St. David’s Cricket Club Win Eastern County Cup

August 17, 2013

St. David’s Cricket Club are the new Eastern County Cup Champions after defeating Baileys Bay by 6 wickets this afternoon [Aug 17].

Playing at Lord’s in St. David’s, OJ Pitcher won the toss and sent the defending champions Bailey’s bay to bat, at the luncheon interval, the champions were 75/7.

It was soon after lunch that the champions were bowled all out for 89, Ryan Steede was their top scorer with 20, while captain Stephen Outerbridge added 13.

Rudell Pitcher was on a hattrick after he had bowled Rodney Trott and then bowled Azende Furbert with the next ball, he finished with figures of 5-0-12-3, while Justin Pitcher has figures of 9.0-3-18-2.

In reply St. David’s Cricket Club scored 90/4 with opener Chris Douglas the top scorer with 37, while Fiqre Crockwell added 18. Captain Pitcher was not out on 17, while Sammy Robinson was not out 8. Burton Outerbridge was the pick of the Bailey’s Bay bowlers with figures of 8-2-15-2

Bailey’s Bay Innings

..12 Sinclair Smith c OJ Pitcher b Justin Pitcher
..03 Terryn Fray Run Out
..10 Christino Smith st Fiqre Crockwell b Delyone Borden
..13 Stephen Outerbridge c Fiqre Crockwell b Justin Pitcher
..20 Ryan Steede b George O’Brien Jr.
..06 Rodney Trott b Rudell Pitcher
..00 Azende Furbert b Rudell Pitcher
..08 Cal Dill c Fiqre Crockwell b Rudell Pitcher
..02 Lateef Trott b George O’Brien Jr.
..07 Kyle Hodsoll Run Out
..00 Burton Outerbridge Not Out
..08 Extras (4nb-2w-2lb)
..89 Total All Out after 41.1 Overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-8 (Fray), 2-29 (Sinclair Smith), 3-29 (Christino Smith), 4-47 (Outerbridge), 5-70 (Trott), 6-70 (Furbert, 7-71 (Steede), 8-75 (Trott), 9-88 (Dill), 10-89 (Hodsoll)

St. David’s Cricket Club Bowlers

9.1-1-30-2 George O’Brien Jr.
9.0-5-09-0 Del Hollis
9.0-3-18-2 Justin Pitcher
8.0-3-18-1 Delyone Borden
5.0-0-12-3 Rudell Pitcher

St. David’s Cricket Club Inning

..37 Chris Douglas c Sinclair Smith b Burton Outerbridge
..00 Oronde Bascome LBW Kyle Hodsoll
..05 Delyone Borden Run Out
..18 Fiqre Crockwell c & b Burton Outerbridge
..17 OJ Pitcher Not Out
..08 Sammy Robinson Not Out
..06 Extras (1nb-3lb-2b-1w)
..92 Total for 4 Wickets after 34.3 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-1 (Bascome), 2-26 (Borden), 3-60 (Douglas), 4-69 (Crockwell)

Bailey’s Bay Bowlers

9.0-3-21-1 Kyle Hodsoll
7.0-2-20-0 Lateef Trott
7.0-0-16-0 Rodney Trott
1.0-1-00-0 Cal Dill
8.0-2-15-2 Burton Outerbridge
1.0-0-02-0 Ryan Steede
1.3-0-13-0 Terryn Fray

Final score: Bailey’s Bay 89 St. David’s Cricket Club 92/4

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  1. ggurl says:


  2. DreamCatcher says:

    St. David’s forever! RIP Landro! Gone but never forgotten!
    Was there any doubt?

  3. SoFar Bye says:

    Mr Ricky Hil you have my condolences , after that whooping , so much for your confidence in the the team you said would retain the cup, HAHA!!! The joke is on you, I hope you don’t go around giving people advice, your not good at it.

  4. E$ says:


  5. Dis aint wat they want #300. 297 stand up. #wahyadumb

  6. Bermy says:

    Have love for Flatts and Bay, but blue and gold all day. As Buju said “yah know the east ah de best”!


  8. Xman says:

    And to think there was a lot of complaining and negetive predictions about the team – Ha
    The team looked good and played good,

  9. Islander says:

    My Bies My Bies My Bies. Wendell Smith what a coach who has continued on where coaches before Delby Borden and George Cannonier carried on with patience, understanding, love and the drive to go beyond the Conmmunity of St. david’s and our beloved “Lord’s”, some have and some haven’t as yet and once the BCBC and St. George’s Cricket Club acknowledge the talent and strength’s of St. David’s County Cricket Club players and their worth to any team local or International, you will never realize the wealth of talent in the East. To St. david’s, now is the time to take hold of the youth in your Community, move, groom, encourage and provide the leadership to them as you received and for all the naysayers – your programs can only do so much – it is the SPIRIT of the player and their community who stands beside, behind and envelopes them with love. Warriors in all facets of life that is St. David’s Community – ALL DE VEYYYY no matter where they live, we will remain… WARRIORS.