to that point are the same that are getting us where we are going. You can’t have a successful economy when more is exported out then invested in. For those who want to bring needing IB into this once again I HAVE NO ISSUE WITH IB & YES THEY ARE NEEDED BUT THERE ARE A THOUSAND PLUS PERMIT HOLDERS WHO DO NOT HAVE IB POSITIONS.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ Tommny Chong: You said in reference to part-time jobs – “They are taken by foreign workers & their relatives. We are going the same way as Cyprus & the same group of people that got Cyprus to that point are the same that are getting us where we are going.”

        Sir, the foreign workers and their relatives did not arrive here post Dec. 17. They have been here for a while, and so, if you are trying to be honest and informative, that sentence should have read, “…are the same that GOT us to this point.” They are not the ones that are trying to get us out of our current situation.

  26. Bermyman says:

    What is the overall time frame for election promises to be carried out? If there are such things as election promises? If there are, then are they worded as such or are they more goals that a government would strive to achieve over a 4-5 year period. Especially with regards to reducing expenditure and reducing debt. This in not an overnight process, especially with the highly wasteful civil service elephant that the PLP created still largely in tact. Rome was not built in a day, any rational person knows that. But when has the PLP and rationality gone hand in hand. Are we not spending $$$$$$ just to repair a dock, the PLP left the government coffers dry and then they expect no money to be borrowed? Where is the money going to come from after I.B. was chased away and the Cruise liners cannot even dock. Even if they were to dock then there would be no Ferry to pick them up. This is just a small slice of the PLP pie we as a nation will now burden.

  27. Robert Wilkinson says:

    From what I can see there is no difference between the PLP and OBA and their respective supporters. Listen to yourselves.
    If the problem with the economy was government overspending why is the OBA overspending?
    Has the OBA done anything substantially different? No. The system is designed to divide you. The class system is realized through race and politics.
    Please tell your children to support neither Party because they are both the same. I will never tell my children that someone is their leader. You have to be mentally imbalanced to support such a system. You are actually choosing serfdom/slavery.
    Cannonier and Dunkley are clueless. Cox and Burgess were clueless. Bermudians are told it is important to vote so that they choose whether they will be baked or boiled.
    Reclaim your lives and abandon such foolishness. The Cox spent your childrens money. Cannonier is now spending your grandchildrens money.
    Free yourselves. Please

    • Univer says:


    • media says:

      OBA were left with little choice but to borrow more money having just taken over a Government with declining revenues. That will have to change in the next couple of years, hence the SAGE commission. I disagree when you say Cannonier and Dunkely are clueless, they actual get what needs to be done and are actively pursuing direct investment to get Bermuda going again. It will take more than 100 days to do that though. One of the biggest problem with the PLP is that they put business off investing in Bermuda in any meaniful way, with their them and us attitude which contrary to Marc Bean’s initial remarks still exists.

  28. HeyBye says:

    I do not think that the PLP are in any position to criticize and give advice after inflicting 14 years of damage and ineptness upon Bda.

  29. Really? says:

    Well done Craig keep up the good work… We are fully behind you! funny how the steadfast Ex-leaders of the PLP have gone quiet (Ewart, Paula) think they have finally realised the error of their ways! well maybe not Ewart he is still believing he provided a service to Bermuda and HIS people (who I am not one of) and I am glad…

    • media says:

      I hear Paula is itching to make a return…seems to miss the cut and thrust. Might not sit too well with the new regime though.

      • blankman says:

        Not sure about the “cut and thrust” – more likely the limelight.

  30. god1st says:

    @ Weedy Betty Trump is that you ? lol

  31. god1st says:

    @ Sonoso

    “I think these civil servants need to do some more work”.

    Are you an O.B.A M.P or member hiding behind a pen name?

  32. Dear Chairman of the PLP and PLP elected Members of Parliament,

    You all abandoned your supporters and focussed on the high life.

    Do not think this noise you are making will make us support you or instantly believe in you again go to Bermuda Election 2012 Facebook page to see what your own supporters are saying since you insist on pretending that you are doing something new and have our support again.

    By the way PLP MPs we do not care what you think