Slideshow: “Bubble Flash Mob” In Hamilton

May 27, 2013

Today [May 27] saw a “Bubble Flash Mob” in Queen Elizabeth Parkin Hamilton, which was hosted by Improv Bermuda with the aim to “get grown-ups to lighten-up and play.”

The event invitation invited people to “be part of a group of happy bubble-blowing people invading the streets of Hamilton”, and told people if they come after the start time of 12.45pm “just follow the bubble trail”.

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  1. Thanks Bernews for randomly capturing our flash mob! What great luck that you were just walking past. Hamilton really impressed us today! Person after person, reluctant at first, quickly puckered their lips when asked if they wanted to blow a bubble. Visitors, businessmen, young people wrapped in headphones, everyone stopped to blow a bubble. We’d love to hear if you saw us and if you were one of the bubble-blowers! There must have been a few hundred of you. We can’t wait to do more fun events like this that bring joy and playfulness to the community. :)

  2. Always Watching says:

    i want to be invited, someone send me a way to get a hold of you all.

  3. Mae says:

    I walked through Par-la-ville Park on my lunch break yesterday. It was great to see something different going on…and yes, they convinced me to blow a few bubbles too. :)