Photos/Videos: OBA’s Cannonier Wins By-Election

November 1, 2011

[Updated - OBA's Craig Cannonier wins with 82.89% of the vote, scroll to bottom for latest]

The Devonshire South Central by-election is underway today [Nov.1], with the three contenders all out greeting voters at the Horticultural Hall in the Botanical Gardens. The polls close at 8pm, and we will bring you the results later this evening.

Senator Craig Cannonier is contesting the Parliamentary seat for the One Bermuda Alliance [above right], Anthony Richardson is running under the banner of the ruling Progressive Labour Party [above left] while former United Bermuda Party executive officer David Sullivan is standing as an Independent [above centre].

OBA Candidate Senator Craig Cannonier:

Sen. Cannonier and Mr. Richardson had some big name supporters on hand at the polling station this morning. OBA chairman Thad Hollis, Deputy chairmen Jeanne Atherden and Michael Branco, and former chairman Michael Fahy were at the Botanical Gardens when Bernews visited — along with outgoing constituency MP and former OBA interim leader John Barritt. OBA Deputy Leader Michael Dunkley, Jeff Sousa and former Senator Suzann Holshouser also stopped by the polling station in the afternoon.


Cheering on Mr. Richardson were Premier Paula Cox and husband Germaine Nkeulu, Deputy Premier Derrick Burgess, National Minister Wayne Perinchief, Economy & Labour Minister Kim Wilson, Tourism & Business Minister Patrice Minors, Attorney General Michael Scott, PLP MPs Wayne Furbert, Lovitta Foggo and Randy Horton, former press secretary Jamahl Simmons, PLP chairman Anthony Santucci and PLP supporter Larry Scott. Health Minister Zane Desilva arrived in the afternoon to both support the candidate and cast his vote as a resident of the constituency.

PLP Candidate Anthony Richardson:

The by-election was called due to the resignation of veteran Parliamentarian  Mr. Barritt, who had promised to step down if the new Opposition Leader selected at a September OBA party conference was not an elected MP.

After Sen. Craig Cannonier prevailed in his OBA leadership bid against MP Bob Richards, Mr. Barritt submitted his resignation and the by-election was called.

Independent Candidate David Sullivan:

John Barritt has held the seat for 18 years under the UBP’s banner, gaining the lion share of votes in the four general elections he contested.

In 2007 election John Barritt, running under the UBP’s banner, received 85% of the vote [723 to 122] against the PLP’s Linda Merritt. In 2003, Mr Barritt garnered 90% of the vote [747 to 83] against the PLP’s Dorothy Burch.

Click to enlarge photos:

Update 6.47pm: Additional supporters continue to make their way to the polling station including PLP supporter Makai Dickerson, Minister Glenn Blakeney, and former PLP candidate. Larry Mussenden. In addition, OBA MPs Shawn Crockwell, Bob Richards, Trevor Moniz and Pat Pamplin Gordon, and OBA members Sean Pitcher and Toni Daniels were seen.

Update 7.18pm: PLP MP Dale Butler has arrived. People are still trickling in although in considerably lower numbers then earlier today.

Update 7.33pm: Premier Paula Cox has returned to the polling station, with polls due to close in less than 30 mins.

Update 7.50pm: OBA Senator Dr Katherine Michelmore is also present.

Update 8.02pm: The door has closed, voting has finished. Candidates are waiting at the door to go in.

Update 8.13pm: The candidates appear to have been invited in.

Update 8.33pm: Votes are still being counted. Unofficial reports suggest around 570 votes were cast.

Update 9.06pm: Still no results. Officials from inside the polling station came to the door to ask the people gathered outside to quieten down.

Update 9.13pm: The first batch of results are in – it’s not a final count – but so far out of 369 votes cast, the OBA’s Craig Cannonier got 313 [84.82%], the PLP’s Anthony Richardson got 42 [11.38%] and Independent David Sullivan received 14 [3.79%].

Update 9.31pm: The third of four batches of results are in – out of 542 votes cast, the OBA’s Craig Cannonier got 463 [85.42%], the PLP’s Anthony Richardson got 58 [10.70%] and Independent David Sullivan received 21 [3.87%].

Update 9.40pm: Senator Craig Cannonier has won the by-election. An official came out of the room, and announced Mr Cannonier as the winner, which received loud cheers from all the OBA supporters in attendance.

Update 9.43pm: The final results are: OBA’s Craig Cannonier with 504 votes [82.89%] , the PLP’s Anthony Richardson with 75 votes [12.34%] and Independent David Sullivan received 29 votes [4.77%] There were 608 total votes cast.

Update 10.25pm: Video of the announcement of the winner this evening:

Update 11.30pm: Sen. Cannonier speaks with Bernews after his win:

“John made this day possible,” Mr. Cannonier said after the vote, adding that the two men canvassed together for much of the five-week campaign.

“Together we pounded the pavement and wore out a few shoes. I learned a lot from being with him. We always believed that getting on the doorstep was the key to victory. We worked hard at it, day after day. We took nothing for granted. Our aim was to earn people’s trust and support one voter at a time.

“I also want to thank my OBA colleagues and the many volunteers who supported our work in Devonshire South Central. The party has much to be proud of.”

“This was John’s commitment to changing the political dynamic in Bermuda and to provide Bermuda with a strong, alternative government. For that selfless act, I am deeply grateful. He should be saluted by all Bermudians who understand the need for change.”

Mr. Cannonier said he intended to carry the concerns of Devonshire South Central forward “because their concerns are the concerns of all Bermudians.

“We need to rebuild the economy where it once again grows jobs, we need to make our school system work for the children, we need to stop the shootings now and we need to take steps to restore trust in government, by making it open, transparent and accountable to the people.

“The work starts tomorrow,” Mr Cannonier said.

Update Nov.2, 6am: Video reaction from the PLP’s Anthony Richardson and Premier Paula Cox:

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  1. Skink says:

    Good luck to all the candidates…………it was good to see you this morning!!

    • Terry says:

      Yoo shore yah a skink? Maybe yah juss a camelion…..

      • Skink says:

        Born and Bread………A Native and Endemic………a Chameleon would be an introduced species and unable to vote!!!

  2. Skink says:

    I am now sitting on my perch at Seabright Avenue awaiting some good news……….hopefully!!

  3. Peace says:

    I really hope that Mr. Cannonier loses, so that he understands that, ” no seat is a safe seat” – his own words!

  4. All Clogged Up says:


    • Maddog says:

      So the island can be fix with the OBA. So sad if you think that.

  5. I gotta be me says:

    It’s too bad Anthony has put himself in the PLP camp…. he seems like a good fella but who in their right mind is going to have anyting more with the PLP after the mess they’ve made so far. Shame. But on a brighter note: THANK YOU JOHN for everything. All the best to you all.

    • PEPPER says:

      Anthony seems like a very inteligent guy…so why would he want to be a part of the mess that the present gov has put us through ??

      • Rick Rock says:

        I agree. I met him and liked him. What he sees in that bunch of clowns is beyond me.

    • Maddog says:

      So what you trying to say is everybody that joins the PLP are clowns.

      • Ya says:

        And I say everybody that joins the PLP are black and racist. Now go check that out.

      • Rick Rock says:

        No. Maddog, try reading what I said. It will help you control your hysteria.

        I said that I met Mr Richardson and I like him. He seems a nice, sincere, and honest man. He is, I think, a trustworthy guy.

        The problem is he’s on the wrong side. It’s the rest of the government that are clowns, hence I wondered why he would want to be a part of that. By the way, Cox is in the process of firing some of them, so I’m not alone in that thought.

  6. No OBA Vote says:

    Kim Young show of support of the OBA= dollars into their deep pockets.

  7. PEPPER says:

    So bernews are you going to give us the final results of this by elction ?

  8. GPS says:

    If the voters are serious about change, they should all make sure that David Sullivan wins!!!!!


    They’re still bussing the MAWI residents in to vote , as many of them kinda slept all day .

  10. sam montain says:

    poor old bermuda. yaaaay

  11. Observing says:

    Looks like Craig won

    Where are the results?

  12. @Work says:

    Update 9.06pm: Still no results. Officials from inside the polling station came to the door to ask the people gathered outside to quieten down.

    Gotta like that. They should have called the cops and had everyone outside making noise arrested. lol

  13. ap says:

    i think its time for an elakshun!!

  14. sammy says:

    The PLP and Sullivan are going to loose their deposit for not achieving 12.5% of the vote!!

  15. Curious says:

    Wow, in 2007 John Barrit of the UBP got 85% of the vote and in 2011 Craig Cannonier of the OBA gets 85% of the vote…

    I guess they were right OBA is UBP, at least their voters think so.

    • Really? says:

      Maybe the voters just know PLP crap when they see it…

      • Keep it 100!! says:

        Or maybe all former UBP safe seats will by default be OBA safe seats. Party Politics is the biggest detriment to this island more than the PLP. Party Politics in our current format would continue to divide this country on all social and economic levels. The people in a democracy are supposed to hold the true POWER over the affairs of their country. Look at the Arab Spring for example or the Wall Street demonstrations. Unfortunately, with the contribution of party politics, we are too divided to be collectively powerful.

        Let’s be honest. Party politics has never been effective in Bermuda. The UBP and their share of problems that divides this island racially and economically. The PLP has their share of problems racially and economically (for themselves), and I guess you all are hoping for third time lucky or third time the charm with the OBA.

        Forget the OBA, Forget the UBP, Forget the PLP. And lets collectively force the change of the status quo of this island to save it from the current crime problems, economic problems and lets save our island. If your trust and hope is in a change of government for a better Bermuda than good luck to that. Your trust and hope should be within yourself, each other, and most importantly God. Government cannot fix everything, they alone do not have all the answers. We are not a welfare democracy!! So stop relying on governments.
        Wake up Bermuda.

        • Keep it 100!! says:

          And conrats on the win Sen. Cannonier

        • Son of my Father says:

          Well said 100 … We seem to have developed in this country a “them/us”, “black/white” , UBP/OBA mentality. In reality there is only “Us”. Bermudians. Until we collectively fully realize that we are 60,000 souls marooned on a little rock that sits isolated in the middle of a big ocean, we will stay lost.
          It is only because of the media that we share the illusion that the dream we live here is the American Dream. In reality our success as a country and our dwindling lavish lifestyles are only possible because others not from here view us as a means to an end, and we are fortunate enough to feed off of the scraps they throw us. That ultimately is our reality.
          Wake up we must.
          The once great ship ‘Bermuda’ is sunk.

      • Stratton Hatfield says:

        This is about people choosing to put Bermuda first and leave their legacy parties behind. If they didn’t believe in the OBA they could have voted independent…

        • Keeping it 100!! says:

          If your statement was 100% true then no former UBP safe seats should by default become a OBA safe seat. I can bet with confidence that OBA will win majority of the former safe seats once held by the UBP. This should not be masked by the quote of ‘putting Bermuda first’. In this case they could have voted independent but what about going forward.

          Also legacy parties are not the issue. Legacy voting is.

          I can see your point but you can’t tell me that you don’t fully understand the point I am making. I don’t believe in party politics that will continue to divide us. We as people don’t need to rely on any political party to put Bermuda first. Well at least I don’t.

          • Maddog says:

            We can’t rely on you because you sound simple.

            • What ! says:

              Come on did you read Rchardonsons disinterested and substance lacking responses to the live questions. The guy gave a schoolyard response. If that is the package he took to the street, then it is a hege surprise he got the votes he did.

            • Keeping it 100!! says:

              I am sorry Maddog I wrote something that is far beyond your comprehension.

          • Stratton Hatfield says:

            I understand and agree with your point 100 – 100%! It makes sense. But we need to work together and unfortunately our system is set up like this with parties… If everyone ran as independents do you think people would still not band together to form certain positions for or against issues? How would we get a final vote?

            When I said legacy, I was referring to John Barritt. He was born and raised UBP, but left the party so that Bermuda could work together for something new. He left the legacy behind so that whatever leader was elected to the OBA could work to achieve the seat he held for so long.

            Come to our event on November 5 at 7pm at Moon Nightclub – speak up and be heard!

  16. Observing says:

    A huge win for Craig


  17. Observing says:

    Congratulations to the winner

  18. Future Bermuda Alliance says:

    Congratulations to Craig Cannonier! He is a passionate & dedicated Bermudian who deserves to earn and serve the #12 seat.

    Bermudian’s have demonstrated that this is about putting country first and not the parties of the past! Here’s to more hard work ahead and a better Future for all Bermudian’s!

    Thank you Craig!

  19. Skeptical says:

    Yay for OBA!!!! Change is a-coming!

  20. GReat Day says:

    Congratulations to Craig Connonier!

  21. Bulla Bulla! says:

    Free gas tomorrow down collectors hill?

  22. sammy says:

    The big news is that the PLP ran a very strong candidate but gained only 12% of the vote (Merritt – a sacrificial lamb got 14.4% in 2007).

  23. Derek says:

    Last election PLP got 15% of the vote. It appears that David Sullivan got most of his support from the PLP this time

  24. Anthony is a good man, however he is playing for the wrong team. Paula will most likely put him in the senate as a reward for his “team spirit”.

  25. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    Congratulations to our leader Craig Cannonier. He worked very hard along with others to secure this victory. He has set the tone for the other soon to be a announced candidates. To me there was never a doubt.

    Well done Craig,
    Well done OBA,
    Well done FBA,
    Well done Bermuda!

    • Maddog says:

      Do you know anything about politics, the UBP has never lost that seat,why because they are white UBP supporters and most white people won’t vote for the plp no how check the history fool.


      • Ya says:

        Maddog, you gotta get out of 1960. Stop being so racist. Have you ever been out of Bermuda? Because the way you talk is like an inbred ignorant Bermudian that has never been off this rock!

      • Dee says:

        @maddog. I am a white older person living in Constituency 12 and I would vote for whoever I felt represented the party who had Bermuda’s best interests at heart. If the PLP had not put Bermuda into the postion we now find ourselves in and had not been involved in such ‘questionable’ actions as they have I very well might have voted for Anthony Richardson. But the PLP are foundering as the crew of a sinking ship that is Bermuda and we need a party who will man the lifeboats and rescue Bermudians from this storm. I voted for Craig Cannonier because I feel the OBA are that party not because they are the UBP in another guise.

        • Curious George says:

          “But the PLP are foundering as the crew of a sinking ship that is Bermuda and we need a party who will man the lifeboats and rescue Bermudians from this storm.”


      • Islander says:

        Maddog u my dear are an idiot….its the same thing in say the back of town area, that is a safe PLP seat, lets talk about that shall we. You know no one in that area would vote UBP/OBA regardless of how poorly PLP are doing…so stop spewing ur hate and sh*t..JFS

    • No OBA Vote says:

      You won’t be so lucky Clinton, my deal fellow St. George’s needs astute political minds not wantobees.

      • What ! says:

        What St Georges needs is a doer, and not a great political mind. Burt And Cox studied politics, so are good at polotics. We need people who are good at getting things done and at tne right price, not folks who are good at hype and deception.

  26. Shorta ranks says:

    Well well welll . At the end a black power salute. If it was Brown he would be crucified. Not a word said

  27. I BELIEVE IN BDA says:

    No one is surprise that Craig won. The UBP has always won this seat, and since the OBA is the UBP made over who expected anything difference. Another point – In 2007 the spread was 70.87% in favour of the UBP. The spread tonight was 70.55% in favour of the OBA. Same Party same results.

  28. Jayden says:

    Actually it looks like more than 200 John Barritt UBP supporters didn’t show up. A win for Cannonier yes, but not the resounding endorsement the OBA wanted. One other thing this showed is that UBP voters simply put their X in the box for the OBA. Sound familiar? Barritt in 2003 747 votes. Barritt in 2007 722 votes. Cannonier in 2011 504 votes. Hmmmmm.

    • Mbaya Avunaye says:

      Jayden you will complain if someone boiled a white egg for you instead of a brown one. Why did you not also make the comparison in relation to the plp votes? Get a life.

  29. concern says:

    tell anthony richardson go think about what he di why would i run for a sinking ship i hope u know they just made a fool os you and took your monsy ha ha ha

  30. specialgirl4 says:

    Looks like the UBP/OBA lost some ground at this Bye-Election, as Barritt got 722 votes, and Craig only got 504, less 218 votes. The PLP had a lesser decrease of votes by Merritt 122 and Mr. Richardson 75, less 47 votes. Bigger lost of ground for the OBA/UBP.

    Nevertheless, this area is not a good representation of Bermuda’s population, to determine the outcome of a future election. To do that it has to be in an area where the population is mixed and fairer representation of black and white voters. I do not know what the new boundary lines will look like, or if it does help to bring about any real balance in #12. .

    But no surprise here, as this is a strong UBP/OBA strong-hold area, with white older middle class voters, who are not likely to vote in any other direction except UBP/OBA. Older voters are not likely to change their votes, regardless of whatever. Since the same UBP MPs have adapted a name change, they are still seen as one in the same by the white middle class voter. Bermudian voters always tend to vote for ‘party’ and not independents. Mr. Suillivan did not have an impact. This I am sure he is aware of.
    Not much of a surprise or victory dance !!

    • Newsflash says:

      this was a bye-election, and just like Marc Bean’s win in last year’s bye-election the voters did not come out in full force regardless of party loyalties. no sense in comparing bye-election results with general election results

    • Ya says:

      You are never going to get past black and white are you? Let’s be real, your comment can be written exactly the same with the words PLP and black when the election takes place in town. It’s truly a shame that we are so backwards and ignorant and racist and stupid on this island! Can we please get past skin colour one day?

    • What ! says:

      PLP terrible track record, taken the country into the toilet, only change offered are gunshot and maybe we will policies that never materialise into anything , but pocket emptying. A vote for the PLP is a vote for failure. Had nothing to do with anything else. If you can’t see that, then you are a hater , a hater of Bermuda as wish it to go to hell.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Looks like the PLP’s PR people are hitting all the media in the country again to spin the same story. Really I think that it’s the same people typing with different names and yet they say others have no integrity………..

      LOL licks is “trumps” those who know hahaahaha

  31. Cancer says:

    Ok to all you PLP. Your ship is sinking … Can’t you tell? This is just the beginning. There’s more to come. Just watch when we roll out out policies.. Sorry but PLP has lost it’s way. Accept it!!! You were slaughtered tonite!!

  32. No OBA Vote says:

    How was this a slaughter in an UBP?OBA area. Like the BDA was slaughtered when Marc Bean Won – in a PLP safe area?

  33. No OBA Vote says:

    Additonally with a less than 50% turnout. Let the swallow in false grandeur

  34. No OBA Vote says:

    Corrections – Additionally with a less than 50% turn out. Let them swallow in false grandeur.

  35. I guess says:

    You could have put a dog there & he would have been voted in…

  36. PLP spin spin and more spin. The spin cycle is in overdrive and I’m getting dizzy……PLP…Please Leave Politics!!!

  37. Bda Speaks says:

    Congrats Craig, well done Anthony and thanks Dave. I know we’ll all take away from this what we wish our party filters wishes our brains to process. However the facts remain that (1) this area is a UBP “safe seat” (2) the racial make up the area is mostly white bermudians (3) Craig won by virtually the same percentage as Barritt has the last 2 times (4) this bye-election shows that OBA is supported virtually 100% by traditional UBP supporters (4) OBA has failed to show us that they have attracted anything but UBP support (no “swing” voters to peak of). (5) if the voter base was so excited for a change, it failed to materialize here as the results mirrored those of previous elections with no boost in percentage for OBA/UBP.

    If the OBA are to convince that they simply not a rebranded UBP, then this result isn’t one they would want to claim to do so. Here was politics as usual, different day, same result, just different letters competing except OBA/UBP literally means the same thing here.

    As I stated above, despite the obvious results, too bad most will only see what their party filters allow their brains to see instead of the facts.

    • Ya says:

      You people make me sick! Black-white, black-white, black-white… what’s wrong with you? You don’t have any white friends? You just can’t get past race… I feel sorry for you, stuck in 1960… I have a challenge for you, go make friends with someone of a different race.

  38. Lauren says:

    Congratulations to all competitors and to the “winner”.
    It is so unfortunate that we as a people have NOT found the antidote for this “black vs white” cancer that drives BOTH political parties in this small island. When will we realize that “party politics” breeds tunnel visioned, monochromed voters that look for either PLP or UBP/OBA at the poles and nothing more!
    When are we going to take each candidate/MP/senator and hold them to their personal beleif, character, ability and campain agenda. Nothing has changed in this constituency. There are no surprises in who received more votes. Look at the voting history in the area!
    The biggest story probably lies in the amount of registered voters that didn’t exercise their demorcratic right!
    I hope this doesn’t represent the island’s voter response if it were a general election (based on how many voted not on who they voted for)!

  39. Cancer says:

    Bda speaks – for all you’ve written above, I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you that this was a by election not a general election. You can’t compare the results of the two. There are all different ways you can look at the results and make a statement that wud favor each party. I can say that Anthony only got 75 votes out of the 600 people that voted (OBA stronghold or not) but that’s not a good result. Learn to accept defeat and go along with it… Your still the goverment….eer.. i mean government…. For now!!!

  40. No OBA Vote says:

    Check the video, if a PLP member came out waving the “black power” fist, there would be an up-roll. Craig immediately opened up his hand when the camera hit the clenched fist. I truly believe he’s more PLP than anything else, which will be good learning for the OBA

  41. Sean says:

    Wow, the PLP rabids have come out I see. Glad to see they are improving the discussion with their thought provoking and intellectually stimulating comments.

  42. same old same old says:

    You people are got to kidding me or yourself…this is not about race it’s about UBP and the OBA being one….I would have had more respect if he ran in a marginal seat or a PLP strong hold and won.. there was no sum gain here. Nothing to hang your hat on.

  43. Terry says:

    After reading all these comments, I must say; Bermuda has a long way to go. 70 wated comments and 10 that make sense.

    A great day to all.

    I need a rum and it’s only 8:43am………

  44. Triangle Drifter says:

    When will Bermudians ever grow up? If some cannot turn a topic into a race issue they have nothing to say at all. Have they never heard of real issues that need to be dealt with.

    Race is just an easy diversion for the simple minded who have no idea of how deep Bermuda is in crep with a Government that put us there & has even less idea of how to get out. Pick your Ministry. Is there just one that does not have major issues? Is there just one that has not had a Minister shuffle many many time under the PLP.

    The issue is which group has the talent to get Bermuda back on track before it becomes another Greece (real close now). Race has nothing to do with it.

  45. bermy$hotta says:


  46. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    LOL! I am already the luckiest man around because I have the love and support of my wife and children. Go try and throw cold water on someone else. You can’t rain on my parade. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t declared my intention to run for anything. Have a good day “No Vote”.