Police: Search Continues For Howard Ascento

September 8, 2013

The search continues for 25 year old Howard Ascento, who fled Magistrates’ Court on foot on Friday [Sept 6] after being sentenced for several traffic offences.

A police spokesperson said, “So far search efforts have not located Mr. Ascento, who is not a threat to the public; however officers are continuing to actively look for him.

“Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Mr. Ascento is encouraged to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity.

“The public is reminded that harbouring a fugitive is an offence punishable under the law”.

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  1. Neighbourhood Watch says:

    Any chance that there might be an image of him out there like ,Facebook, police files, or some local news site, so that the public can assist in finding him.

    I hope the judge gives him 10 days for every day he is on the run!

  2. Come On Man says:

    Give him a call he knows where he is

  3. Terry says:

    Come on BERNEWS.
    No murders, rapes, stabbings?
    This is a news story?
    More like the guy really screwed up and now all we have to do is make fun of our fellow man.

    • It's a crying shame says:

      You have got to be the most ignorant n**** alive bro. You’d prefer there be an increase in rapings, stabbings etc? Bless the mother that raised such an idiot without putting it in foster care.

  4. Stop Complaining for 1 Sec says:

    @ Terry
    Last time i checked, any person who flees from a court becomes a fugitive. So my guess is YES its still news. So sad that you would rather a shooting or murder to take place, so that you could vent

  5. Says who says:

    He is not a threat to the public? Neither is a cornered rat.

  6. Someone says:

    well if he isnt a threat to the public dont pursue him..however, i was robbed at work…found the man several weeks later and chased him through town and got him arrested. The police thanked me greatly because the man had a number of outstanding warrants for theft i assume. They let him out on bail less than 12hrs before his court appearance..low and behold he did not turn up…so who’s a more of a threat/nuisance to society…hmmm???

    • FTheSystem says:

      Did Howie rob anyone no so how are you even relevant go back sleep like the police said and repeated on bernews and the newspapers he is not a threat to the public lay down misery likes company

  7. Come On Man says:

    Riding while disqualified. WoW! They gotta get him soon he’s really dangerous. LoL!

  8. Xman says:

    LOL’ – he can’t be to far – it’s only 22 sq miles.

  9. fox_gap_3 says:

    I would like to know how did he make it out the courtroom through the security doors down all those steps and out the door? He has a really messed up limp as well and I am sure he can not run that fast to make it through the security. Seems like someone at the courts said hey man go for it! This is just so hilarious you ran because of 10 days? You have kids and now when you get caught you will serve more time, but then again its pretty typical for a Bermudian male to think this way.
    As for @Terry you need a life cause your comment is stupid.

  10. Tricks Are For Kids says:

    All this effort and men power for traffic offense (NOT EXCUSING THAT HE RAN)……really?……. Yet murderes walk freely amongst us…go figure…….

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Also along the lines of traffic offences there are loads of unsolved hit & runs on island that have been shrugged off just because the victims are still alive regardless of the life long damages done to them. It’s seems that BPS need to be spoon fed evidence to actually solve any case. This manhunt seems to be more about saving face after their botch up more than anything else.

  11. Fruity says:

    Are there any pictures of him? Otherwise it’ll be hard to assist the BPS.

  12. Tommy Chong says:

    Yet another example of the BPS having to rely on the public’s assistance in light of their incompetence. Maybe Bermuda should allow bounty hunting companies on island so there’s something to gain from picking up BPS’s slack.

  13. lmao says:

    he was on my insta this morning posing for his fans lmao…BPS get it together

    • Tommy Chong says:


      Heard he was on Linkedin asking people to endorse his new skill, “6 meter courtroom dash”

      Maybe BPS should bring in John Harbaugh to look at the security footage & give some suggestions on how to set up a proper defensive line.

    • It's a crying shame says:

      So he’s on your Instagram but you’re wishing the police would get it together and catch him? That’s why mine stays private. BERMUDIANS LIKE YOU! I’d bet my life you’re a female. You probably set dudes up and then go to the funerals huh? Smh.

      • lmao says:

        @It’s a crying shame

        Firstly, he is my cousin, secondly I wasn’t the one who posted about him on insta, thirdly my BPS comment was regarding the fact he was able to run in the first place…my comment said nothing about catching him. Ohh and your spider senses are right I am a female, congratulations!However, have no intentions of “setting dudes up”. Unlike many I do my part for my community and have seen things on this island that would leave many of you speechless, so please keep your ignorant comments to yourself thank you.

  14. What is really going on says:

    People you don’t know Terry by now he says things to get a reaction, how about just ignoring him and his comments let him entertain himself.

    As for the man on the run thank you once again for the laugh. Hope you are enjoying your temporary freedom.

  15. ShaunDon Swan says:

    At the end of the day everybody is hiding running from something in life! Jus like how every1 is so scared to post they real name wit they comment! Ya got to think about it ppl don’t kno full details they don’t kno what’s goin on! Worry bout all the wrong things typical bermudians! Think about a sitiation u been through n ppl judged u yet they didn kno the whole story! Worry bout wa ya doin b4 some1 ends up doin it 4 u ! Bless all the Real ppl

  16. Just give yourself in do it for u child! Get it over with do your time and be a productive citizen again cousin!

  17. Evelyn says:

    Why don’t be just turn himself in?! Running from ten days now he’s facing months. What a dumb move. Now his friends are entertaining this. You should be embarrassed

  18. Howie needs to turn himself in because he is making it harder for himself. 10 days. now its gonna turn into more than that, he needs to think about his family.Bermuda isnt that big & I feel sorry if the popo gets him, Howie isnt a bad person yes we all make mistakes in life & yes he is my nephew & regardless what anybody has to say because we as humans all make mistakes in life NO ONE IS PERFECT SO I SAY HOWIE TURN YOURSELF IN BECAUSE YOU ARE PUTTING TO MUCH HEAT ON YOUR FAMILY THE ONES THAT WILL ALWAYS CARE & LOVE YOU & YOU KNOW WHOM THEY ARE. LOVE ALWAYS D