Elliott Wilson: Masterworks Artist In Residence

October 16, 2013

Masterworks Museum welcomes their newest Artist in Residence, Elliott Wilson, to Bermuda. Mr. Wilson is from the UK and will be on the island until December 11th. His exhibit will open in the Rick Faries Gallery on December 13th, 2013 from 5:30 pm – 7 pm.

A commodity trader and mining investment expert by day, and a former professional cricketer, Mr. Wilson is unlike any previous Artist In Residence that Masterworks has hosted. He won a maximum art scholarship to Felsted School in the UK, and went on to study Business and Politics at Durham University. After completing his university degree he became a professional cricketer. However an untimely spinal injury ended his cricket career, and Mr. Wilson turned once again to his love of art in 2003. Mr. Wilson is now represented by a London gallery and has shown his work in New York, Australia and in London.


Mr. Wilson works in a variety of mediums, and plans to spend his time in Bermuda working in oils and also sketches. He is familiar with the island, but said he plans to spend his first week or so here travelling around the island and trying to get a sense of exactly what he wants to paint.

Mr. Wilson says, “I am probably tending more towards landscapes and hill vistas which highlight the vibrant colours of the houses here. I want to get a feel for the place again, and then go back to the studio and just start working and see what moves me when I start painting.”

His previous works show an array of styles from pop art to sketches and oils. Mr. Wilson tends to work in series of paintings. Mr. Wilson will host a slideshow of his works at the Masterworks Museum on Thursday, November 7th at 12pm for a lunchtime lecture series. This event is open to Masterworks members and the general public. You can visit his website.

For more information contact Vincent O’Reilly at the museum on 299-4000.

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