Marc Bean On PLP’s First Year As Opposition

December 18, 2013

[Opinion column written by Opposition Leader Marc Bean]

This, our first in Opposition, has been a year of reflection, understanding, facing and acknowledging how we can better represent and deliver a better Bermuda for Bermudians.

Taking a look in the mirror at ourselves has not always been pleasant and not always has been easy, but it has been positive and productive.

We continue to open our minds to the ideas of Bermudians from across all spectrums. In a changing world we are continuously redefining what it means to be pro-labour and pro-business in the 21st Century.

Our Blueprint

We have energized today’s PLP by adding five new dynamic MPs, two new fully engaged Senators and an ignited party executive. This has given The PLP an influx of talent and different perspectives of ideas. Under new leadership, they have blended with our veterans and party stalwarts, to create fresh visions and directions.

Going forward we will continue to seek new talent and create more opportunities for additional Bermudians to get involved. Continuing our evolution into a party for and representative of 21st Century Bermudians.

PLP HQ is not the only place where good ideas may be found. We must lean more heavily into our own vast Bermudian talent pool to give us the answers we seek. To this end we have hosted Town Hall Meetings on subjects ranging from crime, immigration, the SAGE Commission Report to political and social history and Bermuda’s changing economy.

Bermuda cannot and will not work politically, economically or socially when Bermudians are excluded, left behind and treated with contempt. That’s why we’ve produced a plan to:

  • Aid the private sector in creating jobs for Bermudians
  • Expand fairness and opportunity in the workplace
  • Remove red tape and create red carpet for the creation of new Bermudian businesses
  • Diversify the economy
  • Reduce costs on necessities like food and electricity
  • Reform Financial Assistance so that it helps, not hurts Bermudians who are truly in need

We have worked with the OBA, supporting them when appropriate, freely sharing the benefit of our experience and ideas when needed and always fighting to ensure Bermudians being included every step of the way.

The lessons of 2012 and the experience of 2013 have informed and have helped to continue evolving the Progressive Labour Party.

We will continue to:

  • Communicate, listen to and interact with the people of Bermuda
  • Help guide Bermudians towards economic, social and political empowerment in our country by encouraging attitudes of doing for self, entrepreneurship and self-determination
  • Seek the balance between pro-labour and pro-business

Change is a process, not a final destination. We are guided by the people of Bermuda, learning from our mistakes, and building on our successes. We continuously seek new ways to better serve and deliver on a Bermuda that benefits Bermudians first. This is today’s PLP.

To Bermuda, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to helping Bermudians reach and realize their full potential. Through encouragement, education and evolution we will become a stronger nation.

Please continue to hold us in your hearts and prayers.

- Marc Bean

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  1. Navin Johnson says:


    • sage says:

      You stole my thunder.

    • Betty Trump says:


      This is an effective Opposition whom are busy doing the busy for the people and country. Putting country first is a great stand for any party. Standing strong on the issues that impact our people and Bermuda is key objective, and I encourage the Opposition to continue fight these critical issues.

      I am very pleased and impress with the work of the Opposition. Thanks for bringing a high level of Powerful and effective debating to the House of Assembly, and addressing the concerns that are of key importance to Bermuda. I most pleased with the brilliant talent of younger MPs and Senators.

      I look forward to more of an influx of youthful talent into the party. What is most impressive is that these young people are capable of talking and standing on their own. They seem to have a high level of knowledge and know how, and this is the secret weapon that is killing the UBPoba. This is just what is most so impressive. I enjoy listening to Mr. Burt; he is a very informed on issues and a smarter debater.

      The Senate team is even more effective with young intelligent leaders, Rabain, Daniels and Ming taking a positive step forward. I am glad that other young persons can see smart folks standing firm. I look forward to these individuals moving us further ahead in the future. This power house of knowledge and skills is killing the UBPoba party and fans.

      Stay Focus on the people’s business. It is apparent that the UBPoba are uncomfortable with your level of intelligence and performance of the PLP Opposition, and this is why they resort to trickery and mis-truths. Keep up the good work. Stay focus and keep pushing on… I can see great things ahead..

      Stay focus its coming…the chess pieces will move…just hold on….

      I am feeling good about this powerhouse of a TEAM, it has the country at heart, and it is moving in the right direction….

    • Careful how you yawn, you make breathe in something foul that make contaminate your body,Mr. Bean is a man that I don’t agree with everything he says but I think at this point he has the polls to show that he would make a better Premier then the one we presently have.

      He also does not sit behind a pen pushing piece of paper and speaks directly from his heart and stands flat footed on both feet, so it means he is up for the challenge, now as far as some of his colleagues they should have been thrown out with the last down pour of rain.

      We are living in a time were we need a new breed that can see the future, while still respecting the foundation of the past, which includes the successes of the former U.B.P, It is a changing of the guards and change is already in the air and if the O.B.A Don’t take advantage of it, they will soon realize their mistakes, because they to have some very young brilliant minds behind them , if they can just get old deep pockets out of the way and tell them we are not going back to the plantation, but we are going forward. hand and hand together as a people of all ethnicity groups.

      education is the key and there are those who both sides of the political divide that bring vast amount of expertise to the table, so let them loose and get on with it.

      • long bay trading co. says:

        rubbish, rubbish, rubbish Mr. Santucci. Try not to have selective memory. Mr. Bean and his party had FOURTEEN YEARS, yes FOURTEEN YEARS to prove themselves and be the best they could be. Instead they proved two things only – how to destroy Bermuda and how to SQUANDER A GOD GIVEN OPPORTUNITY TO BE THE GREATEST, and they threw it all away through personal greed and personal gain – at the expense of all FELLOW BERMUDIANS and our Island home.

        Two words NELSON MANDELA – sadly they did not follow the Genius and Master. They squandered, squandered and squandered some more – money and chances and opportunities. Selective memory is never a learning mindset and until we get real, we wont have learned a thing.

    • hmmm says:

      Just blather from the PLP.

      Bean what did you say on the call… You all work for us…Tell US the truth.

      Spice Hill Tell us the truth

      Do you own a sports book or betting licence or do you in anyway benefit from bets being made in Bermuda or globally ?

    • hmmm says:

      Now is this the plan, the plan to plan a plan or a planned plan of a plan ? Is this a different plan to plan a plan of a plan than before or do you plan to plan to change it?

      Show us the plan. It doesn’t exist ! I can here the fingers whirring with the PLP trying desperately to put something together.

  2. Al says:

    So from my reading over the last year the PLP has adopted the OBA’s campaign platform.

    Well, that’s a nice about-face.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      That would appear to be so but it is more like say one thing but do something else. The day to day babble is the same old same old from them.

    • say it like it is. says:

      I sure hope that they really mean what they say, as most politicians talk the talk but never walk the walk. I think that this is very positive from Marc Bean, although I do also think he says some off the wall stuff. Hope the PLP never ever get back into power mind you. I think that the power goes to their heads. We’ll see.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        We’ve really got to get away from this stupid term ‘in power’ . The word ‘power’ is a trigger for certain people . Kind of like throwing a bucket of blood into a tank holding a load of sharks.

        In the dark old days it was really only ever heard that ‘the UBP was in’ . After 1998 all of this ‘power’ crap started.

        If anything , it should be ‘in responsibility’

  3. Bermuda Boy says:

    You the plp / biu make a great opposition, stay like that.

  4. Sandgrownan says:

    “Taking a look at ourselves in the mirror has not always been pleasant”

    You should try it from our view!

  5. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    I doubt beanie wrote this!

    • Just wondering says:

      It obvious you know nothing about him. Unlike the Premier he can write his own speeches. As a matter fact, many times he has given speeches without a script.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Still waiting for them to go 1 on 1 on lets talk.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        Regardless of who wrote it, the first sentence is grammatically incorrect. If he paid for it, he needs to demand his money back.

    • ann says:

      I am positive he did not write this. Please someone give him proper English lessons for Christmas it is embarrassing to hear him speak on the radio. Someone needs to tell him Tooken is not a word!

      • Impressive says:

        as an oba supporter, I really don’t see how u have the odesity to say that Bean is embarrassing when you have a leader such as the one you have… truly amazing…

        • Come Correct says:

          Audacity? Oba supporter? Your previous comments suggest otherwise. What is with this word support in relation to politics? It isn’t a football team. My boss hired me, he doesn’t support me, it’s the other way around in fact.

          • Impressive says:

            edit^ audacity,, i was referring to the individual i was replying to when i said “as an oba supporter” my apologies on both erros.

      • mixitup says:

        Bean is authentically Bermudian and proud of it! He doesn’t have that fake British Accent nor does he pretend to be somebody he is not.. . I am proud of this True Son of the Soil..

        • Ringmaster says:

          A fake British accent? So you clearly had no respect for the ex Premier, Paula Cox who certainly didn’t speak like a “Daughter of the Soil”.

          • Mazumbo says:

            Well actually she got that from excellent schooling.

            • Ringmaster says:

              A somewhat odd response. Are you implying Marc Bean is not well schooled? Is he therefore somehow inferior to Paula Cox?

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                I think he’s dissing her fake British accent. You know how the PLP can’t unite, they all hate each other.

                • Time Shall Tell says:

                  Yet it was the UBP that self destructed from all of the in fighting.

                  • Sandy Bottom says:

                    I think it’s Derek “Headlock” Burgess who knows about in-fighting.

            • Cleancut says:

              Wish she had “schooling” in economics.

        • long bay trading co. says:

          to Mixitup – not sure of your world experience and I hate, so hate to ruin your illusion, but in the REAL BIG WIDE WORLD, you have no idea how provincial and UNEDUCATED he sounds. Try if u can and remember, after North Rock, Bermuda in the BIG world is merely a pimple on the worlds backside……….!!! Sorry but true………. we are too tiney too really matter on the world stage. Please at 20nm remember how small we really are and that we are NO BIGGER than a small town in America. And BTW there is no such word as “tooken”……..I rest my case.
          Oh BTW I am a born bermudian who has had the priviliage of travelling, looking,and learning past North Rock, plus an ex Gilbert Institute, and Dellwood student.

    • Impressive says:

      i can’t say for sure if Bean wrote this as i am not privy to everything that takes place, but I will say he is capable of writing this, and he is a very brilliant young man, who sometimes lets his passion get the best of him. That’s more than I can say for Mr. Cannonier (i can’t bring myself to call him a premier at this stage, as its the biggest joke in the last 100 years). I know one thing for sure, our Mr. Cannonier certainly couldn’t write this on his own, and that much I know for sure.

  6. Catch 22 says:

    All I see are obscure promises no concrete plans for our return to prosperity, the PLP are without a strong leader and so are the OBA(UBP).
    Here are a few examples off the top Medical tourism – Deregulate this industry, create a free market, and provide government sponsored incentives, advertise it globally, and watch the foreign investment race in – Medical Marijuana, Stem Cells, Human Cloning, Surrogate Pregnancy, ETC. Bermuda needs a Lion in command for us to return to the top of the pyramid. I believe every radical decision should be put to public referendum, a true democratic republic, not this current illusion of choice where we only vote on who will rule us for the next 4 years.

    • OKAYMAN says:

      I’m not sure that the current poor unemployed are unemployed doctors and research scientists. To go with this one we would have to develop significant infrastructure which we don’t have and import an army of ‘guest workers’ to fill this industry. The fact that the guest workers would have to live in properties with large rents and have salaries which would cover the expensive cost of living (as well as transport and flights etc); means that Bermuda would need to charge a premium for its shady medical services! (Why would we be able to provide a competitively priced hospital bed when we can’t provide a competitively priced hotel one? I’m sorry if this post seems condescending but the fact is people do need to think!

      Despite this I do agree that we need strong leadership and I also firmly believe we need to start SEEING TRANSparency! (LOL as typing that)!

    • Al says:

      There is nothing stopping an entrepreneurial doctor from creating such a facility if it’s legitimate.

      So if it hasn’t happened there’s a reason.

  7. campervan says:

    Hey PLP folks, we need a strong, competent and contemporary opposition, but you really have to lose the latent homophobic front-man that believes same sex partnership is an abomination that will “up end civilisation.”
    I mean come on guys! gGt with it and put someone 21st century at the helm, not some radical Christian Imam from the stone age. Bermuda deserves better.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      LOl..that’s excellent

      • Ringmaster says:

        Wow, Campervan gets 66 dislikes. That must be a record. I bet those computers at Alaska Hall and in the hands of a few Government employees are running full speed. Better check the IP addresses as those employees have too much spare time.

        • Kangoocar says:

          Yup!! And I personally would fire every government worker that on our time did that !!! And we all know many did!!!

        • Bda_speaks says:

          So we should have a gay atheists running our country. Sweet now don’t be upset when your children end the line of your family and they start praying to a statue of money. With all the religion forced in our lives, praying at school etc.., its no wonder why the world has turned so ratchet. Oh but wait….

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Great comment from Campervan.

  8. say it like it is. says:

    Yeah, I do like what Bean has to say, but do I believe him? What is the PLP going to do to guide Bermudians to empowerment? Sounds like he wants to go Independent, just like all the PLP people. My question to him is, how are Bermudians going to get jobs? Seems to me that that is the question!

  9. Sisu says:

    Can anybody send the link to their plan to diversify our economy? Thx

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      That won’t happen. It does not exist. All they have is a load of verbal pablum.

  10. Suzie Quattro says:

    Who wrote this for him? It has no mention of ‘evil devils’ and such.

    • Betty Trump says:

      He wrote it himself, unlike your Premier, whom can not write or speak from his heart. He is not able to stand on his feet alone. One can tell every time he opens his mouth it is a “SCRIPT”. Please I know your blindfaithfulness prevents you from seeing this from a real pair of lens…instead of seeking to poke holes at PLP, just feel free to say, this is a powerful Opposition… I understand it is killing you !!!

      Continue to move the JETGATE 4 chess pieces….

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        Nah. He got one of his friends with a degree to write it.

        • Betty Trump says:

          The budget has tripled in size and he hired a speech writer paying him over 100 thousand…and yet they make the average man suffer… the Premier has a staff that is so huge it is not funny…to help compensate for his lack of ability. REALLY !! TALK ABOUT MAKING CUTS>>>>WHY NOT THERE FIRST ??

          • Betty Trump says:

            @Suzie… Your weak reply to suggest other wise is a clear indication that you suffering from the UBPoba blindfaithfulness, and this prevents you from being honest, despite your beloved party promoting TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY…guess only sound bites IT kills you that MR. BEAN is so brilliant and your Premier can not move with out someone helping him… REALLY

      • 32n64w says:

        So care to explain why the Department of Communications more than tripled in size during the PLP’s tenure and the number of taxpayer funded speechwriters exploded?

        • Betty Trump says:

          Another mis-truth coming from the blindfaithfulness UBPoba supporter, typical seems like they suffering from this disease and as the chess pieces move, so will they…

          • jt says:

            No – it’s true – along witht he 40% increase to CS. Prove it wrong Betsy.

      • Kangoocar says:

        Of course you would know or lie about he wrote it himself, you are one of the idiotic plp opposition mp’s
        ( which is where you belong by the way!) and you should know!! Why don’t you try showing some respect for our honorable premier?? At least he doesn’t say “tooken” as opposed to saying it correctly ” taken ” why don’t you just be honest and apologize for the state you and your plp put us in?? Unfortunately your dumbed down supporters don’t / can’t understand why we are in the situation we are!!! If you are ever voted back in, I have absolutely no sympathy for the even more pain they will receive!! In fact I will look forward to it!!! Good luck!!!

  11. Ringmaster says:

    “We’ve produced a plan to…” Care to share what this plan is or is it merely nothing more than the words in the list which does read almost exactly what the OBA have also said.

    • Betty Trump says:

      Comment expected, as blindfaithfulness prevents you from debating this from an objective set of lens….we got ya !!

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        Betty, you finally seem to have the message that the word is ‘diehard’, not ‘diehart’. Good start.

        Now, let’s move on to something else Betty. There is no such word as ‘blindfaithfulness’. it exists, as so many things do, only in your fertile imagination.

        • Betty Trump says:

          NOw sounds like your beginning to listen, it tells me you READ what I write, and on most days your not willing to accept the FACTS, but rather are drowning in the blindfaithfulness of the UBPoba.

          UBPoba have lost whatever creditability they had…. Q. Edness……see if you can swallow that pill..

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            I think Suzie has you rattled Betty.

            • Ringmaster says:

              Go easy on Betty Sandy B. Remember (even if “she” has forgotten) she is in Australia so it is probably the jetlag kicking in.

      • u ank sers says:

        goes both ways betty ya dummy…can see you see no harm with wat de plp done over 14 years. dats a given! lmfao

      • Speckled Hind says:

        Like you have an objective set betty. Ha!

      • Ringmaster says:

        Learn some manners. I don’t recall asking you for the answer. Can’t Marc Bean speak for himself? Or then again, maybe you are Marc Bean?

  12. Navin Johnson says:

    What does it say when Bean is the best you have ? When you speaks I think of him in front of potential investors….opposition suits him best

    • Betty Trump says:

      OH please Navin…here you have a figure-head surrogate leader of the UBPoba…what does that tell you….only the blindfaithfulness diehards are so blinded that they not willing to accept that…but the real talk is here is a figure-head leader….. Bean comes direct and straight…he does not need to pretend… unlike the leader you stand behind…REALLLY !!!

      UBPoba blindness will get you know where…..take off those blinders…

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        Betty, you’re still sore that your idea that Craig C would be overthrown in September never came to fruition. It turned out to be another one of your failed “predictions”.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        One major & very important difference between Bean & Cannonier is that Cannonier can speak English. Bean, not so good.

        The Premier does not need to know all there is about everything. The Premier does need to be well spoken & able to present themselves in a professional diplomatic manner, especially when representing the Island overseas.

        • Betty Trump says:

          Lots of training that Cannioner must do before he opens his mouth….wow…much lesson he has to undergo… but diehards seldom like to admit the truth, it kills them so…lol

          @ SUZIE…….The time is still coming Suzie, all things take place in good time….so do not get so full of joy….. Poltiics is strategy…..guess your not really an insider of the UBPoba party to get the real story ahaha?….. Your likely on of the blindfollowers willing to accept whatever, Right or Wrong…. BLINDNESS is killing you and Triangler Drifer…keep it up….the chess pieces by the JETGATE 4 are moving nicely…..

        • mixitup says:

          I think its more like Cannonier can READ English – and its just ok.. Marc is a Son of the Soil, nothing Fake about him. He’s Bermudian and proud.

  13. Speckled Hind says:

    Heartiest congratulations to the PLP for a great first year in opposition. You have finally found yourselves – may you stay in opposition for ever. Again, congratulations!!

    For you, being in the opposition must feel like coming home. May you never leave home again.

    Praise the Lord and all that.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      From an unbiased point of view (I have stated my opinion on party politics many times on here to show I don’t really like what party politics stands for), had the OBA actually been even slightly effective as an opposition then the PLP wouldn’t of been to get away with half of what they get blamed for.

  14. buzz says:

    I just read a story that Mr. Mark Bean
    is about to open a Betting Shop, not
    that I have a Problem with the the Gambling
    so Much, for who wants to do it, but I
    have Lost Respect Mr. Mark Bean, I guess
    every is trying to make a fast buck these dayz

    • Suzie Quattro says:

      What? Is this true? That’s a HUGE story. Why isn’t it being reported?

      • Betty Trump says:

        See how out of touch you are Suzie, your Minister BOb approved this as far back as March…Wake up girl this is OLD news,,,,, I knew you were merely an outsider…… Oh did you also hear about the other business deals being done by your UBPoba MPs….Dunkley, Gibbon and Richards…. WOW catch up now Suzie….Just for your knowledge, a betting shop is far different from Gambling…. guess this is also hard for you to comprehend. Guess you prefer to engage in come conspiracy theory instead, like the other diehard blindfaithfulness followers…

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Why is that a huge story? Is it any bigger than the story alleging the Premier’s unfamiliarity with the truth? Cause that’s not being reported either.

        • Suzie Quattro says:

          So is it true?

          • Hmmmmm says:

            I have no idea and don’t much care. Just like I don’t lie awake at night concerned that all the GP cars come from Bermuda Motors, this one won’t keep me up either. Everyone deserves a chance to make some money. Good for him if it is true.

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              You don’t think it’s a teeny bit interestng, given his bleating about gambling?

    • Kangoocar says:

      Will be interesting to see how the plp church base handles this???

    • looking and listening says:

      @Buzz… aha! you are spot on. Well I never is all I can say. Was absolutely blown away to learn about the gaming room. No wonder he was calling for on line gaming! Guess he needs to get out of depth…. whoops…. pardon me… DEBT real quick. Being Opposition doesn’t cut it. No wonder he was so upset when they lost the election. The get rich scheme had to be abandoned.

  15. bluebird says:

    Mr Bean I would love to know how you intend to suck blood out of a stone??
    Majority of Business in Bermuda is owned by Black Bermudians.
    Majority of Real estate is owned by Black Bermudians.
    And the PLP has left the Island a couple of BILLION Dollars in DEBT.
    We are paying $10million Dollars a month in “INTEREST” on money the PLP borrowed and spent.

  16. See clearly says:

    Who cares what the Opposition thinks? They messed up Bermuda.

  17. Gun smoke says:

    See clearly
    You are correct the PLP did ruin Bermuda.

  18. Verbal Kint says:

    Just curious. Does anyone know if it is possible for a convicted felon to be a partner in a gambling shop in Bermuda? What are the regulations on who can be an owner? How is application vetted and by whom?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Uh Oh, did you find another can of worms to open? Another ‘Swizzlegate’ of sorts?

    • Hmmmmm says:

      If a convicted felon can be a Minister in Cabinet then I think you should tuck your irony where the sun don’t shine.

      • Verbal Kint says:

        No irony intended. Just curious about the process.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        There is a convicted felon in Cabinet or did you forget……………..


        • Verbal Kint says:

          I didn’t forget. Is he a partner in a betting shop? Could he be a partner in a betting shop? I just want to know the regulations. Why is everything surrounding Marc Bean and his leadership group such a mystery? Why are they (and you) trying so hard to hide things, if they have nothing to hide? His closet is getting increasingly full of skeletons, and you guys are all blocking the door with deflection. Why?

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            I was talking about Minister Commisiong (might be spelled wrong sorry)


  19. Wine connoisseur says:

    Mr.Roban asks why was the liquor bill passed so quickly through the House.Heaven forbid,does he not know BERMUDIANS LOVE TO DRINK!

  20. Victor says:

    Still no apology for the PLP economic holocaust? Until that day, go to Hell.

  21. Verbal Kint says:

    Why is it that Marc Bean and his lap dogs who spring to his defense online don’t want to talk about who Marc Bean’s partner is?