Photo Gallery: 2013 Peppercorn Ceremony

April 24, 2013

The Peppercorn Ceremony took place this morning [Apr 24] in St. George’s, following a tradition which first began in 1816. The slightly inclement weather did not stop crowds from coming out, with groups of school children lining the square to watch the pomp and pageantry.

Peppercorn Ceremony St George's, Bermuda April 24 2013-34

Marked by pomp, circumstance and pageantry, the King’s Square ceremony requires the Governor to accept the annual peppercorn rent paid by Freemasons for use of the State House.

The State House was built in 1620 and is Bermuda’s oldest stone building. The landmark was used for the General Assembly of Bermuda until 1816, when the capital moved to Hamilton.

Peppercorn Ceremony St George's, Bermuda April 24 2013-57

The Government of the day then rented the building for one peppercorn a year to Bermuda’s Masonic Lodge 200 of Scotland, an agreement which continues to this day.

Numerous MPs from both sides of the aisle attended, and various dignitaries arrived with great ceremony. As tradition dictates, the Governor travelled in a Bermuda style horse-drawn carriage, and the symbolic peppercorn was presented to the Governor on a velvet cushion. You can view a video of the ceremony here.

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  1. Tommy Chong says:

    This parade always reminds me of The Pirates of Penzance. I start imagining the governor breaking out into the Modern Major-General song.

    I see the lightbringers were out in full force as well & have a lot of fresh faces in the numbers.

  2. Nobody Got Time for That says:

    Yes, a lot of very fresh faces!

  3. A photog says:

    you got a picture of me micing while I’m marching geee thanks lol :)

  4. god1st says:

    Congratulations Robert Smith

  5. James says:

    Unbelievable that these people who belong to a corrupt secret society have the gall to show themselves in public.
    Freemasons are a disgrace. No man in Britain would ever admit to belonging to such a corrupt organization .
    If in doubt read a book called ‘the brotherhood’. All will be revealed. A shameful organization.
    They hide in the UK. Because they know what people think of freemasonry.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Lightbringers hide in the UK? Since when? David Cameron has hosted events for the freemasons. When they come out for a procession in the UK they come out in the thousands.

      I used to think like you till I did extensive research about this group & realized unless I go live off the land in a tent I have no room to judge. Freemasons have been the reason behind many technologies including electricity that the modern world reaps the benefits of. America & France owes their freedom to the lightbringers. So they worship technology, how many others who are not freemasons do the same? Until I have the resolution to do without I must hang my head down & realize I’m not strong enough to walk away from humanities demise. At least most of the lightbringers have been duped into thinking they go down the right path I am aware & still follow down that path & so do you.

  6. Terri says:

    Looking good BDA!

  7. Muslima says:

    I agree with you James

  8. Eastender says:

    My Dad was a freemason. He died at 72. My mum is 94 and still supported financially by the Masons. Bless their caring hearts.