Bermuda Triathlon Association Tri-A-Tri Results

May 31, 2013

The Bermuda Triathlon Association’s Tri-A-Tri 2013 Series continued at Southside and Adam Petty and Rebecca Harrison continued their reigns as the fastest Male and Female finisher respectively. Harrison knocked well over a minute off her prior weeks’ time.

Petty was the first to cross the line covering the 200m Swim/8km Bike/2km Run Distance in a time of 26:42, Steven Petty finished second clocking 28:00 and Harrison finished third with a time of 28:15.

Nick Pilgrim won the 100m Swim/5.6km Bike/1km Run Distance race in a time of 19:32 and Nicholas Narraway finished second clocking 30:41.

200m Swim/8km Bike/2km Run

26:42 Adam Petty
28:00 Steven Petty
28:15 Rebecca Harrison
28:55 Randolph Smith
30:04 Alan Gilbertson
30:27 Alex Southern
30:49 Carol Dixon
31:22 Ariel Mierzejewski
31:43 Elizabeth Harris
32:24 Andrea Lapham
33:25 Jessie Godfrey
34:25 Kristina Mierzejewski
36:00 Dawn Johnson
36:01 Elizabeth Deacon
40:12 Scott Gilbertson

100m Swim/5.6km Bike/1km Run

19:32 Nick Pilgrim
30:41 Nicholas Narraway

Other Distances

20:20 Tristan Narraway – No swim/8km bike/2km run
26:43 Madison Brewer – 200m swim/no bike/2km run

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