22 Year Old Murdered Outside Glebe Road Home

August 23, 2013

[Updated: The police confirmed that 22 year old Steven Jireh Iris died as a result of a stabbing that took place outside of a residence of Glebe Road this morning. A 22 year old Devonshire male has been arrested.

Police are appealing for anyone in the Glebe Road area who may have seen anything suspicious around 8:30am-9:30am or anyone who may have been at KEMH around 9:20-9:30am who would have witnessed a white Clio car with males who walked into the emergency department with the victim, please contact Acting Detective Inspector Dennis Astwood on 247-1008 or the confidential Crimestoppers hotline on 800-8477.]

A stabbing took place outside a residence on Glebe Road this morning [Aug 23], with a 22-year-old man receiving what the Police said were “serious stab wounds to the abdomen.”


Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “Police responded to a report of a stabbing that took place outside a private residence on Glebe Road this morning (Friday). The exact time of the incident is unclear but police received notification via emergency call at 9:20am.


Mr Caines continued, “Details surrounding this incident are sketchy but a 22 year old man was taken to the KEMH via private vehicle with serious stab wounds to the abdomen. Officers are presently on scene and an investigation into this incident has commenced.

“Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact police on 295-0011 or the free and confidential crime stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

The audio of Mr Caines statement is below:

Update 11.51am: The 22 year old man is listed in critical condition in the ICU.

The police said they are trying to piece together the circumstances, and would like to speak to anyone who was in the area that may have seen or heard anything.

Update 5.55pm: The police confirmed that the victim, 22 year old Steven Jireh Iris, has died. A 22 year old Devonshire male has been arrested. The full police statement follows below.

Bermuda Police Service can now confirm the death of 22 year old Steven Jireh Iris. Steven died as a result of a stabbing that took place outside of a residence of Glebe Road near Roberts Avenue in Devonshire.

Circumstances surrounding the incident are unclear and the exact time of the incident is unknown but Police were alerted to the scene by a 911 call at around 9:20am on Friday.

Mr. Iris was taken to the KEMH via private vehicle with serous stab wounds to the abdomen. Doctors worked unsuccessfully to save his life and he was pronounced dead at 4:40pm. A 22 year old Devonshire male has been arrested and is assisting police with inquiries into this murder.

Police are appealing for anyone in the Glebe Road area who may have seen anything suspicious around 8:30am-9:30am or anyone who may have been at KEMH around 9:20-9:30am who would have witnessed a white Clio car with males who walked into the emergency department with the victim, please contact Acting Detective Inspector Dennis Astwood on 247-1008 or the confidential Crimestoppers hotline on 800-8477.

The Bermuda Police Service extends our sympathies to the family and friends of the deceased.

- Article originally said the victim was 21, and has been amended to 22.

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  1. ButICanDream says:

    that’s a productive request.

  2. Whistling Frog says:

    Be careful what you ask for… You just might get it.

  3. K.T.B. says:

    This is so sad, I hope the young man pulls through.

  4. Grand Wizzard says:

    People who do such crimes should be chained to posts on front street so we can all slap them until they all totally purple and crying. Then let them starve for a few days.

  5. Lasting peace... says:

    Why do so many bad things happen in this general area? I drive on this road every day on my way into work and the citizens appear to be normal hardworking people just like me. Why should their existence include violence and mayhem? It seems so completely unfair. Prayerfully, this young man recovers from his injuries, both physical and emotional, and those living in this neighborhood are able to find some lasting peace.

    • Collins says:

      Black on black crime,when will it end ?

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        @Collins, I noticed you blamed the PLP for this on another blog story, but on here, it’s just black on black crime………..the perfect example of the typical, aloof OBA supporter, who actually does not care about the violent crime and who it is really effecting. People better wake up and realize that many OBA supporters actually delight in this violence, as they used it for political purposes, basically convincing many that it is the PLP fault. One day, don’t be surprised when the script is flipped……………

  6. smh! says:

    Riiight, because more stabbing/shooting/killing is going to make this sooo much better…….Do you sense the sarcastic tone there?!

  7. smh says:


    YOU’RE AN *****

    • Tiger Lily says:

      I agree with you. No matter what the story, immature, cynical commenters rush to start the verbal diarrhea.

  8. smh says:





  9. Buzz says:

    The One thing that people are not seeing is that, this Current Situation in Bermuda is not going Away, and not in any time Soon.People need Jobs and some Economic relief, People are under a lot of Stress and are Acting out on All Levels from young and Old,,

    • Open your eyes says:

      Oh give me a break! I was out of work for 5+ months but I didn’t go around shooting, stabbing or robbing people! So please don’t blame the economy on why these “thugs” are doing these things – this crap was going on WAY before Bermuda’s economy started to tank! And this so called stress you speak of, come one! If people saved their money instead of buying a fancy $60,000 car they can’t afford, or buying the latest Louis they wouldn’t be so worried about how they’re going to keep the lights on or put food on the table. At some point people need to stop blaming others and the economy for their misfortunes and start self-evaluating!

      • Toodle-oo says:

        +1 @ o.y.e

        Me= unemployed for 23 months and I haven’t shot or stabbed anyone either . Haven’t even pointed my finger in anyone’s face.
        There’s a reason for all of this but few people want to face reality and shoulder their share of the blame.

      • letmypeoplego says:

        I’m sorry buzz, but i have to agree with open your eyes..We all have choice to make..some of us obviously choose the negative stuff.

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      Sorry Buzz. While I agree with you that people need jobs and economic relief, that alone is not enough to turn people into murderers. There are some very poor countries with astronomical unemployment yet experience virtually no crime, and certainly not murder or serious assault. Those people still have an immense amount of respect for human life – something that some members of our community seem to be lacking increasingly.

      Sending positive vibes to this young man for recovery.

  10. mixitup says:

    what an ignorant comment… Are you wrapped tight?

  11. :-) says:

    Some of the comments are ignorant. People its serious what is happening in this island. We need tougher laws and decent education.

  12. We Were Warned says:

    When the “white man” was trying to tell you all that if the PLP got voted in, Bermuda would turn into another Jamaica, you all thought it was boogey-man tactics.
    When you all were told that crime would increase, we would go into debt, international business would decrease and crime would increase nobody believed it.

    You all thought you would give your people a chance, and look at the mess we are all in…thanks to the PLP.
    Before you all pull the race card, I am a black female and I was smart enough never to give the PLP the time of day. Others were not so smart….

    We were warned…but you all didn’t listen.…thanks a lot.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Like a few OBA ministers, you certainly are an embarrassment to yourself and your family…….smh

    • Relax says:

      Do not talk about PLP this PLP that. Politics is BS regardless of who is in power! FYI

    • smh says:

      “I was smart enough never to give the PLP the time of day” ?

      But you clearly aren’t smart enough to realize that this foolishness started BEFORE 1998 when the UBP were still in charge, and it has continued after the PLP have left. So how about you be smart enough to realize that this is a NATIONAL problem and not a GOVERNMENTAL one. The crime issue stretches beyond any political party.

      Various groups are to blame, including the ignorant – that’d be you.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Rewriting history aren’t you? Gangs, guns, murders all started wihin the last 6 -7 years. While you-know-who was in charge.

        Why doesn’t Mr Faith Based Tourism get out there and negotiate a truce, like he said he would?

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          Sandy is an OBA insider, meaning he will deny the facts and truth that it actually started in the 70s………….

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Concerned Citizen, I am not an OBA insider. I belong to no political party, and never have. i am independent. You are entitled to your own opinions, Concerned Citizen, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

            • Mazumbo says:

              But you are pro OBA and anti- PLP. lmao

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                Nope. I like common sense though.

                • Concerned Citizen says:

                  OBA folk live a lie. No conscience, so they can’t even see when they are being exposed. Smh!

            • Truth says:

              Guns have been in Bermuda for a very long time. I have a relative who shot someone over 40 years ago. The gun was never found and he served time in prison.

              No one is rewriting history – it is a fact.

    • Plato says:

      Lets be oblivious to the Wests downturn our major trading partners, the foundation of both our staple industries, tourism and IB, it doesn’t matter who is in power, if the “western” economies were a person Bermuda would be its shadow, I usually refrain from labeling people but you are dumb, or a troll and can’t possibly believe you will win votes for the OBA with uneducated, limp tactics like this.

    • mixitup says:

      This idiot is so shallow to think that its a Government issue? You needa wake up and look beyond Bermuda pal! This issue is not something you’ll just read in Bermuda news.
      But people like you would LOVE to think its a PLP grown problem. That would make it fit perfectly into what you would love to believe.

    • RawOnion says:

      Such a shame that this island has headed in this direction. WWW, I agree with your statement as I was told by a high ranking member of Bermudian society who is also a staunch PLP supporter that under the PLP leadership, we will see the deterioration of Bermudian behaviour, economic stability and social issues. Yes, killings will happen but never have we seen it at the rate we are seeing now. This will continue not because of the OBA but because of the mentality of certain segments of the community who were blindly led by the PLP administration.

    • Annie says:

      @We Were Warned: I agree and I’m a black female as well. All those bad things didn’t happen right away, but they did eventually happen-just as forewarned.

      When terrible stuff didn’t happen right away, the PLP accused those in opposition to them of fearmongering, saying “See-nothing bad has happened”…and then it did. It’s like when God warned Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit saying if they did, they would die. The Devil talked them into it and said they wouldn’t die, and they didn’t…not right away, anyway-but they eventually DID die just as warned when God never intended for them to ever die when they were created.

      Sorry to go off-topic but that example comes to mind when I think of the unheeded warnings…

      So sorry to hear about this young man’s passing…he went to school with my daughter…

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Ever consider it was more of a threat rather then a warning?

    • Evie says:

      So….you as a ‘black female’ chose not to vote for the PLP. That’s fine….but if you’re saying that you didn’t vote for the PLP because the ‘white man’ told me not to, how smart are you really?? WOW!!

  13. Questioning says:

    It is not a question of who or what is to blame for our current state of affairs. The question is…What are WE going to do to change things? Naming and blaming is not going to change our situations, only WE are…So let’s go BERMY…TIME TO GET SERIOUS and WORK TOGETHER INSTEAD OF POINTING FINGERS.

    • letmypeoplego says:

      Well said…

    • Just Saying says:

      My condelences, thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and loved ones of the injured and deceased. OBA/PLP has nothing to do with this, it’s the mindset of our young people today. They need to learn of the struggles in days gone by. I think if people are that stressed due to unemployment, etc. we need more mental health helping services (or on volunteering basis) that’s cost effective to help those in need to learn how to cope. This OBA/PLP stuff is getting old. Time to move on to see a better Bermuda. People are struggling and get hot headed,and since these guys have access to guns, knives, etc. they will use them in the heat of the moment. Again, my condolences.

  14. letmypeoplego says:


  15. letmypeoplego says:

    And for all you others, why does the stabbing of this person have to turn into a political rant?…Oh, and no rant about crime is complete without mentioning Jamaica eh? I’m pretty sure a lot of Jamaicans would gladly swap places with the worst socioeconomic lifestyle here…

    How about showing some love for the family and the community that have to deal with the incident?..We have surely lost our way.

  16. nori says:

    here we go, placing the blame all over the world! want someone or something to blame??? blame the person who decided with their own mind to pick up a knife and stab someone else, blame the person who decided with their own mind to pick up a gun and shoot, blame the individual who made up their own mind. please stop blaming the oba and plp because none of those ministers told that individual to do what they did. please stop blaming their environment because I am a successful citizen who owns my own home on the island whose father was in and out of prison for my entire life, whose father is a drug addict, whose mother raised me as a single parent, who mother was made redundant and only found employment after 2 years. if you pulled my name up in the police database, the only thing I am guilty of is getting parking tickets. put the blame where blame is due…on the knuckleheads who make up their own mind to be bad, to harm others
    may the person who was stabbed make a recovery ad may the individual who done the stabbing, may he/she find GOD

  17. Johnny Boy says:

    God rest his soul, he just Died,,

  18. :-) says:

    My prayers go out to his family.

  19. eegrance says:

    nope, people should just get what they deserve, if you can murder someone then the culprit should receive the same treatment (from the feds of course). glad i’ve left bermuda, too much stupidity going on these days.

    • truth. says:

      all the killer did was put himself in jeopardy now because more people will come after him, thats just the way it goes…

  20. spoons says:

    Sad news. RIP young man.

  21. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    SIP young man, so sad your life was cut short so soon. My prayers go out to the family. To my people in the community lets all try n be there for the young people we know n could we all reach one and teach one. It takes a village n let’s not point fingers but do whatever we can to help and change a young persons life for the better.

  22. Get back to loving each other says:

    Good day,

    I read these comments in dismay at the absolute disconnection of good sense,intellectual dialogue and the real human element….empathy.

    Here we have yet another case of Black on Black violence (please don’t talk about the race card because the evidence has presented itself), where a young man has become another victim of senseless violence.

    I envision even more violence in this country due to the joblessness of Bermudian men (and women)where deprivation of positive male role models rob our youth will ultimately lead to violence. Similarly, the disadvantaged Bermuda setting in which opportunities in legitimate labour markets are lacking which fosters an environment where the youth seek illicit markets for means of economic support…and this my people is one of the major components for the upsurge in this lethal behaviour.

    We are creating two types of families in Bemuda….the “street” and “decent” families. These are two contrasting conceptual categories where the “decent” families almost always have hope for the future. This hope means that decent families place an emphasis on saving money, working hard, and raising children in an effort to make something out of themselves. Because they identify with mainstream values, “decent” families are more likely to participate in jobs (yes there are still jobs out there, but noone wnats to work for half a loaf), schools, churches and other constructive instituions.

    The “street’ families, are families that typically have a lack of consideration for other people and a superficial sense of family and community values. Frustrations mount over bills, food, and the like where parents find it difficult to cope with the physical and emotional demands of parenthood, resulting in children who lack curfews, supervision and resources with many realizing that they must “fend for themselves”. Given the anger, verbal disputes and physical aggression within the street oriented home, the children are victimized and learn to fight at an early age.

    Whose responsibilty is this we ask?….it is EVERYONE’S responsibility to start PARENTING and stop being your childrens friend. Stop substituting love, nurturing, parenting and mainstream values with money and material goods.

    Get back to Sunday dinners with the family and opening with a prayer, turn off the TVs and video games so that you can fill your hearts and souls with God’s Love by taking turns reading passages from the Holy Bible. Fathers…hug your sons and tell them how much you love them instead of touching fists which you may not realize is the early signs of aggression.

    Get back to building go carts and kites with your sons, attending school PTAs with him, TAKE him to Church and Sunday school.

    Mothers, teach your daughters how to knit, to crochet, how to play hopscotch, how to cook and keep house instead of dressing them up in the latest fashion so that they have no choice but to live a life of vanity.

    This is entirely my view and I know it will meet with criticism, however I do know it will hopefully stimulate the right conversation for us to come up with viable solutions in order to curb this carnage on our beautiful island home Bermuda


  23. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    that lil bastard should be Executed!

  24. Sadden Family Member says:

    His family is very sadden by his death and you dopey people on here making stupid comments need to think before you type. Family members and friends are greiving right now. You need to think of this death as it was your own family members. Please at lease keep your comments to yourself and let the greiving people have some time.

    • RawOnion says:

      I never understand why family members come on sites like this and then get upset at the comments. You have to accept that people will speak their minds on this PUBLIC forum. The only moderator is Bernews and not family members of the deceased.

      My best advice to family members of a ‘victim’ is to just not look at the media comments.

    • letmypeoplego says:


  25. Be Real says:

    Terrible. So young. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

  26. Lay down! says:

    What does SIP mean!? I thought it was RIP! Some people get caught right up in social network feeds! No need 2 change something if it isn’t broke! Anyways my condolences to the family and i hope justice is served!

    • Grizz says:

      @laydown because you don’t know what S.I.P means and I do that means I am caught up in a social network? Ignorant a*s comment. For your information it means Sleep In Peace…if you didn’t know all you had to do was ask!!!

  27. Cfc_blu says:

    Prayers to the family of this young man

  28. Why says:

    There is no why….. We must show unconditional love, refrain from judging, refrain from fighting, show support of one another, remove ego from our conversations, be aware of people’s feelings, refrain from cursing to one another, uplift each other , enlighten ourselves, educate ourselves, read, pick up a phone and tell someone sorry and I love you. Visit or call loved ones, forgive. Complete and total change of mind set. Pray, meditate, go with nature..breathe…. We can do this….we can go from darkness to light….it is possible …Namaste

  29. Why says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family , friends and loved ones.

  30. Really says:

    Beyonces million dollars would have gone a long way to ease this neighborhood

    • Tiger Lily says:

      To do what… No government can cease powers and pricipalities with money, systems or legislature! My condolences to the family of Mr. Iris! How many more Bermuda before we come together as Bermudians and become our brother’s keeper? We see struggling single parents trying to do the best they know. Do we help or do we gossip and spread the news? Because of the possible weapons and unknown substances that many of our young people are drowning their troubles in, the so called “men” can no longer control these youth men and fear their own life before they intervene. As a mother, my heart aches at the death of every young person. How much more blood needs to run in the streets?

  31. Come On Man says:

    Who gives a shit when it started or who was the Government at the time. It all starts at home,the way one is raised up from a child or lack there of. All these ignorant posts of people pointing fingers at everyone but themselves.

  32. fed up says:

    What really needs to happen is we need to educate are young brothers so they would stop killing their own people.it is so sad that they cannot see what they are doing but with lack of education they will never see it SO Sad.R.I.P my brother and condlolenceses to the family.need to STOP THIS POINTLESS BLACK ON BLACK CRIMES. OPEN YOUR MINDS AND EYES BROTHERS. STOP PLEASE.

  33. Truth Seeker says:

    This is why I do not agree with statistics. The police are quick to say that crime is down. One murder is putting crime to high. This is a tragedy.

  34. Killuminati says:

    Blame Shela Cooper!!! Nobody is able to correct their kids anymore or it’s considered child abuse.

    Also, the economy is ridiculous.. Everything is so expensive.. A box of cereal is 7 bucks now.. Obese?? aint nobody got money for that!! All people do is work! Some people have to work two and three jobs, so its no time with their kids. The streets and the media raise their kids.

    The government can stop this, but as with PLP and now OBA.. they respond with silence and do nothing. Evertytime someone gets shot, IT’S JUST ANOTHER STORY! We all voice our opinions on bernews, which only becomes a cyber boxing match. Only the people of Bermuda.. That’s it. No MPs etc. No action or conclusion gets talked about. (50 bucks says they be reading these comments while sipping on that 40 dollar cup of earl grey tea).

    The system was built to fail us. I’m convinced.
    They can be proactive when they want to be though.
    Everyone remembers the old entrance for ice queen. It took 2 tourist to die before they swapped entrance with exit. BOOM !!! Problem solved!! Why can’t they do the same with the shooting??

    When vigilantes start popping up, they’ll want to persecute them?? Enough is enough. But when they say its enough…I suppose.

    The OBA is a money magnet “alliance”, if they want to keep the cash and tourist rolling… They better act soon.

    Signed: A 26yr old citizen of Bermuda

  35. Bush says:

    Somebodies child/children did this how did you child act last night did they come home did you check on him did you check on their demeanor cause these guys are not robots but they act like it?

  36. Help our community says:

    Pls do not try and politicize this unfortunate event. The fault lies with the parenting of these kids In most instances. Yes there are some parents who must work 2 + 3 jobs in order to meet the basic necessities for their family – and In these instances I believe the Govt could do more to regulate grocery, utility prices etc which have gotten way out of hand. However I have noticed that the children and young adults of this era grossly lack morality, empathy and basic ethics. Parents take the time to instill in your children to make the right choices – you must do this duty or else media, tv, and music will do this for you with negative results. If you do not send your children to church I recommend that u do so- it is never too late to start. This is a prime environment for your children to learn values and encourage them to make correct life decisions. Get them involved with positive programs – sports, music, church – yes while something’s cost money there are many programs in our society which are complimentary. Parents when the school says that your child hasn’t attended school or is acting out don’t immediately go on the defense in some instances despite what your child tells you this could actually be the case. Please take the time to attend PTA meetings and support your child at school. Be on top of their homework if you don’t understand the work find someone who does -little things like enforcing the wearing of correct uniform make a difference later on in their lives. I am very concerned with the amount of young people who are out and on the streets late at night. Please take the time to know where your children are what they are doing and check up with the other parent if they advise they are spending the night out. It has become a habit particularly for girls to say they are over a friends house however you will be surprised that if you did a random check You will find that they often have some scheme planned with their friends which is completely different than what you were told. Lastly don’t be afraid to love your children, openly display affection and spend the necessary time with your children. It is not always about providing the best financially for your Family – you may be working in vain if your children end up locked up. I believe that the help of a village is necessary in a community, however all too often when someone sees a negative incident in our society and tries to immediately correct they often run into hostility from the parents. I often am appalled at the amount of mothers who openly curse, drink, etc in front of their children – pls cease as likely your children will continue these traits. Let go of the silence in our community – if you know who is committing these crimes – pass on the info – they do not need to know who the source is – this will help to make our society a safer one.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      I wonder if this young man had parents who were married?

  37. Lay down! says:

    @ Grizz and thats why everyone probably knows ya damn business! BTW if u didn’t think i knew what SIP means its called sarcastic thinking! RIP LMAO!

    • Grizz says:

      @laydown the fact that you was being sarcastic makes it worse. Someone is dead and ya got time for that. U need not worry about me or my damn business. U should do what ya screen name says and lay the hell down…FREAK!

  38. only in Bermuda says:

    Once again this is a sad situation for Bermuda and both families grieving the lost of their sons. Guest who’s left with paying the bills for this unfortunate situation? Taxpayers (I guest everyone’s entitled to legal representation whether you have the funds or not) smh…….

    Ok so let’s get it right; give me one good reason why the UBP closed Tech school again. Oh yes I forgot too black males were becoming successful in owning their own businesses and homes. If you really want to lay blame somewhere now you have it.

    Once Robert Crawford and Tech closed the options of educating our young black males to be sucessful became slimmer. So hence the result is some of what we see today. Not all people are suited to attend Bermuda College. So to be clear the was not a PLP situation. Some of you are just too young to know the true facts.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Yet another black conspiracy theory that if repeated enough will be accepted as fact.

      When Bermuda experienced the trickle down effect of tourism revenues filtering into the economy back in the 60′s many of the young black males of the day decided to throw away their opportunity of education and instead pursue the instant gratification (back then) of the almighty pound (now dollar) through easily available jobs that required little educational skills.
      Fast money won out over an education.

      What happened then ? Enrollment numbers at Tech were simply too low to sustain the running of the school and it shut.

      But keep on believing your conspiracies that white people thought it better to keep blacks dumb.
      That , in fact , was a key objective of the last government.

  39. only in Bermuda says:

    Sorry too many black males

  40. Kindley says:

    Unemployment is not the issue…seems like gangs and drugs are the problems. Parents…know what your children are doing. Gangs and drugs …. not the answer to the youth of Bermuda. Bermuda is small and there is no room for gang activity in Bermuda.

  41. Just Saying says:

    I think with all this retoric towards each other on his forum is worse than some of our youth today. The pen is mightier than the sword is the saying. You guys are very hateful to each other. Put a gun in your hands and you will almost of a surity kill each other. Not a laughing matter at all. The hate on this island is not only amongt our youth, but you jack azzes on here. Hating on each other and their comments is ridiculous. Peace.

  42. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    The economy has nothing to do with this sort of thug crime. When there are jobs there will be more people to knock over for more money. These punk ass B****es just want to live a thug life so venerated by the rap songs and “artists”. They do not care about working because to them it’s all about selling drugs and stealing to buy drugs. They all travel in packs like dogs. When they are by themselves they crap themselves if somebody came up to them. They are all cowards. Sissies, actually who could not handle themselves alone with somebody else.