“Bermuda” Put Into Bermuda Day Race Name

April 11, 2013

The Organizing Committee and Appleby said they have “heard the community and appreciates the passion” surrounding the Bermuda Day race and have agreed to alter the title to read “Appleby Bermuda Half Marathon Derby”.

Yesterday Appleby and the organisers of the race said that the event’s name will change from “Bermuda Half Marathon Derby” to “Appleby Half Marathon Derby” to reflect Appleby’s longstanding support as title sponsor. The decision sparked controversy, with many expressing disagreement with the name change.

The full statement issued follows below:

The Organizing Committee of the Bermuda Day Half Marathon has heard the community and appreciates the passion surrounding the event and its heritage.

We acknowledge that there have been many changes to both the holiday and the event name over the years, i.e. Queen’s Birthday, 24th May, Heritage Day and Bermuda Day. The event name changed from “Marathon” to “Half Marathon” and the word “Derby” has been included or excluded over the years.

It should be noted that the original race began some 100+years ago and preceded the Bermuda Day holiday. The words “Bermuda Day” have never appeared in the official race name. We, in conjunction with our sponsor, Appleby, have agreed to alter the title to read “Appleby Bermuda Half Marathon Derby”. It should be noted that the word “Bermuda” was already included in the updated logo.

Let me end by saying that Appleby in no way threatened to pull their sponsorship, nor were they heavyhanded in any way. This is a long standing partnership, since 2005, and one that we both value and intend to continue.

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  1. collins says:

    The name Bermuda Marathon should remain !!! Appleby Bermuda marathon does not work for me and many others.

    • Clive Spate says:

      Why don’t you and your many others stump up the cash to organise the event then!

      • andre says:

        If it is corporate goodwill why they need to have their name attached? Some things should not change and this is one of them!

    • Too damn bad if it,”don’t work for you” As it has been mentioned the event has altered its name from one to another over the past 100year so why not once again, considering it is Appleby that are the main sponsors of what I remember as being the, “24th of May Race”

  2. Hats off to Appleby and it is refreshing to know that peoples voices do still matter and that the organizers and the sponsors are willing to listen.

    Thanks to all who made this decision as leaving the name Bermuda out does not sit well with a lot of people who feel Bermuda has lost to much of it’s identity.

    Now Grandma and Pa can go down de road in the veel barra an sit on de side valk nex to de superat an vatch dem byes runnin an da vons who dont make it get pic up by the ablance an taken to de horse spittal. bye i tell u dem byes at apples bees know vat da doin ba.

  3. Second says:

    Thanks Appleby for listening!

  4. Talk That Talk says:

    I’m sorry but the name should remain as it has all these years. Yes Appleby we are grateful for all you have done but to add your name is not right.

    Whats next? Are we changing our country name to XL Bermuda?

    • Eastern says:

      Have you not heard of the “Barclay’s Premier League”? Since you mention it “The XL Bermuda Open tennis tournament”? Or how about the the “FEDEX ST. Jude Classic” or WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship or the ‎Bridgestone Invitational‎ (golf)? How about the N.R.A 500 Nascar Race (sponsored by the National Rifle Association? the list goes on and on.
      Why would a sponsor pay out thousands (and in some cases Millions) of dollars without their name being mentioned?

      • andre says:

        Well don’t pay! I would gladly give my time for free ( and many others too) to keep it as it should be.

      • ABM says:

        XL Bermuda Open has always been name that. As for the rest of what you mentioned, nothing to do with Bermuda.

        Im just glad Bermuda was thrown back in the title for heritage reasons.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Thank You Appleby for listening to the people…

  6. :-( says:

    Leave things alone!! :(

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Who gives a crap. They’re sponsoring the event. Pull your funds and sponsorship Appleby and then there won’t be a marathon at all!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      There was a half marathon long before Appleby came on the scene & should they wish to pull sponsorship at any time then the half marathon shall still remain.

    • Chuckling says:

      Why won’t you just leave?

  8. Shame on race organizers says:

    The organizers and Appleby need to realize how big this event is, this is BERMUDA DAY and the Bermuda half marathon. Keep the name as it was and have sponsored by Appleby attached. What’s wrong with that.

    Bermuda Half Marathon Derby sponsored by Appleby!!!

  9. Bullseye says:

    Thank you Appleby.

  10. Portuguese/Bermudian says:

    Not good enough….
    Get Appleby out of the name.

  11. dmr says:

    I think that we should have an organized protest against the name change. Who are the people behind this and what gives them the right to make that change without consulting the people of Bermuda? Appleby, if you want your name attached to a marathon, create your own day! Sorry but this is wrong wrong wrong!!!!

    • listentoyourselves says:

      Any excuse for a day off…protest for a simple name?
      If you all put your energy into something more worth while and productive you just might have better things in this island. Protest for something that is actually important and that will actually benefit Bermuda.

      #SMallminded dumb—

      Appleby sponsored it, be grateful. Just because it says Appleby in the name doesn’t change anything.

  12. therealknowthyself says:

    Corporations rule the world. This is a fact.

  13. SunShine says:

    It should be “The Bermuda half Day Marathon sponsored by Appleby “

  14. TTT says:

    Amen…. The runners should boycott. The marathon is the people’s not Applesby. If you want people to know you are the sponsors than add it at the end…. “Sponsored by Applesby”.

  15. Y-Gurl says:

    I wish we put this much effort into the issues that are of real concern to our Country

  16. Chuckling says:

    This is a Bermudian cultural issue with a historical element attached. So strange how it is of no importance to some folks who call themselves Bermudian.

    • Petra says:

      But we’ll all still call it the Bermuda Day Race!!!

  17. God says:

    God here.

    I am not paying for the marathon.

    That is all.

  18. Bda Live says:

    Thanks for acquiesing a bit Appleby, and of course corporate sponsorship is appreciated in any event.(so thank you Appleby stepping up) Would your board of directors consider go further by naming it the Bermuda Half Day Marathon sponsored by Appleby? Adds a bigger spark of humility minus the presence ego and actually sounds classier for the type of event. Set a trend. You’re already big, well known and established and valued in Bermuda and other jurisdictions. No one can take that away from you. Akin it to the various partnerships in past (AS&K, Appleby…Hunter, Appleby …Baillache for example), all the while retaining the core – Appleby in the forefront of your brand ;-) All were understandable and logical and right. Be the same in this instance too you think?

  19. eyes wide shut says:

    shows how corporate is taking over in every area. leave the title alone! I was thinking to run in the Bermuda day half marathon, hearing the name change makes me want to change my mind. its about bermuda not that damn company..

  20. Petra says:

    what a load of fuss over nothing! Everyone will still call it the Bermuda Day Half Marathon! Things keep going in culture and language – I still watch my team even though they changed the name to the Barclays Premier League, I don’t refer to it by that name!!

    How about we use all the energy this load of nothing has taken up and put it to good use – something that will help put our country back together?

    Sometimes my fellow Bermudians just leave me shaking my head

  21. Does it really matter says:

    Is it really a big deal – not matter what the change is – it will always be May 24th Marathon. Just like when they changed the Queen’s birthday to National Heros Day – it will always be the Queens Birthday holiday to me.

  22. dthtoo/ says:

    “Appleby Half Marathon Derby” to reflect Appleby’s longstanding support as title sponsor.

    Black Bermudians don’t compromise our history. It has been proven over and over any time the white man has a say in something or puts money into something, especially as it relates to us, he eventually wants to usurp authority/take full control of those somethings, and then everything changes and then we find that we are no longer in the equation. Remember, those people are takers. Don’t say yes, when you should say hell no – mean it and say it loud and clear!

    Leave Bermuda Day Half Marathon just as it has always been.

    Can you recall, a few years ago, how they manufactured the crazy idea of moving our Cup Match from its current venues to the National Stadium? With them, if it’s not one thing it’s another. We must remain ever vigilant at our respective posts.