BHCS Employees Seek Union Representation

September 24, 2013

Bermuda Healthcare Services said that if their employees desire union representation, they have a right to pursue their goal, however their “most precious obligation at BHCS is the quality of care for our patients.”

A statement from the Company said, “During the month of August, BHCS was notified by the Workforce Development Department that the Bermuda Public Services Union had approached them regarding the unionization of our medical office.

“The Department indicated that a small number of our employees had approached the union to seek representation. Our lawyer has been in communication with the Workforce Development Department since the initial correspondence was received and we are following the process.

“If our employees desire union representation, they have a right to pursue their goal. We have not and will not disrespect the process as laid down in the law. However, our most precious obligation at BHCS is the quality of care for our patients.

“Any conduct which threatens that quality will be managed accordingly. Therefore, our employees must remember that union representation will not bring with it an atmosphere in which our patients are disrespected or mistreated.”

Founded some 20 years ago by Dr Ewart Brown, Bermuda HealthCare Services is the island’s largest healthcare provider outside of King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

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  1. Bermuda First says:



  2. Family Man says:


  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Interesting…for the workers or not for the workers? Seems simple to me. Cast a ballot and if the majority want representation then Bob’s yah uncle!

  4. swing voter says:

    I knew it was coming….that place had a strange feel whenever I visited. Admin and support staff seemed oddly uneasy.

  5. aceboy says:

    Dey vants de yun yun.

    Karma indeed.

  6. Cuddles says:

    An employee’s right for representation. I am assuming that there are unhappy staff @ BHC – employees should not wait until there are problems neither should employers who may also benefit from a union’s support. BPSU tries to build good relationships in the workplace.
    Hope all goes well and the employees seeking to be unionized are not ostracized.

  7. Rhonda Neil says:

    the rumors are flying already on both sides……..

  8. No march? No chicken invollved I guess

    • Ewart Brown III says:

      Why don’t you let people know who you are? Why do you hide in secrecy like a coward? You say these nasty things but smile in the faces of those whom you spit on. To me you are not a man. You are a scared little boy who’s “manhood” is probably laughed at by the women you attempt to have relations with. I reiterate the term “try”. Punk.